Timeline: 1992




  • January 4. A freak accident temporarily swaps the minds of Darkwing Duck and Gosalyn Mallard, and likewise Launchpad McQuack and Honker Muddlefoot. Despite this, they manage to stop a FOWL plot to halt the Earth's rotation.1
  • January. The Pickles, DeVille, and Finster families travel to EuroReptarland in Paris, France. The children Tommy Pickles (1), Lil DeVille (1), Phil DeVille (1), Angelica Pickles (3), and Chuckie Finster (2) work to prevent Chuckie's father Chas from marrying an evil executive, Coco LaBouche. The adventure results in Chas finding love with LaBouche's assistant Kira Watanabe, and eventually marrying her. Chuckie gets the mother he always wanted, as well as a new sister in Kira's daughter Kimi (2).2
  • January 21-26. The X-Men (Angel, Beast [18], Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl) meet Scott’s brother Alex (15), and are there to help him when he is abducted by Ahmet Abdol (34), who becomes the colossal Living Monolith.3
  • January 27. An encounter with Megavolt (30) results in Darkwing Duck being temporarily blinded. He still manages to stop Megavolt despite his disability.4
  • January 31. Magneto (63), in the Savage Land, transforms a number of Swamp Men into his first batch of mutates: Barbarus (22), Amphibius (29), Brainchild (31), Lupo, Gaza, Equilibrius, and Piper.
  • February 5. Anthro duck scientist Dr. Reginald Bushroot (39) experiments on himself with his plant formula, and transforms into a plant/duck hybrid. Driven partially insane, he kills some of his former colleagues, bringing him into conflict with Darkwing Duck.5
  • February 6. Shi'Ar advance agent Davan Shakari ("Eric the Red") (30) is stationed on Earth. Joining his staff at his secret base are the woman Dai'andral and the human boy Gabriel (5).
  • February-March. Bill Gambini and his friend Stan Rothenstein, while driving through Alabama, are arrested for the murder of a convenience store clerk. Innocent, they are soon railroaded and face the death penalty. Bill gets his cousin, Vinny Gambini, recent law school graduate, to serve as defense counsel. Vinny, alongside girlfriend Mona Lisa Vito, come down. Vinny gets in trouble repeatedly with the judge, but ultimately, his natural legal talent (and Mona Lisa's automotive knowledge) lead to Bill and Stan's exoneration.6
  • February 12 (Wednesday). Due to the effects of time dilation on his relativistic escape back home, Aric of Dacia (24), the wielder of the X-O Manowar armor, arrives on Earth 1600 years after he left it. He is soon attacked by Vine agents ("plantings") trying to recapture the armor.7
  • A malevolent penguin moves into Wallace Park's spare bedroom as a tenant. It hijacks Wallace's robot pants, and Wallace's friend Gromit works to stop it.8
  • February 20. Launchpad McQuack for a time accidentally develops psionic powers, and alongside Darkwing Duck and Gosalyn Mallard, faces off against FOWL agent Major Synapse and his minions Hotshot and Flygirl.9
  • February 20. A conspiracy by agents of the Alliance Against the Earth begins its activities in the rain forests near Mt. Warning in New South Wales, Australia. They begin a campaign of leveling the trees of the forest. A young man, Zak Young (16), takes a job at the site marking trees for demolition.10
  • February 21. In FernGully (near Mt. Warning), the young fairy Crysta, seeing smoke after briefly flying above the canopy, decides to seek an explanation. At the same time, she and her community meet a bat, Batty Koda, whose intelligence has been magnified by experiments on him by human scientists, including an electrode sticking out of his head. Batty and Crysta are fast friends. They encounter the human youth Zak Young, and Crysta accidentally shrinks him to fairy size to save him. Zak inadvertently enables the freeing of the destruction-fueled Hexxus being. Zak, while falling in love with Crysta, soon learns how human actions have endangered the forest. Crysta's mentor, Magi Lune, dissolves herself to empower Crysta. Zak, Crysta, Batty, and the other fairies work together, disabling the machines that threaten FernGully, and encase Hexxus once again.11
  • February 22-24. Sentinels sent by Larry Trask (31) abduct Lorna Dane and Alex Summers (who is given the code-name of Havok), the X-Men Angel and Iceman, and fellow mutants Banshee, Blob, Unus, Mastermind, Vanisher, and Mesmero. They also attempt to capture Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Toad. The rest of the X-Men rescue them, Larry Trask learns he is a precognitive mutant, and Cyclops convinces the Sentinels to fly into the Sun.12
  • Hilary Banks has a minor accident, and meets EMT Tony Russo. She invites him to be a prize in a date auction, and ends up going out with him herself. They have a bland time driving around in his ambulance.13
  • February 25-March 2. Millionaire Oliver Queen (27) is shipwrecked on a deserted isle and survives by teaching himself archery. During his solitude, he repents his selfish ways, and, upon his return to Star City, becomes the archer vigilante, the Green Arrow.
  • February 28. Agents Noah Bennet and "Claude Rains" of The Company abduct baby Claire Gordon from her home in Kermit, Texas. Her mother, pyrokinetic mutant Meredith Gordon, tries to stop them, but she ends up burning down the apartment, and believes Claire is killed.

February 29 (Saturday). While stopping the plans of Jeremiah Moliarty (40), Darkwing Duck is bitten by a giant radioactive spider, and for a time grows four extra arms, adopting the identity of Arachnoduck.
March 5 (Thursday). Honker Muddlefoot witnesses the crimes of the reality-warping artist criminal Splatter Phoenix, and is accused of lying. He ultimately helps Darkwing Duck defeat her.
March 6 (Friday). Usagi Tsukino is approached by talking cat Luna, who initiates her awakening as the Sailor Soldier Sailor Moon. At this point, Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom begins her slower, but more intense activities, by sending the first of her four generals, Jadeite, out into the field, for fear of Sailor V. Sailor Moon shows up and destroys Beryl’s creature. Also that night, Chiba Mamoru experiences the first in a series of blackouts, as he is subconsciously turning into the tuxedo-wearing superhero, Tuxedo Mask.
March 7 (Saturday). FBI agent Dana Scully (28) is assigned as partner to Fox Mulder (30), who works on a series of bizarre cases called the X-Files, in an attempt by conspirators to rein his investigations in.
March 7. Sailor Moon encounters Jadeite in the flesh, who inexplicably flees the battle.
March 8-22. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully travel to Oregon to investigate a series of mysterious deaths. They are confounded by conspirators, and find evidence (mostly destroyed) of alien interference and telepathic control, including comatose youth Billy Miles.
The Green Arrow takes a ward, orphan Roy Harper. This boy quickly picks up on archery, and becomes Arrow's sidekick, Speedy.
March 13 (Friday). Drake and Gosalyn Mallard, video game enthusiasts, attend a Whiffle Boy tournament, which is attacked by insane toymaker Miles Quackerjack (45). Darkwing Duck ends up defeating Quackerjack in a confrontation in virtual reality.

  • March 15. Krang completes a robot resembling a humanoid turtle to use as a weapon against the Ninja Turtles, naming it Metalhead. Donatello manages to reprogram it as an ally of theirs. The robot helps defeat The Shredder (43), Bebop (32), and Rocksteady (30). Metalhead goes off for adventures of its own.
  • March 23 (Monday). A battle with Megavolt results in the temporary transformation of Darkwing Duck into two beings, as his "trons" have been split. The "negative" version, after getting empowered, becomes Negaduck. Eventually the two Darkwings are recombined.14The strange energies create a rift in space-time, creating an opening to an unstable alternate reality bubble. That reality's ruler, Drake Mallard (30), travels through to the main timeline.15
  • March 24-25. The Red Skull (46), harnessing AIM's Cosmic Cube, after switching bodies with Captain America (30), sends him to the island of the Exiles. There he is forced to flee the Exiles, who seek revenge against the Skull. Cap is rescued by Sam Wilson (23), a young man stranded on the island for some time, alongside his trained falcon Redwing (1). Cap, in a makeshift disguise, convinces Sam to become the heroic Falcon, and begins training him. Cap and the Falcon defeat the Exiles. The enraged Red Skull transports the two heroes to his lair in Germany, and restores Cap to his body. The Red Skull toys with them using the Cosmic Cube, but the heroes keep the Red Skull occupied until MODOK (36) and his Advanced Idea Mechanics remotely dissolve the Cube.16
  • March 25. Negaduck from a quantum potentiality finds his way to the primary St. Canard, and faces Darkwing Duck, his counterpart, in battle. When Darkwing Duck mistakenly calls him Negaduck, he decides to adopt the name as his own.17

March 26 (Thursday). Dr. Karl Lykos (42) first mutates into a were-pterodactyl and calls himself Sauron after the Ardan demon. He battles the X-Men.

  • March 27. The ronin Miyamoto Usagi (23/1609) is briefly transported from Mobius's past to the lair of the Ninja Turtles.
  • March 28. Darkwing Duck confronts corrupt businessman Bud Flood (40). Flood falls into a vat of poisoned water, and transforms into a water creature, and declares himself the Liquidator. He turns all of St. Canard's water hard, until Darkwing Duck defeats him with cement mix.18
  • March 31. Time-obsessed William Tockman (39) debuts as the Clock King. He is defeated by Green Arrow.
  • April 3. Darkwing Duck faces the ice-generating supervillain Isis Vanderchill.19

April 10 (Friday). Sailor Moon actually initiates Mizuno Ami's transformation into Sailor Mercury.

  • April 11 (Saturday). Magneto and his mutates (including Amphibius, Barbarus, and Brainchild) find the Angel, barely alive, in the Savage Land. He restores Angel, and sets him to fight his fellow X-Men and their allies Ka-Zar and Zabu alongside Magneto's mutates. After discovering Magneto's true identity and the truth about the mutates, the X-Men and Ka-Zar fight Magneto together, but Magneto's newest mutate, Lorelei (Lani Ubana) (26) takes control of the men. Marvel Girl defeats Magneto by herself, destroying the machines that mutated the mutates, temporarily de-mutating them.20
  • April 11-12. Darkwing Duck comes into conflict with the mutated fish woman Neptunia. His sidekick Launchpad McQuack convinces her to stop her eco-terrorism and spare the city, which she had flooded.21
  • April 18. When Dark Kingdom agents target a small Shinto shrine in Tokyo, Sailors Moon and Mercury discover Hino Rei is Sailor Mars.
  • Thuggish Japanese teenager Urameshi Yusuke, after a bad day in school, saves a child from getting hit by a car, pushing him out of harm's way. He is hit himself, and killed. Yusuke finds himself as a disembodied spirit, as explained by the reaper Botan. After seeing the effect on those he loves, Yusuke agrees to undergo a trial to return to life offered by the mysterious mystical baby Koenma. Over the next several days, he manages to communicate with his childhood friend Yukimura Keiko to work to protect his body; he helps his rival Kuwabara Kazuma to overcome malevolent teachers' attempts to destroy him and his friends; he shows his true self by attempting to sacrifice his chance to return to protect Keiko as she saves his body from a fire; and finally is reborn in his own body with Keiko's kiss.22
  • April 27 (Monday). The Ebrumite Tiff (26) entreats the entity Kaboo for help against King Dedede's (21) inexplicable nightly attacks on the sheep of the planet Popstar. Kaboo's summons causes the Star Warrior Kirby, in gestation in interstellar space, to be born prematurely. He travels to Popstar's nation of Dreamland, and destroys the monster killing sheep.23

May 1 (Wednesday). New York skateboarding enthusiast Jason Gekko (14), who owns a pet gecko, is mutated into a lacertine mutate. Fearing anti-mutant hysteria, he moves into the sewers.
May 2 (Thursday). Jadeite attempts to have a final showdown with the Sailor Soldiers and Tuxedo Mask, and Beryl encases him in ice and banishes him. Beryl sends her second general Nephrite out as Jadeite's replacement.

  • May 7. The X-Men meet and briefly battle Yoshida Shiro, the Japanese mutant Sunfire.24

May 12 (Sunday). Professor Charles Xavier uses his gathered telepathic power and defeats the alien Z'nox, revealing his survival to the X-Men.
May 12. Unknown to Xavier, his telepathic call forges a psionic bond with the psi-sensitive Princess Lilandra Neramani of the Shi'Ar Imperium. She flees her brother's regime.

  • Al Simmons is reborn as a Hellspawn. He is largely amnesiac.25
  • May 18. Murphy Brown (45) gives birth to a boy.26 She will eventually name him Avery after her late mother.
  • May 19. United States Vice President Dan Quayle (46), during a speech, criticizes TV journalist Murphy Brown for having a child without a father involved.27

May 21 (Tuesday). Havok and Lorna Dane officially join the X-Men.
May 28 (Tuesday). Beryl’s third general Zoisite kills Beryl’s second general Nephrite, who had fallen in love with a human girl, Osaka Naru.
June 6. Kino Makoto (14), an emancipated orphan, starts attending Crossroads Jr. High. In the first encounter with Zoisite on her own, Makoto is discovered to be Sailor Jupiter.

July 1 (Wednesday). After a battle with the Ninja Turtles, the Technodrome is sent back to Dimension X.
July 5 (Sunday). Sailor Venus appears to the other Sailors, helping them stop Zoisite.
July 6 (Monday). Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask learn each other's true identity, and Usagi learns that she is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity. Beryl abducts the wounded Mamoru, and executes Zoisite for her attempted killing of him.
July 7 (Tuesday). Floyd Lawton (28) debuts as the assassin Deadshot with a lame attempt at posing as a hero. He is defeated by the Batman (29).
July 9 (Thursday). Actor Matt Hagen (42) is mutated by his anti-wrinkle shape-shifting cream, and becomes the monstrous Clayface, a shape-shifting mud-like creature.
July 30 (Thursday). The final battle between the Sailor Soldiers and the Dark Kingdom begins. Kunzite, Sailors Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and finally Chiba Mamoru all die. Sailor Moon takes the power of the Millennium Silver Crystal, and destroys Beryl. In the energy wash, her friends are all reborn, with their memories wiped. Only Luna and Artemis remember the past.
July 31 (Friday). The alien race called the Vortex attacks Earth, taking a great number of animal life from a bay in the Atlantic Ocean. The young bottlenose dolphin Ecco (4) is spared because at the time of the attack, he is leaping through the air. Investigating with other dolphins, he heads toward the Arctic to get advice from the blue whale Big Blue.

August 10 (Monday). Luna restores Tsukino Usagi's memories as Sailor Moon when the Meijirru aliens Eiru and An arrive on Earth to feed on the populace.

  • August 11. Spider-Man (17) and Dr. Octopus (47) have a battle. At one point, Dr. Octopus's tentacles run amok, and destroy some bricks. The bricks fall onto the street, and police captain George Stacy (57) saves a child, pushing him out of the way of the debris, but crushed by them himself. Spider-Man rescues Stacy, but it is too late, as his injuries are too great. As he dies he asks Spider-Man, whom he recognizes as Peter Parker, to take care of his daughter Gwen (17).28

August 12 (Wednesday). Luna and Artemis reawaken the memories of Mizuno Ami, Hino Rei, Kino Lita, and Aino Mina in response to another attack by Eiru and An.
August 16 (Sunday). The Moonlight Knight first appears as an ally to the Sailors.

August 27 (Thursday). Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom holds the first ever Super Mario Kart tournament. She participates as a contestant. The other contestants are Mario Mario, Luigi Mario, Toad, Donkey Kong Jr. (transported from Mobius), King Bowser Koopa (heretofore a deadly enemy), Yoshi, and a Koopa Troopa.
August 29 (Saturday). The human boy Gabriel accidentally kills Dai'andral when his mutant powers erupt. He flees into the sewers.
August 30 (Sunday). Raphael's (17) pet box turtle Spike (3) is exposed to Utrom mutagen, and transforms into a hulking mutate. He takes the new name Slash. After clashing with the other Turtles, and eventually Raphael, he departs on his own.

  • August 31. Agent Matt Bluestone is forced to resign from the FBI.
  • September 1. The Flash confronts an escaped Captain Cold, who is helped by a new supervillain Heat Wave. The two villains later come to blows, and the Flash is able to defeat them.29

September 2 (Wednesday). The final battle between the Sailor Soldiers and the Meijirru takes place. Chiba Mamoru's memories are restored, and An and Eiru learn that the Doom Tree feeds better on love. They leave Earth.
September 3 (Thursday). Michelangelo (17) meets the mutant gecko Jason Gekko, and nicknames him "Mondo Gecko".

  • September 4. Jamal Jenkins (12), helping to clean out his parents' basement, accidentally knocks over his great-grandfather Ezra Jenkins's journal, which releases his trapped essence. Later that night, Jamal has a brief encounter with the essence, which manifests as words on his computer screen.30
  • September 5. The ghostly essence of Ezra Jenkins manifests to another child, Lenni Frazier. Lenni and Jamal Jenkins discover they are mutually acquainted with the ghost, and befriend him. They name the ghost Ghostwriter, as he has little memory of his human past. The trio begin an investigation of backpack thefts, weird ceremonies, and strange coded messages.31
  • September 5. Goofy and Max Goof move to Spoonerville, Calisota. They move in next to Goofy's old associate Pete Pete, his wife Peg (who sells Goofy the house), son P.J., and daughter Pistol. Max and P.J. are fast friends.32
  • September 5-7. After Homer Simpson fakes his death to get out of volunteer work, the fallout leads to a reunion with his mother Mona (63), whom he thought was dead all these years. Mona, having been a fugitive, learns that her husband Abe had told this lie to Homer, and she eventually reveals to the family she meets for the first time (especially bonding with Lisa) how she came to be on the run. Her reunion with her family is cut short by Montgomery Burns, who recognizes her, and gets famed detectives Bill Gannon and Joe Friday to find her. Chief Clancy Wiggum, remembering how Mona's bomb had cleared his asthma, gives Homer a tip, giving Mona time to escape. They have a tearful separation.33
  • September 6. Dr. Kirk Langstrom (39) first transforms into the mindless monstrous Man-Bat.
  • September 6. Ghostwriter reveals himself to Alejandro "Alex" Fernandez, who joins Jamal Jenkins and Lenni Frazier in their investigations.34
  • September 7. Chiba Rini (2076) first appears in the present, accompanied by the Luna Ball. She infiltrates Usagi's family. She is being followed by the Black Moon Clan of time travelers.
  • September 7. On the first day of preschool, Kim Possible (4) meets Ron Stoppable (4) and they are fast friends.35
  • September 8. Junie B. Jones (5) begins attending kindergarten.
  • September 8. Ghostwriter reveals himself to Gabriela "Gaby" Fernandez (9), younger sister of Alex. She fully joins in Ghostwriter's friends' investigation.36
  • September 11. While attempting to infiltrate the Foot Clan for the Ninja Turtles, fanboy Timothy Seymour ("Pulverizer") exposes himself to a batch of unstable mutagen. He transforms into a mess of organs sustained by toxic waste. Donatello manages to rig a containment suit for him. He begins calling himself the Mutagen Man.
  • September 11. Alex Fernandez infiltrates the strange ceremony of the video game enthusiast group the THABTOs. Alex and his friends manage to escape the ceremony.37
  • September 12. Jamal Jenkins and his friends confront the THABTOs at an arcade tournament, and they, presented with evidence and Larry Appleton (29) posing as a policeman, admit to their crimes (stealing backpacks for arcade money). Jamal gathers Lenni Frazier, and Alex and Gaby Fernandez in the aftermath to name themselves, along with Ghostwriter, as the unimaginatively named Ghostwriter Team, with official Ghostwriter Team pens.38
  • A hungry Eek! the Cat searches for food, and is caught up in a wild adventure when a blind and insane old woman believes him to be her cat Mittens.39
  • September 18-21. Video store owner Milo Brinker burns up part of his video store. The act occurs in relative proximity to Jamal Jenkins dropping off a letter for Brinker. The fire's aftermath leads to Jamal being suspected of arson. The Ghostwriter team is on the case. They receive help from budding filmmaker Tina Nguyen (11), who Ghostwriter reveals himself to, and "Craig Mitchell" (an amnesiac Ben Seaver), to whom he doesn't, until after the case, confused by the boy's amnesia. Jamal is cleared, and Milo Brinker is revealed to be the arsonist as well as a criminal video counterfeiter.40

September 20 (Sunday). Petra Nord is orphaned in a rockslide, subconsciously using her nascent powers to save her life.
September 23 (Wednesday). When Rini Chiba becomes ill, Sailor Pluto first reveals herself to the other Sailor Senshi.
October 3 (Saturday). Unawoken immortal and thief Richie Ryan (18) meets Duncan MacLeod (399), and they become friends.
October 5 (Monday). Sewer worker Garson Grunge (36) gets caught up in a battle between the Ninja Turtles and Bebop and Rocksteady. Hit with a canister of Utrom mutagen, his interaction with the bacteria around him cause him to form into a "muck" creature, with garbage becoming integrated into his body. His eyeball gains a pseudo-life of its own, and he names it Joe Eyeball.

  • October 8. The tenth Mortal Kombat tournament takes place. Seven contestants join the competition: actor Johnny Cage; Shaolin monk Liu Kang; ice-powered ninja assassin Sub-Zero; undead ninja Scorpion, seeking vengeance against Sub-Zero; Raiden, a human-like avatar of the thunder god Raijin; American soldier Sonya Blade; and head of the Black Dragon crime syndicate, Kano. The battles are extremely violent, with contestants murdering each other repeatedly, with the tournament's location in a hell-realm allowing for resurrection of all fighters. The reptilian Syzoth, going by Reptile, comes in as a random interloper. Liu Kang manages to defeat the others, and faces the ancient Shokan warrior and undefeated champion, Goro. Kang defeats him, and faces the true mastermind behind the Mortal Kombat tournament: the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung, who had killed Kang's brother Chan. Kang defeats him.41
  • October 9. Armando Muñoz's mutant powers erupt while he is being bullied.42
  • October 10. A group of mutants, including speedster Carin Taylor (aka Velocity) (17), escape from the control of the evil corporation Cyberdata. They band together as the Cyberforce.43

October 18 (Sunday). Ray Palmer (28) discovers the transmutative properties of white dwarf matter and becomes the diminutive superhero the Atom.

  • October 19-28. At Zora Neale Hurston Middle School, Alex Fernandez becomes the subject of a smear campaign during his candidacy for election to student body president. Alex and his friends on the Ghostwriter team get on the case. New transfer student Rob Baker (12) shows himself to Ghostwriter, but the lonely boy is reluctant to pursue new friendships.44
  • October 22. Mario Mario first faces Wario Wario, who has conquered a portion of the Mushroom Kingdom.45

October 28 (Wednesday). While traveling to the future, the Sailor Soldiers and Tuxedo Mask meet Sailor Pluto again.
November 3 (Tuesday). Democratic candidate and Arkansas governor Bill Clinton wins the United States Presidential election, defeating incumbent President George Bush and businessman Ross Perot.
November 4 (Wednesday). Agents of Northwest Adventure Park capture an orca (11) in the waters off the Oregon shore.
An angry government agent, disgusted with the election of Bill Clinton, finds the cryogenically frozen 1950s era Captain America (32) and Bucky (14), and releases them.
November 16 (Monday). After the deaths of the members of the Black Moon Clan, the final battle with the Sailor Senshi and the Death Phantom takes place.
Sarah Jane Smith goes on holiday with K-9 to try and get some writing done, but faces the threat of a pig demon, which temporarily possesses K-9.
Garfield Logan first runs into the Doom Patrol, and becomes their unofficial fourth member, Beast Boy.

  • December 10. Scientist Bruce Gordon is wounded with a black crystal, and becomes the first host of the vengeful angel Eclipso.
  • December 14. King Bowser Koopa threatens to flood Earth with giant hairdryers, and Mario Mario returns to his homeworld to stop him. Bowser captures Mario, and Luigi Mario finds himself having to answer geography questions in various parts of the world to save Mario.46


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