Timeline: 1990




  • January 1. Winged mutant teenager Warren Worthington begins patrolling the skies of Long Island as the Avenging Angel.
  • January 1. The Batman (secretly Bruce Wayne) premieres on the streets of Gotham City.
  • January 4. Escaped criminal Flint Marko (36), hiding out on a beach, is irradiated and transformed during bizarre testing. He gains the ability to transform his body into sand.1
  • January 6. Peter Parker, as Spider-Man, helps save astronaut John Jameson, but fails to earn the respect of Jameson's father, newspaper editor J. Jonah Jameson.2
  • January 7. After meeting the Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic [41], Invisible Girl [22], Human Torch [14], the Thing), Spider-Man has his first run-in with the criminal master of disguise called the Chameleon (44).3
  • January 11. Pete Petruski first dons the criminal persona of Paste-Pot Pete, and is defeated by the Human Torch Johnny Storm.4
  • January 12. The Mad Thinker (44) completes construction on the Awesome Android.
  • January 13 (Saturday). Jim Ironheart (35) unconsciously uses his precognitive powers to win a six million dollar lotto jackpot.5
  • After Bart Simpson (9) cheats on an intelligence test, he is placed in an advanced class. Quickly becoming overwhelmed, he eventually confesses.6
  • January 17 (Wednesday). Mortimer Toynbee (25) joins Magneto's (61) Brotherhood of Evil Mutants as the Toad.
  • January 18. Kino Makoto (12) is orphaned in a plane crash.
  • January 20 (Saturday). Charles Xavier (39) has Tessa (14) become Sebastian Shaw's (38) personal assistant so as to spy on the Hellfire Club.
  • January 21. Weirdo Principal Kuno Jomei (43) returns to Furinkan High School, and enacts draconian new rules, causing a confrontation with the students, including Saotome Ranma (17), Tendo Akane () and Nabiki (), Jordan Hiroshi () and Kudo Daisuke (), and his own son Tatewaki (17).
  • January 29 (Monday). Technocrat Tony Stark (29) is injured by shrapnel while on a tour of a war-torn region. In order to save his life from terrorists, he and Dr. Ho Yinsen construct an armor suit. Yinsen is killed, but Stark avenges his death in the form of the invincible Iron Man!7
  • January 31 (Wednesday). The Weapon X program grafts adamantium onto the skeleton of Logan (119). Going into a berzerker rage, completely amnesiac, he bursts free and slaughters much of the staff at the facility. He escapes, nude, into the forest.
  • February 3 (Saturday). Newlyweds James (31) and Heather Hudson (21) find the savage, amnesiac Logan, and take him in.
  • February 13 (Tuesday). Time trapped Pol Krinn meets Jimmy Olsen (11), and goads him into trying to get a job at The Daily Planet.
  • February 26. Dr. Vernon Van Dyne accidentally opens an aperture to the Kosmosian dimension. The imprisoned tyrant Pilai, the "creature from Kosmos", emerges, and murders Van Dyne. He begins growing in size, and soon comes to be a threat. The heroic Ant-Man (Dr. Henry Pym) (30) investigates Van Dyne's murder, and learns that Van Dyne's daughter Janet (22) is eager to help avenge her father. Pym uses Pym particles on her, and augments wasp DNA into her body to give her the ability to shrink and grow wings. She takes the identity of the Wasp, and she and Ant-Man defeat Pilai, seemingly destroying it.8
  • February 28 (Wednesday). Dr. Chen Lu (39), having become a Radioactive Man through self-experimentation, travels to New York to threaten Thor (1987), who recently affronted the Chinese government during an incursion in India. Thor, with the help of Don Blake (30), eventually defeats Chen, who explodes in a miraculously limited nuclear explosion back in China.9
  • March 4 (Sunday). Charles Xavier rescues Scott Summers (15) from his sinister guardian, and enrolls him in his school, the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.
  • Believing Charles to be gathering an army, Amelia Voght (33) decides to leave him. They have a falling out after he briefly uses his powers on her.10
  • After getting his four robotic arms fused to his body in an industrial accident, Dr. Otto Octavius (44) suffers a psychotic break, and becomes the supervillain Dr. Octopus. He first confronts Spider-Man.11
  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (80), Tegan Jovanka (24), and Vislor Turlough (17) try to have a holiday on the planet Velktris, when Turlough is suddenly reunited with his lost girlfriend, Deela, and they are both abducted. Taken to the planetoid Turlough in the Trion system, the others follow. Ultimately, Turlough learns he was set up by Deela and her lover Rennol, though the villains and the monster Morass are defeated.12
  • March 10 (Saturday). Charles Xavier recruits Bobby Drake (13) to his school, after he and Scott Summers save the boy from a mob when Bobby's ice powers erupt in public.
  • March 10. Phil Ken Sebben's (37) daughter Judy Ken Sebben is born.
  • March 12 (Monday). Charles Xavier asks Pietro () and Wanda Maximoff () to enroll at his school, but they decline.
  • March 13 (Tuesday). Cecilia Reyes () declines Charles Xavier's invitation to attend his school.
  • March 14 (Wednesday). Magneto rescues Pietro and Wanda Maximoff from a mob. In gratitude, they join his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants as Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.
  • March 16 (Friday). Charles Xavier recruits the Avenging Angel to his school.
  • Sideshow Bob Terwilliger frames Krusty the Clown for robbery of the Kwik-E-Mart. Krusty is tried and convicted. Bart and Lisa Simpson investigate the potential that Krusty was framed, and eventually figure out the true culprit. Sideshow Bob is arrested and Krusty's conviction is overturned.13
  • March 20 (Tuesday). Tony Stark is rescued from a car wreck by retired boxer Harry "Happy" Hogan (31). A thankful Stark agrees to hire him on as a chauffeur.14
  • March 21 (Wednesday). Charles Xavier recruits Hank McCoy () to his school.
  • Bruce Wayne begins dating reporter Vicki Vale (30).
  • March 23-24 (Friday-Saturday). ALF (233) gets a message from fellow Melmackian survivors, informing him that they want to take him to settle a new Melmac. He reluctantly agrees. He and the Tanners travel to a field for the pickup, but U.S. military agents appear at the scene, and the Melmackians depart in fear. They arrest the Tanners and ALF.15
  • March 25-26 (Sunday-Monday). Tony Stark returns to his business with new chauffeur Happy Hogan, whom he introduces to his secretary Virginia "Pepper" Potts (29). Stark, as Iron Man, confronts Gregor Shapanka, a disgruntled employee. After firing Shapanka, he commits crimes using cryogenic technology as Jack Frost, and is defeated by Iron Man.16
  • March 26 (Monday). Charles Xavier, nicknamed Professor X by his four students, gives them costumes and code-names: Scott "Slim" Summers becomes Cyclops, Bobby Drake becomes Iceman, Warren Worthington III becomes the Angel, and Hank McCoy becomes the Beast.
  • March 27 (Tuesday). Spider-Man has his first run-in with the particulate criminal the Sandman. He defeats him with a vacuum.17
  • March 28 (Wednesday). Loki (1986) comes up with a plot to get Thor killed in battle with the Hulk (30), and manipulates the Hulk into getting blamed for a near train disaster, despite the Hulk's actually saving the train. The Hulk's friend, Rick Jones (14), along with his C.B. radio enthusiast gang the "Teen Brigade", tries to contact the Fantastic Four to help him help the Hulk. Loki diverges the signal to Dr. Don Blake (Thor's host), but the signal is also caught by heroes Iron Man, Ant-Man (31), and the Wasp. The four heroes come together. Thor realizes Loki is involved, and confronts him directly, while Iron Man, Wasp, and Ant-Man face the Hulk in battle. Thor brings Loki into the battle, and the five heroes team up to defeat him. In the aftermath, the heroes decide to remain together as a team. The Wasp suggests the name "Avengers", and the heroes agree to it.18
  • March 29 (Thursday). A Wandjina spirit, trapped on Angor, teams up with several heroes (the Silver Sorceress [14], Blue Jay [30], Jack B. Quick, Tin Man, Bowman, and others) to form the Champions of Angor.
  • March 30 (Friday). New York City reporter April O'Neil (21) is assaulted by a group of criminals working for the Foot Clan of thieves. She is rescued by the four teenage mutant ninja turtles Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael (all 14), though she does not see them. Later that night, Raphael goes out and fights vigilante Arnold "Casey" Jones (27) after seeing him excessively injure purse thieves.19
  • March 31. Charles Xavier finally brings Jean Grey in to attend the school and meet his other students, and the X-Men are officially formed. Jean takes the superhero code-name of Marvel Girl. That first day, the X-Men are sent to Cape Citadel, where they barely manage to defeat the villain Magneto, who is making his terrorist debut.20
  • April 1. Foot ninjas attack April O'Neil in the subway, knocking her unconscious. Raphael rescues her, and takes her to the Turtles' lair. She meets the four Turtles and their mentor Splinter, and they are fast friends. That evening, the Turtles escort her home. While they are away, the Foot attack the lair, and capture Splinter. The grieving Turtles return to April's apartment and she takes them in.21
  • April 2. Astra angrily quits the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

April 3 (Tuesday). Raphael is attacked at April O'Neil's home by the Foot. He is knocked into a coma. The other Turtles fend off an attack by the Foot with the sudden arrival of vigilante Casey Jones. The Turtles, April, and Casey escape, traveling to April's childhood farm.
April 4 (Wednesday). Ranma Saotome (16) and Akane Tendo (16) encounter the Martial Arts Eating champion Picolet Chardin II (18) for the first time.
April 6 (Friday). Raphael awakens from his coma.
Baltimore police Detective Meldrick Lewis (27) transfers to the Homicide Department.

  • April 12. Reluctant criminal Jack Napier (37), dressed as the Red Hood, learns that his pregnant wife Jeannie has died just as the Batman (28) attacks. Jack falls into a vat of chemicals, and he survives, but his skin is bleached white, and his hair turns green. He suffers a psychotic break, which will lead to his adopting the Joker persona.22

April 13 (Friday). Hank Pym first adopts the Giant-Man persona.

  • April 17. The mysterious Space Phantom arrives on Earth, and targets the Avengers. At various times, it temporarily replaces the various members of the team, causing them to clash with each other. In the aftermath, a disillusioned Hulk quits the team.23
  • April 18-19. Angry rival businessman Bruno Horgan (51), as the Melter, attacks Tony Stark (30) using his melting ray to destroy Stark's tech assets, and then attacks him physically. When Stark fights Melter as Iron Man, the hero barely escapes as his suit is an easy target. Stark constructs an aluminum version of his suit, causing Melter to flee in defeat.24
  • April 20 (Friday). The X-Men meet and first battle the mutant criminal the Vanisher (Telford Porter).25

April 20. Lab technician Owen Reece sets off an accident with a particle accelerator. The energies released pierce the wall between normal space and an energy realm. The energies bombard Reece, granting him vast power to manipulate matter psionically. The energy remaining in the dimension becomes aware, and begins observing normal space.

  • April 22. A very frustrated Gaea appears in front of a street preacher in Los Angeles, California. She manifests in human form, and feigns symptoms of illness. She is rushed to Eastman Medical Center, where she is evaluated by teenage Dr. Doogie Howser, among others. Political reporter Murphy Brown covers the event as an onsite correspondent. Dr. Carl Sagan is brought in as a scientific consultant. Dr. Emmett Brown (85) arrives in a DeLorean time machine from a brief trip to 2057, and informs Howser that the rain forests will be gone by then. The Asogian "E.T.", for some reason on Earth and sitting in a pile of garbage, uses his telekinesis to fuse documents Doc Brown brought to the hospital into a bound book with the title A Practical Guide to How You Can Save Earth. He passes it to a group of nearby children. A group of rappers perform outside the hospital. Chain-smoking attorney Nathan Thurm (40) gives a meager defense of big business interests.26
  • April 22. Woody Boyd (28), Al Bundy (35), Bud Bundy (15), Kelly Bundy (17), Peg Bundy (36), Cliff Clavin (43), Frasier Crane, Blanche Devereaux (57), Rebecca Howe (38), Clair Huxtable (47), Cliff Huxtable (53), Rudy Huxtable (11), Theo Huxtable (19), Vanessa Huxtable, Denise Kendall (21), Olivia Kendall (4), Kermit the Frog (66), Sam Malone (42), Rose Nylund (51), Norm Peterson (41), Sophia Petrillo, Marcy Rhoades (31), Robin the Frog (30), and Dorothy Zbornak (60) watch the events on television, assuming the involvement of Gaea is fictional.27
  • May 1. The X-Men meet the circus mutant the Blob (Fred Dukes). They find themselves forced into battle with him.28
  • May 4-5. The Avengers seek the Hulk in order to get him to return so they can control him. They have another confrontation with him, ending in a stalemate as the Hulk escapes. The Hulk ends up in the ocean, where he meets Namor the Sub-Mariner. Namor enlists the Hulk's aid in conquering humanity. They issue a challenge to the Avengers, who meet them in battle. The Hulk and Sub-Mariner are eventually defeated, but both escape, as the Hulk reverts to Bruce Banner.29

May 15 (Tuesday). Jim Ironheart first uses (unconsciously) his precognitive gifts to save lives by stopping a murderous rampage at a convenience store in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • May 16. Legendary entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. (64) dies.
  • May 17. Nathan Garrett (46), a criminal Giant-Man had taken down, returns to New York as the Black Knight, riding a genetically-engineered winged horse and wielding a multi-faceted lance-like weapon. He poses a threat to Giant-Man and the Wasp, but is eventually defeated. He, however, escapes.30

May 23 (Wednesday). The X-Men have their first run-in with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

  • May 25-26. The Avengers find the original Captain America Steve Rogers's (28) body in the Arctic. They revive him, and he subsequently joins the team after helping them defeat the D'Bari Vuk, and later Namor the Sub-Mariner in order to retrieve Vuk's space ship.31

May 26 (Saturday). Saotome Ranma and friends first encounter the evil Pantyhose Taro (19).

  • May 31. Jerry Seinfeld (36) goes to a birthday party as a favor to his friend and ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes (29). He flirts with another woman there, causing stress between them.32

June 2 (Saturday). The Batman first encounters the psychopathic psychologist Jonathan Crane (35), who uses the identity of the Scarecrow.
June 2. The Asgardians Amora the Enchantress (1946) and Skurge the Executioner (2061), goaded by Loki, try to sever Thor's connection to Jane Foster. They abduct Jane and threaten Thor. Ultimately, Skurge frees Jane, and Amora angrily punishes Skurge, and they are defeated.[30]
June 3 (Sunday). Matt Murdock (25) first dons a costume and begins patrolling the streets as the vigilante Daredevil.
June 15 (Friday). West Philadelphia boy Will Smith (16), while playing some basketball outside of school, is assaulted by a local man. His extremely upset mother, Vy Smith, begins arrangements to have him move to her sister's home in California.[31]
June 27 (Wednesday). Mario Mario earns his medical license in the Mushroom Kingdom, which enables him to throw pills at small monsters called "viruses".
June 30 (Saturday). Dante Hicks (17) and Randal Graves (17) apply to and are hired to work at the neighborhood shop the Quick Stop and the adjacent video store, RST Video.
July 7 (Saturday). Baron Heinrich Zemo (89), seeking vengeance against the returned Captain America (29), gathers the Masters of Evil (Black Knight, Radioactive Man, and the Melter), in an attack on New York using Adhesive X. The Teen Brigade switches the Adhesive X with a glue solvent. The Avengers defeat the Masters, but Zemo escapes.[32]
July 12 (Thursday). Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner, exiled to Earth, meet Baron Zemo, and join his Brotherhood. They mind-control Thor into attacking his fellow Avengers Giant-Man, the Wasp, and Iron Man. Captain America seeks out Zemo, and battles him. He and Zemo arrive in New York just as Thor regains his senses, and the Masters flee.[33]

  • The Thing and the Human Torch face off against the armored villain the Beetle.

July 18 (Wednesday). Lynn Belvedere (69) after marrying his new love Louise Gilbert, leaves the Owens family.[34]
July 22-26 (Sunday-Thursday). Victor Von Doom leads a force that overthrows the recently reinstated monarchy in the Kingdom of Latveria, declaring himself King.
July 30 (Monday). Kang the Conqueror arrives in this era, and challenges the Avengers. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Giant-Man are captured. The Wasp and Rick Jones manage to infiltrate Kang's ship, and free the rest of the team. The Avengers defeat Kang, who escapes.[35]
July 31 (Tuesday). The Blob is first recruited to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
August 2 (Thursday). Iraqi forces invade and annex Kuwait.
August 3-5 (Friday-Sunday). Baron Zemo and his Masters of Evil recruit disgraced businessman Simon Williams (30), recently having taken the fall for his brother's indiscretions, to serve as an agent against the Avengers. Bombarded with "ionic" energy, he becomes the super-powered Wonder Man. Zemo keeps Simon pliant by threatening him with withholding of a life-sustaining formula. Wonder Man befriends the Avengers, then betrays them, capturing them for the Masters. Ultimately, Simon's conscience wins out, and he betrays Zemo and frees the Avengers. The Masters escape, and Simon appears to die from his dependent condition.[36] In actuality, his body enters a state of suspended animation.

  • August 6. Jeffrey Lebowski, also known as the Dude, is pulled into a strange series of events after he is mistaken for a wealthy man of the same name, as thugs assault him and urinate all over his rug.33

August 12 (Sunday). In Portland, Oregon, Jim Ironheart saves the life of a little boy, and runs into reporter Holly Thorne (33).
August 13 (Monday). At the Central Park Zoo in Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States, a wolf gives birth to cubs. Also, an alligator snapping turtle's eggs hatch.
August 16 (Thursday). The Turtles, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones return to Manhattan, and are once again attacked by the Foot. Casey and a teenage boy named Danny Pennington rescue Splinter, with Casey defeating Foot second-in-command Toshishiro Tatsu. The Turtles defeat the Foot, and are confronted by the Shredder, who nearly kills them. Splinter arrives, and the Shredder attempts to kill him after recognizing him. The Shredder falls into the back of a garbage truck, and Casey tries to murder him using its compactor, but the Shredder somehow survives.
August 19 (Sunday). The X-Men meet and battle the criminal mutant Unus (Gunther Bain/Angelo Unuscione) (38).
August 20 (Monday). The Campbell family, while driving to Disney World, are hit by a military vehicle carrying radioactive material. The parents and young boy Philip are killed, but the daughter, Jessica (15), is irradiated, and knocked into a coma.
August 26 (Sunday). Lady Dorma recruits the Fantastic Four in helping Namor the Sub-Mariner in his battle with Attuma (89) and his Skarka nomads, who have taken over Namor's Atlantis. Attuma and his forces flee.

  • Richie Crawford, at almost two-years-old, has a sudden bout of SORAS, and ages a full year, with the temporal effects placing false memories around him.

August 26 (Sunday). While attempting to save a woman and her child on an airplane, Jim Ironheart finds Holly Thorne has appeared on the plane. Holly convinces her to try and save more people from the imminent crash. He eventually agrees, and his warnings to the pilot help save a lot more lives.
August 28-30 (Tuesday-Thursday). Holly Thorne confronts Jim Ironheart about his heroism. After having sex, they travel together to the windmill of his childhood, and Holly helps him uncover his buried memories, and allows him to absorb the manifestations of his heroism and rage.
August 30 (Thursday). Dr. Clayton Forrester recruits local Arby's employee TV's Frank (34) as his new lab assistant.
September 2 (Sunday). Clark Kent (27) arrives in Metropolis, Illinois. He begins working for the Daily Planet as a reporter, where he meets copy boy Jimmy Olsen (11) and editor-in-chief Perry White (46), among others. As terrorists hijack a plane above Metropolis, Clark dons the outfit his mother sewed from his Kryptonian blankets, and saves the plane from crashing while a;sp stopping the terrorists. Aboard the plane is reporter Lois Lane (30). Lane writes an article about the mysterious rescuer appearing in the next day's Daily Planet, where she dubs him a "Superman" based on the symbol on his chest, which resembles a stylized S.[37]
September 4 (Tuesday). West Beverly Hills High School begins its school year. Twins Brenda (15) and Brandon Walsh (15), recently moved from Minneapolis, begin attending as sophomores, fitting in well, as most of the students look much older than their peers. Brenda meets the horribly shallow Kelly Taylor (16), and her insecure friend Donna Martin (15). Brandon meets cad Steve Sanders (15), and newspaper editor Andrea Zuckerman (16) (two of the oldest looking of all). Also beginning at the school are freshmen David Silver (14) and Scott Scanlon. A popular girl uses a pair of planes to advertise her upcoming party with poor spelling. [38]
September 7 (Friday). The X-Men and Avengers have their first inadvertent fight.
September 7-12. Troy McGreggor (17) becomes a target of a strange hooded tank top cult that wants to bring back an ancient city in the woods of southern Alberta. They try to kill him to get a map, and in his flight, he meets the overweight drifter Zap Rowsdower (46). They are chased all over southern Alberta, and eventually the cult's leader, Satoris, attempts to sacrifice Troy. Troy overhears Satoris admitting to murdering Troy's father, and Troy shoots him. Satoris thus serves as the final sacrifice, and the cultists' brainwashing falls away as a three-foot-tall city appears spontaneously.[39]
September 10 (Monday). Niles Caulder, calling himself the Chief, with the arrival of Superman, decides it's time to debut his superhero team, the Doom Patrol. The founding members are Rita Farr (Elasti-Woman, later Elasti-Girl), Larry Trainor (Negative Man), and Cliff Steele (Automaton, later Robotman). This first superhero team is generally shunned by the media, as the bandaged Negative Man and inhuman Robotman are unpleasant to behold.
September 10. Will Smith (17) arrives in the wealthy Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel Air. He moves in with his Aunt Vivian (41) and Uncle Phil Banks (45), and meets his cousins Hilary (20), Carlton (15), and Ashley (10), and their butler, the sassy Geoffrey Butler (42).
September 11 (Tuesday). Superman meets wealthy businessman Lex Luthor (38).
September 11. The second Street Fighter tournament takes place. Among the initial contestants are the first champion, Ryu Hoshi (26) of Japan, Ken Masters (25) of the United States, Akuma Gouki (48) of Japan, Michael Balrog (22) of the United States, Jaime Blanka (24) of Brazil, Cammy White (16) of the United Kingdom, Chun-Li Xiang (22) of China, Dee Jay of Jamaica, Bharddwaj Dhalsim (37) of India, Edmond Honda (29) of Japan, Fei Long (21) of Hong Kong, William Guile (29) of the United States, Thunder Hawk of Mexico, Jose Vega (23) of Spain, Viktor Zangief (34) of the Soviet Union, Sagat Ponchinyee (36) of Thailand, and the mysterious head of the Shadaloo organization located in Thailand, M. Bison.

September 15 (Saturday). Reporter Iris West begins dating police forensic detective Barry Allen.
September 15. The Earth goddess Gaea decides to go on the offensive. She recruits five teens (Kwame Akwasi [16], Jason Wheeler [16], Linka Volkova [16], Gi Yang [16], and Ma-Ti [13]) from around the world, giving them mystic rings of power. They combat ecological threats, and sometimes use their rings' combined power to create the entity "Captain Planet”.
September 17 (Monday). Brandon Walsh and Scott Scanlon meet the coolest guy at West Beverly High School: Dylan McKay (15), who protects the weak despite being a loner. Dylan is such a cool loner he cuts school to take Brandon surfing.[40]
September 18 (Tuesday). Chun-Li Xiang faces M. Bison in a semi-final round of the World Warrior tournament. He defeats her after a protracted battle.
September 21 (Friday). The Turtles rescue teenager Keno Reyes from thieves.
September 22 (Saturday). The badly mutilated Shredder somehow regains his strength, and retakes command of the Foot Clan.
September 23 (Sunday). The Time Lord Doctor (seventh incarnation) visits Dr. Elizabeth Klein, and tricks her into taking a trip on his TARDIS. Her assistant, Will Arrowsmith, sneaks aboard.
September 23. The Wizard brings his allies the Sandman (37) and Paste-Pot Pete together with his amnesiac ally Madame Medusa (61) to form the Frightful Four. They attack the Fantastic Four, and nearly kill most of the team, but the Human Torch is able to stop them. The Frightful Four escape.[41]
September 24 (Monday). April O'Neil runs a piece on Techno-Global Research Industries, which leads the Turtles and the Foot in search of the ooze that transformed them. That night, TGRI scientist Jordan Perry is abducted by the Foot and the last canister of mutagen is stolen, with the Turtles unable to stop them.
September 25 (Tuesday). The Shredder forces Jordan Perry to mutate a wolf cub and an alligator snapping turtle. He corrupts the mutation, causing them to be mentally deficient. Over several hours, they transform into giant humanoid monsters, and the Shredder names them Tokka and Rahzar. They identify the Shredder as their mother.
September 26 (Wednesday). The Asgardian trickster Loki (1987) imparts mystical power on Carl "Crusher" Creel, transforming him into the Absorbing Man. He begins his supervillain career battling Thor.
September 26. The Turtles move into a new lair below Manhattan.
September 27 (Thursday). Raphael is captured by the Foot. The other Turtles come to his rescue, and succeed, liberating Raph and Jordan Perry. They have a brief fight with Tokka and Rahzar.
September 29 (Saturday). The Turtles have a final confrontation with Tokka and Rahzar, getting them to consume anti-mutagen pills and revert to ordinary animals. In the midst of the fight, bystander and noted Caucasian rapper Vanilla Ice spontaneously comes up with a rap about ninja turtles. With the pathetic defeat of the Foot, the Shredder is defeated after consuming mutagen and getting himself buried alive.
September 30 (Sunday). The Utrom exile Krang revives the Shredder and restores him to normal.
October 1 (Monday). Buddy Baker (36), a professional stuntman, comes across a crashed alien vessel. Exposure to its energies gives him a connection to the Earth's mystical biosphere, granting him the ability to channel animal aspects. He decides to become the hero Animal Man.
October 7 (Sunday). April O'Neil is mystically transported back 1603 Japan, soon followed by the Turtles, who rescue her, and return to the present.[42]

  • October 8 (Monday). Shirai Ryu ninja Hanzo Hasashi is murdered by rival ninja Bi-Han. Finding himself in a hell-realm, he sets forth to be resurrected. He takes the identity of Scorpion.

The Shredder and Krang begin construction of Foot Soldier robots to supplement their thug and ninja forces.
October 12 (Friday). Larry Appleton (28), having broken up with his girlfriend Jennifer Lyons (28), encounters her at a restaurant, where her current boyfriend has just proposed marriage to her. Larry builds up enough courage to ask her to marry him instead, and she agrees.[43]
October 14 (Sunday). When the alien Stranger abducts Magneto and the Toad, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch set out on their own.
October 22 (Monday). The Turtles and April O'Neil face the Foot Soldier robots.
The Shredder, hoping to gain independence from Krang, employs Baxter Stockman to create the Mouser robots to hunt Splinter. The Mousers are destroyed by Splinter and the Turtles.
The Shredder uses a recovered mutagen sample to transform two of his thugs, Anton "Bebop" Zeck and Ivan "Rocksteady" Steranko into mutate hybrids, with Bebop taking a warthog-like form, and Rocksteady taking a rhinoceros-like form.
October 31 (Wednesday). Lex Luthor's flawed clone of Superman, taking the name Bizarro, comes out of its incubation, and runs amok. It dies for the first time that day after encountering Superman.
October 31. The Rigellian octopoids Kang and Kodos take the Simpson family (Marge [34], Homer [34], Bart [10], Lisa [8], and Maggie [1]) onto their ship to enrich their lives. Lisa's suspicions lead to the assumption that the aliens plan to eat the family. Offended by the suggestion, Kodos and Kang send the ungrateful humans back to Earth and wipe their memories. Later that evening, Bart and Lisa tell each other scary stories, and Bart recounts the tale, thinking he had imagined the incident.[44]
November 1 (Thursday). The Juggernaut attacks Xavier's School. He is narrowly defeated by the X-Men and the Human Torch (15).
The alien Neutrinos Dask, Kala, and Zak, chased by Stonwa General Traag, are accidentally transported to Earth via dimensional transmat. They meet the Turtles, who help them return to Neutrin to try and overthrow the Demensionekzian despots.
November 5 (Monday). Caprica Sarielle Lopez is born to Milagro and Alberto Lopez in Omaha, Nebraska, United States in AQR32.
November 6 (Wednesday). The Shredder creates a new android body for Krang, who assaults the Turtles. They manage to defeat the gargantuan robot, and force Krang's Technodrome to be dimensionally transmatted back to Demensionekz.
November 14-17 (Thursday-Sunday). After the evil doll Chucky (38) revives due to restoration of his doll body and an electrical surge, he seeks out Andy Barclay (8), now living with a foster family. Chucky murders various people, including Andy's foster parents, but he and his fellow foster, a teenage girl named Kyle Elise (17), have a final confrontation with Chucky in the Play Pals factory. Chucky is destroyed by the machines there.[45]
November 15-22. D.J. Tanner (13) thinks she's too fat to wear a bathing suit to her best friend Kimmy Gibbler's (13) upcoming 14th birthday party. She begins reducing her food intake to the point of not eating for several days. When she overdoes it at a gym with her family, she nearly passes out. Later, the family holds an intervention, and her father Danny's schmaltzy words get her to change her behavior.(Events of Full House episode "Shape Up" (1990).)
November 21-28. The Mario Bros. Mario and Luigi visit Dinosaur Land in the Mushroom Kingdom, and have to once again rescue Princess Peach from Bowser and the Koopalings. On the way, they meet the Yoshi named Yoshi, who becomes their close friend, though they do not recognize him as their one-time caretaker.
November 27-28 (Tuesday-Wednesday). A mystical Golden Goose statue comes into the possession of Scrooge McDuck (123). He uses its beak to transform much of his property to gold. Scrooge's rival, Flintheart Glomgold (136), sends the Beagle Boys to steal it. They turn Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck into gold statues.[46]
November 28. Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad McQuack (28), the Barkladeshi monk Poupon, and his thief brother Dijon attempt to recover the Golden Goose. It transforms, becoming a living being, and begins turning everything it encounters into gold, especially people, including Flintheart Glomgold. The Beagle Boys destroy the mystic water that prevents the Goose's final transformation, where a wave of Golden Death begins to engulf the planet. The Beagle Boys and Poupon are victims before Scrooge, Launchpad, and Dijon (with the Goose) reach Barkladesh. They barely get the Goose back on its mystical perch, and the Golden Death reverses, restoring all to its pre-wave state.[47]
November 28 (Wednesday). Margaret Thatcher (65) steps down as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

December 3 (Monday). Reed Richards marries Sue Storm (23). The event is attended by various heroes of the New York City community, and crashed by a cadre of villains, whose memories of the event are wiped.[48]
December 4 (Tuesday). Bill Nealon first makes a major attempt to discern his supervisor's, Pat Riley's (29), sex.[49]
December 16 (Sunday). The partially amnesiac Medusa seeks help in avoiding her fellow Inhuman Gorgon (72), who is trying to recapture her. She entreats the Fantastic Four, who reluctantly attempt to protect her. Gorgon manages to capture Medusa due to the interference of the Dragon Man android, who runs amok and captures the Invisible Girl.[50] They are successful in rescuing Sue, who tames the Dragon Man, who comes to stay with the team.[51]
December 17 (Monday). The X-Men have their first run-in with the mutant-hunting Sentinels. The battle ends with the death of Bolivar Trask, who dies trying to stop his Master Mold.
December 18 (Tuesday). The Batman has his first run-in with criminal mastermind Oswald Cobblepot (48), who uses the moniker the Penguin.
December 19 (Wednesday). Johnny Storm comes across the Inhuman Crystal (54), and becomes immediately infatuated with her. He follows her to the secret refuge of the Inhumans. He meets the Inhuman royal family (including Triton [57], Gorgon [73], Medusa, Crystal, Karnak [60], and Black Bolt [70], along with the Terrigenated dog Lockjaw) in exile there, but soon engages in a fight with them. The rest of the Fantastic Four join the fight, but are nearly defeated by the Inhumans' leader Black Bolt. At the same time, an agent of the usurper Inhuman king Maximus (67) (Black Bolt's brother) captures both Triton and the Dragon Man, bringing them to Attilan. The Fantastic Four follow the Inhumans to Attilan and recover Dragon Man, while Black Bolt takes back his throne from Maximus. The Fantastic Four are forced to leave to maintain the peace between humans and Inhumans.[52]
December 20-21 (Thursday-Friday). The Sagracian criminal Secundus returns to Earth and begins seeking his offspring, who he hopes holds the key to the Anti-Life Equation. He murders a number of people in Thornbury, New York. At the same time, his ex-partner Abraxas traces him to Earth, and helps rescue Sonia and Tommy Murray. Abraxas is allowed to stay with the Murrays on permanent assignment, after he executes Secundus.[53]
December 22 (Saturday). Giant-Man, Iron Man (31), and the Wasp (23) decide to take a leave of absence from the Avengers, and so a team of replacements are brought in, which include the former villains Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch.
December 23-25 (Sunday-Tuesday). The McCallister family accidentally leaves their son Kevin (10) behind during the rush to get on a plane to Paris. Kevin manages to keep serial burglars the "Wet Bandits" occupied long enough to save his home from being burgled.[54]
December 27 (Thursday). Irma Langinstein begins working at Channel 6 in New York City.


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