Timeline: 1986



  • January 24. L. Ron Hubbard (74) dies from complications due to a stroke.1
  • January 28. The Challenger space shuttle explodes shortly after liftoff, killing the entire crew.2
  • January 28-30. Punky Brewster and her class are among many who watch live as Challenger explodes. Punky is very upset, with her adoptive father Henry Warnimont unable to console her. Her teacher brings astronaut Buzz Aldrin to lift her spirits.3
  • Wesley Owens, a boy under the charge of Lynn Belvedere, finds out a friend of his has AIDS, and briefly has to deal with the stigma.4
  • February 6 (Thursday). Frasier Crane goes on a date with fellow psychiatrist Dr. Lilith Sternin. It ends at the Cheers bar, where the two part acrimoniously.5
  • February 22-23. Latently gay Chicago youth Jim Halsey, driving through West Texas to deliver a car to California, picks up a hitchhiker. The hitcher, psychotic killer John Ryder, threatens to kill him, but Jim manages to get him out of the car and drive away. Over the next day, Ryder, using mystical powers, manages to get ahead of Jim repeatedly, killing multiple people and framing Jim. Jim meets a young woman, Nash Lee, who becomes his inadvertent ally, especially after the Texas police attempt to kill him after Ryder kills multiple police officers. Jim and Nash make it to a motel, where Ryder finds Nash, and sets up a situation where he wants Jim to kill him while threatening to have Nash's body torn apart by trucks she's attached to. Jim fails to kill him, and Nash dies. Ryder is finally arrested, and is en route to prison, when he escapes, killing more police. Jim, having predicted the man's escape, is on the scene, and runs over and eventually shoots Ryder.6
  • The HMS Bounty, a commandeered Klingon Bird-of-Prey commanded by Admiral James Kirk and his one-time command crew (Spock, Leonard McCoy, Montgomery Scott, Hikaru Sulu, Nyota Uhura, and Pavel Chekov), lands in San Francisco, having temporally shifted to this period from the year 2286. They take humpback whales George and Gracie and marine biologist Dr. Gillian Taylor (35) back to the future.7
  • March 3. A talking sow gives birth to a litter of piglets. She names the runt Orson.8
  • Chester Cheetah begins working as a spokescheetah for Cheetos snacks.
  • March 13-21. Jeffrey Beaumont returns to his hometown of Lumberton, North Carolina, after his father suffers a severe stroke. He finds a severed ear, and he is pulled into a strange mystery. He begins falling in love with a girl, Sandy Williams, who helps him investigate. He also gets sexually involved with a woman, Dorothy Vallens, who is a victim of a psychopathic criminal, Frank Booth, who is sexually and physically abusing her while also holding her husband (whose ear it was) and son hostage. Ultimately, Jeffrey is forced to kill Booth.9
  • March 19. The farmer takes the runt Orson away from the farm, as he is likely to starve to death. Orson falls out of the truck's bed. Found by a human girl, she brings him to her father's farm: U.S. Acres.10 He soon meets Roy Rooster.11
  • March 25. Myposian immigrant Balki Bartokomous arrives at the home of his supposed cousin Larry Appleton. While Larry is not pleased with him there, he pities Balki and allows him to stay for a few days.12
  • March 26-27. While hanging out with Larry Appleton at his place of employment, Balki is fooled into selling items at very low prices. The owner, Donald Twinkacetti, gives him a chance to repair a radio to earn a job to make up for it. This ends disastrously, as Twinkacetti fires Larry as well, but then changes his mind when he realizes he can get recompense by skimming the money from their salaries. Larry, moved by Balki's kindness, agrees to let Balki stay with him until he can afford to get his own place.13
  • Insane former hero Hank Heywood begins subjecting his grandson Hank III to painful operations, reinforcing his bones with steel so as to give him similar super powers.
  • Police officer Henry Spencer, in a diner, forces his son Shawn to use his amazing recall and observation skills in a test before he can get a piece of cake.14
  • May. The mostly secret hero Ralph Hinkley's status as a superhero is revealed to the world in a strange "sting" operation. He is confronted by the media and the President of the United States after supposedly saving a girl. Ralph becomes an overnight celebrity. Ralph's alien benefactors disapprove of his public status, and task he, his wife Pam, and their ally Bill Maxwell work to find a replacement. Ralph discovers the perfect candidate in Holly Hathaway. Holly agrees, and she begins working with Bill in her secret heroic life, donning Ralph's suit. The aliens wipe the memories of Ralph as a hero from the general public.15
  • May 9. Lightning strikes a military robot, Number 5 in a series, altering its programming so as to give it self-awareness. The robot escapes custody.16
  • May 10. Struggling actress Nancy Nolan gives birth to twin boys Andrew and Douglas Nolan. Born with active mutant genes, the two boys are horribly disfigured facially.17
  • The sapient military robot, taking the identity Johnny Five, gains succor from veterinarian Stephanie Speck, and his inventor, Newton Crosby. They manage to help him fake his destruction.18
  • May 12. The hot-blooded tough guy Kishimoto Kunio (16) begins attending Nekketsu High School. En route to class, he accidentally rips off classmate Takashima Misako's skirt, causing her to attack him in a rage. She knocks him in the river. He emerges and carries his wet clothes with him, walking around in a loin cloth. Upon entering the school, he is attacked by the high school's "leader" Tadokoro, a 43-year-old man who walks around the school with thugs. Kunio easily beats up the thugs (earning the friendship of weakling Hatakeyama Hiroshi), and comes upon the sacred white school uniform encased in glass. He breaks the glass and dons the suit, which emits a mystical siren that informs all thugs in Japan that a leader of all high schools has emerged. Kunio likes the honorable role he has inadvertently taken up. Later, Kunio finds himself challenged by several thugs, but eschews fighting to get some food. Another honorable high school tough guy, Samejima Riki (16) of Hanazono High School, challenges him to a fight after the other thugs beat up Tadokoro and his gang, and Hiroshi, and threaten Misako. Kunio declines.19
  • May 13-16. Samejima Riki repeatedly challenges Kunio-kun to a fight, but is repeatedly refused, until Kunio finally relents. The two battle overnight, with the encounter ending in a draw. Riki and Kunio gain a mutual respect.20
  • May 22. Orson, having sat on a pair of abandoned chicken eggs, experiences the joy of motherhood as one of the eggs hatches. He names the chick Booker. The second egg partially hatches, with the chick inside deciding to remain shelled, surviving somehow with neither food nor water. The egg chick is named Sheldon.21
  • June 11. After Takashima Misako is abducted once again, Kunio-kun, Samejima Riki, Tadokoro, and Hatakeyama Hiroshi infiltrate Taiyo Academy (an all-girls' school). They confront the hulking and lonely Hanada Misuzu (16), who runs the school with her terrible presence. Kunio reluctantly fights her, but wins the day by instilling within Misuzu a sense of self-worth and her own beauty.22
  • June 14. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown go vacationing in Blackpool, England, and they are captured by the Celestial Toymaker. The Doctor is forced to play video games. They defeat the Toymaker, trapping him in a time loop.23
  • June 28. Sarah Williams (15) reluctantly babysits her toddler brother Toby. In a moment of anger at the inconvenience, she calls upon the Goblin King to take him away. Surprisingly, a Goblin King, Jareth, does take him away. Jareth offers her the chance to save her brother by transporting Sarah to his pocket realm, the Labyrinth. Sarah travels the Labyrinth, solving its puzzles while enlisting the aid of some of its residents: the dwarf Hoggle, the Monster Ludo, and the vulpine Muppet Didymus. Jareth begins to fall in love with the adolescent girl. Ultimately, she defeats him by simply declaring him weaker than her, and she and Toby return to normal space-time. She psionically opens an aperture between Labyrinth and her bedroom so as to have her friends visit her from time to time.24
  • June 30. The Autobots Hot Rod and Arcee achieve consciousness.
  • July 1. Mad scientist Cinnamon Scudworth, funded by a shadowy organization, brings a series of clones of historical figures and celebrities to term, and places them amongst adoptive families. The clones include those of Abigail Adams, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Samuel Adams, Susan B. Anthony, Anne Boleyn, Anne Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington Carver, Catherine the Great, Winston Churchill, Cleopatra VII, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Larry Fine, Sigmund Freud, Mahatma Gandhi, Siddhartha Gautama, Genghis Khan, Helen of Troy, Jimi Hendrix, Curly Howard, Moe Howard, Rock Hudson, Jeanne d'Arc, Jesus Christ, Julius Caesar, Gene Kelly, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Marie Antoinette, Marilyn Monroe, Moses, Isaac Newton, Nostradamus, Eva Peron, Ponce de Leon, Elvis Presley (two of them), Paul Revere, William Howard Taft, Vincent van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, and many others.
  • July 22. The wielder of the Star Brand attempts to purge himself of its power. This results in a massive explosion that is seen as a blinding flash of light over North America. This begins a mutation effect in some who witness it. It comes to be known as The White Event.25 Among those mutated are Giovanni "Jack" Magniconte.
  • July 23. A genetically reengineered Golden Retriever puppy is birthed in Banodyne Laboratories in California.

July 25. Dorian Gray (134) meets the vampire Tobias Matthews (286). They become lovers, and Toby begins feeding on Dorian.

  • August 1-2. Trucker Jack Burton (35) visits his friend Wang Chi in San Francisco's Chinatown, and finds himself pulled into a bizarre adventure. Wang's fiance Miao Yin is abducted by a Chinese slave ring, and they set out to rescue her. They are then caught up in a gang war, which is interrupted by the wandering evil spirit Lo Pan, and his mystical agents, the Three Storms. Eventually, Jack, Wang, an old sorcerer named Egg Shen, and a group of gangsters storm Lo Pan's headquarters. A pair of white women also get involved, including Gracie Law, who is nearly made Lo Pan's bride. Miao Yin's marriage to Lo Pan results in his getting a physical body, but then results in his killing, as Jack throws a knife into his forehead.26
  • August 4. Orson and his chicks meet the anxiety-filled Wade Duck.27
  • August 9. Businessman Ferris Boyle and his security agents come by the lab of Dr. Victor Fries (36), whose funding he has cut off. When Fries tries to prevent the disconnection of his wife Nora, who is terminally ill, from the experimental cryogenic suspension machine, Boyle shoves Fries, accidentally causing an explosion. Nora dies from the shock of the machine being turned off, and Fries himself flees, mutated by the cryogenic gases. He swears revenge.28
  • Andrew Keaton, at about 1 1/2 years old, suffers a bout of SORAS. The child ages to about the physical age of 5, and as is normally the case, he and those around him develop false memories of his development.
  • August 18. Shi'Ar forces attack the Summers family's airplane. In order to save their lives, Christopher Summers throws his sons Scott and Alex out of the plane with the only parachute. The parachute catches fire, and they make a hard landing. A head injury causes Scott to have permanent brain damage.
  • August 18-26. The Summerses’ plane, carrying Christopher and Katherine Summers, is teleported to the Shi’Ar Imperium's throneworld of Chandilar. Emperor D'Ken has the fetus within Katherine removed and age-accelerated to the age of six, with the child sent to begin a life of servitude. D'Ken then rapes her, impregnating her, and has that zygote also removed and advanced to term and beyond. Then he kills her. Christopher is sent to a work camp.
  • September 2. Senior partner Norman Chaney's body is found in his office at the law firm McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney, and Kuzak.29
  • September 2. Kristy Thomas, on the first day of school, conceives of a team of babysitters, including her friends Claudia Kishi, Stacey McGill, and Mary Anne Spier in a network.30
  • September 6-11. The Doctor (sixth incarnation) is pulled from time by the Time Lords (from 6732) to stand trial for various offenses. He is prosecuted by the Valeyard, a mysterious aspect of the Doctor. The Master (Tremas possession), a time displaced Mel Bush (1989), and Sabalom Glitz (1901651462) aid in his acquittal and the defeat of the Valeyard. The Doctor takes Mel back to the point she was drawn from, as he has not yet met her.31
  • September 8. Jake Kong Jr., Eddie Spencer Jr., and the highly intelligent gorilla Tracy open up a rival Ghostbusters franchise in New York City, somehow getting their HQ set up amongst the buildings of the World Trade Center. In their attic they install a vortex to a nether realm that changes their clothes for them.32

Springwood, Ohio teenager Jesse Walsh, latently gay, somehow becomes a conduit for manifestations of the undead dreamstalking demon man, Freddy Krueger. Ultimately, Jesse's girlfriend Lisa Webber burns Freddie's avatar alive, freeing Jesse.
September 22. The starship carrying Gordon Shumway (229) crashes into the home of Willie Tanner (44). Willie and his family (wife Kate, daughter Lynn, and son Brian) agree to harbor the alien, who takes the nickname "ALF".
September 22. Angus MacGyver begins working as an agent of the Phoenix Foundation.

  • September 23-24. After San Francisco's mayor's daughter is abducted, unstable (and temporarily suspended) Detective Sledge Hammer is assigned the case. En route to his taking the assignment, he blows up a building to stop a crazed sniper. His boss, Captain Harrison Trunk, reluctantly gives him his orders, and partners him with Detective Dori Doreau. The pair track leads, and through the use of torture, discover that the mayor's daughter faked the kidnapping in order to extort her father. Hammer's recklessness leads to his not getting a promotion, and so Doreau declines her own so as to remain partners.33
  • September 24. Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokomous join a gym to impress a pair of women, Jennifer Lyons and Mary Anne Spencer. They overdo their exercise routine, and end up very sore during their double-date.34

October 8 (Wednesday). Little Mac Zuccelli defeats Aran Ryan in his first WVBA World Circuit bout.

October 15 (Wednesday). Little Mac Zuccelli defeats Boris "Soda" Popinski in his second WVBA World Circuit bout.
October 22 (Wednesday). Little Mac Zuccelli defeats Reginald "Bald" Bull in his third WVBA World Circuit bout.
October 29 (Wednesday). Little Mac Zuccelli defeats Chip "Super Macho Man" Gentle in his fourth WVBA World Circuit bout.
November 5 (Wednesday). Little Mac Zuccelli defeats WVBA World Circuit champion Drew "Mr. Sandman" Sanderson.

  • November 7. Pete Tyler is killed when he is hit by a car. At one point, the Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (19/2006) alter history so as to save him from death, resulting in the near collapse of the space-time continuum, until Pete sacrifices his life to restore reality.36
  • Jessica Fletcher travels to Hawaii for vacation, and is caught up in yet another murder mystery. During the adventure, she meets private investigator Thomas Magnum, and his associate, Jonathan Higgins, who is a fan and finds himself attracted to her. Magnum is framed for murder by one of Jessica's many old murderous friends, but Jessica figures it all out with a little help from Magnum himself.37
  • November 22. Mike Tyson (20) wins the World Boxing Council Championship.

December 7 (Sunday). The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor, Polly Wright (), and Ben Jackson (), arrives in Antarctica at an international scientific station. They are soon faced with the threat of the planet Mondas encroaching on Earth's space, with its inhabitants, the Cybermen, threatening Earth and draining its energies, including that of the Doctor. In the end Mondas is destroyed and the Cybermen all apparently perish. The Doctor collapses in the TARDIS, and undergoes his first regeneration into his second incarnation.

  • December 21. Deputy Sean Brody of Amity Island is killed and partially eaten by a great white shark as part of the "Jaws" curse on the Brody family.38


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