Timeline: 1997




  • January 1 (Wednesday). Emma Frost (23) begins recruiting her own team of mutant youths associated with the Hellfire Club, as a sort of counter to the New Mutants. Her first stop is to the home of Christopher Aaronson (17). He agrees to join, alongside his resurrected girlfriend, fellow mutant and occultist Marie-Ange Colbert (15). Christopher joins as King Bedlam, with Marie-Ange as Tarot. Frost names her team the Hellions.
  • January 2 (Thursday). Emma Frost visits the Apache Reservation town of Camp Verde, and recruits James Proudstar (16). He adopts the same code-name as his late brother John: Thunderbird. He joins in hopes of getting revenge on Charles Xavier.
  • January 3 (Friday). Emma Frost visits Atlantic City and recruits Jennifer Stavros (15) to her Hellions. She takes the code-name Roulette.
  • January 4 (Saturday). Emma Frost finds a mutant girl (14) roaming in the form of a large purple feline. Using her telepathy, she helps the girl realize that she is human, and names her Sharon Smith. Arranging to make herself Sharon's guardian, Sharon joins Frost's Hellions as Catseye.
  • January 5 (Sunday). Robyn Canmore's (30) Redemption Squad invades an Illuminati stronghold. Dingo (36) is reunited with his mentor and learns that the man killed his mother.1
  • January 5. Emma Frost (24) recruits Spanish youth Manuel de la Rocha (15) to the Hellions as Empath. She begins training him in controlling his empathic powers.
  • January 5. The Batman (35) fires his partner Robin (16).
  • January 6 (Monday). Emma Frost recruits young Moroccan Haroum ibn Sallah al-Rashid (16) to her Hellions as Jetstream.
  • Yugi Mutou (15) is attacked by the time-traveling card games maniac Paradox, who causes a temporal disruption. He is followed by Yusei Fudo (18/2020) and Jaden Yuki (14/2008), who join Yugi/Yami Yugi in a duel against Paradox, who is defeated, thus restoring the timeline.2
  • January 10 (Friday). Hudson (118) and Lexington (38) return to Manhattan, and Coldstone and Coldfire formally rejoin the Clan. Goliath (58) feels like his Clan is reunited, what with the returning members and Broadway (38), Angela (38), Brooklyn (38), Bronx (18), and Elisa Maza (28). The Phoenix Gate's Phoenix suddenly displaces Brooklyn, and he returns seconds later, having traveled for 40 years. He has his mate Katana in tow, along with his son Nashville, the garbeast Fu-Dog, and an unhatched egg.
  • January 10. Christopher Aaronson departs the Hellions.
  • February 4-5 (Tuesday-Wednesday). Stuntman Dan Cassidy (36) fights a demon, and is transformed by its arcane energies, gaining a demonic appearance and powers. He dubs himself Blue Devil, and becomes a superhero.
  • February 13 (Thursday). After the New Mutants are attacked by the demon S'ym, Illyana Rasputina, on her 14th birthday, takes control of the Limbo realm, and is admitted to the New Mutants as Magik. The same night, Professor X (46) reveals he has now regained the ability to walk.3
  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane (17) arrive in Carbury, England. They become involved in an encounter between UNIT and Morgaine le Fey (1510) and Mordred (1473). The Doctor is reunited with retired Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (66), who reactivates himself to help in the battle, as well as meeting new UNIT head Brigadier Winifred Bambera (37). Morgaine and Mordred are defeated.4
  • February 21-26 (Friday-Wednesday). The Beyonder, a nearly omnipotent creature just becoming self-aware, creates a composite planet, which includes a portion of Denver, Colorado. Various heroes (according to the Beyonder), including the Avengers Captain America (35), Captain Marvel (25), Thor (1994), She-Hulk (25), Hawkeye (25), Iron Man (36), and the Wasp (29); Fantastic Four's Mr. Fantastic (48), the Thing (), and the Human Torch (); X-Men's Professor X, Storm (), Nightcrawler (21), Wolverine (), Colossus (18), Rogue (17), Cyclops, and the dragon Lockheed; and the Hulk (37), Spider-Man (), and oddly, Magneto (); and villains (by the Beyonder's reckoning) Dr. Doom (), Dr. Octopus (), Klaw (), Absorbing Man (), Enchantress (), Wrecker (), Thunderball (), Piledriver (), Bulldozer (), the Lizard (), Molecule Man (), Kang the Conqueror, Ultron, and Galactus, are brought as well, and ordered to fight. During this “secret war”, various far-reaching events take place: the Thing gains the ability to change back to his human form at will; Spider-Man gets an alien symbiotic costume; Colossus “falls in love” with an alien named Zsaji, who dies; the second Spider-Woman debuts (she had been in Denver); Dr. Doom engineers two new villains, Titania (Mary "Skeeter" MacPherran) () and Volcana (Marsha Rosenberg) (), who fall in love with Absorbing Man and Molecule Man, respectively; and the Beyonder becomes fully aware of the universe. In the end, the villains and Denver travel back to Earth through space, while the heroes transport via a teleportation device, save for the Thing, who remains behind. She-Hulk is admitted to the Fantastic Four as a replacement for him.5
  • February 21-24 (Friday-Monday). While the X-Men are “away", the New Mutants (Cannonball (16), Mirage (16), Sunspot (), Wolfsbane (12), Magma (), Magik) travel to the Hellfire Club’s Massachusetts Academy to rescue Kitty Pryde () and Doug Ramsey (13). They have their first run-in with the Hellfire Club’s counter-team to the New Mutants, the Hellions. The teen heroes escape with their friends.6
  • February 21. With the disappearance of three of the members of the Fantastic Four, the Skrull plan to infiltrate the team for intelligence purposes moves forward. The Skrulls capture Alicia Masters, and their agent Lyja takes her place.7
  • February 22 (Saturday). Seto Kaiba's () ship is detoured to an island by the digital manipulations of Gozaburo Kaiba (52). He and his Big Five board of directors face Kaiba and his associates in a virtual world heavily ruled by the game Duel Monsters. Noah Kaiba's (16) digital essence at first believes he is to be given the body of Seto to escape the fantasy world, but after bonding with Mokuba Kaiba (), he turns against Gozaburo, whose real plot is to destroy the "real" world and rule over the survivors in the virtual realm. Ultimately, Noah deletes himself to stop Gozaburo's mad plan, and Gozaburo, turned into a fiery beast through digital magic, is destroyed upon the obliteration of the island.8
  • February 23 (Sunday). Model Mari Jiwe Macabe (24) takes a Tantu totem back from her evil uncle, and becomes the superhero Vixen.
  • February 24-25 (Monday-Tuesday). After Terra (15) betrays the Teen Titans to Deathstroke the Terminator (), who captures each member (Starfire [], Wonder Girl [], Raven [], Cyborg [], and Changeling []) and delivers them to H.I.V.E. He fails to capture Dick Grayson. Adeline and Joey Wilson () run into him, informing him of Terra's betrayal and alliance with Deathstroke, who is Adeline's ex-husband and Joey's father. Dick adopts the new Nightwing identity, and Joey, who has mutant possession powers, joins him as Jericho. Nightwing and Jericho get to H.I.V.E., and Jericho takes over his father's body and attacks Terra. Terra, horrified that Deathstroke has apparently betrayed her, kills herself by collapsing H.I.V.E.'s building onto herself.9
  • February 28 (Friday). The Doctor (eighth incarnation) arrives in London again amnesiac. He meets teen girl Samantha Jones (17), and becomes embroiled in her gang-related troubles. He goes off to regain his memories in the TARDIS, but returns, and saves Sam's life. Sam joins him as a companion.10
  • March 1 (Saturday). Police officer George Jones and his young son Timmy are caught in the crossfire of a gang fight. George is killed, and Timmy's spine is nearly severed. At the hospital, George's grieving wife Charlotte (28), a nurse, decides to become a police officer herself to pay for Timmy's recovery as well as attain a sense of justice.
  • March 3 (Monday). Daria (15) and Quinn Morgendorffer (14) begin attending Lawndale High School in Lawndale, Maryland, where they and their parents Helen (45) and Jake (46) have recently moved.11
  • March 4 (Tuesday). Daria Morgendorffer meets Jane Lane (15) in a special self-esteem class. They are fast friends.12
  • Jerry Jaxon gathers Omega Flight as part of a revenge plot against James MacDonald Hudson (37). After luring the Hudsons away from Ottawa with a job offer at Roxxon Oil, Jaxon has his android assistant Delphine Courtney abduct Hudson's wife Heather (). Hudson, in his Guardian outfit, comes to her rescue, and is ambushed by Omega Flight, which includes Diamond Lil (), Wild Child (20), Flashback (), Smart Alec, and Box. Mac puts a call out for help with his Alpha Flight teammates, and most of them (Shaman [], Snowbird [], Sasquatch [], Aurora [19], Puck [82], Northstar [19]) respond. In the battle, the Alphans are victorious, although Smart Alec's mind is destroyed when he looks into Shaman's medicine bag. Box, remotely piloted by Jaxon (as he has removed Hudson loyalist Roger Bochs []), nearly kills Mac, but Mac overloads the Box robot's circuitry, causing its destruction and Jaxon receiving a severe shock. The damaged Guardian suit shortly explodes, seemingly killing Mac, but through a freak time/space event, Mac is actually sent back in time to 8085 BCE on the Jovian moon Ganymede.13
  • March 9 (Sunday). The girl once called Daisy Law (15), trapped in an abandoned alien facility, escapes from captivity with the help of the merman Kordax.
  • March 10 (Monday). Aquaman (34) dissolves the Justice League, and rebuilds it for full-time members only, keeping himself, J'Onn J'Onzz (), Elongated Man (), and Zatanna (30), and recruiting new members Vixen and teenage mutants Vibe (Cisco Ramon) () and Cindy Reynolds (soon-to-be Gypsy) ().
  • March 12 (Wednesday). The Kymellian Alfreye Whitemane arrives on Earth aboard the sapient Smartship Friday. He helps stop a Z^nrx (Snark) invasion, but dies in the process. He passes native Kymellian superpowers to a group of children who help him (Alex [10], Julie [9], Jack [8], and Katie Power [7]) who use those powers to become the heroic Power Pack. They each take code-names: Alex becomes Gee, for his gravity powers; Julie becomes Lightspeed for her flying skills, enhanced with streaks of light; Jack becomes Mass Master, for his control of his own molecular density; and Katie becomes Energizer, as she has the ability to dissolve matter into explosive energy.14
  • March 17 (Monday). Jade Nguyen (24), the terrorist Cheshire, gives birth to a baby girl she names Lian. The girl's father, Roy Harper (17), the Teen Titans' Speedy, is unaware of her existence.
  • March 17. Barry Allen (33) leaves this era to live in the future with his wife Iris.
  • March 17. After a group of young heroes' rejection by the Justice Society, temporally-displaced teenaged hero Star-Spangled Kid () forms Infinity, Inc. with them. The original roster also includes Jade (Jenny-Lynn Hayden) (), Obsidian (Todd Rice) (), Nuklon (Al Rothstein) (), Brainwave Jr. (Henry King Jr.) (), Northwind (Norda Cantrell) (17), Silver Scarab (Hector Hall) (17), Fury (Lyta Trevor) (), and Power Girl ().
  • March 21 (Friday). Angelica Jones (14) goes to a dance, where she meets Sam Guthrie. She receives her first kiss from Sam. Before she can truly enjoy herself, Emma Frost manipulates events so that she feels responsible for the sudden death of her beloved horse Butter Rum.15
  • March 23 (Sunday). The Demon Bear catches up to Dani Moonstar and attacks her. Her friends in the New Mutants bring her to a hospital, and the Bear attacks again there. It transforms white police officer Tom Corsi () and white nurse Sharon Friedlander into Native Americans. Magik uses her Soulsword to destroy the Bear, freeing Dani's parents William and Peggy Lonestar from the Bear's possession.16
  • March 23. Rachel Summers (16), bonded to the Phoenix Force of the prime reality, appears in this time period.17
  • March 27-29 (Thursday-Saturday). After the murder of their parents by Theo Adam, Billy and Mary Batson's (both ) evil uncle steals their inheritance and throws Billy onto the street. Mary is adopted by the Bromfields. Billy will remain homeless for some time.
  • March 29 (Saturday). Professor Charles Xavier hires Tom Corsi and Sharon Friedlander, whose lives have been destroyed, as staff at his School.
  • March 30 (Sunday). The United States federal government attempts to capture Rogue, and use mutant technosmith Forge’s () weapon to de-power her. The shot meant for Rogue hits her friend Storm instead. Forge takes the injured Storm in.18
  • March 31 (Monday). One of the many secret cabals brings to life a female clone of the Greek god Apollo. The "Sun Baby" is cast into a pocket realm biosphere, and given four semi-sapient cybernetic creatures called Teletubbies (given their antennae and video communication technology projection and display units in their bellies) as worshipers. They are, from physical development progress: Tinky Winky (a purple male with a triangular antenna), Dipsy (a green male with a straight antenna), Laa-Laa (a yellow female with a semi-coiled antenna), and Po (a red female with a circular antenna).19
  • April 2 (Wednesday). The Eternal Elysius brings her son Genis-Vell, a blending of her DNA and that of her late lover Mar-Vell, to term. Elysius begins a treatment of artificial aging and memory implantation in order to get him to maturity for his own protection.
  • April 18 (Friday). The techno-organic alien Warlock (3) takes up residence at Xavier's School, and joins the New Mutants. Doug Ramsey (14), now aware of his mutation, having helped establish contact with Warlock, also joins the team as Cypher.20
  • April 19 (Saturday). Rachel Summers is attacked by Selene. Their battle draws the attention of the X-Men, who invite Rachel to stay at their school.21
  • April 24 (Thursday). The New Mutants attend a Lila Cheney (20) concert. They discover the rock star is a mutant, save her from assassins, and prevent her from selling the Earth to intergalactic slavers. She begins a romance with minor Sam Guthrie.22
  • April 24-25. Shawn Hunter (SORAS 16) is quickly indoctrinated into a cult full of teenagers. After his beloved father figure/teacher Jonathan Turner (34) is injured in a car accident, Shawn's best friend Cory Matthews (SORAS 16) hugs him, and Shawn decides to leave the cult and become a deist if Mr. Turner will recover.23
  • When Dire Wraiths attempt to infiltrate the U.S. government, they target Forge, who still has the X-Man Storm staying with him. The X-Men come to Ororo’s rescue, and she learns Forge is responsible for her de-powering. During the encounter, a Dire Wraith kills Forge’s adoptive father Nazé, until the Wraith is in turn killed by the ancient chaos being the Adversary, who similarly takes his form.24
  • April 30 (Wednesday). Bookstore owner Ellen Morgan (36), after much soul-searching, comes out as a lesbian to a woman she's attracted to, inadvertently speaking it into a microphone at an airport.25
  • May 1 (Thursday). Theo Adam, while tomb raiding, is possessed by the spirit of his ancestor Teth-Adam (68). He becomes the villain Black Adam.26
  • May 2-3 (Friday-Saturday). The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Sam Jones (17) arrive in San Francisco at Carolyn McConnell's request, and face a coven of vampires whose youth want to rebel and whose leader, Joanna Harris, wants to find an alternative to the hunt. The Doctor forms a blood bond with Joanna. Sam is nearly killed by a crazed vampire, and ends up killing her attacker. A fragile peace is broken by the renegade young vampires, leaving Joanna the coven's only survivor, and the Doctor's precautions result in her restoration to human form. Carolyn opts not to join the Doctor on his travels.27
  • May 4 (Sunday). Rachel Summers and the New Mutant Magma infiltrate the Hellfire Club when they find the immortal Selene joining as its new Black Queen. The X-Men come to their rescue when they get in over their heads.28
  • May 6 (Tuesday). Aquaman resigns from the Justice League.
  • May 6-13. Bernice Summerfield (38) waits for the Doctor at his house in rural England, and she meets his eighth incarnation. At the same time, a British mission to Mars results in a rogue Ice Warrior clan sending a ship and conquering the United Kingdom. British Lord Edward Greyhaven collaborates with the Ice Warriors and installs himself as Prime Minister, while the Ice Lord Xznaal is crowned King. The Doctor, Benny, retired Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, and UNIT commander Brigadier Winifred Bambera join the resistance against the Ice Warriors and Greyhaven's usurpers. The Doctor is for a time believed killed by the Ice Warriors' Red Death gas, but he turns up alive and well. The Ice Warrior ship is destroyed, and the rightful government of the United Kingdom is restored.29
  • May 9 (Friday). Baltimore Homicide Detective Beau Felton (36) is murdered while working undercover for Internal Investigations. Medical Examiner Julianna Cox reveals the fact it was a murder and not a suicide, and his colleagues learn of his I.I. work with new detective Stuart Gharty () after another detective, Paul Falsone (), brings up the idea that Felton was crooked. Megan Russert () returns from Paris to help in the investigation. In the aftermath, Felton's former partner Kay Howard () leaves the Homicide division.30
  • May 12 (Monday). In Los Angeles, Antonio Rodriguez (33) begins to undergo genetic mutation by criminal scientist Dr. Karl Malus. Malus begins transforming Rodriguez into a humanoid armadillo while holding life-sustaining medical care for Antonio's girlfriend as hostage.31
  • May 14-15 (Wednesday-Thursday). The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane (20) arrive in Ibiza so that Ace can get a break from all the death and manipulations. Going to a party hosted by a pair of "angels" (actually aliens), Ace inadvertently meets her long lost little brother Liam. Liam's friends get pulled into the angels' machinations, and one of them dies. After the mentally unstable angel Gabriel dies, his brother Jude has to be talked down from killing people, and escapes. Ace accepts Liam as her brother, and they part.32
  • May 24 (Saturday). Duncan MacLeod (404), manipulated with illusions, accidentally kills his protege Richie Ryan (22), absorbing his immortal essence.33
  • May 26 (Monday). Construction worker Jaime Rodriguez is nearly killed by a mugger, but the Sentinel Nimrod (from 2020 in an alternate reality bubble) appears in this era at that moment, who kills the mugger. As a result, a timeline wherein Kulan Gath arose and took over Manhattan is prevented.34
  • June 1 (Sunday). The Technarch Magus arrives on Earth searching for his son Warlock. He has a brief battle with the X-Men.35
  • June 4 (Wednesday). Professor X takes some of his New Mutant team to Muir Island when Moira MacTaggert () seeks aid in dealing with Xavier's son David Haller (), "Legion". Legion telepathically seizes Xavier's, Mirage's, Wolfsbane's, and Cypher's minds, but with the help of a Palestinian terrorist's boy's mind trapped within David's fractured psyche, they manage to subdue some of David's renegade personalities.36
  • June 10 (Tuesday). The Beyonder takes a corporeal form and visits Earth, specifically the home of Owen Reece and Marsha Rosenberg. The arrival causes Charles Xavier to send out a telepathic cry at the sudden presence, leading to Magneto traveling to the X-Men's mansion and joining up with them to face the threat. They travel to Los Angeles, where Captain America is also responding to the call. They battle the strangely newly empowered Thundersword.37
  • June 11 (Wednesday). Captain America, stranded in Los Angeles, visits the Avengers' West Coast compound. He faces the mutated Armadillo (Antonio Rodriguez), who is attempting to take Goliath (Erik Josten) () from the compound on behalf of Dr. Karl Malus. Cap takes pity on Armadillo, and subdues Malus himself after following Antonio back to Malus's hideout. The Beyonder entity, watching the events, adopts the form of Steve Rogers after being impressed by Cap's actions.38
  • June 13 (Friday). The Teen Titans and the ancient Titans confront the Titan Thia, freeing the Amazons. They are joined by Thia's captive slave, human girl Kole Weathers (17). Ultimately, Hyperion seemingly destroys himself to stop Thia. In the aftermath, Lilith () stays behind to join the Olympians, while Kole is admitted to the Titans.39
  • June 16 (Monday). Professor Charles Xavier, teaching classes at Columbia University, is attacked by anti-mutant extremists. Found dead by the Morlocks, he is healed by the Morlock Healer, but his body's health begins to collapse.40
  • June 17 (Tuesday). The Hellions Thunderbird, Empath, Firestar (15), and Roulette abduct the former X-Man Banshee () and hold up at NORAD headquarters in Colorado. The X-Men (including new member Rachel Summers) confront them, and Thunderbird eventually turns away from the path of vengeance.41
  • June 20 (Friday). The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe (55/2000) arrive in Lanyon Moor and encounter Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. They investigate mysterious happenings, and encounter an evil alien imp from 18,000 years ago. The Brigadier tricks the alien into blowing himself up.42
  • June 30 (Monday). In the midst of the search for the Horcruxes to defeat Voldemort, Harry Potter () and Albus Dumbledore (116) are called back to Hogwarts. There, Dumbledore is confronted by student Draco Malfoy (), who has been ordered to kill Dumbledore by Voldemort, who will slaughter the Malfoys if he fails. Draco finds himself unable to commit murder. Severus Snape (), having pre-arranged the scenario with Dumbledore, comes to Draco's rescue, and kills Albus Dumbledore himself. Snape takes Draco, and escapes Hogwarts.43
  • June 30. The Sentinel Nimrod attacks the criminal Juggernaut (), and comes into conflict with the X-Men.44
  • July 1 (Tuesday). The Batman discovers Jason Todd () trying to steal the tires off the Batmobile, and takes him in. Jason agrees to begin training, and eventually becomes the second Robin.
  • July 6 (Sunday). The Morlock Annalee, whose children were recently murdered, abducts Gee, Lightspeed, and Mass Master. Energizer enlists the X-Men, who recover her siblings.45
  • July 7 (Monday). Eddie "Gopher" Bloomberg (10) takes up the identity of the Kid Devil, unwanted sidekick to the heroic Blue Devil (37).46
  • July 10. Cheshire reveals Lian's existence to Speedy. Speedy and Nightwing later abduct her.
  • July 10. Guy Gardner () becomes yet another alternate Green Lantern.
  • July 12. (Saturday). The Beyonder returns to Manhattan, and in seeking answers, he visits Peter Parker. Peter directs him to Reed Richards, and the Beyonder teleports away, causing Peter to chase after him as Spider-Man.47
  • July 12-13 (Saturday-Sunday). The Psycho-Man begins manipulating the people of Manhattan through his Hate-Monger construct. He uses the creature to ambush the Invisible Girl (30), twisting her mentally into the psychopathic Malice. Malice attacks teammate She-Hulk, then her brother and husband. With the help of Daredevil, Richards is able to break through and free Sue's mind.48The Beyonder disrupts the Fantastic Four's battle with the Hate-Monger construct. The Psycho-Man destroys the Hate-Monger after it fulfills its purpose.49
  • July 13 (Sunday). After getting help deciding on clothes from an old homeless woman, the Beyonder visits the Heroes for Hire building. He transports Power Man () and Iron Fist () from the recent past to this point, and while annoying them, he learns about the gold standard and turns their building into gold before departing. Spider-Man catches up to the pair of Heroes before they return to their own time, just in time to face the gold building alone.50 Spider-Man rescues survivors of the building, and keeps a gold notebook after he sees the Kingpin making off with gold typewriters as the military cordons off the area.51
  • While en route to his aunt Jebedissa's house, Johnny Bravo's (22) car breaks down. The Mystery Machine, carrying Mystery Inc. (Fred Jones [47], Daphne Blake [47], Velma Dinkley [46], Shaggy Rogers [47], and Scooby-Doo [38]) comes across him, and help him get to his aunt's scary mysterious mansion. They find that Aunt Jebedissa missing, and the place "haunted" by a Ghostly Gardener. Johnny and the gang run around the mansion, eventually capturing the Gardener, who turns out to be Jebedissa herself, attempting to scare away her hated nephew. Through chicanery, she convinces Mystery Inc. to tie Johnny to a tree, but they do make sure he can be rescued by their old pal Speed Buggy (24).52
  • July 22 (Tuesday). The Fantastic Four enter a microverse seeking vengeance (on behalf of the Invisible Girl) on the Psycho-Man. The Fantastic Four encounter and defeat him, but he escapes. After returning home, Sue announces she is now the Invisible Woman.53
  • July 29 (Tuesday). Beatriz da Costa (29) is caught in an explosion, and becomes the heroic Green Fury.
  • August 1 (Friday). Batman and Robin first face the criminal Killer Croc (38).
  • August 3-4 (Sunday-Monday). Anti-human terrorist and time-traveler Jacob Hynes, posing as an agent of UNIT, abducts a pair of paleontologists. After receiving a cry for help, Jo Grant (47) visits Sergeant Major John Benton (56), and then travels to Tanzania to try and help them. She, Hynes, and the paleontologists are transported back to ancient Earth via a time tree.54
  • August 4 (Monday). Upon Jo Grant's return home, she visits her husband, and the two begin reconciliation.
  • August 6 (Wednesday). Jovial businessman and dinosaur rights activist John Hammond (69) passes away.
  • August 20 (Wednesday). Mystique () approaches Val Cooper about forming a U.S. government-sanctioned team of mutants, and Cooper agrees. The team, Freedom Force, consists of the former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Pyro [], Avalanche [31], Blob [], and Destiny []), as well as the time-twisting Spiral, and the new Spider-Woman.55
  • August 22 (Friday). Rachel Summers adopts the code-name of Phoenix, after she discovers that she has become the host for the Phoenix Force.56
  • August 22. While visiting the Holocaust Museum, Magneto and the X-Men are attacked by Freedom Force. Magneto surrenders to the authorities in order to face trial for crimes against humanity.57
  • August 25 (Monday). The New Mutants and Storm help Karma wrest herself from control of the Shadow King, and she rejoins her friends, though now she is enormously obese.58
  • August 28-September 1 (Thursday-Monday). Storm and the New Mutants are abducted by the Enchantress and taken to Asgard. Upon arrival, Magik tries to save her friends by scattering them through space-time, some of them traveling back several weeks or months. Over the course of this adventure, various long-term changes affect the team. The greatest effect is Xian's extreme weight loss, Dani's becoming one of the death-linked Valkyrie and getting a pegasus named Brightwind as a steed, and Rahne's meeting a wolf prince, Hrimhari (), and developing a romance with him. Storm is tempted by Loki with a new hammer, Stormcaster, to control the elements with. The rest of the X-Men, including the new Phoenix, travel to Asgard to rescue them. A final confrontation leads to Loki returning the heroes, but stripping away Storm's powers once again.59
  • September 1 (Monday). The International Court of Justice convenes a trial for Magneto. The X-Men and New Mutants are teleported there by Loki at the same time. The trial is interrupted by an attack by the Fenris twins (Andreas and Andrea von Strucker). Professor Charles Xavier suffers a massive heart attack brought on by past injuries, and leaves the care of the school in the hands of Magneto. At the last moment, he is rescued by Lilandra () and the Starjammers, who are unsure when they can return Xavier.60
  • September 1. While the X-Men are in France, Madelyne Pryor () gives birth to a son, soon to be named Nathaniel Christopher Charles Summers. Upon returning to the school, the child's father, Scott Summers, is unhappy with having a child. Rachel, Scott's alternate future daughter, forges a psionic bond with baby Nathan, coming to think of him as her little brother.61
  • September 2 (Tuesday). A powerless Storm defeats Cyclops in a duel in the Danger Room for leadership of the X-Men. Cyclops and his family subsequently return to Alaska.62
  • September 6 (Saturday). The British criminal Vixen sends her servant, the assassin Slaymaster, to attack the replacement Captain Britain (Betsy Braddock [25]). Slaymaster gouges out her eyes. Brian Braddock (25), the retired Captain Britain, and Betsy's twin brother, gets a telepathic jolt of pain at this event, and immediately tracks Betsy down. He beats Slaymaster to death, and reluctantly resumes the role of Captain Britain himself.63
  • September. When the Anti-Monitor begins trying to destroy all realities, the Monitor and his assistant Harbinger bring together all the heroes and villains of the multiverse to stop the threat. This event, which resonates through the entire Omniverse, is referred to as the Crisis on Infinite Earths.64
  • September 14 (Sunday). The demon Aku recruits Mandark Astronomonov (11) to his League of Extraordinary Villains. A robot attacks Dexter Tartakovsky (9), sending him to the League's location. In the aftermath, Dexter and Mandark are returned to this time.65
  • September 14. Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi (29) genetically alters herself to become a new heroic Dr. Light so as to help in the Crisis.
  • September 14. Eric Cartman (8) is abducted by gray aliens, and has an anal probe inserted into his anus.66
  • September 15 (Monday). Resident Dr. Beth Chapel (22) is blinded in an oxygen explosion in the hospital she works in. She develops a form of heat vision.
  • September 15. Eric Cartman's friends learn of his alien encounter. Kyle Broflovski's (8) brother Ike is abducted as well, and Kyle works all day to try and get him back, including by asking cafeteria worker Jerome "Chef" McElroy (43) for help, to no avail. Stan Marsh (7) suffers several vomiting attacks when talking to a girl he likes. The aliens kill Kenny McCormick (8), who will shortly be resurrected. At the end of the night, Ike escapes from the aliens, and Cartman is abducted again and given pink eye.67
  • While skiing in Switzerland, Betsy Braddock is attacked by Mojo and his minion Spiral.68
  • Yolanda Montez () takes up the identity of Wildcat from her godfather and mentor, the injured Ted Grant ().69
  • September 24 (Wednesday). The Flash, Barry Allen (34) is pulled back to this era, where he uses his speed to stop a giant machine the Anti-Monitor's forces plan on using to destroy reality. Pushing himself beyond his limit, he hits the edge of the Speed Force, and passes through it, his body decaying and dissolving into nothing.70
  • September 25 (Thursday). In a final assault by the Anti-Monitor's shadow creatures, Aquagirl (Tula) (18), Dove (Don Hall) (16), and Kole Weathers (17), among others, are slain.71
  • Upon the death of Donald Hall, Dawn Granger () is transformed into the new Dove.
  • During the Crisis, the planets Bolovax Vik and Erzix are destroyed by the Anti-Monitor's waves of antimatter. The Erzix queen Tashana, Lady Quark, () is the only survivor of her world. The Green Lantern Kilowog, last Bolovax, manages to preserve his people's essence in a ring.
  • September 26. Underage sailor Rusty Collins's (16) mutant powers erupt while visiting a prostitute, burning her severely, and he flees in terror.72
  • September 26-28 (Friday-Sunday). The Avengers discover a pod in the East River, and bring it to the Fantastic Four. There it is opened to discover the restored body of Jean Grey (), who learns of the Phoenix's masquerading as her. Upon contacting her former teammates in the original X-Men, she, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, and the Beast form a new team: X-Factor, which is dedicated to helping mutants while posing as an anti-mutant group. The idea is masterminded by Warren's old boarding school friend, Cameron Hodge (), who actually hates mutants. Cyclops abandons his family.73
  • September 27 (Saturday). Wally West () takes up the mantle of the Flash from his late uncle and mentor.
  • September 29. X-Factor’s first rescue is of the pyrokinetic boy named Rusty Collins. He comes to live with the team in their secret headquarters.74
  • October 4 (Saturday). Hank McCoy's (24) old associate, Dr. Carl Maddicks, hires the mercenary mutant Tower (Edward Pasternak) to abduct the Beast for him. Maddicks begins experimenting on Beast to reverse his mutation in hopes of curing his deformed mutant son Artie (8). X-Factor battles Tower in an attempt at rescue. Ultimately, Beast's blue, furry mutation is reversed, and Maddicks is killed. X-Factor takes Artie in.75
  • October 15 (Wednesday). The mutant mercenary Frenzy (Joanna Cargill) (21) faces X-Factor in an attempt to capture Rusty Collins. She is forced to flee.76
  • October 17 (Friday). The experimental prototype interstellar sleeper ship Jupiter 2 launches from Kennedy Space Center. Aboard are the Robinson family John (40), Maureen (39), Judy (19), Penny (12), and Will (10), pilot Major Don West (29), and the mysterious Robot (1). While they are in suspended animation, Colonel Dr. Zachary Smith (52), a saboteur for the Genoshan government, is trapped aboard, and suffers severe stresses from the launch, beginning his mental breakdown. When the ship encounters a meteor shower, he awakens Major West, who in turn awakens the family. The Robot's sabotaged programming causes the wildly off-course ship to enter hyperspace, and become distantly lost in space.77
  • October 17. At the launch appear Dr. Zachary Smith (55) (now thoroughly insane), Robot (4), and briefly Will Robinson (12) from the year 2000 via a conman's time-traveling gizmos.78
  • October 20 (Monday). X-Factor travels to San Diego to help junkie mutant Michael Nowlan, resulting in them battle the Alliance of Evil (Frenzy, Tower, Stinger, and Timeshadow). This leads to a confrontation with the Alliance's employer, the immortal mutant Apocalypse (3983). When Nowlan's ex-wife is killed, he supercharges all the mutants present. Nowlan is killed in the chaos, Apocalypse and the Alliance flee, and X-Factor departs.79
  • October 24 (Friday). Firestar's friend Randall Chase escapes captivity at the hands of Emma Frost and is killed, but lets Angelica know of Frost's nature as he dies. She turns against Frost, defeating her and her minions. She leaves Frost behind with a threat to be left alone.80
  • October 30 (Thursday). Batman rejoins the Justice League.
  • November 1 (Saturday). Michael Jon Carter arrives from the future, and adopts the Booster Gold identity. He is accompanied by the robot Skeets.
  • Simon Camden () learns a friend of his has a gang member sister. Simon's brother Matt () and eventually his parents Annie () and Eric () get involved too. The girl gets hurt and considers leaving her gang.81
  • November 21 (Friday). Diddy Kong (6) holds a racing tournament on Mobius. Other contestants include Banjo the Honey Bear (15) and Conker Squirrel (16).82
  • November 22 (Saturday). The Justice Society disappears into a recursive time loop.
  • November 23 (Sunday). Queen Elizabeth II (71) is recoronated. Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart receives a promotion to General.83
  • November 24 (Monday). Rick Tyler (20) takes up his father's heroic identity of the Hourman. His girlfriend, Dr. Beth Chapel, takes up the identity of her mentor, becoming Dr. Midnight.
  • November 25-26 (Tuesday-Wednesday). Mojo and Spiral, using their slave Betsy Braddock, the "Psylocke", abduct a number of special children, including New Mutants Wolfsbane and Sunspot, Leong and Nga Coy Manh, and the temporally displaced and partially amnesiac rascals Darla Hood (), Alfalfa Switzer ("Alfie") (12), and Butch Bond (). Spiral hyper-ages them and empowers the rascals. Captain Britain tracks his sister's movements to New York City, where he is assaulted by the Coy Manh twins, and de-aged to early pubescence. The next day, an android duplicate of Sunspot is killed while moving trees, and New Mutants Doug Ramsey and Warlock begin investigating. Discovering the ruse, they, along with the majority of the rest of the team, head out to investigate, and are assaulted by Mojo's "Bratpack". Most of the team is brainwashed and hyper-aged as well, with Warlock taking Doug and escaping. Magma resists Psylocke's mental control. Doug and Warlock run into the young Brian Braddock. Brian teams up with Magma in facing the Bratpack, while Doug and Warlock form a gestalt to try and free Psylocke. Ultimately successful, Spiral's influence is undone, and everyone returns to normal. Psylocke decides to keep the bionic eyes Mojo implanted within her, and enrolls at Xavier's School to try and hone her mutant powers.84
  • November 30 (Sunday). The X-Men and Hellfire Club Inner Circle battle the Nimrod Sentinel in Central Park. The Nimrod is nearly destroyed (, and escapes, but Harry Leland (36) is killed and Nightcrawler is badly hurt. Phoenix attempts to kill Selene, but is stabbed by Wolverine through the heart in order to prevent the murder. Spiral abducts the wounded Rachel to the Mojoverse.85
  • December 4 (Thursday). The government-run Freedom Force team attempts to capture AWOL seaman and mutant Rusty Collins. The young Morlock Skids () comes to his rescue, and Rusty is smitten with her. They flee into the sewers to hide among the Morlocks.86
  • December 4. Mr. Sinister () sends the Marauders (gathered by Remy LeBeau [] and including Sabretooth, Vertigo, Riptide, Harpoon, Scrambler, Scalphunter, Arclight, Blockbuster, and Prism) out to slaughter the Morlocks. Following the paper-like Tommy into the sewers, LeBeau helps them find their way inside. A giant burrowing Morlock makes it to the X-Men's mansion, and dies while giving a warning. The X-Men respond, and quickly face the Marauders in battle. They rescue Callisto and Sunder, among others, but Riptide severely injures Nightcrawler, putting him into a coma. While saving Rogue, Shadowcat is hit by one of Harpoon's spears while phased, causing her form to misalign with reality, and she begins to discorporate. An enraged Colossus kills Riptide, taking a severe pummeling as a result. Rusty Collins and Skids, followed by Artie Maddicks, are among the Morlocks as they are attacked. The X-Men and X-Factor respond separately. and the Angel’s wings are destroyed. The god Thor and the children of Power Pack also help in the fight, but dozens of Morlocks are killed. The Morlock Plague is recruited during the events to Apocalypse's side. Gambit manages to save a young girl named Sarah. X-Factor manages to save many of the Morlocks, and relocates them to their headquarters. Many others escape to Xavier's School.

December 4. The Marauder Sabretooth travels to Xavier's School to try and finish the job. He encounters Elizabeth Braddock, who adopts the identity Psylocke, and her aid in defeating Sabretooth results in her admission to the X-Men.
December 4. The New Mutants are attacked by Warlock's father the Magus during the Morlock Massacre, and Magik disperses her friends through time and space.
December 5 (Friday). The surviving members of the Tunnelers gang of Morlocks run amok. They engage with a baseline human street gang, and most of them, including Berzerker (Ray Carter) (19) and Scaleface, are killed.
December 6 (Saturday). Batman once again resigns from the Justice League, as does the Elongated Man.
Qi'Qi of the planet Zsiglon is captured by the Trommite Dagon Ra. His people are slain. He is soon dubbed "Telepath”.
December 17 (Wednesday). John Walker (28) debuts as the jingoistic hero Super-Patriot. Super-Patriot is then attacked by the Bold Urban Commandos ("Buckies") (Lemar Hoskins [27], Hector Lennox, and Jerome Johnson) in a staged event. Later, Steve Rogers approaches Walker and decries Super-Patriot and the sham fight. After Steve rejects a challenge to a fight, Walker sends the Buckies out to attack him. Steve defeats them, then appears as Captain America to admit to having killed a member of ULTIMATUM.[17]
December 19 (Friday). Ramsey Spencer is born to Kate Spencer (29) and Peter Robinson.

  • December 23. Zatanna (31) resigns from the Justice League.
  • Other births: Brandon Cross (February 3), twins Soseh and Elina Mykros (September 3), Riley Freeman (September 4)



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