Timeline: 1994




  • January 1. The villain Black Manta first attacks Aquaman.
  • January 4. The TARDIS arrives in Alaska, carrying the Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa. They find themselves pulled into an adventure where they help a young man conflicted about his Native roots and an obnoxious artist survive against ancient bone creatures.1
  • Madman Eobard Thawne, calling himself Professor Zoom the Reverse Flash, empowered by the Speed Force, arrives in this time from the year 2456, and begins attacking the Flash Barry Allen in an insane attempt to prevent his own death at Allen's hands.
  • January 18. Jamie Madrox, living all alone on a farm with his dead parents, travels to the Fantastic Four's headquarters seeking help. Jamie is sent to Professor X, who offers him a spot on his X-Men.2 Jamie declines, and decides to work with Moira MacTaggert on Muir Island instead.
  • January 20. "Time's Vigilante" Dorothée McShane (26) is attacked by Jason Conrad (2002) and the "Dr. Who" construct. They have a series of time jumps throughout the day, with McShane ultimately escaping.3
  • January 21. Wario Wario (41) seeks to regain his foothold in the Mushroom Kingdom by stealing from the Brown Sugar Pirates. After scouring Kitchen Island, he faces pirate leader Captain Brown Syrup (29).4
  • Donna Troy (13) enters "Man's World", and joins her older sister, now a superhero, Wonder Woman (243). Diana takes her as her sidekick, Wonder Girl.
  • January 26. On his 36th birthday, short, overweight, and ugly film critic Jay Sherman meets actress Valerie Fox, who flirts with him. They end up sleeping together.5
  • February 1. Mac Hudson (35) reorganizes the Flight into a tiered system. The lowest ranked Gamma Flight includes Wild Child (17), Smart Alec, and new recruits Diamond Lil (Lillian Crawley) and Madison Jeffries. Beta Flight includes new recruits Box (Roger Bochs) (), Puck (Eugene Judd) (79), Marrina Smallwood, and Flashback (Gardner Monroe). Alpha Flight, the field team, includes Mac himself using armor as Weapon Alpha, Snowbird, and new recruits mutant twins Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier) and Aurora (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier) (both 16), and sorcerer Shaman (Michael Twoyoungmen), with Wolverine (123) intended to be team leader.
  • February 2. The X-Men (Cyclops [19], Marvel Girl [18], Iceman [17], Angel [19], Havok [17], Lorna Dane [17]) travel to the island of Krakoa, seeking a mutant. They are captured when they arrive, as the "mutant" is the island itself.6
  • February 2. After he reviews her film, Kiss of Death, Valerie Fox leaves Jay Sherman.7
  • February 5. The Beast (Hank McCoy) and Moondragon (Heather Douglas) are first admitted to the Avengers on a probationary basis.8
  • February 5. Cathy Andrews (36) and Irving Hillman marry.9
  • February 6. Aqualad (13) meets the Atlantean noble Tula (), and they strike up a friendship and romance. She decides to join him occasionally on adventures, and adopts the heroic code-name Aquagirl.
  • February 6. Professor Charles Xavier recruits Moira MacTaggert's students (Kid Vulcan, Sway [17], Petra [], Darwin) for a rescue mission, and they travel to Krakoa as the X-Men, where they are all seemingly killed. In reality, only Sway and Petra are killed, as Kid Vulcan enters a state of recuperative suspension, and Darwin merges with him as part of his survival adaptation.10 Cyclops is sent out by the island in order to get even more mutants to feed on, and Professor X heads out to recruit a new team.11
  • February 7. Aquaman (31) and Aqualad encounter the deposed Atlantean queen of Xebel, Mera (29). They help her defeat a usurper to her throne.
  • February 8. In Winzeldorf, Germany, Kurt Wagner (18), who resembles a blue demon, is rescued from a mob by Charles Xavier. He agrees to join the X-Men as Nightcrawler.12
  • February 8. Charles Xavier visits Department H in Montreal, Canada, and is reunited with his amnesiac old associate Logan, the Wolverine. Wolverine quits Department H to join the X-Men.13
  • February 9. Charles Xavier finds Sean Cassidy (37), the Banshee, in full costume attending a show at the Grand Ol' Opry. Sean agrees to join the X-Men.14
  • February 10. Charles Xavier visits Kenya, where he finds Ororo Munroe (18), still under the belief that she is a goddess. He reveals her true nature to her, and she agrees to join his X-Men, remembering him from her childhood. She takes the code-name of Storm.15
  • February 11. Charles Xavier visits Osaka, Japan and recruits a reluctant Yoshida Shiro (), Sunfire, to his X-Men.16
  • February 11. Charles Xavier visits the Ust-Ordinsky Collective in Siberia, and witnesses Piotr Rasputin () save the life of his sister Illyana from a runaway tractor. Xavier recruits Piotr to his X-Men as Colossus.17
  • February 13. Charles Xavier visits the Camp Verde, Arizona Apache reservation and meets the angry John Proudstar (), who joins the X-Men as Thunderbird.18
  • February 15. The new X-Men and Cyclops travel to Krakoa, where they defeat the island and rescue the old X-Men. The island is forced into space.19
  • February 16. Upon the X-Men's return to the School, Sunfire angrily quits.20
  • February 17. Marvel Girl, Iceman, the Angel, Havok, and Lorna Dane quit the X-Men. Jean Grey decides to remain close to the team and move to New York City. Bobby Drake and Warren Worthington III travel to Los Angeles and begin attending college. Alex Summers and Lorna Dane become geologists in New Mexico.21
  • February 17. A group of dark creatures calling themselves "The Heart Snatchers" (led by the possessed Souichi Tomoe) first clash with the Sailor Senshi (Sailor Moon [], Sailor Mercury [16], Sailor Mars [], Sailor Jupiter [], and Sailor Venus []).
  • February 17. Jay Sherman goes to his son Marty's school at the United Nations building for a Career Day. Marty meets a Cuban girl, Carmen Garcia, and asks her out. Also in attendance at the Career Day is Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi (41). Film director Woody Allen (58) is also creepily nearby with his lover/ex-partner's adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn (23), looking for high school proms to attend.22
  • February 18-20 (Friday-Sunday). Alongside his father, Marty Sherman goes on a date with Carmen Garcia, which is largely unsuccessful. The next day he tries to see her again, but finds she has left back to Cuba. He sneaks aboard the plane back, but is discovered. He meets Carmen's grandfather, President-for-life Fidel Castro (67). He wins over Carmen's heart and they kiss. Jay Sherman arrives in Cuba, having taken a ship from Mexico.23
  • February 19 (Saturday). Toad (), the fairy Wanda, and the Birdo Katherine () come across a scheme of Wario Wario's in the woods. They stop him.24
  • February 21-25 (Monday-Friday). With Jay Sherman's show Coming Attractions testing poorly with audiences, Jay is forced by his boss Duke Phillips (55) to appear in a Geraldo Rivera (50)-hosted program about celebrities and their mothers. Jay's mother Eleanor embarrasses him, and he yells at her on camera. The public backlash is strong, and Jay soon regrets his cruelty to his mother. He eventually receives her forgiveness, as Eleanor appears on his show.25
  • February 22 (Tuesday). The Sailor Senshi meet Sailor Uranus () and Sailor Neptune () for the first time.
  • February 23 (Wednesday). Mercenary Rex Mason () is transformed by an ancient Egyptian artifact into Metamorpho.
  • February 23. Gamma scientist Walter Langkowski () tries to mutate himself, and instead merges with the Inua Great Beast Tanaraq. He joins Alpha Flight as Sasquatch, unaware of his connection to the extra-dimensional tyrant.
  • March 1 (Tuesday). Vengeance-minded Ana Ishikawa (23) begins her quest to avenge her father and brother against the Yakuza. She adopts the code-name Shi.26
  • Robin (), Kid Flash (), Speedy (), Aqualad, and Wonder Girl team up for the very first time, and form the hip teen team supreme, the Teen Titans.
  • March 6 (Sunday). The starship Captain America appears in this time, inadvertently transported here from 2987. The temporal energies somehow mutate an electric eel in New York Harbor, transforming it into a mindless humanoid motivated entirely by Badoon propaganda. The creature begins thrashing about in New York City, attracting the attention of several members of the Defenders (Dr. Strange [63], the Hulk (34), the Valkyrie [619], Nighthawk []), as well as the timelost Guardians of the Galaxy (Major Victory [32], Charlie-27 [30], Martinex T'Naga [], Yondu Udonta []), who defeat and restore it. It also attracts Major Victory's native counterpart, Vance Astrovik (13), whose memories are hazed by Dr. Strange. After helping repair Captain America, the Defenders and Guardians travel back to the future via Dr. Strange's magicks.27
  • March 28 (Monday). The Sailor Senshi encounter Sailor Pluto again, who is now allied with Uranus and Neptune.
  • March 30 (Wednesday). Seto Kaiba () organizes a hostile takeover of Kaiba Corp from his father Gozaburo. He cajoles the board of directors, and gets the controlling shares. He begins a refocus of the organization from weapons manufacturing to gaming technology.
  • March 31. In Townsville, California, Professor Craig Utonium (36), a chemist, inexplicably mixes a sugar, spice, and "everything nice" concoction. His chimpanzee "assistant", Jojo (13), breaks a vat of the radioactive Chemical X, that contaminates the concoction and causes an explosion. The combination results in the creation of three female child-like beings. He names them Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. The explosion also mutates Jojo into a green, hyper-intelligent super-ape, who adopts the name Mojo Jojo. The three "girls" use their super powers to defeat Mojo. They declare themselves the Powerpuff Girls.28
  • April 1. Bobby Drake and Warren Worthington, college students, are caught up in a battle between Hercules () and his fellow gods Hades and Aphrodite. Joined by the Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) () and the Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), the five heroes decide to stay together as the Champions of Los Angeles.29
  • April 1. Chiba Rini meets Tomoe Hotaru (). They are fast friends.
  • April 8. Will Magnus (40) first brings the Metal Men online, which include the androids Gold, Platinum, Tin, Iron, Lead, and Mercury.
  • April 9. Julie Winters accidentally hits a homeless man, Dave Olsen (34), with her car, killing him. At the same time she ruptures a dimensional wall, opening up access to the mystical "Outback" region, tying it to her own psyche. Traumatized by her previous attempt to help a homeless person (wherein she was raped), she instead covers Dave with nearby trash. A purple lampshade with white fringe falls upon his face. The energy from the rupture engulfs Dave's body, resurrecting him and transforming him into a purple-clad superhero of enhanced strength and agility. The lampshade transforms into a mask. His memories mostly obscured, he comes to think of himself as The Maxx.30
  • April 12. The new team of X-Men battles Count Luchino Nefaria and his Ani-Men when the villains take over NORAD headquarters in Colorado. While the X-Men are successful in defeating the Ani-Men, Nefaria escapes, and a suicidal Thunderbird pounces on Nefaria's escaping plane. His attacks cause it to crash, and he refuses to jump to safety, and is killed in the crash.31
  • April 15. Young James Proudstar steals his brother's body and burns it in a traditional Apache funeral rite. He swears vengeance upon Charles Xavier.
  • April 17. Tomoe Hotaru begins to awaken as Sailor Saturn, which portends the end of the world.
  • April 22. Former United States President Richard Nixon (81) dies.32
  • May 1. Kode is Remembered on Anathema. He is a diluted copy of Fitz Kreiner.
  • Amoral entrepreneur Lex Luthor teams with costumed villain Dr. Octopus to defeat their mutual enemies Superman and Spider-Man. They abduct Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson, and the two have a stupid fight before teaming up and rescuing their love interests.33
  • May 12. Shi'Ar Emperor D'Ken Neramani orders Davan Shakari to find his sister Lilandra on Earth. Shakari uses hypnotism to take control of the minds of former X-Men Havok and Lorna Dane (and gives her the code-name of Polaris).34
  • Thanagarian police officer Shayera Hol arrives on Earth, and adopts the superhero persona of Hawkwoman.
  • May 31. Amelia Williams dies.
  • June 6. Mallard Fillmore, a green Anthropomorphic duck with heavily conservative views, gets a job at the Washington D.C. television station WFDR. He is given the job through the station manager's foolish interpretation of affirmative action rules to include "amphibious Americans".35
  • June 9. Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90 have a final confrontation with the Sailor Senshi. Tomoe Souichi is killed, and Sailor Saturn shows her true nature, destroying the entity. Setsuna takes the orphaned Tomoe Hotaru into her home.
  • June 14. The vigilante Daredevil (29) enlists the aid of stage psychic Uri Geller (47) to defeat rival mentalist Mind-Wave and his awesome Think Tank.36
  • June 23. Zatanna Zatara makes her debut as a true sorceress and adventurer.
  • July 5. In the early morning hours, a meteor crashes in the wooded area north of Onett in Eagleland. The boy Ness Jones (13) goes with neighbor Pokey Minch (13) to find his brother near the site. They encounter Buzz Buzz, a bee-like creature from 2003 in a potential future timeline bubble. A Starman alien creature attacks, and Buzz Buzz defeats it, while also helping Ness begin developing PSI powers. When the Minch brothers get home, their mother swats Buzz Buzz, killing it. Buzz Buzz informs Ness of a quest he needs him to go on.37
  • July 5. Ness Jones goes to downtown Onett, and defeats a gang leader and his robot. He then encounters a giant evil bug, and gets one of the key tunes he needs.

July 14 (Thursday). Bowser Koopa conquers Jewelry Land on Shrem. Mario Mario and Yoshi liberate it.
Thomas Blake makes his first appearance as the villain Catman.

  • July 25-26. Klutzy teenager Rich Rider (15) is hit by the Xandarian Nova Force, projected from the dying Nova-Prime Rhomann Dey. For a few hours thrown into a coma, Rich learns of his empowering. He becomes a Nova Centurion himself, adopting the Nova identity for his heroic adventures. He fights the monstrous Zorr.38
  • July 29. Noah Kuttler (40) debuts as the supervillain Calculator, wearing a giant set of buttons on the front of his costume. He faces and is defeated by the Atom (30).

July 30 (Saturday). Hellfire Club White King Ned Buckman sends a Sentinel to attack Sebastian Shaw. It kills Shaw's lover Lourdes Chantel, and Shaw destroys it. Shaw and his allies kill Buckman and his allies, and take control of the Hellfire Club Inner Circle.
July 30-31 (Saturday-Sunday). Steven Lang's Sentinels abduct Jean Grey, Charles Xavier, and the X-Man Banshee to his space station. The rest of the X-Men follow in a space shuttle.
August 1 (Monday). After escaping Steven Lang's Sentinel space station, the Starcore Space Shuttle the X-Men escape on is bombarded with massive radiation. In order to ensure the survival of the X-Men, Jean Grey takes the piloting skills directly from astronaut Peter Corbeau’s brain, and pilots it herself. She is soon overcome with radiation sickness, and begins to die. Her mental pleas for help are answered by the cosmic entity the Phoenix, who places her in suspended animation at the bottom of the East River, where the shuttle crashes. The Phoenix, forming a psionic link with Jean, then takes her form, and flies into the air, declaring that she is, in fact, Phoenix!
August 1. Sebastian Shaw declares himself Black King of the Hellfire Club, and names Emma Frost, Harry Leland, and Donald Pierce to the positions of White Queen, Black Bishop, and White Bishop, respectively.
August. Jay Sherman works to find a cure to his boss Duke Phillips's (56) fatal disease. After nearly a month, Jay sneezes into a solution of his own making, inadvertently finding the treatment. Duke offers Jay whatever reward he would like at a huge ceremony (whose guests include all the surviving Presidents of the United States: Gerald Ford [81], Jimmy Carter [69], Ronald Reagan [83], George Bush [70], and current president Bill Clinton [46]). Jay decides to have a device that edits old movies destroyed, and Duke agrees.[23]

  • August 4-6 (Thursday-Saturday). Police Detective Lucky Piquel (41) is abducted while investigating a deadly arsonist. He is believed killed. Officer Miranda Wright (24) comforts Piquel's partner Bonkers Bobcat (31) at a makeshift memorial for Lucky. They encounter clues on cans leading them to Lucky's location, and Lucky is rescued and the firebomber is captured. In the aftermath, Piquel is offered a position with the FBI. Wright is promoted to Sergeant, and Bonkers becomes her new partner.39
  • August 9 (Tuesday). The god Ares's half-human son Alexander Aaron is born.

August 10 (Wednesday). Wario Wario warps to Planet Bomber. He faces Shirobon, the White Bomberman, in a bombing competition. Shirobon wins.
August 14 (Sunday). Iris West marries Barry Allen.
August 26 (Friday). The X-Men, vacationing at Cassidy Keep in Ireland, battle the Juggernaut and Banshee's cousin Black Tom.
August 27 (Saturday). Wario uses a mystical bucket on Mario, Princess Peach, and Yoshi, blinding them. The fairy Wanda helps them escape from Wario's obstacle course to Luigi Mario, who can remove the buckets.

  • September 6. The dog Earl meets the cat Mooch.40
  • Shortly after returning to school for her sophomore year at Liberty High School, Angela Chase finds herself in a bit of a crisis. She dies her hair dark red, begins avoiding her longtime friends Sharon Cherski and Brian Krakow, and sort of replaces them with "bad" girl Rayanne Graff and gay Afro-Latino Rickie Vasquez. Sharon and Brian are very hurt, and Rayanne's self-destructive behavior becomes dangerous when a college age guy nearly rapes her. Angela also finds herself enamored with a "bad" boy, the older teen Jordan Catalano, as well as having conflict with her mom Patty who is feeling disconnected from her daughter, and her dad Graham's identity crisis and possible affair.41
  • September 11. The Pack television show premieres, depicting the escapades of a group of canine-themed "heroes". The cast includes Janine Renard as Fox (who legally changes her name to Fox), Harry Monmouth as Dingo, Wesley Harkonn as Wolf, Jakob Springfield as Jackal, and Heidi Springfield as Hyena.
  • September 11-13. Dr. Luther Paradigm, running dangerous genetic experiments in Fission City, Oregon, is confronted by his colleague Dr. Robert Bolton. Paradigm, having created humanoid hybrid monsters from a swordfish and a lobster, uses his gene slammer on Bolton himself, who transforms into a monster and flees. Paradigm hatches a plan to abduct Bolton's four EXTREME sons: John (26), Bobby (23), Clint (20), and Coop (17). He lures them into an ambush, and runs similar experiments on them. The experiment initially seems a failure, so he has his monsters set the Boltons free. They subsequently turn into shark monsters themselves. They begin acting as heroes, and become targets for Paradigm and his military allies. The shark-men, dubbing themselves the Street Sharks after a suggestion by their friend Bends, are rescued by Bends and young scientist Lena Mack, and they confront Paradigm. Paradigm is accidentally infused with piranha DNA.42
  • September 22. Rachel Greene runs out on her groom at her wedding, running into her former friend Monica Geller at the Central Perk coffee shop. She meets Monica's friends Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, and Chandler Bing, and is reunited with Monica's brother Ross. Rachel moves into Monica's enormous Manhattan apartment.43
  • September 24. Rachel Green gets a very well-paying job as a waitress at the Central Perk.

October 4 (Tuesday). With Castle Wyvern completed atop the Eyrie Building in New York City, the spell keeping the Wyvern survivors in stone is broken at sundown. Goliath and his surviving clan meet David Xanatos. The castle is immediately subject to a staged attack.
October 5 (Wednesday). Detective Elisa Maza visits the Eyrie Building, and meets the Gargoyle Goliath, who saves her life. He introduces her to the rest of the clan.
October 5. Elisa Maza meets up with Goliath in the evening, and inadvertently names the older Gargoyle Hudson. She and Goliath take a small trip through the city, ending up in Central Park, where they are attacked.
October 5. The three younger Gargoyles explore New York City, and encounter Vinnie Grigori, who flees. They accidentally destroy his motorcycle.
October 6 (Thursday). At dawn, Goliath turns to stone, and Elisa faces the group of attackers, killing them all. She stays by Goliath's side until sunset.
October 6. The clan reunites, and the young Gargoyles adopt the names Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington, and name the garbeast Bronx. Demona is reunited with the clan, giving a false story. The clan splits into three groups in order to "retrieve" disks "stolen" from David Xanatos. Cyberbiotics' Fortress-1 airship crashes after a raid by Goliath and Demona, resulting in Vinnie Grigori losing his job as a security guard on the vessel. All three groups are successful.
October 7 (Friday). David Xanatos and Demona use the data to activate the Steel Clan robots, which battle Goliath and his clan until their destruction. Demona declares herself the enemy of humanity, and her relationship with Goliath is forever sundered. Demona escapes after Goliath and Elisa Maza save each other's life. David Xanatos is arrested for grand theft.
October 8 (Saturday). Lilandra Neramani finally meets Charles Xavier.
October 8. Magneto and his Brotherhood return to adulthood. The X-Men battle Magneto at Muir Island.
October 13 (Thursday). A severely depressed Detective Steve Crosetti (43) commits suicide by over-medicating himself and driving his car off a pier.

  • October 14. Ms. Valerie Frizzle (50), a Walkerville, Massachusetts elementary school teacher, takes her class on an illegal and highly dangerous field trip to the local waterworks, where she uses her bus's magical properties to excite the class.44

October 27 (Thursday). Cyberbiotics' Fortress-2 begins construction.
November 4 (Friday). The Gargoyle Lexington meets the members of The Pack after a live show.
November 5 (Saturday). Lexington brings Goliath to meet The Pack, who attempt to kill the Gargoyles. The Gargoyles defeat them, with Fox and Wolf going to prison. Lexington swears vengeance eternal against The Pack.

  • November 6. The Pack television series is cancelled due to the arrests of most of the cast. Harry "Dingo" Monmouth flees to Europe.
  • November 6. Dr. Abel Stack brings the 51st in his series to consciousness, and begins raising him as a son, giving him the name Aaron.
  • November 6. The Annual New York City Marathon takes place in New York City. Among the participants is Jay Sherman, overweight film critic.45

November 11 (Friday). A disillusioned Brooklyn has a run-in with Demona, who begins manipulating him.
November 12 (Saturday). Brooklyn and Demona trick Goliath into a meeting, where Demona uses a spell from the Grimorum Arcanorum to make Goliath her slave. The betrayed Brooklyn swears eternal vengeance against Demona.
November 13 (Sunday). After Demona's escape, Elisa Maza frees Goliath from the mind control spell through cleverness.
November 15 (Tuesday). When Goliath is slashed by a "rogue" Steel Clan robot, Owen Burnett surreptitiously takes a tissue sample, which is taken to Dr. Anton Sevarius to begin cloning procedures.
November 18 (Friday). In the midst of investigating Tony Dracon's theft of weapons from Xanatos Enterprises, Elisa Maza is accidentally shot by Broadway. Broadway declares eternal vengeance against guns.

  • The lizard Gex, preparing to watch TV, eats a robot fly, allowing the "Media Dimension" (the Flipside/Mojoverse realm) tyrant Rez to pull Gex through to that world. Gex embarks on an adventure.46

November 19 (Saturday). Goliath and Broadway take down Dracon's operation (albeit temporarily). Elisa Maza survives her shooting.
November 21 (Monday). On Kong Island on Mobius, King K. Rool has Donkey Kong's banana hoard stolen for some reason. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong immediately set out on a quest to recover the bananas.
November 21-26. Donkey Kong and Diddy King, with minor assistance from Cranky Kong, Funky Kong, and Candy Kong, defeats the Kremling Krew army, finally facing King K. Rool aboard a ship. They defeat Rool and recover the hoard.

December 17 (Saturday). Novice SHIELD agent Wendell Vaughn (24), while guarding scientists studying Marvel Boy's Quantum Bands, is forced to don them during an attack by AIM androids. Wendell proves adept at using them, and SHIELD Director Nick Fury offers Wendell a position with SHIELD's Super Agents Program. He agrees, and becomes the new Marvel Boy.

  • December 24. After the Phoenix battles Firelord, the X-Men travel to the M'Kraan Crystal's location, and begin battling the powerful Shi'Ar Imperial Guard, which include Gladiator, Astra, Fang, Hobgoblin, Impulse, Magique, Mentor, Oracle, Scintilla, Smasher, Starbolt, Tempest, and Titan. The Starjammers assist the X-Men in their battle. Emperor D'Ken enters the Crystal, going into a vegetative state, and Phoenix uses her vast power to repair a growing malignancy in it. With the downfall of Emperor D'Ken, the Imperial Guard stands down, and the X-Men return to Earth.48
  • December 25. Washington D.C. youth Dexter Douglas (16) receives a Pinnacle chip for Christmas. He installs it in his computer, and connects to the internet. The family cat steps on a sequence of keys that activates a mystical flaw in the chip upon pressing the DELETE key. Dexter does so, and is bodily transported to the cyberspace realm, where he is dissolved and rebuilt. He transforms into the chip's developer Roddy MacScrew's idea of a mad superhero, Freakazoid!. He returns to normal space, harassing Dexter's brother Duncan and then transforming back into Dexter. Roddy MacScrew arrives and is soon followed by armed goons of Apex Microchip company head Armando Gutierrez, who abduct Dexter and his family alongside MacScrew. Taken back to Gutierrez, he gets the secret of the Pinnacle chip's flaw, but Dexter transforms into Freakazoid! again, defeating Gutierrez. MacScrew gets trapped on the internet. In the aftermath, Freakazoid! meets police Sergeant Mike Cosgrove.49

December 26 (Monday). Lilandra Neramani is chosen to succeed D'Ken as Empress of the Shi’Ar Imperium. She takes Charles Xavier as her long-distance consort. Havok and Polaris are freed from their mind control.
December 28 (Wednesday). Macbeth visits David Xanatos in prison, and agrees to help him get rid of the Gargoyles.
December 31 (Saturday). Dr. Anton Sevarius brings Goliath's clone fetus "Thailog" to life.


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