Timeline: 1991




  • January 5. The Shredder returns to Earth and enlists the aid of Baxter Stockman.1
  • January 6. Marcy Rhoades awakens to discover that she has eloped with a random man, unemployed idiot Jefferson D'Arcy.2
  • The Overlander Ivo Robotnik uses his technology to conquer the world of Mobius. Princess Sally Acorn of Knothole and her allies, including a young hedgehog named Maurice “Sonic" the Hedgehog, begin a rebellion. Sally and Sonic's allies also include Bunnie Rabbot, Antoine D'Coolette, and Rotor Walrus.3
  • January 8. Connecticut youth Jonathan Bower steals his father figure/mother's housekeeper Tony Micelli's car and gets into a minor accident. When his mother Angela and Tony find out about the accident, Tony's daughter/Jonathan's pseudo-sister Sam, Jonathan's grandmother Mona, and Tony and Angela's ward Billy Napoli (Jonathan's pseudo-little brother) all try and take the blame. Ultimately, Jonathan confesses.4
  • January 12. David Xanatos (35) begins dating Janine "Fox" Renard (24).
  • January 17. Coalition forces led by the United States begin air raids against Iraq.5
  • January 17. Film critic Jay Sherman (32), in Baghdad for a film festival, is unable to secure a flight out due to the bombardment, and is forced to remain in Baghdad. He agrees to serve as a correspondent for his boss, Duke Phillips's (52), network.6
  • Bob Terwilliger, recently released from prison, marries Selma Bouvier as part of a revenge scheme. Selma's nephew Bart manages to figure out Sideshow Bob's scheme and save her life.7
  • January 18-19 (Friday-Saturday). Victor Falco (29), a scientist researching neurochemicals to induce telepathy in subjects, comes into conflict with the Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael [all 15]). Exposed to the chemicals himself, he ends up severely injured in a hospital, where a being associated with the Chinese Zodiac, Lord Ha'ntaan, confers immortality upon him, and limits his powers to controlling rats. Escaping from the hospital, he declares himself the Rat King.
  • January 19. Jay Sherman is arrested by Iraqi soldiers.8
  • January 20. Hal Jordan begins working at Ferris Aircraft, and begins a flirtatious relationship with owner Carol Ferris. He meets fellow employee mechanic Tom Kalmaku, whom Hal starts calling "Pieface", as he is somewhat racist.
  • SHUSH clerk Drake Mallard helps Director J. Gander Hooter find his missing keys. A devoutly religious fellow, he thinks Drake was sent by God to help him. Hooter offers Drake any reward he would like, and Drake asks to be given unlimited funds to act full-time as his alter ego Darkwing Duck. Hooter agrees to provide Drake with a stipend for general living expenses and some discretionary funds for equipment, but Drake must take on a position as a part-time SHUSH agent.9
  • January 25. Julie Urkel is forced to spend time with her obnoxious weirdo cousin Steve, who has come to San Francisco for a science fair. Steve traces Julie to the home of her friend D.J. Tanner. He meets D.J.'s father Danny, uncle Jesse Katsopolis, and sisters Stephanie and Michelle. Steve gives Stephanie mediocre advice as to dealing with wearing glasses.10
  • January 26. The Silver Surfer arrives on the planet Earth in order to herald its consumption by Galactus. After an encounter with the Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, Human Torch, Thing) and the blind sculptress Alicia Masters, the Surfer's memories are reawakened, and he finds himself unable to assist in the deaths of Earth's billions. Galactus departs after being threatened with the Ultimate Nullifier weapon, but sentences the Surfer to exile to Earth.11
  • January 26. Jessica Campbell (15) wakes from her coma of five months and soon discovers she has super powers.12
  • January 27. Captain America (29) first faces off against the savate expert Georges Batroc the Leaper.13
  • January 30. Hibiki Ryoga is attacked by a giant sumo pig, whom he easily defeats. The pig's trainer, Akari Unryu, falls in love with him at first sight.14
  • February 2. During a trial, a witness hurls acid at Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent. Half is face is left hideously scarred. Already suffering from dissociative episodes, his "Big Bad Harv" personality overwhelms him, and he becomes the psychotic Two-Face.15
  • February 3. Ranger Mike Maxwell (30) drinks a potion, and dons the helmet of the B'Wana Beast, becoming a hero of sorts in Tanzania.
  • February 5-6. Calvin Rankin (18) encounters the X-Men and begins copying their powers. As the Mimic, he tries to trick them into helping him keep his powers permanently. He fails.16
  • February 6. Cat-burglar Selina Kyle adopts the costumed persona of Catwoman. She soon has her first run-in with the Batman (28).
  • February 7. Police detective Barry Allen is caught in a chemical explosion when lightning strikes his lab. He receives superpowers, and eventually debuts as the second superhero to be called the Flash.17
  • February 8. While at a party, Steve Urkel spontaneously comes up with a dance song, "Do the Urkel", complete with choreography. It is surprisingly popular. Later that night, Urkel gets drunk from spiked punch and falls off the roof.18
  • February 12. Criminal Leonard Snart debuts as Captain Cold, wielding a freezing gun. He is defeated by the Flash.19
  • February 15. Galactus, seeing that the Silver Surfer has broken his word, consumes the planet Zenn-La. Only a few hundred of its people survive. Shalla Bal takes command of the survivors.
  • February 16. The Shredder convinces Krang to send Bebop and Rocksteady back to Earth. In exchange, he sends Baxter Stockman to "Dimension X". Krang attempts to murder Baxter, having him placed in a disintegration chamber. Somehow, an Earth fly that had come through the portal alongside Baxter merges with him. Baxter escapes back to Earth in a mutated fly form, and attempts revenge on both the Shredder and the Turtles.20
  • February 17. Gareth Cargill's family learns of his death from military action in Iraq. His father takes his grief out on his daughter Joanna (15). Joanna tries to defend herself, and her mutant powers enact. Her father is accidentally killed, and Joanna flees.21
  • February 17-19. Jay Sherman and a group of POWs escape Iraqi imprisonment. They traverse desert for two days until they reach the International House of Couscous restaurant, allowing them to be returned to the United States.22
  • February 20. The Tiny Toons hold tryouts as part of "New Character Day". Among the applicants are Roger Rabbit (who needs money for his wife's glitter addiction), the Roches (a trio of cockroach singers), and "Duck Twacy" (actually Daffy Duck).23
  • February 23. The Batman first encounters the riddle-obsessed madman Edward Nygma, who becomes the Riddler.

February 24 (Sunday). Krang accidentally sends a canister of replicated TCRI mutagen to the Florida Everglades, where it mutates four random frogs. The Shredder arrives there, and attempts to turn them into an army, naming them Attila the Frog, Napoleon Bonafrog, Rasputin the Mad Frog, and Genghis Frog. The Ninja Turtles of New York arrive, and convince the "Punk Frogs" of the Shredder's malevolence.
February 28 (Thursday). After four days of ground operations, the United States calls a ceasefire in Iraq, with President George Bush (66) declaring the liberation of Kuwait successful.
March 1 (Friday). Mentally challenged man Melvin Potter (37), as Gladiator, first attacks the vigilante hero Daredevil.
March 4 (Monday). The X-Men battle Count Lucino Nefaria and his group of minions: Plantman, Eel, Porcupine, Scarecrow, and Unicorn.

  • March 23 (Saturday). Abin Sur (211), dying Green Lantern of Sector 2814, crashes on Earth and chooses deranged pilot Hal Jordan (27) to become the new Green Lantern.24

April 1 (Monday). Hal Jordan is approached by the Guardians of the Universe, and is fully inducted into the Green Lantern Corps. Jordan is also inexplicably dubbed by the Guardians the Greatest of the Green Lanterns™.

  • April 2. The engineering lab of Dr. Tomoe Souichi is rocked by an explosion. Among the dead is Tomoe’s daughter Hotaru and wife Urato. The strange alien presence that caused the explosion appears before Tomoe, and offers to restore the life of Hotaru if he allows it to "possess" him. He agrees, and Hotaru revives. The being begins projecting its influence on Hotaru.

Baltimore police detective Kay Howard (30) transfers to the Homicide bureau.
April 10. The Technodrome returns to Earth, but falls into the planet's interior.
April 13 (Saturday). Peter Parker (15) accedes to going on a blind date set up by his Aunt May (60), and hits the jackpot in meeting Mary Jane Watson (15).

  • Sonic the Hedgehog recruits young two-tailed fox Miles Prower, who he nicknames Tails, to the Freedom Fighters.
  • April 17 (Wednesday). The Mad Thinker () attempts to destroy the Fantastic Four using the reactivated android Human Torch (15) and his new A.I. Quasimodo (Quasi-Motivational Destruct Organism). The Human Torch ultimately refuses to destroy the heroes, and is deactivated and lost. Quasimodo is abandoned.25
  • April 19. The Zamarons infuse Carol Ferris with the Star Sapphire gem (a distillation of the Violet Lantern energy) and attempt to make her their Queen. Green Lantern Hal Jordan defeats Star Sapphire, and the Zamarons reject her. Carol's memories are restored, but the gem remains within her, and will lead her to repeated psychotic episodes when under its influence.
  • April 20-21. The benevolent ghost Slimer discovers that a malevolent ghost called Smoke is influencing a random teenage boy, Michael McDonald, and convincing him to use all illegal narcotic substances. Slimer uses his spectral powers to call upon various random individuals to assist in dissuading the boy. He pulls Michelangelo (15) of the Ninja Turtles, ducks Huey, Dewey, Louie, (all three 51) and Daffy Duck (63), rabbit Bugs Bunny (80), cat Garfield (12), and through time-travel, singing chipmunks Alvin, Simon, and Theodore Seville (all three 10/1964), animated stuffed animals Winnie the Pooh and Tigger (1926), Melmackian Gordon Shumway (194/1951), Papa Smurf and the population of Smurf Village (1167), and the Muppets Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy Lee, and Gonzo the Great (all three 3/1936).26

April 26 (Friday). The Mimic (Calvin Rankin) is admitted to the X-Men on a probationary basis.
April 30 (Tuesday). The Batman first encounters metahuman plant fanatic Pamela Isley, now the villain Poison Ivy (28).
May 1 (Wednesday). Darkwing Duck first faces the walrus ex-actor thief Kenneth Tuskernini.
May 5-7 (Sunday-Tuesday). The Khund Empire attempts an invasion of the planet Korugar. The Green Lantern Corps fights off the invasion, but in the process discovers that Korugarian Green Lantern Thaal Sinestro (143) has been ruling over his homeworld as dictator. The Guardians strip him of his power and expel him from the Corps, thus liberating Korugar.
May 6 (Monday). The X-Men battle the Banshee (Sean Cassidy) and the Ogre (Brian Dunlap) until the latter is defeated, and Banshee reveals he was forced into service by the group Factor Three.
May 8 (Wednesday). The Qwardians recruit Thaal Sinestro as their first wielder of the Yellow Power Ring.
May 8. The Guardians choose Katma Tui (126) as a replacement for Sinestro in the Corps. She reluctantly accepts.
May 18 (Saturday). After a battle with the Super-Adaptoid, the Mimic resigns from the X-Men.
Owen Burnett leaves Cyberbiotics to begin working for David Xanatos.

  • May 22. Neal Emerson, a doctor suffering from dissociative episodes, tries to meet the Green Lantern in hopes he can help him with his problems. Upon meeting the Lantern, Neal's evil personality takes over, and Neal becomes the magnetic supervillain Dr. Polaris. Green Lantern defeats him, and Neal's good personality regains control while being taken to prison.27
  • Superman first encounters the toy-obsessed madman Winslow Schott (50), who adopts the identity of the Toyman.

June 1 (Saturday). Yugoslavian spy Emil Blonsky, infiltrating Desert Base, is bombarded with Gamma radiation and becomes the monstrous Abomination. He becomes a longstanding enemy of the Hulk.

  • June 11. Tommy Pickles turns one year old. His parents throw a party attended by their friends and family, who bring several other babies and toddlers, including twins Phil and Lil DeVille (both 1), Chuckie Finster (2), and Tommy's bully cousin Angelica (3). Tommy begins projecting his infantile pseudointelligence, and convinces himself and his cohorts to eat dog food. The dog food is unappealing, but the children enjoy pretending to be dogs.28

June 12 (Wednesday). Aino Minako meets a talking cat named Artemis. Artemis reveals to her that she is the superhero Sailor Venus, but until such time as she encounters the other Sailor Soldiers, she should go by Sailor V. Later that day, she takes on agents of the Dark Agency.
June 18 (Tuesday). Marik Ishtar returns to the pit he dwells in after a brief sojourn to the surface. His father, Hank, is so enraged by the act of disobedience, he attempts to beat Marik's adopted brother, Odion. This unleashes the evil entity Melvin, and it uses Marik's body to stab Hank to death.
June 20 (Thursday). Franklin "Foggy" Nelson (26) and Matt Murdock (26) open a legal practice in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. They hire first client Karen Page (26) as their secretary.
June 23 (Sunday). Hiroshi Jordan and Daisuke Kudo decide to search for their friend Ranma Saotome. They get financial aid from a pair of teenage perverts.
June 30 (Sunday). When David Xanatos discovers that Owen Burnett is truly Puck, the trickster offers Xanatos a choice: one wish from Puck or a lifetime of service to Xanatos as Owen. Xanatos chooses Owen.
July 1 (Monday). Taurus Bulba murders Professor Goswell Waddlemeyer.
July 2 (Tuesday). The Flash (27) is aided during an adventure by Arthur Curry, Jr., who decides to become a superhero in his own right, and dubs himself Aquaman.
July 23 (Tuesday). Melanie Bush returns home from her journeys.

  • July 28. Captain America tracks SHIELD's mysterious Agent 13 (26) to Advanced Idea Mechanics' underwater base. They face off against AIM's leader, the enormous-headed MODOK (36). MODOK is believed killed in the destruction of the base. Cap and Agent 13 escape.29
  • July 30. Victor Fries, now calling himself Mr. Freeze, attempts to kill Ferris Boyle in revenge for the death of his wife. He is stopped by the Batman.30

July 31 (Wednesday). On his 11th birthday, young Harry Potter meets the half-giant Rubeus Hagrid, who introduces him to the fact he has mystical potential.

  • August 10. The Carmichael family moves into the house across the street from the Pickles family. Baby Tommy Pickles meets the toddler Susie Carmichael (3) (imparting infantile pseudointelligence), and helps her navigate the crisis of her missing room.31

September 1 (Sunday). Harry Potter boards a train for Hogwarts School, which resides in a pocket realm. He meets various persons he will come to be very important to him, including fellow freshman students Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, and rival Draco Malfoy.
September 5 (Thursday). The Changeling, Kevin Sydney, approaches Professor X in order to join his X-Men to make amends before he dies of terminal cancer. Xavier decides to use the Changeling to take his place among the X-Men while he studies the alien Z’nox.
September 6-8 (Friday-Sunday). Vigilante Darkwing Duck rescues orphan Gosalyn Waddlemeyer from the clutches of Taurus Bulba. He takes her to his secret headquarters, where he discovers she has memorized a code to Waddlemeyer's gravity-manipulating weapon. Drawn out by Bulba, Darkwing empowers the weapon in exchange for Gosalyn's safety. Darkwing Duck's new sidekick Launchpad McQuack (29) rescues Gosalyn. Darkwing Duck and Taurus Bulba battle as the weapon explodes. Drake Mallard winds up in the hospital. Taurus Bulba is killed. Launchpad returns Gosalyn to the orphanage.[23]

  • FOWL agents recover Taurus Bulba's corpse. They resuscitate it and begin augmenting the body with cybernetic parts.

September 10 (Tuesday). Ralph Dibny marries his sweetheart, debutante Sue Dearborn (27).
September 11 (Wednesday). Drake Mallard adopts Gosalyn Waddlemeyer. They move into a new house, at 537 Avian Way, with roommate Launchpad McQuack.[24]
September 13 (Friday). Drake and Gosalyn Mallard and Launchpad McQuack meet their neighbors, the Muddlefoots Herb (40), Binkie (34), Tank (11), and Honker (8). Honker immediately figures out Drake's secret identity as Darkwing Duck.

  • September 15-16. Ren Höek and Stimpy Cat are seized by a dog catcher. After learning they are to be executed, Ren manages to get adopted by a strange human child, and he manages to get Stimpy adopted as well.32
  • September 16. Gozaburo Kaiba visits Domino City Orphanage in a publicity stunt. There he meets boy genius Seto Suzuki. He challenges Seto to a chess match, and offers, if Seto wins, to adopt the boy and his younger brother, Mokuba. Kaiba loses, and follows through, adopting the boys.
  • September 16-18. Time-traveling madman Chuck De Nomolos sends robot duplicates of Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan to kill the pair of youths just after they propose marriage to their girlfriends Joanna and Elizabeth and just before they are to win the Battle of the Bands competition and set in motion the Cult of the Wyld Stallyns. After successfully killing the lads, the robots take Bill and Ted's roles and try to ruin their relationships. Bill and Ted themselves wind up in a ghostly form stuck between planes. A reaper of Death comes for them. They give him a wedgie and escape, and then have some ghostly shenanigans but are sent to a hell-realm by a seance. After hellish experiences, Bill and Ted agree to face the reaper, and beat him in several games including Battleship, Twister, and Clue. Death takes them up to Yahweh's Heaven, where they get assistance from the alien creature Station in their attempts to stop the evil robot versions of themselves. At the Battle of the Bands, the evil robots are destroyed at the hands of good robot versions of Bill and Ted. De Nomolos appears to kill them himself, but Bill and Ted win the day with time-travel. The Battle's organizer reveals herself to be the boys' old friend Rufus. Death is officially admitted to the band. Still inept at playing instruments, Bill and Ted (alongside Joanna and Elizabeth) use the phone booth time machine to travel to a different time period, coming back after 16 months of intense guitar practice (also with newborn sons in hand). The Wyld Stallyns perform, with the prior evil plot helping to broadcast their music throughout the world.33
  • September 18. SHUSH Director J. Gander Hooter sends Darkwing Duck on a mission from SHUSH and he travels to the desert land of Oilrabia in Calisota. The mission is jeopardized by Darkwing and his sidekick Launchpad McQuack's inconvenient switching of roles. Ultimately, Steelbeak and his FOWL agents are defeated.34
  • September 18. A fish in Audobon Bay is hit by a barrel of toxic waste. The radioactive material causes an immediate mutation effect, transforming it into a humanoid. The piscine woman comes to think of herself as Neptunia.35
  • September 20. James Bond Jr. (15), the "nephew" (actual clone) of the famed James Bond, begins attending Warfield Academy. He is attacked repeatedly by the espionage agency S.C.U.M.36
  • Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, migrant worker George Nada finds a construction job, where he makes a new friend in Frank Armitage. Frank helps him find a place to live in a shantytown. When he notices strange transmissions, he investigates, finding the transmissions are emanating from the nearby church. Soon, a massive police force levies the shantytown and captures the ringleaders. Nada goes to the church's remnants and finds sunglasses, which give him the ability to see through a greater transmission causing the populace to be lulled and unaware of bulging-eyed humanoid aliens amongst them. These Fascinators have been infiltrating human society for quite some time (mostly in the Los Angeles area). After confrontations with several of them, Nada begins a killing spree, murdering any alien he can. He escapes the police, then reunites with Frank Armitage. They have a long drawn out fight when Frank refuses to wear the glasses. After being forced to see the infiltration, he joins Nada on the killing escapades. They manage to take down the broadcast at its headquarters, but die in the process. The Fascinators are exposed, and quickly depart Earth.37

September 21 (Saturday). Newlyweds Carol and Frank Lambert bring their separate children (Carol's children Dana, Karen, and Mark Foster, and Frank's children J.T., Al, and Brendan) to a picnic to get to know the other family. No one knows of the marriage, but events result in the news getting revealed.[26]
September 23 (Monday). The Changeling, posing as Professor X, is killed by the monstrous Grotesk. All the X-Men save Marvel Girl believe that their mentor is the one killed.
September 25-26 (Wednesday-Thursday). Darkwing Duck teams up with retired SHUSH agent Derek Blunt to recover a list of SHUSH agents that are to be held at auction.
September 27-28 (Friday-Saturday). Steve Urkel (15) flies his experimental rocket pack to Fort Washington, Wisconsin, where he meets his friend Mark Foster. The next day, Urkel helps Alicia "Al" Lambert to get some confidence at a dance, teaching the mostly white children the "Do the Urkel" dance.[27]
September 28 (Saturday). Larry Appleton (29) and Balki Bartokomous (27) are falsely identified as perpetrators of a robbery, and are jailed. Larry and Jennifer Lyons (29) get married in the police station, with Larry behind bars.[28]
October 1 (Tuesday). Palestinian terrorists take a home hostage in Tel Aviv, Israel. Autistic mutant boy David Haller (10), one of the hostages, reacts violently in response, telepathically killing all of the terrorists in the first activation of his vast mutant powers. He absorbs the psyche of a teenage terrorist, Jemail Karami. The arrival of the foreign mind begins a great fracturing of the boy's psyche.
October 2 (Wednesday). Advanced Idea Mechanics discovers Johann Shmidt (46), the original Red Skull, in suspended animation. They revive him.
October 10-12. FOWL agent Ammonia Pine abducts SHUSH Director J. Gander Hooter. Darkwing Duck faces interference from Chief Agent Vladimir Grizzlikof (30).
October 19 (Saturday). Compassion is Remembered on Anathema. She is a diluted copy of Laura Tobin.
October 26-27 (Saturday-Sunday). A false news report reveals Darkwing Duck's secret identity as Launchpad McQuack. This causes Kenneth Tuskernini to scheme against Launchpad by abducting Gosalyn Mallard and Honker Muddlefoot. The real Darkwing Duck saves the day, and Launchpad's identity as Darkwing is refuted.
November 2 (Saturday). The mole-like Anthro Professor Jeremiah Moliarty (40) attempts to conquer St. Canard, but he is defeated by Darkwing Duck.
November 9 (Saturday). David Silver (16), too shallow for his friend Scott Scanlon anymore, gets, through the help of his friend Donna Martin (16), more shallow people to attend Scott's surprise sixteenth birthday party. Scott accidentally shoots himself with a loaded handgun he finds, and dies from his injuries.[29]
November 11-15 (Monday-Friday). The teens at West Beverly High School are temporarily jolted by their extreme shallowness as they come to grips with the death of a fellow student that they had treated like garbage. David Silver is forced to confront his own terrible behavior while dealing with the trauma of having watched his friend die.[30]
November 18 (Monday). The alien despot Flarg and his minions Barata and Nikto travel to Earth to escape the authorities that have held him captive since his overthrow. Landing in the Calisotan city of St. Canard, they take hosts of Darkwing Duck (30) and his associates. They seize control of a military base in hopes of causing a nuclear war, but they are defeated by genius Anthro boy Honker Muddlefoot, a discarded host of Flarg's.

  • November 18. Disgruntled rabbits Buster and Babs Bunny visit Stephen Spielberg's office when they are unhappy with a Tiny Toon Adventures script heavily featuring Hamton. They receive a script for Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian, and the filming is quite difficult for them, especially Buster, who hates flying.38

November 21 (Thursday). While seeking visits by silent listeners, the Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) and Clara Oswald (27/2014) arrive in this time at the West Gloucester Children's Home. There they encounter Rupert Pink (9), and have an encounter with something.

  • November 23-24. Angela Bower's (42) grandmother Marian Reynolds comes for a visit. After discovering Angela is engaged to her housekeeper Tony Micelli (40), she concocts a scheme to prevent their union. She encourages a prenuptial agreement. It nearly works, until her daughter Mona Robinson interjects, revealing the scheme. She declares Angela out of the will.39

November 26-27 (Tuesday-Wednesday). Darkwing Duck and Launchpad McQuack investigate the theft of various pizza toppings and ingredients. This causes them to meet Morgana Macawber (100), a mystically powered businesswoman, whom Darkwing is attracted to. She, working with her board of directors for Macawber Mushrooms, are committing the thefts to make delicious pizza mushrooms. When Morgana refuses to kill Darkwing or Launchpad, she turns against the board, and helps stop the evil mushroom monsters (a side effect). The board members revert to mushrooms in the sun. Morgana escapes.
December 3-5 (Tuesday-Thursday). Bobby Drake travels to Los Angeles, and meets Lorna Dane. They start dating. Shortly, she is abducted by the criminal Mesmero, who is unwittingly working for a robot Magneto. Mesmero hypnotizes Lorna, and convinces her that he is Magneto’s daughter. With the help of the X-Men, Lorna is rescued.

  • December 9. In Los Angeles, during Didi Pickles's baby shower, she goes into labor. Dylan Prescott Pickles is shortly born, though Didi and her husband Stu had been expecting a girl.40
  • December 11. Peter Banning and his family arrive in Kensington Gardens at the home of Wendy Darling (99). That night, Banning's children Jack and Maggie are abducted by Captain Hook's pirates and taken to Never Never Land. Tinker Bell arrives, and encounters Banning, and tries to convince him he is Peter Pan grown up, and takes him to Never Land.41

December 12-14 (Thursday-Saturday). Peter Banning's arrival in Never Land disappoints Hook, who expected an equal foe. Tinker Bell makes a deal with Hook to face off against a trained Banning in three days. Banning is brought to the Lost Boys, who begin to train him. Banning conflicts with the Lost Boys' leader Rufio. At the same time, Hook begins to bond with Jack Banning.

  • December 14. The Fantastic Four first battle the villainous Annihilus of the Negative Zone spatial realm.

December 15 (Sunday). After regaining Peter Pan's memories and ability to fly, Peter Banning confronts Captain Hook and his pirates. Hook kills Rufio, and that act breaks Jack Banning's brainwashing. Hook disappears in the mouth of the stuffed Mr. Grin. Banning leaves Thud Butt as leader of the Lost Boys, and departs with his children back to London.
December 16 (Monday). Darkwing Duck first faces Cajun-accented villain Jambalaya Jake and his alligator companion Gumbo.
December 24 (Tuesday). The Ninja Turtles meet the mutated alligator Leatherhead (19).
December 26 (Thursday). Suffering a dissociative episode, Hank Pym (31) adopts the persona of Yellowjacket, and appears before his girlfriend Janet Van Dyne (24) and their fellow Avengers claiming that he has killed Hank Pym. Recognizing that he's gone completely insane, Jan decides that marrying him will solve the problem, and so they get married, and it somehow stabilizes Hank's mind (for now).
December 27 (Friday). Anastasia and Halcyon Renard divorce.


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