Timeline: 1996




  • January 1-2. Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive at Wyvern Hill and encounter the ghosts of Hakon and Robbie. Robbie moves on from his need for vengeance and leaves the earthly realm.1
  • January 2. Demona meets Thailog, and they become lovers.
  • January 3-4 (Wednesday-Thursday). Questers Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive on Queen Florence Island, and encounter the trickster god Raven. They set up the young Natsilane as a hero.2
  • January 4-5. Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, Hudson, and Talon confront David Xanatos over the disappearance of Goliath and Elisa, alerting him to this fact. Fang tries to take over the mutates' realm, capturing Talon, and the gargoyles depose him and free Talon. Fang remains imprisoned.3
  • January 6. Daredevil is reunited with his ex-lover Elektra Natchios.4
  • January 9. Four aliens arrive on Earth (near Rutledge, Ohio), taking on the form of humans, as part of an infiltration and observation mission. The High Commander takes on the eldest-seeming body, and becomes the patriarch of the Solomon family, with the name "Dick". The security officer becomes the sole female among them, "Sally". The strange and exceptionally dumb one, who has the transmitter inside of him, becomes "Harry". Finally, the eldest of them, the intelligence officer, becomes a teenage boy, "Tommy". Tommy is supposedly Dick's son, and Sally and Harry are Dick's siblings.5
  • January 11. The Aegis Isis (405) is slain by Joaquin Weiss while saving the life of Roberta Lincoln (46) during a final confrontation with Khan Singh (25). Singh, having most of his plans thwarted, faces defeat, and is about to destroy the Earth’s ozone layer, when Gary Seven (63) offers him a sleeper ship, which Khan dubs the SS Botany Bay. He and his surviving forces use it to flee Earth, going into suspended animation until they reach a planet to make their own.6
  • January 16-18. Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx encounter a pair of Loch Ness monsters, and save them from Dr. Anton Sevarius's (49) experiments.7
  • January 16-19 (Tuesday-Friday). The crew of the starship Voyager (2373), under Captain Kathryn Janeway (37), is accidentally thrown back to Earth in this year. The ship's bridge crew averts a 29th century temporal explosion by preventing industrialist Henry Starling from making a time trip in the timeship Aeon. While there, the holographic Doctor (2) acquires a portable holographic emitter, and Tom Paris (30) and Tuvok (108) meet a woman named Rain Robinson (25), who discovers their true identities.8
  • January 19-20 (Friday-Saturday). Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx come across Halcyon Renard in Prague, Czech Republic. They are present when he transfers his mind into an ancient Golem, and manage to stop his rampage and get him to give up control of the Golem to young Max Leow. They refuse to end their quest, or even send word to their loved ones back home.9
  • January 22. "Dominique Destine" marries "Lennox Macbeth" in Paris, France. He immediately learns Dominique is Demona, and Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive, and they have a confrontation between Demona and her new lover, Thailog.10
  • January 23 (Tuesday). Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive in London, where they meet London gargoyles Una and Leo. The two capture them, seeking revenge against Goliath for the disappearance of their friend Griff in 1940. Goliath uses the Phoenix Gate, and travels back to 1940, bringing Griff (42) back with him, explaining the gargoyle's disappearance so long ago.11
  • Dick Solomon attends a party with his colleague Dr. Mary Albright, and the two begin a strange romantic entanglement.12
  • January 25-26. Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive in Egypt at the Great Sphinx. Coming across an Emir and the Pack members Jackal (28), Hyena (28), Wolf (39), and the Coyote robot, they face Jackal's might when he absorbs the Heliopolitan death god Anubis's power. Ultimately, the Emir ejects Jackal from Anubis, and he merges with the god. The Pack disbands.13
  • January 27. Mutant terrorist |Mystique and her new Brotherhood (among them Destiny, Pyro, Avalanche], and the Blob), attempt to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly. Kate Pryde (54) of an alternate potentiality's 2036, temporarily possessing young Sprite's body, aids the X-Men (Storm, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Angel, Colossus) in stopping the attack.14
  • January 27-29. Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive in Ireland, and face the wrath of the Beansi. Young Rory Dugan becomes host to the essence of the hero Cu Chulainn, and defeats the Beansi.15
  • January 30. Koriand'r, fleeing her vengeful sister Komand'r, arrives on Earth. She is taken in by Grant Wilson.16
  • January 31. The mysterious Raven (Rachel Roth) starts gathering of a new Teen Titans. She visits Robin, whom she has been sending telepathic visions to, and he in turn recruits his old friends Wonder Girl and Changeling (the former Beast Boy). She also recruits Kid Flash and Victor Stone, who had recently become a cyborg due to his father's experiments. The Titans battle an alien who is trying to capture Koriand'r, who soon joins the Titans as Starfire.17
  • February 2. After the death of Isis, Gary Seven announces his retirement, leaving Roberta Lincoln as Earth's supervisor. The Aegis Ramses is assigned as her associate.18
  • February 2. Actor/dancer Gene Kelly (83) dies from complications due to two strokes.19
  • Roberta Lincoln meets young UFO investigator Rain Robinson and begins training her as an assistant.20
  • February 5. Halcyon Renard informs Matt Bluestone of Elisa Maza's whereabouts, who in turn informs the rest of the Manhattan Clan.
  • February 5. A terrorist sect including former soldier Lee Taylor attempts to ambush a U.S. military shipment. They find an alien creature that consumes heat, accidentally freeing it and threatening all life on Earth. The squad is wiped out one-by-one, including Lee's brother, who is killed by the sect leader. Lee and U.S. Army Captain Teri Washington are the only survivors after they manage to destroy the creature by having it encounter neon.21
  • Anji Kapoor (21) starts dating Dave Young.
  • February 7. Dingo begins studying with a shaman of the Australian aborigines.
  • February 10-12. The TARDIS, hijacked by a mind-controlled Kamelion, brings the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Vislor Turlough (22), and Peri Brown (18/1984) to the planet Sarn. They unravel a conspiracy by the Master (Tremas possession) to manipulate the Sarns into curing him of his shrunken form. The Doctor kills Kamelion in an act of mercy. The Master apparently dies. Turlough, after reuniting with his little brother Malkon, has the Sarns transported from their doomed planet to Trion, which has had a regime change, allowing freedom for political prisoners. Turlough leaves the Doctor to return to Trion. Peri joins the Doctor on his travels.22

February 14 (Wednesday). The Red Tornado rejoins the Justice League.

  • Diane Chambers, down on her luck, visits her ex-fiance Frasier Crane while in Seattle. Frasier is shaken by her return to his life, and does not heed advice from his brother Niles nor his father Martin in regards to her. Diane eventually breaks down to Frasier about her woes, and agrees to back her play financially.23
  • February 18. Bowser Koopa is visited by one of his old flames, who gives him an egg. The egg hatches, and Bowser names him Bowser, Jr.

February 18. Teenager Ronnie Raymond and nuclear physicist Martin Stein are first merged in a nuclear accident. They decide to fight crime together as Firestorm.
February 20 (Tuesday). Spider-Woman battles the Juggernaut, Black Tom Cassidy, and their crime-fighting junior partner, Siryn. With the help of the X-Men, the villains are defeated, and Siryn is taken into the X-Men's care after Black Tom reveals Siryn's father is the former X-Man Banshee.

  • March 9-15. Mario Mario faces the threat of the evil Smithy. He, Princess Peach Toadstool, King Bowser Koopa, the Nimbus prince Mallow (though raised by the Subconian frog Frogfucius), and the Star Road star Geno (possessing a doll) band together in a series of adventures to defeat him.24
  • March 10-11. The Funnie family (parents Theda and Phil, daughter Judy, and son Doug, and Doug's dog Porkchop) moves to Bluffington, Virginia. Doug goes out to get food for his family, and meets the friendly Mosquito "Skeeter" Valentine. He also runs afoul of local bully Roger Klotz, who, in lieu of a beating, makes Doug hunt the mythical neematoad as part of a trick. When Porkchop falls in and is completely covered with mud, Roger and his goons take for an actual neematoad. Skeeter introduces Doug to the mysterious girl he keeps seeing, Patti Mayonnaise, and Doug falls head over heels for her.25

March 14 (Thursday). Sean Cassidy is introduced to his daughter Theresa Rourke.
March 14. The mutant Morlock Caliban attempts to abduct the X-Men's Sprite, but is stopped by the X-Men, Dazzler, and Spider-Woman.

  • While attending the dress rehearsal for Diane Chambers's play, Frasier Crane has an angry emotional reaction, seeing as the play is clearly based on their old lives in Boston around the Cheers bar. He ends up ranting about how Diane hurt him by leaving him at the altar. After storming out, the two talk and come to a sort of detente.26

March 17 (Sunday). Mystique sends her foster daughter, Rogue, to San Francisco in order to attack Ms. Marvel. The encounter results in Ms. Marvel being left powerless and amnesiac, and Rogue permanently absorbing her powers.
Arisia Rrab joins the Green Lantern Corps.

  • When the Teen Titans have an encounter with a tentacle monster that goes poorly, Robin inexplicably recruits Highland idiot teens Mike Beavis and Butt-head Hofert. The two fail to help, and endanger the team.27

March 24-26 (Sunday-Tuesday). Navajos Jason and Ward Strongbow, on opposite sides of a battle between protesters and the agents of Ulysses Klaw and mutated upon encounter with radioactive material and Klaw's sonic energies. Jason, adopting the heroic identity of American Eagle, teams up with the Thing, Ka-Zar, and Wyatt Wingfoot to stop Klaw.

  • April. The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), suffering from post-regeneration trauma, crashes into the backyard of the girl Amelia Pond (7). She helps him through some of his confusion, and he offers to invite her onto the TARDIS. She packs up, and he leaves, failing to return for twelve years.28

April 8 (Monday). Zatanna Zatara (30) is admitted to the Justice League.
Speedy meets the terrorist Cheshire, and has sex with her. He inadvertently impregnates her.

  • April 20. Christopher Robin (75) dies.29
  • April 21. A secret U.N. expedition using experimental rockets, led by British Colonel Dan Dare (28), lands on Venus. There, Dare and his cohorts discover Mekonta, the capital city of the native Venusians called the Treen. The Treen's leader, the Mekon, tries to defeat Dare as the beginning of a planned invasion of Earth, but ultimately fails.30
  • April 23. At a costume party, Zoom appears and murders Iris Allen (31). Her husband, Barry (32), as the Flash, goes on a mission to find her killer, and eventually learning the truth, leaves Zoom trapped running backwards through time.31 As a failsafe designed by her biological parents in the 30th century, Iris's essence is pulled back to her home time period, placed in a cloned body.

May 1-2 (Wednesday-Thursday). Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive in Australia. Teaming up with Fox Xanatos (29), Dingo, and Anastasia Renard (the Fey Titania), they convince the collective intelligence called the Matrix to stop its "Grey Goo" scenario, and it and Dingo become partners.
May 4 (Saturday). Liz Allan (21) and Harry Osborn marry.

  • May 9. The supervillain Dr. Light (38) sneaks aboard the Justice League satellite. He finds civilian Sue Dibny (31), Elongated Man's wife, there. He rapes her. Several League members arrive and take him down. The League holds a vote and agree to use Zatanna Zatara's magicks to alter Dr. Light's mind and personality. The Batman (34) enters as they begin the act, and the team feels forced to wipe his memories of the event as well.32

Brooklyn boy Max Connor, fleeing bullies, accidentally frees the djinn Kazaam from the boombox he was recently transferred to. Kazaam and Max are fast friends, and they help each other with dealings with organized crime, and Max's relationship with his absentee father. Ultimately, Kazaam becomes a free djinn.[24]
May 16-17 (Thursday-Friday). Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive in Nigeria. Reunited with Diane Maza, they encounter were-panthers, and help them to defeat the Orisha god Kwaku Anansi.
May 18 (Saturday). Dr. Clayton Forrester (47) releases the Satellite of Love into space, where it immediately falls into a space-time warp. Forrester himself somehow transforms into a space baby.
May 19 (Sunday). King Arthur arrives in London, and meets the gargoyle Griff. They are teleported to New York, where they aid Brooklyn, Hudson, Broadway, and Lexington against Macbeth. Arthur recovers Excalibur, and he and Griff head out to further adventure.
May 19-21 (Sunday-Tuesday). Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive in Norway. They are attacked by the Norse god Odin, who demands the return of his Eye. Goliath wields the Eye and transforms, but eventually gives up it back to Odin, who departs peacefully.
May 20 (Monday). Kristin Wells (22/2857) arrives in this time. She meets Superman (33), and gets caught up in the activities of the demonic "C.W. Saturn". She is possessed by Saturn, but Superman refuses to kill her host body, which results in the demon's destruction. Wells returns to her own time.[25]
May 20. At Philip Banks's 50th birthday party, the family's butler Geoffrey Butler (48) announces his intention to resign and return to England to live with his son. With the Banks children moving on --Hilary (27) moving to New York for her talk show, Ashley (16) moving there with her, and Carlton (21) transferring to Princeton-- Will Smith (23) feels pressured make changes as well.[26]
May 21 (Tuesday). The pressure Will Smith causes him to lie about getting an apartment of his own. Later that day, Philip and Vivian Banks (47) announce that they are planning to sell their home and move to the East Coast along with their young son Nicky.[27]

  • May 22 (Wednesday). After failing to find an apartment, Will Smith tries to sabotage his family's selling the Banks mansion. He chases off an older man, Phillip Drummond (64), accompanied by his adult son Arnold Jackson (25). Despite his best efforts to dissuade Louise () and George Jefferson () (accompanied by their maid Florence Johnston []), the older couple agrees to buy the house, but only if it will be available quickly.33

May 22-23 (Wednesday-Thursday). Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive on New Olympus. They have an adventure.
May 24-26 (Friday-Sunday). Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive in Guatemala and encounter the Mayan Clan of Zafiro, Obsidiana, and Jade. They face off against Jackal and Hyena.
May 25. Runaways Ty Johnson (17) and Tandy Bowen (16) are abducted, along with several others, by the unscrupulous Dr. Simon Marshall, who begins experimenting on them with radical drugs. Most of the subjects die, but Ty, Tandy, and a Chinese immigrant calling himself Martin Li are mutated. Ty develops a link to the Darkforce and manifests a strange cloak of the substance, and Tandy gains the ability to generate light daggers. The light daggers are the only thing that feeds Ty's strange hunger for souls. They escape, and decide to become anti-drug vigilantes as Cloak and Dagger.
May 25-26 (Saturday-Sunday). Hyena returns to New York City. She briefly battles Broadway and Lexington.
May 27 (Monday). After the Inhumans move Attilan to the Blue Area of the Moon, Luna Maximoff is born to Crystal Amaquelin (60) and Pietro Maximoff (20) there.
May 28 (Tuesday). Cloak and Dagger encounter Spider-Man.
May 29 (Wednesday). On the eave of the departure from the Banks mansion, Will Smith admits he lied about having an apartment. His uncle Phil Banks helps him find a new one quickly.[29]
May 30 (Thursday). The Banks family leaves their home, as Geoffrey Butler leaves the country. Will Smith has warm goodbyes with his family.[30]
June 1 (Saturday). The Weird Happenings Organization is founded in the United Kingdom as a rival to UNIT. The movement is spearheaded by Dr. Alistaire Stuart (34) and Brigadier Alysande Stuart (34).
June 4 (Tuesday). In Tokyo, Japan, teenager Senkawa Tsutomu (14) is killed when alien criminal Geega throws him at Space Federation officer Birdy Alterra Cephon (23), who uses an electric pulse on instinct, frying him. Birdy's superiors feel the only way to save the innocent Tsutomu is by extracting the boy's memory engrams, and placing them in Birdy's own body, which is given the ability to change to and from Tsutomu's form, until such time that his body is regrown.[31]
June 6 (Thursday). Mar-Vell (36), the Kree hero Captain Marvel, dies of cancer, surrounded by friends.
June 10-11 (Monday-Tuesday). Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive on Easter Island. They encounter the ancient Nokkar, who captures the gargoyles, thinking they are Space-Spawn. An amnesiac Elisa convinces Nokkar that the gargoyles are not evil.
June 11 (Tuesday). Thomas Guthrie dies of black lung disease.

  • June 12. The Hulk, after fighting the Galaxy Master, arrives on Mobius, and meets raccoon adventurer Rocket Raccoon, and they team up.34
  • June 12. Krylorian filmmaker Bereet arrives on Earth, seeking the Hulk in hopes of enhancing her "techno arts". She finds Betty Ross (34) and Rick Jones (20), close friends of the Hulk, and helps them with Rick's sudden intense gamma radiation poisoning.35
  • June 14-15 (Friday-Saturday). Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive in Ishimura, Japan, a secret haven for a gargoyle clan. They defeat an attempt by one of their human allies to make a gargoyle amusement park. The Ishimura gargoyle Yama goes into exile for unwittingly being duped by the villain.36

June 14-19 (Friday-Wednesday). The Brady family, still temporally transposed, is disrupted by the arrival of Trevor Thomas, who claims to be Roy Martin, Carol Brady's first husband, back from the dead. The temporal confusion causes Carol to forget that she is actually divorced from Roy. Trevor's plan is to recover a very valuable ancient Chinese horse statue he knows Carol's husband had sent her. The Bradys accept "Roy" into their home, but ultimately discover the truth, as Trevor kidnaps Carol and takes her to Hawaii to find his buyer. The rest of the family travels to Hawaii to save her. A final confrontation between Trevor and Mike Brady results in Trevor's defeat, as Trevor has lost his buyer, who learns Trevor was responsible for the shipwrecking of the Minnow in 1964, on which his son, Willy Gilligan, was first mate, and another man, Roy Hinkley, was a colleague of Roy Martin's. During this period, Greg and Marcia find themselves sexually attracted to each other; Jan invents a boy named George Glass as a new boyfriend, and meets a real boy named George Glass, who becomes her boyfriend; Peter briefly wants to be like "Roy"; Bobby becomes an amateur detective; Cindy gives up her doll and stops pretending to have a lisp; and Alice consumes many mushrooms.[34]
June 15 (Saturday). The Doctor, Ian Chesterton (34), Barbara Wright (31), and Vicki Pallister (17/2494), chased by Daleks, briefly appear here, and find themselves in an amusement park "haunted house" in Ghana. When the TARDIS escapes, Vicki is left behind and escapes in the Daleks' time machine.[35]
June 16-18 (Sunday-Tuesday). Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive in Arizona, and meet up with Peter and Beth Maza. They have an encounter with the Trickster god Coyote and David Xanatos.
June 18 (Tuesday). Tsutomu Senkawa is attacked by the Sailor Senshi. Tsutomu reacts to Sailor Jupiter's electric attack and nearly kills her, taking over Birdy's body.
June 23-July 5. King Bowser Koopa (45) once again conquers the Mushroom Kingdom, and abducts Princess Peach. He also traps Toad and the Mushroom Retainers in the walls of Peach's castle. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario travel through various worlds to gain enough stars to battle Bowser, defeating him and once again liberating the Kingdom and the Princess.[36]
July 4-6 (Thursday-Saturday). Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx return to Avalon, and face a returned Oberon, who demands the evacuation of the island. The gargoyles and humans defeat Oberon at a contest of his own making, and he agrees to let them stay on the island.
July 7 (Sunday). Birdy Alterra Cephon has a date with Randal Graves, which is abortive. Tsutomu Senkawa has a crisis of identity as he learns that he is truly just a copy of the dead Tsutomu's memories.
July 8 (Monday). The Fey Puck attempts to get Goliath to give him the Phoenix Gate, but Goliath sees through the illusions, and casts the Gate into itself to rejoin the timestream.

  • July 9 (Tuesday). Fox gives birth to Alexander Fox Xanatos with the child's father, David, and grandfathers in attendance.37

July 9-10 (Tuesday-Wednesday). The Gathering begins on Avalon. Oberon visits New York to demand the handover of Alexander Xanatos to him, and David Xanatos rejects this. Goliath, Elisa Maza, Angela, and Bronx arrive at the Clock Tower, ending their quest, and agree to help Xanatos fight off Oberon. After a long fight, wherein Anastasia Renard reveals herself to be Queen Titania, and Owen Burnett reveals himself to be Puck, Fox uses long-buried mystical power to defend her son, and Oberon allows them to keep their child, while banishing Puck.
July 11 (Thursday). The Eternal Elysius, lonely after the death of her lover Mar-Vell, uses his DNA to impregnate herself.
July 12 (Friday). Illyana Rasputin (6) is abducted to Limbo, and though the X-Men are hot on her trail, she is temporarily lost, and spends seven years there, emerging as a 13-year-old.[37]
July 13 (Saturday). Firestorm is admitted to the Justice League.
July 14-15 (Sunday-Monday). Gargoyles Goliath, Angela, and Brooklyn battle Demona and capture her. She is kept in incarceration in the Labyrinth below New York.
July 15 (Monday). Vic Sage takes up the role of the Question.
July 19 (Friday). Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (65) reports to New York's UN headquarters to review expenditures during his time in charge in the UK. The fourth Doctor appears to testify, thinking the Brigadier had called him there. He learns that it is in fact a man with a grudge against his future self, who tries to shoot the Doctor. The shooter is shot, and the Doctor manages to transport a bomb the shooter planted to a distant corner of space-time.[38]
July 19. The X-Men are attacked by the Brood. The team is abducted, and thought killed by Professor Charles Xavier, who is implanted with a Brood queen egg.
July 20 (Saturday). Green Arrow resigns from the Justice League.
July 22 (Monday). Rahne Sinclair is taken into the care of Moira MacTaggert after her foster father, Reverend Craig tries to kill Rahne after she first shape-shifts into her lupine form.
July 24-26 (Wednesday-Friday). Professor X gathers a new team of mutants to train at his school after saving them from the Hellfire Club. The five children, dubbed the New Mutants, are Rahne Sinclair, Wolfsbane; Xian Coy Manh, Karma; Danielle Moonstar, Psyche (later Mirage); Roberto DaCosta, Sunspot; and Sam Guthrie, Cannonball.
August 1-2 (Thursday-Friday). Goliath and Hudson face off against Wolf and the ghost of Hakon animating an axe. Hakon's ghost dissipates when the axe is destroyed. Vinnie Grigori gets his "revenge" on Goliath by shooting him in the face with a pie.
August 2-3 (Friday-Saturday). Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, and Angela help Detective Elisa Maza in another sting against Tony Dracon.

  • August 5-8 (Monday-Thursday). New Orleans Coast Guard officer Monica Rambeau (25) is approached by a scientist, Professor Andre LeClare, seeking help in stopping Roxxon mad scientist Felipe Picaro, from developing and using a device that harnesses extra-dimensional energy to cause massive destruction. Monica goes undercover at Picaro's site, but Andre's attempt at stopping the weapon result in their both being exposed. When Picaro moves to destroy a town in a display of power, Monica rushes the machine and attacks it. She is radically changed, transforming into an energy being and being wildly displaced. Donning a whimsical costume, she returns and rescues Andre and turns Picaro and his goons over to authorities. She is referred to as capitan maravilla by Spanish sailors, and decides to adopt the superhero name Captain Marvel. She and Andre realize her powers are beginning to overload, so she decides to travel to New York to get help from the Fantastic Four.38
  • August 15 (Thursday). The retired Scarlet Witch (21) and the Vision join Wanda's supposed father Bob Frank (76), the Whizzer, in traveling to Manhattan. They come to the facility Bob's son Nuklo is staying in, in hopes of getting him released and bringing him to Attilan for treatment. Shortly after they arrive, they are attacked by the Whizzer's old enemy Isbisa, who has siphoned the radiation from Nuklo. During the battle, Bob learns that Wanda is not his daughter after all. Bob attacks Isbisa with his superspeed, and suffers a fatal heart attack. The Vision loses one of his arms. The Scarlet Witch causes Isbisa's radiation suit to overload, and the discharge drains Isbisa as well as Nuklo.39

August 18 (Sunday). The clone gargoyles Delilah, Malibu, Burbank, Hollywood, and Brentwood are released from their gestation, and Thailog begins their indoctrination.
August 19-23 (Monday-Friday). The Doctor (eighth incarnation), Sam Jones (20), and Fitz Kreiner (28/1963) return to Earth, and take up a job as a favor to UNIT. The Doctor gets captured by Saudis, and tortured. Sam is captured by agents of the Remote, including Kode (2) and Compassion (4). Fitz is devoured by The Cold, and ends up in suspension for almost 600 years. With the help of Sarah Jane Smith (46), K-9 (Mark III), and the Ogron Lost Boy, the Doctor and Sam manage to stop the Remote, whose members Kode and Compassion defect to the Doctor's side. Sam decides to remain behind, working with Sarah Jane and taking up the identity of "Elena Martin”. The Doctor helps Kode to transform into a fully Remembered version of Fitz, while Compassion decides to join them on their travels.
Upon his death, Dan Garrett passes the mantle of the Blue Beetle to Ted Kord. Unable to utilize the Scarab, he opts to use his technological prowess as part of his crime-fighting.
August 22 (Thursday). Doug Funnie celebrates his 12th birthday after spending days fretting about the nature of change. At the party, he learns that his mother is pregnant.[40]
The Moon Knight first encounters the mysterious Black Spectre, secretly announced New York City Mayoral candidate Carson Knowles (35).
As a result of the pending antimatter crisis, Kara Zor-L arrives in this timeline, amnesiac. She resumes her identity of Power Girl.

  • Captain Marvel arrives in New York City, seeking help with her overloading power build up. Encountering Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four's Thing, and the Avengers, she gets help from Iron Man () in dispersing the power through his suit's circuits, leveling her powers out.40

August 29 (Thursday). Carol Danvers, subjected to Brood experiments, gains new superpowers, and declares herself Binary.
The Doctor (seventh incarnation) drops off Peri Brown (fracture from 2404) (50) and Jack Bartlett (1958) in this era.

  • September 5. Wasp () invites Captain Marvel to test her powers in front of the full team (including Captain America [], Iron Man, Thor [], She-Hulk, and Hawkeye []). She impresses them, and is immediately offered membership, and joins.41

In an encounter with Talia al Ghul, the Batman impregnates her.
September 9 (Monday). Dexter Tartakovsky (8), on his first day in the fourth grade, meets his new rival, Susan "Mandark" Astronomonov (10).
September 10 (Tuesday). Dexter Tartakovsky gets his sister Dee Dee (11) to destroy Mandark's lab when the older boy asks Dexter to set him up with her.
September 10. Buffy Summers transfers to Sunnydale High School in Sunnydale, California. She meets Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, and her new Watcher, Rupert Giles. She faces a vampire invasion.

September 14 (Saturday). Maximilian Pegasus (43) announces to his board of directors a new card game he plans to release: Duel Monsters.
September 14-15 (Saturday-Sunday). Freakazoid!, on his (Dexter's) 18th birthday, agrees to a bunch of requests, which he supposedly cannot reject due to "tradition", as part of a trick by his archenemy The Lobe. The Lobe has Freakazoid! agree to leave him alone, allowing him to go on a crime wave. Freakazoid! eventually figures out the scheme (as The Lobe put his own copyright on the hero code book) and defeats The Lobe.[41]
September 16 (Monday). Daria Morgendorffer (14) is forced to collaborate with her fellow Highland High School students Mike Beavis (14) and Earl "Butt-head" Hofert (14) in a science class assignment.
September 16. Aardvark Anthro Arthur Read (8), subjected to ridicule due to his long snout, decides not to pursue cosmetic surgery.
September 22 (Sunday). The X-Men return to the Xavier School and, after a brief scuffle with the New Mutants, they battle the Brood Queen within Xavier's body. It dies, but the Professor is able to have his mind transferred into a cloned body. He finds he is unable to walk due to psychosomatic trauma. He immediately demotes Kitty to the New Mutants.
September 23 (Monday). Kristin Wells (27/2862) returns to this time period to investigate the identity of a Superwoman. Slightly amnesiac, she is takes on a job as Lois Lane's (36) typist, and has to fight off the advances of her ancestor Jimmy Olsen (17). She soon joins Superman in facing the temporal enemy King Kosmos, realizing that she is in fact Superwoman, using tech she brought with her to the past.[42]

September 28 (Saturday). The gestalt cyborg gargoyle Coldstone is captured by David Xanatos's agents.

  • September 28. Freakazoid!'s trusty mute butler Ingmar retires to become a rodeo clown just as Freakazoid! is set to rescue his family and a mime from an eastern European prison. Dr. Zachary Smith (as "Dr. Jones") joins Freakazoid!'s crew in his place, and joins Freakazoid!'s friends Mike Cosgrove, Steff Rowe, and Roddy MacScrew on the successful mission.43

October 2 (Wednesday). After “proving” her worth as an X-Man during an encounter wherein she befriends the Flock member she dubs Lockheed, Kitty Pryde is re-promoted to the X-Men on a probationary basis.

October 4 (Friday). Scott Summers, traveling to meet his grandparents in Anchorage, Alaska alongside his father Chris and brother Alex, meets pilot Madelyne Pryor, noticing an intense resemblance to his late love Jean Grey.
October 7-8 (Monday-Tuesday). After saving cretins Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor from the larger bully Tetsu Ushio (16), Yugi Mutou finally manages to complete the Millennium Puzzle while considering how to pay Ushio protection money. At that moment, Yugi becomes host to the soul of the 3000 year old Pharaoh Atem. This Dark "Yami" Yugi takes control of Yugi's body, and psychologically overwhelms Ushio, causing Ushio to be institutionalized. Joey and Tristan become Yugi's friends, and stop being bullies. Atem, not fully aware of who he is, alternates with Yugi in control of his body. Yugi is unaware of his possessions for now.

  • October 9 (Wednesday). Upon the murder of her husband and daughters, Yamashiro Tatsu (26) adopts the identity of Katana, and uses the sword Soultaker to fight for justice and get revenge on her brother-in-law.
  • October 10. Emma Frost approaches Angelica Jones (14), a girl whose emerging mutant powers are causing her problems at school as she is dealing with the recent death of her grandmother. She agrees to enroll at the Massachusetts Academy.45

October 11-12 (Friday-Saturday). Jefferson Archer, jealous of his brother and his impending service to the Galactic Federation aliens, attempts to murder his brother and fake his death. He uses his own "evil" truck to run himself and U.S. (23) off the road. He departs, leaving everyone to think he was killed. U.S. is severely injured, but rescued by aliens, who restore his brain by implanting a plate into his head that allows him to communicate with his own special rig, which he names US1, for his favorite highway route, and he becomes a super trucker.[45]
October 12-13 (Saturday-Sunday). Thailog breaks Demona and Fang out of prison. The Manhattan clan face a clan of clones, including Hollywood (Broadway's clone), Brentwood (Lexington's clone), Malibu (Brooklyn's clone), and Burbank (Hudson's clone), and later still, a clone created from Demona and Elisa Maza's DNA, Delilah. Thailog fakes his death again. Fang is recaptured, and the clones agree to join Talon's clan in the Labyrinth.
October 14 (Monday). The Morlock leader Callisto kidnaps the former X-Man Angel, and the X-Men come to his rescue. Storm defeats Callisto in a duel, and is proclaimed the new Morlock leader. Callisto is left in charge in Storm’s absence.46
October 15 (Tuesday). When the terrorist Magma (Jonathan Darque) attacks Stark International, Tony Stark (37) is too drunk to suit up as Iron Man. His friend Jim Rhodes (35) dons the armor instead, and battles and eventually defeats Magma. In the aftermath, Tony declares he no longer wants to be Iron Man, giving Rhodey his blessing as the new Iron Man.[46]
October 16-17 (Wednesday-Thursday). The Fey Puck uses baby Alex Xanatos to facilitate the transference of two of the souls inhabiting Coldstone into taking android bodies, becoming Coldfire and Coldsteel. For a time, the three souls occupy those of Broadway, Brooklyn, and Angela.
October 18 (Friday). After getting it from his grandfather Solomon, Yugi Mutou brings a deck of Duel Monsters cards to school with him, and introduces the game to his friends. That same day, boy billionaire Seto Kaiba (15) enrolls at the school, joining Yugi's class. Yugi and Seto have a duel at Kaiba's mansion after school. Yugi's win leads Kaiba to dislike him.
October 18. Jack Monroe (18), the 1950s Bucky, runs into Steve Rogers and Bernie Rosenthal (29) and follows them home. After a misunderstanding, Steve takes the lost young man in. Later, they go on patrol as Captain America and Bucky, and are ambushed by the Constrictor and agents of the Viper. They defeat Jack and capture Cap. Cap is brought to the Viper's headquarters below Hartsdale, Illinois. Jack and Bernie entreat Sam Wilson, and then SHIELD, for help.[47]
October 19-20 (Saturday-Sunday). Jack Monroe, taking up the Nomad identity, goes on a rescue mission to free Captain America. He, undercover SHIELD agent Gail Runcifer, and one of Nick Fury's right-hand men, Dum Dum Dugan (after suffering a heart attack), are all captured by the Viper, Constrictor, and her agents. When Constrictor learns that Viper's plan is to wipe out humanity with a new bubonic plague, he arranges for Captain America to regain his faculties, and the heroes and Constrictor ending up foiling Viper's plan, though she escapes.[48]
October 23-27 (Wednesday-Sunday). The Manhattan clan becomes the target of the newest generation of Hunters, the Canmores Jason, Robyn, and Jon. The Gargoyles' Clock Tower home is destroyed. A final confrontation between the two parties and Demona results in Jason and Robyn realizing their errors (though Jason is crippled), but Jon vowing revenge. Xanatos invites the clan to return to the Castle as his guests. Elisa Maza and Goliath kiss for the first time.
October 27 (Sunday). The Illuminati helps Jon Canmore adopt the "John Castaway" identity.

October 29 (Tuesday). Jon Canmore (as John Castaway) founds the Quarrymen, and recruits Vinnie Grigori. The Quarrymen attack Goliath and Elisa Maza, but they are defeated with the help of Vinnie.
October 29. Angela and Broadway become mates.
October 31-November 1 (Thursday-Friday). The gargoyles attend a Halloween party. Goliath takes Delilah, while Elisa Maza takes Morgan Morgan. They subsequently battle Thailog, whom the clone Brentwood joins. Elisa and Goliath become mates.

  • November 1. Rose Calvert (102), aboard a ship floating over the wreckage of the RMS Titanic, dies in her sleep after dropping a jewel into the ocean.48

November 1. Robyn Canmore becomes an espionage agent to avoid jail time.
November 3 (Sunday). Macbeth, Hudson, and Lexington travel to London.
November 4 (Monday). The terrorist mutant Rogue leaves the Brotherhood and travels to the Xavier School to receive help with her out-of-control powers. Professor X allows her to join the X-Men, despite objections of the members. Carol Danvers feels betrayed after returning to the School, and rejects X-Men membership herself, joining the Starjammers.
November 5 (Tuesday). The Australian heroes Dingo and Matrix defeat the Tasmanian Tiger. Redemption Squad leader Robyn Canmore recruits them to her team.
November 5. United States President Bill Clinton (50) wins reelection, defeating Republican Kansas Senator Bob Dole and Reform Party candidate businessman Ross Perot.
November 8 (Friday). The Japanese gargoyle Yama is recruited to Robyn Canmore's Redemption Squad.
November 9 (Saturday). The genetic construct Apollo is created.
November 10 (Sunday). Jo (46) and Cliff Jones officially separate. Their minor son Matthew stays with Jo.
November 12 (Tuesday). Learning of a rare card of Solomon Mutou's (63), Seto Kaiba arranges his abduction. Solomon is somehow injured in playing a card game. When his grandson Yugi comes to rescue his grandfather, Kaiba challenges him. Téa Gardner forges a pact with Yugi, Joey Wheeler, and Tristan Taylor with a magic marker. After Kaiba loses again, Yami Yugi hurts him with a telepathic attack.
November 13 (Wednesday). After teaming up with the ridiculous biker stuntmen Team America, the New Mutants are forced to battle the Viper and Silver Samurai. The New Mutant Karma is seemingly lost. In actuality she is claimed by the Shadow King.
November 13-14 (Wednesday-Thursday). Macbeth, Hudson, and Lexington are reunited with King Arthur and Griff, and meet the London Clan, including Constance ("Coco") and Staghart ("Amp"). They are subsequently attacked by Coldsteel and the robot Coyote (version 5.0). Coldstone and Coldfire arrive, and join the battle, and Coldsteel and Coyote flee.
November 15 (Friday). Coyote 5.0 is destroyed. Coldstone and Coldfire remain with Hudson and Lexington.
November 16 (Saturday). When the monster Tundra rises and attacks Canada, Vindicator (38), still reeling from the disbanding of his team by the government, heads off to fight it. His wife, Heather Hudson (28), contacts the rest of Alpha Flight (Shaman [51], Snowbird [18], Sasquatch [46], Northstar [19], Aurora [19]), including new recruits Puck (82) and Marrina Smallwood (20), to stop the creature's assault. They manage to destroy it, and decide to remain together as an unfunded team.[49]
November 17-19 (Sunday-Tuesday). Yugi Mutou and Joey Wheeler sign up for the Duelist Kingdom competition to save the soul of Yugi's grandfather Solomon and to get money to pay for Joey's sister Serenity getting an operation to restore her sight. They, joined by Téa Gardner and Tristan Taylor, travel by boat to an island to have an assortment of card games. Also competing in the tournament are Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood, Mai Valentine, Seto Kaiba (accompanied by his brother Mokuba Kaiba), Ryo Bakura (and his possessing entity), and "Bandit" Keith Howard. Ultimately, Yugi defeats Pegasus, getting Solomon's soul back, but the money goes to Joey.

  • November 18 (Monday). The Batman, after being refused help by the Justice League due to diplomatic concerns (and resigning as a result), travels to the eastern European nation of Markovia, as his friend and mentor Lucius Fox () has been abducted while there. Coming across the heroes Black Lightning (), Katana, and Metamorpho (37), Batman, and an amnesiac woman with powers called Halo, team up. They are joined by prince Brion Markov (16), whose geokinetic abilities have been kickstarted. They are successful in stopping ex-Nazi Baron Bedlam's coup d'etat. In the aftermath, the heroes decide to stay together as the Outsiders.49

November 18. Natsuko "Nancy" Takaishi and Hiroaki Ishida's divorce is finalized. Custody of their son Yamato (8) goes to Hiroaki, while custody of their other son Takeru (5) goes to Nancy. She has Takeru's surname legally changed to Takaishi.
November 19. The malevolent Yami Bakura removes Maximillion Pegasus's Millennium Eye.
November 22-24 (Friday-Sunday). The X-Men arrive in Japan to attend Wolverine's wedding. The Viper tries to kill them, and Wolverine and Rogue manage to defeat her and the Silver Samurai. While there, Storm meets the anarchist Yukiko Yukio, whose influence results in Storm's shaving her hair into a Mohawk. In the aftermath, while under the manipulation of the villain Mastermind, Mariko Yashida declares Wolverine an enemy, calling off their wedding.
November 22-28. After King K. Rool (65) kidnaps Donkey Kong (15) and Diddy Kong (5), Dixie Kong (5) and her cousin Kiddy Kong (1) face many adventures and eventually rescue them.
November 26 (Tuesday). Green Arrow rejoins the Justice League.

  • As part of a mission to stop a powerful being from destroying stars, a living nebula comes to Earth. Having shunted most of its mass to the Kosmosian dimension, the cloud enters the atmosphere, and finds a pair of teenage humans driving around and caught in an accident. The nebula tries to help them, suppressing the fire with its mass, and connecting with the two humans, Carol Faber and Danny Milligan, so as to take their forms for their versatility. The contact results in her experiencing the youths' pain, knocking the nebula, in Carol's form, for a loop, inducing amnesia. The apparent human girl wanders off, where she is found by agents of Professor Anthony Power's Secret Empire.50
  • December 5. The New Mutants, visiting Sunspot's mother Nina DaCosta, wind up in an adventure which brings them to the long-lost Roman kingdom of Nova Roma, hidden in the Amazon River basin. They meet the immortal mutant Selene. The daughter of Nova Roma's ruler, Amara Aquilla (15), discovers her own mutant nature, and she is admitted to the New Mutants as Magma.51
  • Valkyrie brings her prisoner, the villainous telepath Moondragon, with her to the Defenders' headquarters. The other Defenders present, the Beast and the Gargoyle, and their guests, Beast's former X-Men teammates Iceman and the Angel, reluctantly accept her presence as she is being contained by Odin's control headband. The heroes soon attend the wedding of their former teammates Patsy Walker and Daimon Hellstrom. The wedding is crashed by Patsy's ex-husband, Buzz Baxter, acting as the Mad-Dog, and the team of mutant operatives called Mutant Force. The heroes defeat the villains, who are all working with the Secret Empire. The Beast invites Iceman and Angel to join the Defenders, and they accept. Moondragon also joins, despite not actually being invited. The erstwhile other Defenders, the Hulk, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, and Sub-Mariner, arrive and leave the team.52
  • Aspiring dog rapper PaRappa Rappa sets out to impress his love interest Sunny Funny (a sunflower). He begins training with Chop Chop Master Onion in karate.

December 13-14 (Friday-Saturday). After the X-Men defeat Mastermind, who tries to fool them into believing Madelyne Pryor is a returned Phoenix, Scott Summers marries her, and resigns from the X-Men.
December 14 (Saturday). The second Mario Kart Grand Prix is held in the Mushroom Kingdom. The contestants are Mario Mario, Luigi Mario, Peach Toadstool, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong Jr., Wario Wario, and Bowser Koopa.
December 17 (Tuesday). Stockbridge, England is transported into a snow globe by the Celestial Toymaker. Izzy Sinclair (17) and Max Edison (37) are the only ones to remain free.
December 19 (Thursday). The Doctor (eighth incarnation) arrives in Stockbridge, England, and encounters the Celestial Toymaker. With the help of Izzy Sinclair and Max Edison, he defeats the Toymaker, and Stockbridge is restored. Izzy joins the Doctor on his travels.
December 19. The Doctor drops Izzy Sinclair (19) off moments after her initial departure, with many months having passed for her. She returns to her normal life.

  • December 20 (Friday). Dr. Carl Sagan (62), famed astronomer and scientific advocate, dies from pneumonia complicated by myelodysplesia.53
  • The Secret Empire's agent Cloud escapes from captivity. Encountered by the Defenders, Moondragon briefly touches her mind, seeing her good heart, and invites her into the group.54

The evil Krampus manipulates a spoiled brat into trying to banish Amelia Pond and Rory Williams (6) before they can conceive Melody Pond, but Mels defeats Krampus. Young Amelia and Rory forget this incident.
Jason Kane (13) runs away from home. He is caught in an alien transport beam, and sent across the galaxy to a distant planet.
December 31-January 1 1997. Robyn Canmore's Redemption Squad faces Dr. Anton Sevarius in the mutates' Labyrinth. The mutate Fang joins the team.


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