Timeline: 1995




  • January 3-4. The Manhattan Gargoyle clan has its first battle with Macbeth. Their confrontation ends in a draw. The Gargoyles relocate from the Eyrie Building to the Clock Tower above Police Precinct House 23.1
  • January 4. David Xanatos is released from prison.
  • Demona, in her human guise of Dominique Destine, begins to seduce Macbeth.
  • January 12. Detective Elisa Maza is assigned a partner in Detective Matt Bluestone.2
  • January 12. David Xanatos donates the Eye of Odin to a museum. Later that night, he steals it using Steel Clan armor. In that armor, he battles Goliath, Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington.3
  • January 15. Mac Hudson, as Weapon Alpha, attacks Wolverine (124) in a poor attempt to get him to return to Canada. He is defeated by the X-Men (including Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Banshee).4
  • January 19. Trapeze artist Boston Brand (31) is murdered. The minor goddess Rama Kushna uses her power to bind Boston's soul to Earth as a ghost so he can seek justice for his own murder. He starts possessing people as the heroic Deadman.5
  • January 20-21. Goliath and Hudson (76) battle Demona after she attempts to kill Elisa Maza.6
  • January 26. Madame Rouge (44) and her ally Captain Zahl battle the Doom Patrol at Codsville, a small Maine fishing village. The Doom Patrol is faced with a dilemma: either they or the village is blown up by a bomb. The team, unable to save the village otherwise, accepts the sacrifice. Elasti-Girl (34) is killed, but Robotman (49), Negative Man (31) and the Chief (55) all manage to survive. The Chief recovers Elasti-Girl's remains.7
  • January 27. Derek Maza (24) quits the New York Police Department and begins working for David Xanatos.8
  • January 29. Pack members Hyena (27) and Jackal (27) are arrested.
  • February 3. David Xanatos and Demona create the Gargoyle cyborg Coldstone from pieces of three dead Wyvern clan Gargoyles. Initially a mindless pawn for the villains, a battle with Goliath and the clan reawakens the personality of one of the Gargoyles (Goliath's best friend and Rookery brother), who saves Goliath and goes dormant at the bottom of the Hudson River.9
  • February 6-7. While at an ATM, Will Smith and Carlton Banks are approached by a mugger. The mugger gets fidgety when Carlton makes sudden movements, and Will blocks a gunshot with his own body. Will survives in the hospital, but Carlton is shaken. Will's family and girlfriend Lisa Wilkes visit him in the trauma ward. Carlton goes out to buy a gun for protection, and when Will finds out he demands it from him. (Events of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode "Bullets Over Bel-Air" (1995).
  • February 11. Barbara Gordon (17) dresses up as a female Batman to attend a costume party. The party is attacked by the D-List villain Killer Moth (30), but he manages to kidnap Bruce Wayne (32) before Barbara defeats him. The media dubs her the "Batgirl”.10
  • February 13 (Monday) Batgirl begins to don the cape and cowl in Gotham. At first rebuked by Batman, she finds an ally in Robin (14), and eventually becomes the second of the Batman's partners.11
  • February 16-21. The Star Warrior Ristar is summoned to the Valdi system, which has been conquered by the warlord Kaiser Greedy. Ristar manages to successfully defeat Greedy and liberate the star system.12
  • Paul Buchman, while producing a documentary on the history of television, gets veteran comedian Alan Brady to appear and narrate. Brady becomes unreasonable for a time, but when Paul threatens to have another celebrity narrate instead, Brady relents. During this time, Jamie Buchman learns her mother Theresa had repeatedly appeared on The Alan Brady Show.13
  • Recently engaged couple Will Smith and Lisa Wilkes attend a relationship counseling session where they encounter an older couple whose marriage is on the rocks: Louise and George Jefferson. While at first taking sides based on their gender, ultimately the Jeffersons team up, and the two couples fight with foam bats.14
  • February 21-22. Sam Malone visits his friend Frasier Crane in Seattle while trying to avoid his fiance whom he left at the altar the day before. He meets Frasier's father Martin, brother Niles, Daphne Moon, and Roz Doyle. Sam admits his reason for being there to Frasier, who advises him to ask forgiveness. The next day Frasier meets Sam and his fiance Sheila, recognizing her as someone he slept with. They meet up, where Sheila reveals she is a sex compulsive like Sam himself. Sheila confesses to Sam at having slept with Cliff Clavin, causing Sam to immediately dump her.15
  • March 5. Abusive husband and father Bill Blevins fatally injures his wife Matilda after she gives their daughter Sally (12) a family heirloom he doesn't approve of. He proceeds to beat Sally, but she manages to survive due to the onset of her mutant abilities, where she projects a force-field. Unable to control the power and unable to help her mother, she flees.
  • March 7. While Spider-Man (19) battles the skateboarding petty criminal Rocket Racer, their fight is complicated by the arrival of disgraced businessman Axel Weele (31), who now rides in a gyroscopic killing machine and calls himself the Big Wheel. Weele accidentally drives his wheel off a pier.16
  • An alien boss, Swackhammer, sends his minions to Earth in order to capture and enslave the Looney Tunes to boost sales at his amusement park planet, Moron Mountain. The minions threaten the Toons with their advanced weaponry. Bugs Bunny tricks the aliens into giving them a chance to wager for their freedom, and Bugs and his cohorts determine, given their diminutive size, basketball would be an easy competition. The aliens investigate professional basketball players. Using their quasi-mystical technology, they siphon off the basketball skills of Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, Shawn Bradley, and Larry Johnson. The powers cause the aliens to become enormous and skilled, calling themselves the Monstars. The Toons, now desperate, seek out and abduct retired basketball legend Michael Jordan, now working as a minor league baseball player. They convince him to help save them, and he begins training them. When the game actually comes, the Tune Squad features a large revolving lineup, including Jordan, Bugs, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Sylvester Pussycat, Tweety Pie, Wile E. Coyote, the Road Runner, Taz, Foghorn Leghorn, Pepé le Pew, Barnyard Dawg, Beaky Buzzard, Sniffles, and newcomer Lola Bunny. At first losing overwhelmingly, Jordan gets the Toons to believe they have drunk a performance-enhancing formula, giving them the confidence needed to be successful. The second half is lopsided towards the Toons, leading to a close game. With most of the Toons disabled, a last minute substitution of oddball actor Bill Murray results in Jordan using Toon physics to alter his own body to slam the winning basket. In the aftermath, the Monstars beat up their boss before losing their powers, and being allowed to stay in the Toons' homeland. After returning the basketball talents to the human players, Michael decides he wants to return to basketball.17
  • March 22. Dr. Harlene Quinzell (30) begins working at Arkham Asylum. She first encounters the psychopathic Joker (42).18
  • March 25. TV's Frank (38) ascends to "Second Banana Heaven" with the help of the mysterious Torgo the White. This ends his corporeal existence.19
  • March 26. "Cool" guy Johnny Bravo (20), in an attempt to seduce a zookeeper, fails to capture a gorilla.20
  • March 28. On the flight back from the 67th Academy Awards ceremony, film critics Gene Siskel (49) and Roger Ebert (52) have an argument over the quality of the in-flight movie, Snow Man, and the argument becomes violent, with them nearly murdering each other. After landing in New York, the two announce the end of their partnership.21
  • March 29-April 6. Jay Sherman (37) attempts to become either Gene Siskel or Roger Ebert's new critic partner, but finds neither can get over their former partners. Jay and his girlfriend Alice Tompkins arrange for Siskel and Ebert to make up at the top of the Empire State Building.22
  • March 31. Harry Connick High School holds a dance in honor of Daylight Savings [sic] Time, that ends up being crashed by escaped supervillain Cave Guy. Dexter Douglas (16), who was unable to get a date to the dance, saves the day as he transforms into Freakazoid!.23
  • April 1. Dr. Anton Sevarius (48) recruits homeless individuals Maggie Reed (20), Fred Sykes, and Leonard Mullen for genetic experimentation.
  • April 13. A young New Jersey woman named Julie Dwyer dies after suffering a stroke while swimming in an attempt to lose weight for her appearance on a local game show, Truth or Date, the next day.24
  • April 14. After news of Julie Dwyer's death hits, another young woman, Brandi Svenning, agrees to appear on the game show, ruining her plans to go away with her boyfriend T.S. Quint, resulting in the end of their relationship. T.S. and his best friend Brodie Bruce, who has also broken up with his girlfriend Rene Mosier, go to the mall after, and get caught up in events there as various wacky individuals, including marijuana dealers Jay Mewes and Silent Bob Blutarski (23), are also there. They attempt to sabotage the game show, and each couple gets back together, with T.S. proposing to Brandi, who accepts. Brandi's father is stricken with a stomach infection due to chocolate-covered pretzels tainted by Brodie's anal leavings. During the events, Brodie also meets comic book legend Stan Lee.25
  • April 15. Dante Hicks is called in to work at the Quick Stop convenience store, despite it being his day off. He reluctantly goes in, and has a series of encounters with others. He learns his girlfriend, Veronica Loughran, has given 37 different men fellatio, causing awkwardness. Dante's best friend and mental abuser Randal Graves comes in to work at the next door RST Video, exacerbating all their problems. Dante and Randal go to Julie Dwyer's funeral, reuniting briefly with Alyssa Jones, and end up knocking over her casket, and they are forced to flee. Dante's ex-girlfriend, Caitlin Bree, arrives, wanting to get back together with Dante, and he throws his relationship with Veronica away. His plans with Caitlin are destroyed when Caitlin accidentally has sex with a dead man, slipping into a catatonic state when she finds out. Dante and Randal have a fight, and then Veronica dumps Dante after he decides he actually loves Veronica. Late at night, Dante closes Quick Stop, and is not killed by a mugger.26
  • April 17. A mysterious robot resembling 1950s science fiction archetypes appears at the site of Project: Jupiter. Somehow, the robot's appearance is accepted without anyone truly noticing.
  • April 23. Duke Phillips announces his candidacy for President of the United States.27
  • April 29. Polymath director of Project: Quantum Leap Dr. Sam Beckett steps into his own experiment, launching him into the timestream. Rear Admiral Al Calavicci begins using a telepathic holographic interface to communicate with Sam's consciousness through the accelerator, which transfers the person Sam is occupying the space of, to the present.28
  • May 4. Prisoners Arcturus Rann, Princess Mari, Prince Acroyear, the Kaliklak "Bug" (20), and robots Biotron and Microtron escape Microverse tyrant Baron Karza's prison aboard Rann's ancient starship, the HMS Endeavor. They band together as freedom fighters the Micronauts.29
  • May 5. The city of Santa Monica suffers a strange space-time event, where the Brady family of 1973 is transposed into this era. Mike (40), Carol (39), Greg (16), Marcia (15), Peter (14), Jan (14), Bobby (12), and Cindy (11), along with housekeeper Alice Nelson (47) and her boyfriend Sam Franklin, find themselves integrated into the lives of a suburban Los Angeles neighborhood. Although most others notice something is off, and can notice the Bradys' anachronistic appearance, dulled sense of reality and awareness, and artificially enhanced innocence and cheerfulness, no one is completely aware of the changes.30
  • May 8-13. The Bradys face having to make money to pay the $20,000 in back taxes for their home. Jan begins to develop schizophrenia over her jealousy of her sister. Marcia has a strange rerun of the incident with the football and her nose and the boy troubles complicated thereof. Marcia ends up running into 60s music star Davy Jones (49), who, along with fellow ex-Monkees Peter Tork (53) and Micky Dolenz (50), judges the Brady children's musical act the winner of a $20,000 prize. At one point, Jan runs away, and hitchhikes, and is picked up by trucker Charmaine "Schultzy" Schultz (69), who talks her into going home.31
  • May 10. The Elongated Man is admitted to the Justice League.
  • May 15. A wind demon of Rann arrives on Earth and takes over the body of an android created by Dr. T.O. Morrow. The gestalt being reforms, and it calls itself the Red Tornado after the Golden Age "heroine”.
  • May 16. In Oakdale, Illinois, during a bad storm, Lily Grimaldi gives birth to a boy with the help of her ex-husband, Holden Snyder. She is unsure of who the father is: Holden or her husband, Damian Grimaldi.32
  • May 19. The Red Tornado is admitted to the Justice League.
  • May 23. After running mate and madman Franklin Sherman makes a fool of himself at a very early vice-presidential debate, Duke Phillips rants on live television, destroying his candidacy.33

May 24 (Wednesday). The X-Men, teamed with Sunfire, battle Moses Magnum, saving Japan. Banshee burns out his sonic scream in stopping Honshu's destruction.

  • May 28. The live broadcast of the 10th Anniversary Special for Jay Sherman's Coming Attractions show is interrupted by a hostage-taking. Ultimately, Jay, his family, and friends are saved by guest comedian/ninja Milton Berle (86).34
  • June 3. As the X-Men visit Wolverine's native Canada en route home, they are attacked by Alpha Flight, led by Mac Hudson (now called Vindicator), and including Shaman, Snowbird, Sasquatch, and twins Northstar and Aurora. Alpha Flight fails to get Wolverine to return to Department H as the X-Men defeat them.35

June 4-5 (Sunday-Monday). Scott Lang (30) steals the Ant-Man suit in order to steal to get money for medical treatment for his sick daughter Cassie (5). When he uses the suit to save Dr. Erica Sondheim, she gives Cassie medical care pro bono, and she recovers. Hank Pym allows Scott to keep the Ant-Man suit as a hero.

  • June 8-9. A Terminator T-800 arrives from an alternate timeline potentiality to protect John Connor from a T-1000 prototype that has been sent to assassinate him. With the help of John and Sarah Connor, the T-800 manages to destroy the T-1000, but sacrifices himself in the end in an attempt to forestall Judgment Day.36
  • The Time Trapper visits Miriam Delgado, and recruits her to serve in the Team Titans, wiping her memory.37

June 26-July 3. Cranky Kong, tired of his son and Diddy Kong's boasting, calls up King K. Rool, and they arrange the heist of the banana hoard. DK Jr. and Diddy go on another adventure and recover the hoard.
Mike Yates (53) calls Sarah Jane Smith (45) to help him in investigating a haunted house, and she brings K-9 (Mark III) along. The three of them face the Master (fifteenth incarnation), who escapes empty-handed.

  • Young musician Greg Universe holds a concert in Beach City, Delaware. There he meets the Crystal Gems, specifically their leader Rose Quartz. The two hit it off.
  • June 29. Wonder Woman resigns from the Justice League.

June 30 (Friday). The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (28) visit Descaria, and help the arboreal People of the Trees retain their ancestral home.
July 3 (Monday). Teenagers Hank and Don Hall are given super powers by mystical entities. They become heroes Hawk and Dove.
July 4 (Tuesday). The Red Tornado is seemingly destroyed. He eventually gets a new body.
July 4. The Teen Titans disband.
July 12 (Wednesday). Wonder Woman rejoins the Justice League.
The Doctor (sixth incarnation) finds himself back on Artaris, a thousand years after he was last there. He encounters Grayvorn again, having become immortal, and the "Reeve" of Excelis. Grayvorn ends up being discorporated, and his consciousness trapped in a wall.
July 21 (Friday). Peach organizes the first ever Mario Tennis tournament, in honor of Mario, of course. In addition to herself and Mario, Luigi Mario, Toad, Donkey Kong Jr., Koolpa Koopa, and Yoshi compete. King Bowser Koopa is unable to attend due to a meeting of the Koopa Kingdom's Board of Economic Advisors.

  • July 22. Hours before their performance at the Orpheum in Hollywood, three members of the band Sunset Curve, lead guitarist Luke Patterson, bass guitarist Reggie Peters, and drummer Alex Mercer eat hot dogs that turn out to be rancid. They soon die from food poisoning.38
  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Bernice Summerfield (33), Roz Forrester (41), and Chris Cwej (22) visit Detrios and try and stop an incursion by the Land of Fiction into reality, which threatens all existence, but maintains the planet's life-support. Jason Conrad (2002) arrives alongside his "Dr. Who" construct, and wipes out a species of sapient lizards, and then tries to destroy the Doctor and his friends, but subconsciously fails. After other time trips, the Doctor and his companions, now joined by Ace McShane (26) and Mel Bush (32), close the incursion. The Doctor briefly encounters a Fictional manifestation of his guilt taking the form of his sixth incarnation.39

July 24 (Monday). Victor Stone (13) is severely injured in an experiment gone awry. His father gives him numerous cybernetic implants that help him to survive.

  • July 31. A Digi-Egg appears in the home of the Yagami family in Tokyo, Japan. It hatches into a Botamon, and befriends the children Tai and Kari. It soon digivolves into a Koromon.40
  • August 1. A Parrotmon arrives from the digital realm and attacks the Koromon staying with the Yagami children. The Koromon digivolves into Agumon and then Greymon, and battles Parrotmon. In addition to the Yagami children, the fight is seen by six other children: Takenouchi Sora (6), Ishida brothers Matt and T.K., Tachikawa Mimi, Kido Joe, and Izumi Koushiro. A gateway to the digital realm opens, scanning the children and marking them as the DigiDestined. It also transports the Digimon away.41

August 28 (Monday). Maximilian Pegasus meets the ghostly Egyptian Shadi. Shadi gouges out Pegasus's left eye, and replaces it with the Millennium Eye.

  • The Galadorian Spaceknight Rom lands on Earth, nearly accidentally killing local Brandy Clark. He proceeds to seek Dire Wraiths infiltrating Clairton, West Virginia. Rom's use of a gun that displaces the Wraiths to a limbo realm causes the public to believe he is disintegrating townsfolk, who are actually dead and have been replaced by the Wraiths.42
  • August 31. Oe Kintaro, age 25, having completed the credits for a law degree, departs Tokyo University to begin life as a wandering free spirit.43

September 1-4 (Friday-Monday). Professor X (45) returns to Earth to discover the X-Men alive, and turns on Cerebro. He takes a team to Dearborn, Illinois to recruit Kitty Pryde, while another group travels to Los Angeles to recruit Alison Blaire, the Disco Dazzler. The X-Men run afoul of the White Queen of the Hellfire Club (Emma Frost), and they have their first battle with the Club’s forces. In the end, Dazzler declines joining the team, and Kitty decides to enroll there later in the year.
September 3 (Sunday). Lucia Callasantos's (17) mother's boyfriend, Harry Bellinger, attempts to rape Lucia. Her younger sister Maria (15) comes to her sister's rescue, using her mutant powers to kill Harry.
September 4 (Monday). Dingo and the Coyote robot (posing as David Xanatos) bust Wolf, Hyena, and Jackal out of prison. Fox refuses to leave with them, and saves a guard from Hyena.
September 4-5. The Manhattan clan battles the Pack, and the Coyote robot is damaged.
September 6 (Wednesday). Fox is paroled.
September 7 (Thursday). Maggie Reed "escapes" from Gen-U-Tech Labs, and meets the Gargoyles.

  • September 8. Dr. Anton Sevarius, being questioned by his employer David Xanatos (40) and his agent Derek Maza (25), "accidentally" shoots Maza with a mutagenic dart, and he begins to transform into a winged felinoid.44
  • September 9. Project: B.R.A.I.N. at Acme Labs uses its gene splicer device on various animals, altering a pair of white lab mice and a hamster, among others. The now sapient rodents take the names Pinky (1), the Brain (1), and Snowball, respectively.
  • September 9-10. Dr. Anton Sevarius fakes his death so as to not cure Derek Maza. Derek takes command of his fellow mutates, and adopts the name "Talon".45

September 10 (Sunday). Marcella Callasantos slaughters her daughter Maria's penned pigeons as an act of revenge for the death of her boyfriend. Maria kills her mother in her rage. Fearing the authorities, Lucia takes Maria and they flee into the sewers, where they soon encounter the Morlocks.
September 14 (Thursday). David Xanatos is inducted into the Illuminati Society.
September 14-19 (Thursday-Tuesday). The Great Intelligence targets retired Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (64), and a New World University student, Danny Higson, tries to get help from the Brigadier. With the help of Sarah Jane Smith, the Brigadier's estranged daughter Kate (30), K-9 (Mark III), and others, the Intelligence is defeated, forced to escape the corpse of Edward Travers and hide on the internet. In the aftermath, the third and fourth Doctors each visit Victoria Waterfield (36) (former head of New World University) to ask her to travel with them, but she declines.[32]
The Guardians of the Universe select John Stewart as an alternate Green Lantern.
September 18 (Monday). After getting shot by gangsters, Jennifer Walters receives a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner. The transfusion of gamma-irradiated blood causes her to transform into a jade giantess herself, and she becomes the She-Hulk.
High school teacher and Olympic decathlete Jefferson Pierce becomes the hero Black Lightning.
September 20-21 (Wednesday-Thursday). Coldstone reactivates, and its four personalities begin warring. After a confrontation, it goes into suspended animation and is kept at the Manhattan clan's clock tower headquarters.
September 22 (Friday). The Brain, with assistance from Pinky, attempts to take over the world for the first time. He fails.
September 23-24 (Saturday-Sunday). Broadway and Hudson are caught up in Macbeth's attempt to steal the Scrolls of Merlin, which happen to be non-magical. Hudson meets blind author Jeffrey Robbins, and the two are fast friends. He and Broadway determine to learn to read.
September 25 (Monday). The Brain, in one of his world-domination schemes, using a robot suit to pass as a human, appears on the game show Jeopardy!, doing extremely well until the final round, where his lack of pop-culture knowledge causes him to lose all his winnings.
September 28 (Thursday). Demona calls Puck through the use of the stolen Titania's Mirror. She tries to use him to rid herself of the human Elisa Maza, and Puck transforms Elisa into a gargoyle. Puck then turns all the humans in Manhattan into Gargoyles, and finally the Manhattan clan into humans. After Demona's defeat, everyone is restored.
September 29-30. Corrupt businesswoman Sunset Bain (38) purchases the damaged X-51 the Machine Man. He eventually escapes. Bain swears revenge.[33]
October 1 (Sunday). David Xanatos proposes marriage to Fox, who accepts. He gives her the Eye of Odin as an engagement gift.
October 3 (Tuesday). Under the influence of the Eye of Odin, Fox (Renard) begins transforming into a "werefox”.

October 19 (Thursday). The X-Men decide to take the battle to the Hellfire Club, and there are taken hostage. Mastermind takes control of Phoenix, and at first turns her against her friends. Eventually she is able to break free of his control, destroying his mind in the process.
October 21-22 (Saturday-Sunday). Having gone mad, the Phoenix, declaring herself Dark Phoenix, defeats the X-Men, takes off from the planet, and plunges into the D’Bari star, which she makes go supernova, obliterating five billion sapients. She subsequently returns to Earth, and is taken down, only with Charles Xavier (45) at full power and with the aid of Jean Grey’s essence.

October 25 (Wednesday). For the crime she committed, Phoenix is brought before the Shi’Ar to be executed, but Professor X manages to challenge the Imperial Guard for Jean’s life. The X-Men (including former members Angel and Beast) battle the Guard, but when the tides turn in the Guard's favor, Jean begins reverting to Dark Phoenix. All these occurrences, along with her recent mass murder, cause her to commit suicide.
October 25. At the moment of the death of the Phoenix, Sinister's clone of Jean Grey, "Madelyne Pryor”, comes alive.
October 26 (Thursday). Pinky and the Brain manage to steal a submarine and raise the RMS Titanic (temporarily) in order to procure crabs for a pancake jamboree of world domination, but the plan ultimately fails.

  • October 27 (Friday). The fairy Lip is challenged by her disguised mother, who takes control of her friends, and uses them as competition in a Match Three puzzle video game. After Lip wins, the ruse is revealed, and her mother claims Lip will be the next queen.

October 27. The Brain is hired at a re-re-reinsurance agency.
October 28 (Saturday). At the funeral for Jean Grey, Scott Summers resigns from the X-Men. The Angel decides to remain on the team.
October 29 (Monday). Elisa Maza and Broadway help rescue Matt Bluestone from Dominic Dracon and his gang.
October 29. The Brain stages an accident at his job, claiming to have been turned into a mouse.
October 30 (Tuesday). The Brain's claim in trial against his employers is dismissed by Judge Lance Ito (45).
October 31 (Wednesday). Goliath and Elisa Maza help David Xanatos save Fox from her transformations due to the Eye of Odin. Goliath takes possession of the Eye.

  • November 1 (Thursday). Thailog, the clone of the gargoyle Goliath, is released from his maturation chamber.

Lilith Clay debuts as a superhero.
November 6 (Tuesday). David Xanatos marries Fox. Goliath serves as his best man, while Demona serves as maid of honor. The four of them, along with Petros Xanatos, are pulled into the year 975 via the Phoenix Gate. When they return, Goliath takes possession of the Gate.
November 8 (Thursday). After a time-travel escapade to 1956, the Brain creates a device, and uses it to enhance Pinky's intelligence. Pinky turns out smarter than Brain, causing a rift in their friendship. They each use the device to make themselves stupid to repair the relationship. Eventually, the effect wears off on the Brain, restoring his intelligence.
November 9 (Friday). David Xanatos and Demona begin broadcasting a video with a spell that affects most of Manhattan.
November 10 (Saturday). At sundown, most of the people on Manhattan are turned to stone. Demona goes on a killing spree. The Manhattan Clan investigates, while Xanatos and Macbeth also pursue her.
November 11 (Sunday). Pinky and the Brain travel to the south Pacific island "Island X" where they pacify the natives and set up the Republic of Brainania.
November 11. The Manhattan clan of Gargoyles and David Xanatos team up to stop Demona.
November 12 (Monday). Demona and Macbeth are captured by the Fey Weird Sisters. The Gargoyles and Xanatos's robots manage to break the stone sleep spell by "setting the sky ablaze".
November 12. The Brain (as Prime Minister Ned Limpopo) and Pinky (as Minister of Finance Hassan Lembeck) travel to Washington, D.C. They establish diplomatic relations with the United States and apply for foreign aid. The conversation results in Brainania's inadvertent declaration of war on the United States.
November 13 (Monday). The United States sues for peace after Brainania cannot be found on any map. The Brain visits the White House, where he negotiates storage of nuclear waste with First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton (46). Taking the check, Pinky and the Brain return to Brainania just as the island's volcano erupts, causing a tsunami that destroys the island. Surviving on a piece of detritus, the Brain unwittingly destroys the check in a fit of pique.
November 13. Mind-controlled Demona and Macbeth steal Coldstone, the Grimorum, the Eye of Odin, and the Phoenix Gate from the Manhattan Clan's clock tower. The evil personality takes control of Coldstone's body.
November 14 (Tuesday). Coldstone departs Manhattan as its personalities war, and the Weird Sisters take hold of the talismans.
November 15 (Wednesday). The Anthros Cow (2) and Chicken (2) first face the minor demon Red Guy.
November 16 (Thursday). The Coyote robot offers the members of the Pack upgrades. Wolf begins to undergo genetic engineering, and Hyena and Jackal start getting parts of their body removed and replaced with cybernetic implants. Dingo opts for an armored suit.

  • November 16. The Brain (as Jamal Spelling) and Pinky (as Jonathan Michael Charles) go to the WB! television network in order to pitch sitcom ideas. The programming director tells them when Jamal is on the cover of People magazine, he will give them a show.47
  • November 17. The Brain begins a stand-up comedy career, bombing until he begins shouting elaborate insults.48
  • November 17-18. Halcyon Renard's Fortress-2 ship launches. The gargoyle Goliath is captured by Renard while trying to protect the ship. Sabotage by Preston Vogel, Renard's assistant, nearly brings the ship down. Vogel changes his mind, and Renard and Goliath earn each other's respect.49
  • "Jamal Spelling" appears on Star Search hosted by Ed McMahon, Howard Stern's E! show Howard Stern, and The Late Show with David Letterman.50
  • November 19. Using special teeth, the Brain gets a photo taken with Princess Diana of the United Kingdom, and appears on the cover of People magazine.51
  • November 20. The Brain's sitcom idea fails as his catchphrase, "Repugnant!", causes the WB! network's programming director to attack him and Pinky.52

November 20-26. The Kremling crew abduct Donkey Kong Jr. Diddy Kong enlists the aid of his girlfriend Dixie Kong in the rescue attempt, and they face off against K. Rool, defeating him and saving DK.

  • November 22. Andy Davis (5) receives a Buzz Lightyear doll for his 6th birthday (one week early). This makes his favorite doll, the cowboy Woody, jealous.

November 24-25 (Friday-Saturday). Matt Bluestone, working to destroy the Illuminati, confronts Elisa about the gargoyles. After meeting them, he and Goliath concoct a plan, and they defeat a scheme. Matt is admitted as a member of the Illuminati.
November 28-29 (Tuesday-Wednesday). The gargoyle clone Thailog attacks Broadway, Lexington, and Elisa Maza. Later, Elisa, Goliath, David Xanatos, and Anton Sevarius are caught up in Thailog's machinations on an oil rig. Thailog fakes his death.
November 30 (Thursday). Dr. Harleen Quinzell (31) suffers a psychotic break after seeing the badly beaten Joker (42). She breaks him out of prison, and adopts the persona of Harley Quinn.[34]
December 1 (Friday). Kitty Pryde begins attending Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, and is placed on the X-Men as Sprite.
December 5 (Tuesday). The Archmages Dughlass (984) meet up with the Weird Sisters at the Gate of Avalon. The one Archmage gives the other the talismans.
December 7 (Thursday). Pol Krinn and Bits briefly appear in the bedroom of 13-year-old Lar Gand.
December 14-15 (Thursday-Friday). The Manhattan clan battles the upgraded Pack. The young trio save the rest of the clan, and Brooklyn is named second-in-command.
December 16 (Saturday). The time-displaced Guardians of the Galaxy's Vance Astro stalks his young counterpart Vance Astrovik (14), and tells him of his future. The boy's encounter with his older self causes the activation of his latent mutant telekinetic powers, which draws a mysterious fog. The Thing (47) runs into Astro, and they have a brief confrontation, as the other Guardians (Charlie-27, Yondu Udonta, Nikki Gold, and Martinex T'Naga) try to stop him from interfering. The damage done, the fog dissipates after Vance learns of his mutant nature and begins accessing his powers.[35]
December 19 (Tuesday). Goliath and Broadway help Elisa Maza in a sting operation against Dominic Dracon.
December 20 (Wednesday). Talon and his mutates break from David Xanatos. They take up residence below ground. Talon reunites with his family.
December 22 (Friday). The Archmages Dughlass begin their attack on Avalon.
December 22-23 (Friday-Saturday). The Manhattan Clan continuously battles a robot Macbeth, while David Xanatos holds Hudson captive. Ultimately escaping from captivity, Hudson allows Xanatos to keep the magic potion he concocted, and Owen tests the Cauldron of Life for his boss, and his right hand is permanently turned to stone.
December 23 (Saturday). Pinky and the Brain arrive at the North Pole and get jobs in the mail room. The Brain transcribes the wishlists of the children, and inserts his world domination doll into the lists.
December 24-25 (Sunday-Monday). The Brain succeeds in getting the Blueprints for his doll into the hands of the elves at Santa's workshop, and escapes with Pinky via Santa Claus's sleigh. Once the children of the world have received their dolls, Brain has a change of heart after reading Pinky's Christmas letter, and uses the mind-control dolls to make everyone have a Merry Christmas.
December 26 (Tuesday). After an encounter with Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, Xian Coy Manh (16) is forced to kill her brother Tran. She starts working with Charles Xavier to help pay for the care of her younger brother and sister.

  • December 27-31 (Wednesday-Sunday). The Guardian Tom travels from Avalon to Manhattan, and brings Goliath, Elisa Maza, and Bronx back with him. They meet Angela, Gabriel, and the rest of the clan there, and they face the Archmage, the Weird Sisters, and the mind-controlled Macbeth and Demona. King Arthur Pendragon awakens from his sleep. The Archmage dies, as does the Magus. Goliath takes the Phoenix Gate and Eye of Odin with him, as he, Elisa, Bronx, and Angela leave Avalon.53


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