Timeline: 19901-20000




Births: Dagdar (January 31)






  • Births: Azelle (February 25)


April 2. Twins Brigid and Edain are born to Ring, Duke of Jungby, and his wife in Jungby, Grannvale.



Births: Oifey (February 22)


Pirates assault Jungby Duke Ring's ship. The pirates abduct Ring's daughter, Brigid (5), and begin raising her as a pirate.


[Grann Year 757]

  • On the Symqures continent of Jugdral, reports of a town in the east suffering a massacre at the hands of breakaway Rivough forces bring the Kingdom of Grannvale to declare war on Isaach. King Mananan and Grannvale's Prince Kurth meet to negotiate a peace, but are assassinated by duplicitous Grannvalean dukes Reptor and Lombard, resulting in Isaach's assumption of an all-out war footing. The bulk of Grannvale's forces are pulled into the effort and drawn away.1

May 17-18. A force out of Fort Evans in the nation of Verdane invades western Grannvale and captures Castle Jungby. Verdane's Prince Munnir abducts Jungby's Lady Edain (18) and departs. Hearing of the invasion in Chalphy, Lord Sigurd (23) gathers a small force of remaining soldiers, including his trusted knights Alec (23), Naoise (23), and Arden (26), and joined as an advisor by his clansman Oifey (14). During the reconquest of Jungby, their force is joined by Sigurd's sister Ethlyn (22), her husband Quan (22), prince of Leonster, and their loyal knight Finn (19). Velthomerian noble Azelle (19) and his best friend Lex (19) also join Sigurd's forces in order to rescue Edain. Lord Arvis (23), Velthomer's duke, arrives on scene, briefly observing before allowing his younger half-brother Azelle to continue alongside Sigurd. Edain's bodyguard Midir (22), barely alive, joins Sigurd after Jungby is retaken. The forces take the fight back across the border, and claim Fort Evans in Verdane. As a reward, Sigurd is named a knight of the realm.[5]
May 21. Eldigan (23) of House Nordion in Agustria crosses into the Grannvalean-occupied Evans, and meets with his old friend Sigurd.[6]
May 24. As Sigurd's army approaches Castle Genoa in its continuing search for Edain, Verdane's Prince Jamke (20) helps Edain to escape captivity, accompanied by the thief Dew ().[7]
May 25. Sigurd's army engages Prince Cimbaeth's forces, and routs them. After taking Genoa, they release the child Shannan, prince of Isaach. This allows the swordswoman Ayra () to defect from Verdane's forces, as she had been forced to work on their side. Sigurd earns her trust, and she joins his army.[8]
May 26. Edain and Dew join up with Sigurd's army. Sigurd continues a westward push to invade Verdane, moving towards Castle Marpha.[9]
May 28. Agustria's Elliot attempts to take Castle Evans from Sigurd while he's away. Eldigan receives word, and intercepts his army, forcing Elliot to retreat.[10]
June 1. Castle Marpha falls and Prince Munnir is slain. Inside Marpha, Sigurd finds the mysterious young woman Deirdre (). She flees into the forest.[11]
June 7. In the Spirit Forest, Sigurd's army battles a third group of Verdane's army. Their leader, Prince Jamke, defects to Sigurd's side when Edain convinces him that they will try to reason with King Batou and spare his life in hopes of ending the war. Sigurd meets Deirdre again, who warns against Batou's evil wizard advisor Sandima. Deirdre and Sigurd admit their love for each other.[12]
June 9. Sigurd's army goes into its final assault on Verdane's capital. Deirdre uses her silence staff to negate Sandima's powers, allowing him to be slain. After, they find the mortally wounded Batou, who explains that the cult of Loptyr was behind his own actions.
June 12. Deirdre and Sigurd marry, despite the prophecy of her coupling resulting in catastrophe.
June 17. While competing in arena matches to raise funds to support the holding of Verdane's Castle Evans, Sigurd bests the Isaachian warrior Chulainn (). Chulainn is so impressed by Sigurd that he joins Sigurd's army.
June 19. Prince Chagall of Agustria, now under the influence of the Loptyrian cult's Manfroy, murders his father and ascends the throne of Agustria. He immediately commands the House lords to begin building for war with Grannvale.
June 20. Eldigan travels to Agusty castle to plead with King Chagall to stop preparing for war. His pleas are dismissed, and he is taken prisoner. He orders Elliot to capture Eldigan's castle and capture Eldigan's sister Lachesis () and Nordion.
June 21. Sigurd's army passes into Agustria and engages Elliot's men attacking Nordion Castle. Elliot falls, and Lachesis and her guards Eve, Eva, and Alva are saved. Lachesis joins Sigurd's army as they proceed to protect Agustria from the criminal lords now terrorizing the populace. They head toward Heirheim Castle.
June 26. Heirheim Castle falls to Sigurd's army.


Births: Mareeta (July 10)


[Gran Year 761]


The hero Eyvel (30) rescues the girl Mareeta (10) from slave traders, and adopts her as her own.


Grann Year 776
April 21. Thracian imperial forces invade the coastal town of Fiana while its protectors, the Fiana Freeblades, are away facing pirates. The Freeblades, which includes village head Eyvel (36), her warrior followers Orsin and Halvan, exiled Leonsterian prince Leif (15), and his adoptive father Finn (38), soon engage the imperial troops to both free Fiana and rescue Finn's daughter Nanna (15) and Eyvel's daughter Mareeta (17). They are soon joined by Dagdar (44) and his daughter Tanya (18), and Dagdar's beloved Marty. Though they manage to free Fiana, the captive girls are taken away.[13]


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