Timeline: 1984



  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation)'s cricket match is disrupted by the arrival of several Judoon. He, Tegan Jovanka, and Vislor Turlough get them to leave when the Doctor tricks them with a cricket ball.1
  • January 26 (Thursday). Sandra Wu-San gives birth to Cassandra Cain in Tibet. The child's father, assassin David Cain, immediately takes her away, and begins his plan to raise her with no verbal communication whatsoever.
  • January 26-27 (Thursday-Friday). Ned Donnelly comes to his sister Elyse Keaton's (37) home to prepare for a job interview. He drinks heavily while there, alarming his nephew Alex (19). The next morning, Ned gets drunk before the job interview, making a huge scene and embarrassing Elyse's husband Steven (34). When Ned returns to their home, Elyse, Steven, and Alex hold an intervention. When Ned smacks Alex, he accepts his alcoholism and makes moves to addressing his problem.2
  • February 3 (Friday). The TARDIS is pulled to London, England in this time by way of a locked time corridor. The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Tegan Jovanka (25), and Vislor Turlough (21) become involved in a battle with the Daleks linked to 2982. In the aftermath, a disillusioned Tegan decides to remain behind on Earth.3
  • February 5 (Sunday). The legendary hero Santo, Rodolfo Guzman Huerta (66), dies from a heart attack.4
  • February 6 (Monday). Teenager Anthony "Little Mac" Zuccelli Jr. (17), with coaching from retired boxer Jerome "Doc" Louis (66), enters the World Video Boxing Association's ranks, with his first bout with Joseph "Glass Joe" Francois, knocking him out in the first round.5
  • February 13 (Monday). Little Mac Zuccelli defeats Hermann von Kaiser in his second WVBA Minor Circuit bout.6
  • February 20 (Monday). Little Mac Zuccelli defeats Quincy "Disco Kid" Kidd in his third WVBA Minor Circuit bout.7
  • February 27 (Monday). Little Mac Zuccelli defeats WVBA Minor Circuit Champion King Hippo (22).8 Hippo Island calls for sanctions against the United States, but then withdraws them within an hour.
  • March 4 (Sunday). The newly elected mayor of Metro City, seeing a decline in police officers in the city, loosens the requirements for admission to the Police Academy, flooding the police with applicants.9
  • March 24 (Saturday). At Shermer High School in Shermer, Illinois, five white teenagers attend an all day special detention session. The teens, "beauty" Claire Standish, "jock" Andrew Clark, "brain" Brian Johnson, "rebel" John Bender, and "recluse" Allison Reynolds (all 16), initially clash. John is especially antagonistic to the others. However, over the course of the day, the kids come to appreciate each other, and forge a semblance of friendship. They learn of each other's emotional troubles. At the end of the day, John and Claire seem to become an item, as do Andy and Allison. Brian writes a short essay to their "jailer" Vice Principal Richard Vernon on behalf of the others in the "Breakfast Club".10
  • March 25 (Sunday). Raymond Terrill is born to Nadine Terrill in the United States. His father is Langford "Happy" Terrill (69), the original Ray. The boy is born emitting light.
  • March 26 (Monday). The Metro City Police Academy welcomes its new batch of recruits to the force. The new cadets include the semi-charismatic Carey Mahoney (25), who is forced to attend the Academy to stay out of jail; physically imposing super strong florist Moses Hightower (39); trigger-happy security guard Eugene Tackleberry (33); sound effects mimic Larvell Jones (25); diminutive and quiet Laverne Hooks (36); overweight milquetoast Leslie Barbara; bored and wealthy young woman Karen Thompson; ladies' man George Martin; and accident-prone Douglas Fackler. Academy Commandant Eric Lassard lets Mahoney know he can't quit or be expelled. His second-in-command, Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris, is enlisted by the chief of police to try and force the more oddball cadets to quit. Harris is joined by his no-nonsense assistant Sergeant Debbie Callahan.11
  • March-July. The Metro City Police Academy cadets go through intense training for fourteen weeks. At one point Cadet Moses Hightower upends a car carrying a racist fellow cadet who had used a racial slur against fellow African American cadet Laverne Hooks (37). At another, Cadet Carey Mahoney accidentally gets a prostitute to perform fellatio on Commandant Eric Lessard without his consent. When Cadet Douglas Feckler inadvertently initiates a riot, the cadets are drawn into the thick of it. Recently discharged cadets Mahoney and Hightower rescue Lieutenant Thaddeus Harris from a psychotic rioter, leading them to be reinstated into the Academy and graduate with commendations for their valor.12
  • April. The H'San Natall abduct nine human women and impregnate them with human/H'San Natall hybrids, one from each of the nine species of the H'San Natall.
  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (20) visit this era, and are once again reunited with Lucie's Auntie Pat, who is now married to a man named Trevor, a former musician. They discover Trevor is actually a Zygon who has tried to settle down, but his cohorts come searching for him. They replace Lucie, and end up killing Pat. The dying Trevor (Haygoth), after destroying his fellow Zygons, decides to permanently take the form of his dead wife, Pat. Lucie is rescued.13
  • April 21 (Saturday). A man goes out hunting and brings his dog, Duck (3). Duck meets a mallard (2) of similar intelligence, and they strike a friendship. Duck takes his master's gun and fills it with blanks, and the duck, who happens to be named Hunt, pretends to get shot over and over. When Hunt "flies away", Duck mocks his master with laughter.14
  • May. The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Vislor Turlough, and Kamelion, arrives in the Canary Islands on Earth. Kamelion begins succumbing to control by the Master (Tremas possession). Turlough rescues a vacationing American, Peri Brown (18), and she is brought along with the others to Sarn in 1996.15
  • May 19-20 (Saturday-Sunday). A Terminator unit from 2029 in an alternate timeline bubble travels to this date in order to kill Sarah Connor (28). It is followed by human resistance agent Kyle Reese (27), who helps save Connor, and inadvertently sires his future commander, John Connor, before he dies. Sarah Connor manages to destroy the damaged Terminator robot in a press.16
  • May 21 (Monday). Professor Craig Utonium (), jealous of the recent creation of the "perfect little boy" robot prototype by his rival, mixes a concoction of "sugar, spice, and everything nice" to create the perfect little girl. The mixture explodes when he accidentally adds Chemical W to it. A super-powered girl-like creature comes into existence. Utonium decides to raise her as his own, naming her Blisstina Francesca Francia Mariam Alicia.17
  • July 1 (Sunday). Power returns upon the long-dormant starship Ark. The Autobots (including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Jazz, Prowl, Ratchet, Trailblazer, Wheeljack) and Decepticons (including Megatron), Starscream, Soundwave, Ravage, Laserbeak) aboard the ship come out of stasis lock. The Decepticons flee to their own nearby crashed ship, Nemesis.18
  • July 3 (Tuesday). Optimus Prime and the Autobots befriend humans Irving "Sparkplug" Witwicky (40) and his son, Sam "Spike" Witwicky (14).19
  • July 7 (Saturday). Daphne Blake (), Shaggy Rogers (), and Scrappy-Doo () bring Scooby-Doo to a television studio as part of an elaborate ruse to give him a surprise 25th birthday party. The gang is reunited with their friends Velma Dinkley () and Fred Jones (). A previous costumed hoaxer tries to frame Fred as a villain, but is found out.20
  • July 10 (Tuesday). Jason Voorhees (38) begins his very first murder spree.21
  • July 12 (Thursday). The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Frobisher (35/8165) visit Antarctica, where Frobisher adopts the form of a penguin, which he decides to keep. The Doctor encounters the mysterious Astralobus, who he eventually realizes is the renegade Time Lord the Thief.22
  • Teenage loser Alex Rogan manages to beat the Starfighter game in his trailer park, drawing the attention of the alien recruiter Centauri. Centauri takes Alex into space, making him a Starfighter, where, after the other Starfighters are slain, he single-handedly defeats the alien fleet of the Rylan renegade Xur and his Ko-Dan allies. While Alex is away, his place is taken by a Beta unit android, who causes havoc with Alex's girlfriend. Beta fakes his death to help Alex stay alive in deep space. When Alex returns triumphant, he decides he will remain in space, and asks his girlfriend to join him, and she gives up any sort of reasonable future to go off with him.23
  • July 21 (Saturday). When gay man Adrian Mellon is assaulted by a group of young thugs in Derry, Maine, the creature called It appears on the scene, killing Mellon.24
  • August. Victoria Waterfield (25), traveling in Tibet, finds the Great Intelligence posing as her father in the body of Edward Travers. It fools her into using her inheritance to build the New World University so that it can build a seat of power.25
  • Susan Brewster packs up her daughter Punky (8) and her puppy Brandon, and all their things and drives to Chicago. Stopping at a shopping center, Susan goes into a store, and disappears. The terrified Punky runs after a few hours, taking Brandon with her.26
  • September 9 (Sunday). Teenager Brett Matthews (15), while driving a stolen red sports car on a crazy joy ride through the mountains, veers off the road and crashes into an absurd lab. He and the car are hit with a molecular transfer ray. He and his car somehow become merged, and the boy begins a life of horrible transformations into a car when he gets hot. He decides to try and become a superhero/secret agent of sorts, and begins to call himself Turbo Teen.27
  • September 10 (Monday). Scott Trakker (9) completes construction and first activates his transforming robot T-Bob.
  • September. New Jersey natives Lucille and Daniel LaRusso (16) move to the Reseda neighborhood of Los Angeles. In their new apartment complex, he meets the maintenance man Nariyoshi Miyagi (60). Daniel begins integrating himself in local life, and ends up going to a beach party full of local kids, including a girl named Ali Mills. When Ali's ex-boyfriend Johnny Lawrence (17) begins harassing her, Daniel tries to get involved, and gets hurt, creating an enmity between the two boys, resulting in repeated encounters.28
  • Neverwas Chuck Cunningham's attempt to bring himself back into existence causes a displacement effect, dragging Chachi Arcola (20) and his mother Louisa Delvecchio into this time period from their native 1967. Found by youth Buddy Lembeck, they are rendered largely amnesiac, with Chachi only remembering his given name (Charles), and Louisa not even that. Buddy's questions about their lives cause reality to further warp and accept them into this time period. Louisa takes the name Lillian.29
  • September 15 (Saturday). The band Kidd Video, with members Bryan "Kidd" Scott (18), Carla Rozzi (22), Robert "Whiz" Rist (20), and Ash Alterman (21), while practicing, encounter a dimensional portal disguised as a mirror. The extra-dimensional madman Master Blaster transports the kids to his realm called Flipside, with the intention of making them his "musical slaves… forever!" The kids are rescued by the fairy Glitter, and they begin a quest to get home.30
  • September 16 (Sunday). Building manager Henry Warnimont (60) discovers Punky Brewster living in the vacant apartment across the hall. He brings her and her dog into his home after learning about her situation.31
  • Columbia University scientists Drs. Egon Spengler (36), Ray Stantz (32), and Peter Venkman (34) go to the New York City Public Library Main Branch and encounter a ghost librarian. After returning to the University, they learn their grant has been terminated, and they decide to go into private business as the Ghostbusters.32
  • September 18 (Tuesday). Loose cannon Los Angeles Police Department Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter (38) becomes partners with Dee Dee McCall.33
  • As Henry Warnimont gets closer to Punky Brewster, the two find difficulty in dealing with Child Services. Punky is taken to the Fenster Hall group home, and her social worker Randi Mitchell works to actively prevent Punky and Henry's reunion. Punky runs away from Fenster, arriving while Henry is talking with Mitchell. Henry vows to fight for her. Moved by this, Mitchell changes her mind, and fights on Henry and Punky's behalf in a preliminary custody hearing. Henry ultimately wins, setting the stage for him to become her guardian.34
  • September 20 (Thursday). Ex-baseball player Tony Micelli (33) leaves Brooklyn, bringing his daughter Samantha (11) with him to Fairfield, Connecticut. He arrives at advertising executive Angela Bower's (35) home, and she reluctantly hires him on as her housekeeper due to his high pressure sales tactics and approval from her mother Mona Robinson (55) and her son Jonathan (8). Later that night, a romantic encounter with her boss is complicated by Tony's interference.35
  • September 21 (Friday). Angela Bower, on advice from her housekeeper, decides to avoid sleeping with her boss in order to make sure her promotion to President at the advertising agency is not affected by potential sexual quid pro quo. She gets the promotion anyway.36
  • September 21 (Friday). At the Huxtable home in Manhattan, New York, son Theo (14) brings home Ds in his report card and daughter Denise (15) goes out on a date with a former merchant marine that had been held in a Turkish prison. Parents Clair (41) and Cliff (47) handle both issues, as well as Vanessa's (11) wanting a dog and Rudy's (5) being a small child.37
  • September 26 (Wednesday). The Ghostbusters hire Janine Melnitz (31) as their receptionist.38
  • September 27 (Thursday). Diane Chambers (35) first brings her lover, psychiatrist Frasier Crane (29), to the bar Cheers as part of an intervention for Sam Malone (36).39
  • September 28 (Friday). In Baltimore, Brown family friend Anthony Chambers is buried, and Peri Brown (23) returns home, accompanied by the Doctor (sixth incarnation). They learn that Mr. Chambers had been Cyber-converted, and as a Cyberman he attacked his family, severely injuring his son. The Doctor learns of the machinations of a single Cyber-Leader, who he leaves on Mondas after tricking him. Peri decides to stay behind.40
  • October 2 (Tuesday). After beginning an investigation of a strange phenomenon at the home of musician Dana Barrett, the Ghostbusters Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, and Ray Stantz are hired to capture a ghost haunting the swanky Sedgwick Hotel. They successfully capture the ghost, "Slimer", and imprison it in their facility.41
  • October 3 (Wednesday). Charles (the former Chachi Arcola) begins working with the Pembroke family as their live-in nanny.42
  • October 7 (Saturday). Jeannette Foster is killed in an explosion. Her daughter, a grieving Peri Brown, is picked up by the Doctor and rejoins him on his travels.43
  • Winston Zeddemore (39) is hired on as the fourth Ghostbuster.44
  • October 24 (Saturday). Julian Kintobor (40), renaming himself Ivo Robotnik, stages a coup d'etat in Mobotropolis, overthrowing King Maximilian Acorn. He begins enacting his plan of conquest of Mobius.45
  • October 27 (Tuesday). When the Autobots learn of Earth's extinct dinosaur species, Ratchet and Wheeljack are inspired to build robot dinosaurs. Very quickly, they create the massive, yet dimwitted Grimlock (who resembles a tyrannosaur), Slag (a triceratops), and Sludge (a brontosaurus). The "Dinobots" rampage shortly after activation and are disabled. Later, the Autobots engage in battle with the Decepticons at a hydroelectric plant. The Autobots face defeat until the reactivated and upgraded Dinobots come to their rescue. Optimus Prime invites the Dinobots into the Autobots' ranks.46
  • Oroku Saki (35) adopts the identity of the Shredder. Taking command of the Foot Clan of ninja thieves, he names Toshishiro Tatsu (35) as his second-in-command.
  • October 31 (Wednesday). At a Halloween dance, Daniel LaRusso dresses up as a shower and meets up with Allie Mills. At the dance, he pranks Johnny Lawrence and his gang, and gets chased home. The other boys begin to beat him up, when Mr. Miyagi appears. Johnny doesn't back down, and Miyagi beats them up to stop their attack.47
  • November 1 (Thursday). Mr. Miyagi goes with Daniel LaRusso to the Cobra Kai studio to try and negotiate a truce between Johnny Lawrence and his friends and Daniel. Miyagi's confrontation with Cobra Kai's leader leads to Daniel and Johnny agreeing to a stalemate and to settling it at a karate tournament.48
  • November 1. The god Gozer begins its return, in that it sends two sloar monsters to merge with New York City residents Dana Barrett and Louis Sully. It does so, turning them into the Gatekeeper and the Keymaster. Peter Venkman tries to go on a date with Dana, and finds her possessed. The Keymaster is brought to the Ghostbusters' lighthouse.49
  • November 2 (Friday). An agent of the Environmental Protection Agency arrives at the Ghostbusters' headquarters, and forces the shutdown of the containment unit. This releases all the captured ghosts back into the "wild", and brings the final arrival of Gozer, as the Gatekeeper and Keymaster mate. Briefly arrested, the Ghostbusters travel to the site of Gozer's arrival, and confront him (in a female form). Gozer asks takes on the form of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in order to destroy them, but the Ghostbusters cross the streams of their proton packs, and apparently destroy Gozer.50
  • Nariyoshi Miyagi begins training Daniel LaRusso in karate. He first frames the training as chores, but Daniel gains a lot of muscle memory.51
  • November 6 (Tuesday). Ronald Reagan (69) wins reelection to the presidency of the United States, defeating Democratic candidate and former Vice President Walter Mondale.52
  • November 21-22 (Wednesday-Thursday). Sondra Huxtable (20) returns home for Thanksgiving, and she has a brief conflict with her father about spending the summer in Paris.53
  • December 18 (Tuesday). Daniel LaRusso celebrates his 17th birthday with Mr. Miyagi, who gives him one of his classic cars. Daniel goes out and confronts Allie, and they reconcile after Daniel apologizes.54
  • December 19 (Wednesday). The Cobra Kai and others participate in a karate tournament. Daniel LaRusso manages to make it all the way to the final round, even after Cobra Kai's leader has one of his students make an illegal move. The final fight ends up between Daniel and Johnny Lawrence. Johnny has the upper hand until Daniel uses the magical Crane technique, and he defeats Johnny.55
  • Other births: Kazooie (February 27), Simon Hall (May 8), Denny Philips (May 11), a Mephitisoid female (June 8), Stephanie Brown (June 28), Sousuke Sagara (July 7), Rahne Sinclair (July 15), Frances Foster (July 25), Shannon Rutherford (August 20), Douglas Yancey Funnie (August 22)56, Minnlee (August 21), Mosquito Valentine (September 9), Lanky Kong (September 14), Timothy Murphy (September 21), Patricia Mayonnaise (October 19), Miles Prower (October 24), Chidori Kaname (December 24)57, Amane Misa (December 25)58, Shadow Moon (December 31)59



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