Timeline: 1987



  • January 3. Charles (formerly Arcola) returns from a ski trip with Buddy Lembeck to find that the Pembroke family has moved to Seattle. He says goodbye to young Jason Pembroke and matriarch Jill Pembroke. He meets the family living there, the Powell family, and enters into a similar arrangement with them, taking care of Jamie, Sarah, and Adam Powell.1
  • January 8. Spy George Fleming's son, Alexander Fleming, is born, as part of a morally-bankrupt program to mold a child as a sleeper agent.
  • While exploring the dark side of the barn, Orson Pig and friends meet the newly arrived sheep Lanolin and Bo.2
  • January 25. At Super Bowl XXI, the New York Giants defeat the Denver Broncos, 39-20.3 Jack Magniconte plays for the Giants during the game.
  • February 6. Mike Seaver (), Richard "Boner" Stabone, and their friend Eddie go to a college party, and are offered cocaine, and Mike refuses to partake.4
  • February 12. Jack Magniconte founds Kickers, Inc. and debuts as the hero "Mr. Magnificent".
  • February 22. Artist Andy Warhol (58) dies while recovering from surgery.5
  • February 27-March 3. Nancy Thompson (22) comes to work as a counselor at the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital in Springwood, Ohio. She befriends the teenagers there, the last survivors of the Elm Street children: Kristen Parker, Phillip Anderson, Jennifer Caulfield, Joey Crusel, Roland Kincaid, Will Stanton, and Taryn White. She also strikes up a romance with Dr. Neil Gordon. After Phillip and Jennifer are killed by the dream demon Freddy Krueger (their souls absorbed into him), she helps Kristen realize her "dream power", and helps the others develop powers as well. Nancy and Neil are fired when Joey falls into a coma, and Nancy sneaks back to Westin to help the kids save Joey. Neil and Donald Thompson retrieve Freddy Krueger's bones to try and bury them. On the dreamscape, Joey is rescued, but Taryn and Will are killed, and Nancy fatally wounded. In reality, Donald Thompson is killed by Freddy's animated skeleton, but Neil manages to bury and sanctify Freddy's remains, causing his apparent destruction on the dreamscape. Before Nancy dies, Kristen uses her dream power to transport Nancy's soul into a "good dreams" realm, where she becomes ruler.6
  • March 10. Maxima becomes queen of Almerac.
  • March 22. Bolivar Trask begins construction of anti-mutant Sentinel robots, despite the fact he has two mutant children.
  • March 27. Psychiatry major Harleen Quinzell uses her boyfriend Guy Kopski as a subject in an experiment for her senior thesis. She tells him she has killed someone to gauge what someone will do for someone they love. Guy panics, confusedly shoots a homeless man, and ends up committing suicide. This act, and the deep psychological damage it causes in Harleen, cause her to begin to lose her mind.7
  • March 29-30. The Henderson family (George, Nancy, Sarah, and Ernie) of Seattle, Washington, accidentally hits a sasquatch with their car. Thinking it dead, they bring it home. It awakens in the middle of the night, and though initially frightening the family, they eschew killing it, and soon come to care for it. After accidentally dubbing the sasquatch "Harry", the man-beast flees.8
  • March 30. Perivale, London teen Dorothy "Ace" McShane (16) is expelled after blowing up the art building at her school.
  • March 30. Shortly after leaving Earth's atmosphere, a freak accident causes the secret NASA space vehicle Ranger 3 to malfunction and create a cryogenic suspension atmosphere within its cabin. Pilot William "Buck" Rogers (30) is frozen instantly.9
  • April 3. Chicago couple Al and Peggy Bundy meet their newlywed neighbors Marcy and Steve Rhoades, despite Al's desire to go see a Bulls/Lakers game. Incidentally, Al and Peg's son Bud goes to said game, while daughter Kelly goes on a date with a man called "Cobra".10
  • April 3-5 (Friday-Sunday). George Henderson finds the runaway Harry in downtown Seattle, and brings him in. He recruits the expertise of Dr. Wallace Wrightwood in returning the sasquatch to his home, fearful that he would never be safe amongst them in civilization. Longtime sasquatch hunter Jacques LaFleur forces the family, Woodward, and Harry to flee to the woods early on Sunday, and George is forced to say goodbye. LaFleur refuses to give up, but when Harry shows his kindness and forgiveness even to the man who tried to kill him, they all allow Harry to return to the wild alongside other sasquatches.11

April 5 (Sunday). Little Mac Zuccelli defeats WBC Champion Mike Tyson (20) in an exhibition bout.
April 6 (Monday). Ace McShane is caught in a temporal storm while experimenting with explosives, and chronologically displaced. The storm is created by the entity Fenric as part of a long-term plan.
Christopher Summers escapes from Shi'Ar imprisonment, with the help of the Mephitisoid Hepzibah, the Graxosian Raza Longknife, the Saurid Ch'od, and the Lupak musteline Cr'reee, who escape alongside him.

  • Youthful-looking Metropolis, Washington, police officer Tom Hanson, after some disciplinary issues, joins a special group of police who infiltrate high schools due to their appearance. He meets new colleagues Judy Hoffs, Doug Penhall, and H.T. Ioki.12
  • April 24. Lois Wilkerson somehow forces the birth of her son Reese through sheer will despite her contractions not having reached that point. The child's father, Hal, is on hand, angry about his recent demotion at work.13
  • April 28. After bikini-clad terrorists steal a nuclear warhead, a U.S. Army general recruits detectives Sledge Hammer (43) and Dori Doreau (29) to find the culprits and save the city. They eventually do learn the mastermind is fitness guru Jill Taylor, who tries to hold the city for ransom. After arresting Taylor and her goons, they and their boss Captain Harrison Trunk (45), find the armed warhead, set to go off. Hammer attempts to disarm it, thus triggering it and destroying San Francisco, and killing hundreds of thousands. In the moment of the explosion, Trunk is irradiated and transformed, allowing him to survive, and he screams Hammer's name amongst the rubble. His pure rage activates his further mutation, causing a time warp explosion. The warp restores the city to its pre-explosion state, with Trunk, Hammer, and Doreau temporarily believing it's 1982.14
  • May 2. Cathy Andrews (30) pays a surprise visit to her boyfriend Irving Hillman. She finds him with another woman. They have a brief confrontation, and their relationship ends.15
  • While in Botswana, CIA agent Al Simmons (26) is murdered by fellow agent Bruce Stinson at the behest of their superior Jason Wynn.
  • May 15. Cathy Andrews attends an award ceremony where she receives the dubious "Employee of the Year" award at her place of work. Her ex-boyfriend, Irving Hillman, happens to be there. They get back together, as Cathy has no self-esteem, apparently.16
  • May 17. The sapient Golden retriever held at Banodyne Industries escapes. It is soon followed by the Outsider creature, who escapes as well.17
  • May 18. Eddie Dean (23), heroin addict, returning from a trip as a cocaine mule to the Bahamas, is entered telepathically by Roland Deschain. Coming to establish communications with him, Roland helps get Eddie through airport security and customs agents by transporting the cocaine to his own world, but the delay rouses the suspicions of drug kingpin Enrico Balazar. Balazar captures Eddie's older brother Henry (30), a more longtime heroin addict, who shortly dies from an overdose. While naked after being strip-searched for the cocaine, Eddie learns his brother has been killed, and with Roland's help, they slaughter Balazar and his goons. A despondent Eddie, after encountering his brother's severed head, leaves with Roland to Roland's world.
  • May 18. Travis Cornell, traveling in the woods, runs into the escaped sapient dog. The dog saves his life by warning him away from the approaching Outsider. Taking the dog home and slowly discovering its intelligence, he names the dog Einstein.18
  • May 19. Einstein and Travis Cornell save Nora Devon (30) from a rapist.19
  • May 27. Richard Croft disappears while searching for his wife. Lara Croft (17) decides to become an archaeologist to find her parents.
  • After the death of their C.O., Richard Jenko, the Jump Street Chapel officers take temporary reassignment until NYPD vet Captain Adam Fuller takes over leadership of the group.20
  • June 22 (Monday). Pam Tanner is killed in a car accident. The other driver is drunk at the time.21
  • June 24 (Wednesday). Princess Vespa (24) of Planet Druidia runs away from her arranged wedding to Prince Valium, taking her robot nanny Dot Matrix (112) with her. The Spaceballs, a race of humanoid conquerors, in their warship Spaceball-1, capture Vespa and Dot's space car. Druish King Roland contacts the roguish Lone Starr (30), who, due to his debt to gangster Pizza the Hutt, agrees to rescue Vespa for the cash reward. He and his best friend Barf (a Mawg) (220) fly to Spaceball-1, and rescue Vespa and Dot. They flee, ending up landing on a moon of Vega, out of gas. They begin moving across a great desert to find fuel.22
  • June 25. Princess Vespa, Lone Starr, Barf, and Dot Matrix traverse the desert, where they suffer from heat exhaustion and nearly die, until they are rescued by diminutive servants of the Norayi Yogurt (833). Yogurt begins teaching Lone Starr in the ways of his knockoff version of The Force, The Schwartz. Meanwhile, on Spaceball-1, Dark Helmet (41) and ship's captain Colonel Sandurz use mystical "home video technology" to discover the whereabouts of Vespa.23
  • June 26. Dark Helmet captures Princess Vespa and Dot Matrix, and takes them to Druidia in order to blackmail King Roland. He gives in after suffering the thought of Vespa's nosejob being undone. Lone Starr and Barf reach Spaceball City, and rescue Vespa and Dot, but it is too late for Druidia, as Spaceball-1 transforms into a giant robot called Mega Maid, and using Roland's access code, sucks all the air out of the planet's atmosphere with a giant vacuum. Lone Starr uses The Schwartz to reverse the suction from Mega Maid, restoring Druidia. Lone Starr then boards Mega Maid, and after a Schwartz duel with Dark Helmet, the robot/ship's autodestruct engages. Spaceball President Skroob, Dark Helmet, and Colonel Sandurz are stuck aboard as it explodes. The head and right hand of Mega Maid, with the three survivors, fall through space-time to the Planet of the Apes.24
  • June 28 (Sunday). Lone Starr learns he is a prince, and disrupts Princess Vespa's wedding, and they marry instead.25
  • June 30. Kuno Jomei leaves Japan, taking a teaching position at a college in Hawaii.
  • July 10-17. The frog-like ruler of the Subcon Kingdom Wart, inexplicably kidnaps the children Poki and Piki al-Doqi from 1424 Earth and brings them to this era. Their family, including their parents Yumi and Kojo al-Doqi, and teenager siblings Imajin and Lina al-Doqi, arrive in Subcon, and proceed to battle their way through the realm until they defeat Wart and rescue their siblings. Trapped in this realm, they settle down outside the Subcon Kingdom.26
  • July 21. Jesse Richter's (6) mother abandons him, leaving him with the Astoria, Oregon foster care system.27
  • July 25-28. The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Roz Forrester (43), and Chris Cwej (25) visit a council estate in London, and get caught up in an adventure. They encounter a mildly telepathic boy whose twin, separated at birth, he has been feeding off of. This draws the attention of the Time Lord weapon, the N-Form, that wants to exterminate any civilization with vampiric taint. It spreads itself through the use of a drug, and when it activates itself within its thousands of hosts, they die. Its primary host, the adoptive mother of one of the boys, sacrifices herself to stop it. While in this era, Chris has a tryst with gay man David Daniels.28

August 11 (Tuesday). Nora Devon and Travis Cornell marry in Las Vegas, with their beloved friend Einstein (1) in attendance.
August 15 (Saturday). Dorian Gray's (125) lover, the vampire Tobias Matthews (287), decides to end his long existence, and he has Dorian help him see a sunrise. He is destroyed by the sun.
August 25. Newlyweds Nora and Travis Cornell, and their sapient dog Einstein, return home to Santa Barbara to discover the Outsider has arrived at the house. They find the corpse of Travis's landlord, and have a brief confrontation with the monster. They flee, and abandon their lives, getting help from their only ally, attorney Garrison Dilworth.
August 26 (Wednesday). Travis and Nora Cornell adopt false identities in San Francisco as Sam Hyatt and Nora Aimes.
August 27-29 (Thursday-Saturday). Denise Huxtable (18) returns for her sophomore year at Hillman College. She moves into Gilbert Hall, where she meets Dwayne Wayne (18), and is roomed with Jaleesa Vinson (26), an older student. After some differences between she and Jaleesa cause her to room with preppy Whitley Gilbert (18), Denise and Jaleesa reconcile, and become roommates again.

  • The television series Horsin' Around, about a horse who adopts three human children, starring BoJack Horseman, debuts.29
  • September 7-10. After the Time Lady Rani (second incarnation) attacks the TARDIS, it crashes to the planet Lakertya. The Doctor, dying from his multiple timeline injuries, regenerates into his seventh incarnation. Along with Mel Bush (27) and the native Lakertyans, they defeat the Rani and her Tetrap allies. The Tetraps take her back to their homeworld of Tetrapyriarbus.30
  • September 11. The World Warrior tournament begins, where martial artists with mystical or chi powers compete.
  • September 17. Evie Garland, celebrating her 13th birthday, unwittingly activates her time-stopping power. While trying to handle this situation, her mother Donna informs her of her absentee father's alien nature.Receiving a "cube" communications device, Evie is able to talk to her father for the first time.31
  • September 18 (Friday). Donald Duck enlists in the United States Navy and begins serving his tour of duty under Admiral Wayne Grimmitz on the USS Nimitz. He leaves his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck in the care of his uncle, the billionaire Scrooge McDuck.32
  • September 18. The final battle of the World Warrior tournament takes place in rural Thailand, with Hoshi Ryu facing Sagat Ponchinyee. Ryu wins, severely scarring Sagat's chest.33
  • September 21. Matt Bluestone joins the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
  • September 22. Three months after the death of his wife Pam, Danny Tanner (29) says goodbye to his mother Claire, who has been helping Danny with his three daughters (D.J. [10], Stephanie [5], and baby Michelle). Shortly after Claire's departure, Pam's brother Jesse Katsopolis (24) (whose mullet is quite important), and Danny's best friend "comedian" Joey Gladstone (30), move in to help Danny out. Hi-jinks ensue.34
  • September 23. Scrooge McDuck hires Bentina Beakley (59) as live-in nanny to his nephews. She brings her granddaughter, Webbigail Vanderquack (8), along with her.35
  • September 24. Rebecca Howe (35), an employee of Lillian Corporation, becomes manager of the Boston bar Cheers, where she meets former owner and bartender Sam Malone, the rest of the staff, and some of the regulars.36
  • September 24. Larry Appleton (25), recently hired at the Chicago Chronicle newspaper, brings his cousin Balki Bartokomous (23) to his work to help Balki find a new job. Balki is hired on the spot for the mailroom, despite Sam Gorpley the mailroom manager's wanting the job for his own nephew.37
  • October 7. Stella and Miles Shortman's son, Arnold Phillip Shortman, is born during an expedition in the tiny island of San Lorenzo off the coast of Ecuador. His birth mystically halts a volcanic eruption.
  • October 21. After a fight with her filthy half-sister Ample Grime, cleaning lady Ammonia Pine gets caught in a cleaning chemical accident, and goes completely insane. She is immediately recruited into the terrorist organization FOWL.

October 23-24 (Friday-Saturday). The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Mel Bush (29) arrive in London, and discover a skyscraper in the shape of a Dalek. Investigating, they discover that the Daleks, using video game networking technology, are conspiring with Conservative politicians and plutocrats to enslave Earth and other worlds. The Doctor and Mel manage to defeat the Daleks with the help of entrepreneurial humans of the era and Thal rebels in the future year 7627, connected by time tunnel. British fascist MP Celia Dunthorpe remains in the future.

  • October 25. Larry Appleton is assigned to write a short piece, while Balki Bartokomous's boss tries to find an excuse to fire him. Balki helps Larry by taking a discarded draft to his editor, and the Chronicle's elevator operator, Harriette Winslow (37), helps Balki keep his job by blackmailing his boss.38
  • November 1. Wally Waldo (31) begins a series of adventures where he gets lost in large crowds.39
  • November 2. Rival mobsters slaughter the Bertinelli family. The only survivor is family head Franco Bertinelli's daughter Helena.40
  • November 4. The mouse Monterey Jack (8) befriends the fly Zipper.
  • At the Christmas party at the Jump Street Chapel, Internal Investigations confronts H.T. Ioki with the accusation that he is not who he says he is. He ends up admitting that he was a South Vietnamese refugee, Vinh Van Tran, whose family had been killed and who had come to the U.S. as an orphan, and had adopted a Japanese identity in order to join the police. Most of his colleagues are supportive, but at first it seems the C.O. Adam Fuller will not, due to his own time in Saigon during the war. Fuller pulls through, helping Ioki get reinstated.41
  • December 20-22. Paul Cooper, a boy living in the United States' Pacific northwest and attending a boarding school, receives a message from his teleporting sasquatch friend that his father, Will, is in imminent danger. He runs away from school and hitchhikes his way to his father's work area in the woods. There he, his father, and Jim Tallman encounter various animals lounging about, including an escaped tiger. A big game hunter complicates things, as he tries to kill the sasquatch, but a Native American ghost uses an eagle to claw out the hunter's eyes. Will Cooper is badly injured in a cave-in, but escapes alive.42
  • December 29. Psychotic hitman Vince Nasco tries to kill Travis and Nora Hyatt, but ends up killed by Travis. At the same time, the Outsider arrives, and nearly kills the dog Einstein. Travis puts the monster down.43


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