Timeline: 1989




  • January 9. The Fey Puck, masquerading as the human Owen Burnett, joins the staff of Cyberbiotics.
  • January 17. Harriette and Carl Winslow and their children Eddie, Laura, and Judy move into Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokomous's apartment building.1
  • January 20. George Bush is sworn in as forty-first president of the United States.2
  • January 20. Larry Appleton tries to make his name as an investigative reporter by reporting about an undercover sting his friend Carl Winslow is involved in. He drags Balki Bartokomous into the imbroglio, crashing a surprise party for a friend of Carl's on the police force.3
  • January 21 (Saturday). Erik Lehnsherr begins using the alias Magneto. He recruits Tamara Rosenblatt (Astra) as an agent, the first of his "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants".
  • January 23 (Monday). Magneto recruits Mastermind to his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
  • January 23. Famous painter Salvador Dalí (84) dies from heart failure.
  • January 24-26 (Tuesday-Thursday). Jonathan Bower tries to run for class treasurer, and has some kids over his house. That day, his grandmother Mona Robinson brings an image of a sexy cover to a magazine she is appearing on. This causes Jonathan's schoolmates to deride her, calling her a bimbo. Jonathan gets in a fight and gets a black eye. He gets mad at Mona. However, he wins the election anyway, and realizes he prefers Mona as she is.4
  • February. While on safari with his scientist parents, Gar Logan (7) contracts a rare illness. Being injected with monkey antibodies activates a dormant mutation that allows him to transform into animals. As a side effect, it turns his skin green.
  • February 6-7. When Dan Conner's dad Ed shows up, Dan and he clash.5
  • February 18. Wayne Campbell (17) launches his public access show, Wayne's World, in his hometown of Aurora, Illinois. His best friend, Garth Algar (17), serves as sidekick.6
  • February 19. Video game enthusiast Kevin Keene (15) and his dog Duke are transported from his home to a limbo realm. There he meets Mega Man (1/2009), Pit (430/1532 BCE), Simon Belmont (30/1697), and Lana Lang (40/2003). Using powers given to him by the mystical alteration of his NES Controller and Zapper, Kevin takes up the identity of "Captain N" and vows to protect space-time as leader of the "N-Team". The Space Pirate leader Mother Brain (909/2111), the Hippo Island monarch King Hippo (27), and an Eggplant Wizard (1532 BCE) are cast as enemies by the agent causing the conflict.7
  • February 24 (Friday). In the early morning hours in Twin Peaks, Washington, teenage call girls Laura Palmer (17) and Ronette Pulaski are taken by the entity Bob (possessing the body of Laura's father Leland) and raped. Bob fails to kill Ronette, but it kills Laura.8 Her body is found on the beach, naked and wrapped in plastic, at the side of a mill. Ronette shows up catatonic outside the Washington-Idaho state border, bringing the FBI into the case. Sheriff Harry S. Truman teams with FBI agent Dale Cooper (34) in the investigation.9
  • February 27 (Monday). Laura Palmer's funeral is disrupted by a fight between her erstwhile boyfriend Bobby Briggs and her secret boyfriend James Hurley.10
  • February 28 (Tuesday). The time-traveler Cable (56) completes gathering a team of mercenaries he can work with in this era. He hires mutants Domino (24) and Grizzly (23), and baseline humans Garrison Kane (17), G.W. Bridge (39), and Eisenhower "Hammer" Canty (22), and names them the Wild Pack.
  • March 2-3 (Thursday-Friday). A long night of FBI and police activity results in the arrest of a suspect in the Laura Palmer case. The man, Jacques Renault, is murdered by Palmer's grieving father Leland. Leo Johnson, another suspect, is shot and put in a coma. Audrey Horne (18) goes undercover at her father's brothel to try and help Dale Cooper's case. Dale Cooper is shot by a mysterious assailant, and near death has a vision of a giant. He survives. The mill goes up in flames as part of a convoluted scheme by various individuals for corporate reasons and to attempt to kill Catherine Martell, who goes into hiding.11
  • March 7 (Tuesday). Dale Cooper and Harry Truman storm the One-Eyed Jack brothel and rescue Audrey Horne with the help of Deputy Tommy "Hawk" Hill.12
  • March 9. The Bob entity takes complete control of Leland Palmer, and murders Palmer's niece Maddy Ferguson.13
  • March 11. The Rannian scientific leadership has Dr. Sardath activate his Zeta beam in an attempt to bring a human breeding stud from Earth to their world. American archaeologist Adam Strange (30), on an expedition to Peru, is caught in the Zeta Beam, and transported to Rann. He meets Sardath's daughter Alanna (21), and they quickly strike up a romance. Strange dons a suit of armor and wields a ray gun, and faces (unbeknownst to him) mostly manufactured threats, allowing him to become a hero.14
  • March 11. FBI Agent Dale Cooper manages to capture Leland Palmer, as the Bob entity confesses to the murders. Bob has Leland bash his own head against a door until he suffers fatal injuries, and the entity escapes into the owls.15
  • March 18 (Saturday). Tabitha (23) and Adam Stephens (), siblings living in L.A. who have mystical powers (though Adam has locked his behind a seal), get the opportunity to work on ABC's Wide World of Sports. Tabitha gets a cold, causing her powers to fritz out while she has to deal with the sexual harassment of a Russian weightlifter. She calls upon old family doctor Hubert Bombay (440), who cures her.16
  • March 27. Scrooge McDuck (121) hires on Fenton Crackshell (30) as his new accountant.17
  • March 29 (Wednesday). Charles Xavier and Sebastian Shaw discover a mutant girl named Tessa working as a mercenary in Afghanistan. Xavier arranges for the girl to live at his estate in New York.
  • April 3. Scrooge McDuck's accountant Fenton Crackshell stupidly uses his boss's Number One Dime in a payphone, and in attempting to get it back, is repeatedly beaten by Ma Beagle (122) and the Beagle Boys. He finds Gyro Gearloose's Gizmoduck suit, and inadvertently activates it. After recovering the Dime, he becomes McDuck's permanent Gizmoduck.18

April 9 (Sunday). In India, Charles Xavier runs afoul of a Quist calling itself Lucifer. While he manages to defeat the alien, the encounter leaves him crippled.
April 10-20. While convalescing, Xavier meets nurse Amelia Voght. Their friendship quickly turns to love, and she returns to the States with him.

April 18 (Tuesday). Race car driver Cliff Steele is killed in a car accident. Genius Niles Caulder salvages his brain and places it in a robot body. He becomes Robotman.

  • April 18-19. Al and Beverly Harris visit Lanford, Illinois, and their daughters Roseanne Conner and Jackie Harris, causing the sisters and Roseanne's husband Dan to bicker and fight over the pair's disruptive presence.20

April 19 (Wednesday). Rory Williams (82) dies.
April 21-28. Mario Mario travels to the Shrem Kingdom of Sarasaland, and saves Princess Daisy Sarasa from the alien despot Tatanga.
April 22 (Saturday). Pilot Larry Trainor is severely irradiated and mutated in a piloting accident. He is aided by Niles Caulder, who supplies him with bandages that dampen the radiation.

  • May 1. After having negotiated a deal with new supervisor Keith Faber where she would be submissive in order to reduce the unrealistic quotas at her job at Wellman Plastics, Roseanne Conner and her coworkers are presented with a restoration of the old quotas anyway. Roseanne, furious, quits the factory, followed by four others, including her sister Jackie and good friend Crystal Anderson.21
  • May 9-11. Film star and model Rita Farr falls into a pit of volcanic gases that gives her size-shifting powers. She joins Niles Caulder's misfits.

May 15 (Monday). Laguna Niguel student Larry Kakonis commits suicide. His English teacher, Jim Ironheart (34), is devastated.

  • May 16. In an Atlantis, Sha'lain'a gives birth to a son she names Kaldur'ahm. As his father is the disturbed surface human David Kane, the noblewoman Mera takes the infant from his mother and gives him to an American couple, who name him Jackson Hyde, for his protection.
  • Charles Xavier completes construction of Cerebro, a mutant detection system that works by enhancing telepathic ability.
  • May 20 (Saturday). Brenda and Lyle Clark discover that their grey tabby, Toonces, can drive a car! In Toonce's inaugural drive, he takes his human family on a jaunt, and ends up going over a cliff. Luckily, the Clarks and Toonces himself are mostly unscathed. When Toonces drives off again immediately, the Clarks realize Toonces can indeed drive… just not very well.22
  • June 3 (Saturday). Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (86) dies after suffering five heart attacks.23
  • June 23. Mitch Buchannon takes on a new role as Lieutenant at the Baywatch lifeguard station. On the same day, rookies Shauni McClain and Eddie Kramer start as lifeguards. Veteran and lawyer Craig Pomeroy rescues a mentally ill young woman who attempts suicide, and she becomes obsessed with him.24
  • June 24. A boat disaster results in Mitch Buchannon's old lifeguard friend Al drowning while saving others, including Mitch's son Hobie.25
  • Jean Grey comes under the tutelage of Charles Xavier, as he coaxes her out of her catatonic state brought upon her by the death of her friend.
  • July 7-8. Stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld (35) consults his best friend George Costanza (35) and his weirdo neighbor Cosmo Kramer (39) about potentially having a romantic interlude with an old female friend. Ultimately, nothing happens, despite her asking to stay at his place.26
  • August 2. Kuno Tatewaki, the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High School, makes a declaration to all the boys at school that if they wish to date the beautiful Tendo Akane, they must defeat her in battle. This begins a daily ritual wherein many of the perverted male students assault her on her way in each morning.27
  • August 17. Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm take a space shuttle into orbit, where they are bombarded with cosmic rays. When they return to Earth, they discover they all have superpowers: Reed Richards is elastic, Sue can fade from sight, Johnny is a human torch, and Ben Grimm is transformed into a large, orange, super-strong thing. Richards suggests they become a group of public superheroes, and as Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Girl, the Human Torch, and the Thing, they debut as the Fantastic Four!28
  • August 19. Saotome Ranma and his father, Genma, on a trip to China, fall into the Jusenkyo Springs, which are cursed. Ranma is turned into a girl, and Genma into a giant panda. While chasing his father while seeking revenge, Ranma knocks Hibiki Ryoga into a Cursed Spring, turning him into a small black pig.
  • August 20. The Fantastic Four first battle the Mole Man (29).30
  • August 20. Saotome Ranma and Genma and the Jusenkyo Guide come upon an Amazon tribe’s martial arts competition. Ranma casually defeats the Amazon girl Shampoo, and because he is in his girl form, she gives him the kiss of death, meaning that she will hunt him until she can successfully kill him.

August 30 (Wednesday). Bruce Banner proposes marriage to Betty Ross, who accepts.
August 30. The Saotomes return to Japan for the meeting of Ranma and his betrothed, Akane Tendo. The two do not initially get along.

  • September 1. Saotome Ranma enrolls at Furinkan High School, and meets Jordan Hiroshi and Kudo Daisuke. He also has his first encounter with Kuno Tatewaki, who sees him as a rival for Tendo Akane. Kuno also becomes enamored with the female version of Ranma, and is never able to accept that they are one and the same.

September 4 (Monday). A small Skrull contingent arrives on Earth and encounters the Fantastic Four. Mr. Fantastic hypnotizes the Skrulls into believing they are cows.
September 9 (Saturday). Dr. Henry Pym discovers Pym Particles, which allow for shifting in size through access to the Kosmosian dimension.

  • September 9. The demon/ghost Betelgeuse, lusting for the human girl Lydia Deetz, decides to see if he can woo her by acting more heroically. To test this, he uses his conjuration powers to generate a miniature "Netherworld" in a pocket realm. He creates an avatar for himself, which he calls Beetlejuice, and creates a (poor) simulacrum of Lydia and her parents, with many of the details incorrect. He begins to have adventures with "Lydia".31

September 11 (Monday). Hibiki Ryoga arrives at Furinkan High School and challenges Saotome Ranma. He meets Tendo Akane for the first time.
September 21 (Thursday). Doogie Howser, surgeon, while attempting to get his driver's license on his 16th birthday, helps a random injured man in the road. His ideas during a consult are rejected by older superiors as well.
September 21. Denise Huxtable (20) returns home from a trip to Africa with a shocking surprise: her new husband Martin Kendall and stepdaughter Olivia (3). They move in with her parents.

  • September 21-23. Chip and Dale, in an attempt to help their idol Donald Drake, who has been framed for theft, go on a grand adventure. They befriend Australian mouse Monterey Jack, fly Zipper, and young inventor girl mouse Gadget Hackwrench, who help them stop a conspiracy, and face feline criminal Fat Cat and human mad scientist Norton Nimnul (40) along the way. Successful, the five animals remain together as the Rescue Rangers.32

September 22 (Friday). Doogie Howser has his first kiss, with Wanda Mann at a dance. He also learns of his patient, a small boy, dying, his first such loss.

  • September 22. When Estelle Winslow (78) moves into her son Carl's (37) new house (already full with his wife Harriette, their three children Eddie (15), Laura (13), and Judy, Harriette's recently widowed sister Rachel Crawford [34], and Rachel's son Richie), a conflict arises, but the bigger love of the family allows them to overcome it.33

September 23 (Saturday). Saotome Ranma learns of Ryoga Hibiki's curse, while Akane Tendo dubs the small black piglet she finds P-Chan, and adopts him as her own, not realizing that it is Ryoga.
September 24 (Sunday). Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo meet Kodachi Kuno, the Black Rose, for the first time.

  • October 1. Throughout the world, 43 children are born to women who had not been pregnant. After learning of the event, eccentric millionaire Reginald Hargreeves seeks them out to adopt them. He manages to get seven of them.34
  • October 11. Teenager Rick Jones is dared by his buddy Snapper Carr to travel out onto a military base. Unbeknownst to him, a gamma bomb is set to go off. Scientist Dr. Bruce Banner manages to push Rick into a trench, but is himself caught in the explosion. Banner transforms into a hulking monster later dubbed the Hulk. The Hulk flees the Army, and Rick Jones goes after him, feeling responsible.35

October 11. Shampoo arrives in Nerima and attacks Ranma Saotome. When she learns Ranma is really a man, she changes her vendetta to an engagement.

  • October 12. Johnny Storm, after running away from the Fantastic Four, goes to live in a shelter with homeless men. One of them happens to be an amnesiac Namor the Sub-Mariner (69). After giving the Atlantean a shave, he drops him in the river, which restores Namor's memories. Namor attacks New York after finding part of Atlantis in rubble, but is distracted long enough by leching after Sue Storm to be defeated.36
  • October 13-22. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane (19) meet an adult Raine Creevy (22), now a master thief, who helps them handle ancient weapons, and the Soviets' use of Metatraxi warriors. Raine and her father reconcile, and Raine is invited to join the Doctor on his travels.37

October 19 (Thursday). Shampoo falls into the Spring of Drowned Cat. She uses her new form in a scheme to marry Ranma Saotome.
October 28 (Saturday). Ranma meets Shampoo's great-grandmother, Cologne, for the first time.
November 2 (Thursday). Ranma Saotome meets Mousse and battles him.
November 2. Frederick Gaylord Crane is born to Lilith Sternin-Crane and Frasier Crane in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
November 3 (Friday). Victor Von Doom first battles the Fantastic Four as Dr. Doom.
November 14 (Tuesday). Dr. Donald Blake (30) finds Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor, causing him to transform into the Thunder God, Thor Odinson. The two begin to share an existence.
November 17-22 (Friday-Wednesday). Peter Parker (14), on a school field trip, is bitten by a radioactive spider. He shortly thereafter develops "spider-like" superpowers. Deciding to use these powers selfishly, he forgets that with great power comes great responsibility, and a criminal that he fails to stop due to selfishness murders his Uncle Ben (80). From that point on, he becomes the amazing Spider-Man.[25]
November 17 (Friday). After biting Peter, the irradiated spider, dying, bites another teenager, a girl named Cindy Moon (16). Her powers begin to develop as well.
November 18 (Saturday). Mousse accidentally falls into the Spring of Drowned Duck at Jusenkyo.
November 22 (Wednesday). Happosai escapes from his imprisonment.
November 22. The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane (18) arrives in Perivale, London. There they become embroiled in the machinations of the Master (Tremas possession), who has become infected with the Cheetah Virus, and has been turning local youths into Cheetah People. The Doctor and Ace are also briefly infected with the virus.[26]
November 23 (Thursday). Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo meet Happosai for the first time, him having escaped his longtime imprisonment, having survived entirely on perversion.
November 26 (Sunday). Dr. Henry Pym adopts the superheroic persona of the Ant-Man.
December 6 (Wednesday). The Doctor (sixth incarnation) visits Brighton, England, and is reunited with old friend Bob Lines, reunites with Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (58) and meets young computer programmer Melanie Bush (25). They stop the machinations of the evil and insane Pale Man, who uses Auton technology and video game technology to wipe people's minds and begin a takeover of the world. The Doctor, Mel, the Brigadier, and young nascent gay American telepath Trey Forte defeat the Nestene and the Pale Man, who dies. The Doctor tries to keep Mel from joining him, but ultimately relents, and she joins him on the TARDIS.[27]
December 10 (Sunday). The Fantastic Four meet the blind sculptress Alicia Masters, and first confront her supervillain stepfather, Phillip Masters, the Puppet Master. Alicia begins dating Ben Grimm.

  • December 12. Kuonji Ukyo arrives in Nerima, and challenges Saotome Ranma to battle. After Ranma learns Ukyo is a girl, she announces that their engagement is genuine.

December 16. Laura Winslow prepares to go to a dance when her brother's bribed date for her, and her father's unfortunately arranged date, obnoxious and awkward Steve Urkel (13) arrive, as her true date picks her up.[28]
December 20 (Wednesday). Minor celebrity The Wizard (Bentley Wittman) (46) blames his lagging career on the Human Torch, and comes up with a convoluted plot to discredit the Torch. Johnny defeats the Wizard with the help of his sister the Invisible Girl.[29]
December 25 (Monday). Unable to afford presents for his children on Christmas, Homer Simpson takes in a discarded greyhound, Santa's Little Helper, and adopts the dog into the family.[30]
December 28 (Thursday). Elihas Starr debuts as the villain Egghead.


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