Timeline: 1993




  • January 1. The Republic of Czechoslovakia dissolves into the Czech Republic and the Republic of Slovakia.1 The Tans Czechia and Slovakia divorce.
  • January 2. Sailor Pluto approaches Kaioh Michiru, revealing to Michiru her hidden identity of Sailor Neptune. With this knowledge, Michiru is sent to approach the unawoken Sailor Uranus, Tenoh Haruka. The two young women find themselves instantly attracted to each other, and begin a romantic relationship.
  • January 14. Small-time crook Johnny Horton is abducted by agents of the Secret Empire. They expose him to a mutagenic serum that allows him to survive and not reject the grafting of animal parts to his body. He awakens as the monstrous Griffin.2
  • January 15. With the help of Professor Emil Hamilton (47), Superman (30) activates the Phantom Zone projector, releasing Kryptonian criminal Jax-Ur (86). Jax-Ur attempts to conquer the Earth, forcing Superman to return the man to the extra-dimensional prison.3
  • January 16. Hank McCoy (19) leaves the X-Men to take a position at Brand Industries.4
  • January 17. Rita Farr (33) marries Steve Dayton (40). The same day, they adopt Gar Logan (11).5
  • January 17. After helping the Ghostwriter Team (Jamal Jenkins [13], Lenni Frazier [12], Alex Fernandez [12], Gaby Fernandez [10], Tina Nguyen [11]) win a comic book-based scavenger hunt contest, Rob Baker (12) formally joins the team.6
  • January 19. Suzanne Chan's (15) parents are killed in crossfire shooting during a gang war, with Suzanne only surviving herself by use of her nascent mutant powers.
  • January 20. Bill Clinton (46) is sworn in as forty-second President of the United States.7
  • January 24. Hank McCoy, at Brand Industries, discovers machinations by agents of the Secret Empire. Hoping to investigate while hiding his identity, he takes a serum of mutant power catalyst extract. It transforms him into a fur-covered creature. He fails to take an antidote within an hour, and his new mutation becomes fixed.8
  • January 25-26. The Beast, confused and running amok, has a run-in with Iron Man (33). Beast is convinced by an illusion created by the evil Mastermind (47) that he has killed Iron Man, and he flees, his identity suppressed. Mastermind and his allies the Blob (33) and Unus (41) recruit Beast as a fellow criminal, until Hank remembers his true identity, and manages to defeat the Brotherhood.9
  • January 28-29. The Beast is attacked by the computer creature Quasimodo, who ends up temporarily committing suicide. Further mutating, Beast makes it to the apartment of Patsy Baxter (26), who learns his secret identity of Hank McCoy. She agrees to help him in avoiding scrutiny from her husband, Captain Buzz Baxter (26). Hank's former X-Men teammate the Angel (19) comes looking for him, and the two of them fight and defeat the Secret Empire's mutate monster the Griffin (Johnny Horton).10
  • January 31. The body of child Adena Watson is found in an alley in Baltimore, Maryland. Detective Tim Bayliss (33), recently transferred to the Homicide bureau, is made primary on the case, working with his new partner Frank Pembleton.11
  • February 1-2. Dick Grayson's (12) parents, John and Mary, are killed by agents of mobster Tony Zucco. Dick is taken as a ward of billionaire Bruce Wayne (30), who is in attendance. He begins training to become the Batman's partner.12
  • February 2. Sonic the Hedgehog (13) and his friend Tails (8) come to Angel Island to once again face Ivo Robotnik (44). They find themselves battling Knuckles the Echidna (15), who has been tricked into siding with Robotnik.13
  • February 13-16. David Xanatos (37) meets the gargoyle Demona. She tells him the tale of the Wyvern Clan of Gargoyles. He flies to Scotland, and purchases Castle Wyvern, and begins having it moved to atop his Eyrie Building in New York City.
  • February 19-20. When Rob Baker's homeless poet friend Tommy "Double T" Truborn (whose name is actually Tom Norburt) mysteriously disappears, he enlists his team to find the man. However, he soon discards their help and investigates with Double T's daughter Lisa, and ends up trapped in an abandoned subway tunnel. The Team and Ghostwriter find Double T, and with the help of Reggie Jenkins (Jamal's dad), Rob and Lisa are rescued.14
  • February 24. Small-time criminal Drury Walker (28) adopts the identity of the Killer Moth. He is humiliatingly defeated by the Batman (31).
  • February 28. After learning his adoptive father Craig "Crash" Simpson is dying of cancer, Johnny Blaze summons a demon claiming to be Satan (actually Mephisto). The demon agrees to save Crash from cancer in exchange for Johnny's soul.15
  • March 5 (Friday). Estelle Winslow (81) marries Fletcher Thomas in a wedding attended by her family. In the immediate aftermath, her granddaughter Judy Winslow (13) is temporally disestablished due to Steve Urkel's (16) meddling with the time/space cracks revolving around distant child Amelia Pond (3). Judy's existence is forgotten by all who knew her, including her parents.16

March 7 (Sunday). The Robin (Dick Grayson) debuts as the Batman's partner.
March 11 (Thursday). Dr. Moira MacTaggert (37) takes custody of runaway mutant girl Petra Nord.

  • March 18. Crash Simpson attempts a dangerous stunt, and is killed. The demon Mephisto appears to collect Johnny Blaze's soul, revealing that his agreement only saved Crash from cancer, not from death in general. Crash's daughter, Roxanne Simpson, suddenly arrives, and saves Johnny by imposing her soul power on the demon. The chastened demon, aware of Johnny's mother's family's connection to the Ghost Rider spirit, bonds his servant, the demon Zarathos, in a similar manner, to Johnny. Later, Johnny turns into a fire skull demon rider, the Ghost Rider.17

March 20 (Saturday). Dr. Moira MacTaggert takes in troubled mutant teen Armando Muñoz (16), who takes the code-name Darwin upon entering power training.
March 30 (Tuesday). Criminal Mark Mardon (36) finds his scientist brother's technology, and fashions a "Weather Wand" for himself. He adopts the identity of the Weather Wizard, and has his first run-in with the heroic Flash.

  • April 1. Wally West (13), having befriended the Flash, is struck by an "accident" identical to the one that gave Barry his powers. Wally is given the same superspeed powers, and becomes Kid Flash.18
  • April 7. Ralph Dibny (31) drinks a concoction that gives him stretching powers. He becomes the Elongated Man.19
  • April 8-9. The Falcon comes across what appears to be Captain America beating up an innocent person in a racially-charged attack. Falcon fights him, discovering the impostor appears to be Steve Rogers beneath the mask. Bucky (15) attacks Sam, and the two manage to overpower him. They take him to be tortured for information on the whereabouts of the real Captain America (who they think is an impostor), but he is rescued by the Harlem locals. The insane racists escape. The Falcon heads to the Avengers headquarters, where the Captain America impostor has infiltrated and learned of the real Cap's location. The Falcon heads to the Bahamas to warn Cap. In the Bahamas, the impostor Cap and Bucky ambush Steve (30) and Sharon Carter, and defeat the Falcon as well. While flying back to Miami, the impostors reveal their true identities as the 1950s Captain America and Bucky, and how the Super Soldier serum they used has driven them insane. The real Cap, Falcon, and Sharon escape, and battle and defeat the impostors on Miami Beach.20
  • April 10. The Flash first faces off against James Jesse (32), the Trickster.21
  • April 12. Chuck Brown (47) debuts as the kite-themed villain Kite-Man. He is defeated by Batman and Robin (13).
  • May 6. While slowly traveling to Canada with librarian Vera Cantor, the Beast (Hank McCoy) (20) has a battle with the Juggernaut, who ends up hyper-aging and transporting to a pocket realm he had just escaped from.22
  • May 8. A suburban family hires motivational speaker Matt Foley to try and convince the family's two children to avoid marijuana use. Matt terrifies the family, leading them to lock him out when he demands they allow him to move in.23

May 11 (Tuesday). Aquaman (30) discovers the orphan Garth (13) in the ocean, and recruits him as his partner, Aqualad.

  • May 14. Dr. Strange, the Hulk, and Namor, along with mentally ill woman Barbara Norris, briefly transport to an extra-dimensional pocket realm, where they meet with the Black Knight and Amora the Enchantress. Captured by the ruler's forces, and unable to escape, Amora channels the essence of Brynhildr (618), her longtime captive, into Norris's body, transforming it into a replica of Brynhildr's own; Barbara's essence transfers to Brynhildr's body. Amnesiac, Brynhildr, as the Valkyrie, helps them escape and defeat the sorceress ruler. Amora departs with her former lover Skurge, and turns Dane Whitman to stone as a gift for his love and loyalty. The "Defenders" and Valkyrie return to Earth with the stone Black Knight. Valkyrie announces her membership in the non-team and claims Aragorn the winged steed as her own.24
  • May 19-20. Diane Chambers returns to the Cheers bar in Boston. She briefly rekindles her relationship with Sam Malone. Additionally, Rebecca Howe gets married, Norm Peterson gets a job, Woody Boyd is sworn in as a City Councilman, and Cliff Clavin gets a promotion.25

May 24 (Thursday). The Beast and Vera Cantor make it to Cal Rankin's (21) cabin in Canada. Cal reveals he is dying and a danger to the world. At the same time, he is leeching off of the rampaging Hulk, who attacks them. Cal decides to absorb the gamma radiation to kill himself, but, unbeknownst to Hank and Vera, he actually only goes into a coma. He is buried alive. The Hulk departs.[20]

  • June 11-12. Businessman John Hammond brings paleontologists Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler, as well as chaos theorist Dr. Ian Malcolm to his amusement park Jurassic Park on the Costa Rican island Isla Nublar, so they can evaluate it and possibly endorse it. The park is filled with genetically-engineered dinosaur clones for viewing. The scientists are joined by Hammond's grandchildren Lex and Tim Murphy and lawyer Donald Gennaro. Computer specialist Dennis Gentry sets up a crisis to aid in his theft of dinosaur embryos for a rival organization to Hammond's InGen at the same time a storm has disabled the rail-based vehicles housing the tourists through the dinosaur paddocks. Most of the staff escape before the storm starts. Gentry shuts down many of the fences between paddocks to enable his escape with the stolen goods. His attempt to do so results in his crashing his car, and being attacked and killed by a frilled, poison-spewing dinosaur. A tyrannosaur attacks the tourist vehicles, and Alan manages to save Lex and Tim by falling over a wall. Ian Malcolm is injured trying to lure the tyrannosaur away, but is rescued by Ellie and the park's chief of security Robert Muldoon. Gennaro, who abandons the children, is eaten by the tyrannosaur. In order to facilitate the restoration of security, chief engineer Dr. John Arnold reboots the system, and heads out to the power generators to restart the power, and is killed by a velociraptor. Ellie and Muldoon follow after him, and Ellie is able to restore power while Muldoon is also killed by a velociraptor. Alan, Lex, and Tim make it back to the main compound after more harrowing adventures, running into Ellie. The four of them are chased by the velociraptors, and are cornered when the tyrannosaur appears and attacks them. They join John and Ian on an evacuation helicopter, and John sadly accepts Jurassic Park has failed.26

June 21 (Monday). The Green Goblin Norman Osborn (39) abducts Gwen Stacy (18). Spider-Man (17) pursues him. The Goblin throws Gwen from a bridge, and she dies as Spider-Man tries to rescue her. Spider-Man hunts the Goblin, who ends up impaled on his own glider. He apparently dies.[21]
June 22 (Tuesday). Nancy Nolan gives her disfigured mutant sons Andrew (7) and Douglas (7) to mysterious scientists.
June 23 (Wednesday). In Astoria, Oregon, Jesse Richter (12) and one of his friends breaks into Northwest Adventure Park, and they graffiti all over. Jesse briefly sees the orca Willy (12) before being caught by the police.[22]
June 24 (Thursday). Jesse Richter is remanded to the home of new foster parents, Annie and Glen Greenwood. He is also assigned to do community service at the Northwest Adventure Park.

  • June 25. On the planet Kvch, the Magus spawns an heir, the Warlock, in hopes of a battle worthy of his own destruction.

July-August. Jesse Richter befriends the orca Willy, and the creature begins to open up and bond with the boy.

July 11 (Sunday). The Time Trapped Pol Krinn meets the early Justice League and J'Onn J'Onzz in particular.
July 13 (Tuesday). Dr. Moira MacTaggert takes in mutant girl Suzanne Chan, who adopts the code-name Sway.
July 22 (Thursday). Green Arrow is admitted to the Justice League, and he recruits Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as reserve members. Oliver Queen becomes chief financier of the League.
July 22. A litter of puppies is born to a semi-Anthro dog. One of the pups will be adopted by Doug Funnie (8) and named Porkchop.
July 23 (Friday). William and Peg Lonestar go on a camping trip, and are attacked by a Demon Bear (manifesting through their daughter Dani Moonstar's psionic powers) and it absorbs them into its essence.
July 30 (Friday). Arthur Light (35), after the death of his colleague, adopts the identity of Dr. Light, and makes a splash in the supervillain community by capturing the Justice League and attempting to kill them. The League eventually gets the upper hand, and defeats him.[23]
July 31 (Saturday). The Flash first encounters George "Digger" Harkness (32), a boomerang specialist, who becomes the supervillain Captain Boomerang.
August 6 (Friday). Frasier Crane (38) finalizes his divorce, with custody of his son Frederick going to his now ex-wife Lilith Sternin (34). Frasier then moves back to his hometown of Seattle, Washington.[24]
August 6 (Sunday). A frustrated Ivo Robotnik quickly creates the Badnik Scratch, which has no animal occupant, as a "supergenius" robot to face off against Sonic the Hedgehog. It resembles a chicken. As a shortcut, Robotnik attempts to "clone" Scratch, but Scratch pulls an extra lever on Robotnik's machine, and the design is screwed up, creating a Grounder Badnik, which is named Grounder. The pair face Sonic the Hedgehog, but are repeatedly defeated in short order, as they are in fact very stupid.[25]
August 8 (Sunday). Dr. Moira MacTaggert (38) takes in the mutant boy Gabriel. Getting training in his powers, he learns he is the brother of the X-Men's Cyclops and Havok, and takes the surname Summers, along with the code-name of Kid Vulcan.
August 23 (Monday). The alien sorceress Rita Repulsa escapes from a space dumpster, and sets up headquarters on Earth's moon. The alien head Zordon transports five "teenagers with attitude" (Kimberly Hart [16], Zack Taylor [17], Trini Kwan [17], Jason Lee Scott [16], and Billy Cranston [17]) to his command center, where they meet the robot Alpha-5, and Zordon gives them coins that enable them to transform into the Power Rangers. Rita Repulsa decides to attack the teens' hometown of Angel Grove, California, and they use their new Ranger forms and giant robots to defeat her monsters.
August 28-29 (Saturday-Sunday). After Willy fails to perform at a show, executives at Northwest Adventure Park attempt to kill the orca. Jesse Richter, with help from trainers Rae Lindley and Randolph Johnson, steal the whale from the park and attempt to dump him into the sea. Jesse's foster parents also come to the whale's aid. Getting the whale into the waters at a marina, Jesse gets him to leap over a large outcropping to escape into ocean waters.[26]

  • September 2. The Atom joins the Justice League.
  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa, and Tegan Jovanka (1983) are caught up in the attempted conquest of Earth by a horde of vampires, aided by his old Time Lady friend Ruath. The Doctor gets some assistance from Romana on Gallifrey. Nyssa is for a time vampirized, but the vampires are eventually defeated.
  • September 4 (Saturday). Bonkers Bobcat (30), Toon star of He's Bonkers, his costars Fawn Deer, Jitters Dog, and Grumbles Grizzly, stunt double Fallapart Rabbit, and his associates the Mad Hatter () and the March Hare (), are all fired. While walking through the streets of Hollywood, a crazy human posing as a Toon, "the Collector", abducts all but Bonkers. Bonkers goes into a park, and comes across Donald Duck () being held up by a criminal. Morbidly obese beat cop Lucky Piquel (40) also comes upon the scene, and Piquel and Bonkers "apprehend" the criminal.28
  • September 5 (Sunday). Bonkers Bobcat joins the Hollywood Police Department as a publicity stunt. Lucky Piquel is promoted to Detective and assigned to the new "Toon Division" and partnership with Bonkers. Bonkers gets on Piquel's nerves. Later, the Collector takes Bonkers, and Piquel comes to his rescue. The Collector falls into some kind of Toon void. Bonkers's friends are rescued.29

September 6 (Monday). Dr. Frasier Crane begins a call-in psychiatry show at radio station KACL. Roz Doyle (29) serves as his producer.
September 13 (Monday). The Warner Brothers mammalian Anthros Yakko, Wakko, and Dot escape from their intermittent imprisonment in a water tower at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. Their chaotic behavior results in studio head Thaddeus Plotz ordering them to seek psychiatric help from famed psychiatrist Dr. Otto Scratchansniff (82), who tears out his hair in frustration at their obnoxiousness.
September 16 (Thursday). Frasier Crane's father, Martin Crane (61), moves into Frasier's home, along with his dog, Eddie.
September 17 (Friday). Ace McShane (1987) attends the funeral of her friend Julian Milton.

  • September 21. (Tuesday). The Anthropomorphic vegetable Junior Asparagus (5) goes to bed after watching a scary movie. Creepy adult vegetables Bob the Tomato (27) and Larry the Cucumber (27) teleport into his bedroom. They sing a song to him to help assuage his fears, basing their ideas on the Christian faith.30

September 22 (Wednesday). The psychotic vigilante the Punisher (Frank Castle) (44) targets Spider-Man (18) as a criminal to be murdered. Spider-Man manages to get Castle to stop trying to kill him.

  • September 22-24 (Wednesday-Friday). In class, Cory Matthews (11) and his classmates are taught the story of Shakespeare's fictionalized play of the deaths of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. Cory learns that romantic love is an annoying constant, with his older brother Eric () ditching him to go to the Phillies game with a date, and his teacher George Feeny apparently being stood up on a date. He has detention during this time for mouthing off to Mr. Feeny. He also places more value in his relationships with Eric, his dad, and little sister Morgan.31

September 23 (Thursday). Daphne Moon is hired as Martin Crane's live-in physical therapist.
September 30 (Thursday). Sonic the Hedgehog (14) has an encounter with Dr. Ivo Robotnik (45) and Metal Sonic, and uses time stops to save the girl hedgehog Amy Rose ("the Rascal") (8).

  • Chicago Bulls star basketball player Michael Jordan announces his retirement from basketball.32
  • October 13-15 (Wednesday-Friday). After making a mediocre presentation in class while being paired with his best friend Shawn Hunter (), Cory Matthews is reassigned to work with the "weird girl" Topanga Lawrence (). At the same time, he hears some girls apparently mock his curly hair, and so gets help from Shawn in straightening it, causing him to look ridiculous. Now an outcast, he starts hanging out with Topanga and the "weird" kids. He devises a plan to help a petition keep the school librarian on. Topanga is pleased with his growth, and she shoves him against a locker and kisses him, their shared first kiss.33

October 21 (Thursday). The Justice Society's Hawkman and Hawkgirl join the Justice League, and act as liaisons between the two teams.
October 23 (Saturday). Richie Ryan is killed in an attempted robbery. He soon revives as an immortal.
October 31 (Sunday). Gypsy (5) helps Joel Robinson (33) escape from the Satellite of Love. Dr. Clayton Forrester (44) and TV's Frank (37) knock out temp Mike Nelson (29), and have him sent to the vessel to continue in Joel's place.
November 1 (Monday). A depressed Jack Skellington (500), ruler of the pocket realm Halloween Town, accidentally finds his way to Christmas Town at Earth's North Pole. He becomes enamored with what he sees.[27]
November 3 (Wednesday). Fran Fine (29) is hired by Broadway producer Max Sheffield as the nanny to his three children, despite her being simply a cosmetics salesperson.[28]
November 5 (Friday). Katie Kaboom (16) brings her boyfriend C.B. home to meet her family. C.B. is actually Chicken Boo (10), a giant chicken poorly disguised as a human. Katie's parents try to inform her, and she mutates into a monster, and goes on a rampage. The destruction results in C.B.'s facade falling apart, and Katie transforms again, attacking Boo directly. Boo departs.
November 7 (Sunday). After Mike Nelson's first movie watching experiment, the immortal severed head of Jan Compton (71) calls Mike and the robots on the Satellite of Love.[29]
Steve Urkel (17) uses a chemical to transform himself into "Stefan Urquelle", a suave version of himself. Stefan woos Steve's eternal crush Laura Winslow (17), but eventually offends her with his shallowness, resulting in his return to the Steve persona.[30]
November 15 (Monday). Scott Free (295) marries Barda (252).
November 21 (Sunday). The Defenders (Hulk [34], Dr. Strange, Valkyrie [619], and Nighthawk) and Charles Xavier (43) track Magneto (65) and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Blob, Unus, Mastermind [48], and Lorelei) to an abandoned Deviant base in New Mexico. There they engage the villains, until Magneto unleashes from its maturation chamber Alpha the Ultimate Mutant. Alpha teleports the Brotherhood to the United Nations building in New York, where Magneto tries to hold the world ransom. Xavier and the Defenders arrive in New York, and he and Strange convince Alpha of the immorality of Magneto's crusade. Alpha reverts the entire Brotherhood to infants and departs Earth.[31]
November 22 (Monday). Charles Xavier delivers the mutant infants that were the Brotherhood to Moira MacTaggert's genetic research station on Muir Island for care and examination.

  • November 26. The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane (1987), and K-9 (Mark II) arrive in London's East End in Walford. The Rani (second incarnation) manipulates energies of the Omniversal Compression Event (the Pickle) to force the Doctor into a temporal loop. She captures the Doctor's first and second incarnations as disembodied head things. The Doctor cycles randomly through his third, fifth, sixth, and seventh incarnations, with his fourth having protected himself from the effect. The seventh Doctor and Ace manage to defeat the Rani with science, with the limited assistance from the residents of the East End, including Big Ron.34

November 27 (Saturday). The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane, and K-9 (Mark II) are brought back to Walford in London, and are caught up in a battle between the Hindu gods Vishnu and Kali.
December 1 (Wednesday). Emma Frost begins working at the Hellfire Club.
Businessman Ralph Offenhouse and housewife Claire Raymond, among others, are frozen shortly after their deaths, and launched into space.
December 24 (Friday). Three horrible child demons abduct Santa Claus on behalf of Jack Skellington, who wants to deliver presents and give Santa a day off. His efforts turn out disastrously, as the gifts he delivers to middle class children are actually terrifying. The United States military shoots down his sleigh. Hoping to make amends, he, along with his close friend Sally, rescues Santa from a Boogeyman, the collective lifeform Oogie Boogie, who the demon children sent Santa to despite Jack's instructions. Santa returns to the skies and exchanges all the horrible gifts for nice ones. In the aftermath, Santa brings snowfall to Halloween Town. Jack also realizes Sally's feelings for him, and reciprocates.[32]
December 21 (Tuesday). Gotham City Mayor Hamilton Hill recruits police detective Harvey Bullock (41) as his eyes within Commissioner James Gordon's (51) inner circle.

  • December 27 (Monday). Canada's Department H founds The Flight, its nascent superhero team. Among its members are the Wolverine (Logan), Snowbird (Narya), Smart Alec (Alexander Thorne), and Wild Child (Kyle Gibney).


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