Timeline: 1983



  • January 4-5. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa arrive in this time directly from Gallifrey in 6698, as part of a conspiracy to bring the ancient Time Lord Omega back to Gallifrey. Ultimately, former stewardess Tegan Jovanka rejoins the pair on the TARDIS after her and her cousin's rescue in Amsterdam. Omega briefly gains a new body patterned on that of the Doctor before apparently dying.1
  • January 6. Tegan Jovanka is reunited with her recent ex-boyfriend Kyle Exeter. After they and the Doctor and Nyssa are attacked by the Nix, they take the TARDIS back in time to 1658. At the conclusion of the adventure, Kyle is dropped off, where he goes on to find a new path and new loves in the world.2
  • After spending some time in Brisbane recovering from their last adventure, the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa, and Tegan Jovanka travel to Luparis seeking another of Tegan's old boyfriends in Mike Bretherton, a reporter who disappeared. They find the insectoid Hexagora have been abducting humans and occupying their bodies in order to survive the planet's climatic shift. After dealing with various power grabs, the queen eventually realizes that they are better off without the human hosts, and return the abducted humans to their home times while forging a new future for themselves.3
  • January 20. In the middle of her wedding to Hal Wilkerson, Lois Welker gives birth to their first child, Francis.4
  • January 26. Retired American football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant (69) dies from a massive heart attack.5
  • February 1 (Tuesday). The Trion exile Vislor Turlough (16) is recruited by the Black Guardian in a plot to kill the Doctor. The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa, and Tegan Jovanka appear in this era aboard the ship of the mutant Mawdryn. Turlough and one of his teachers, Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (), become involved in a time travel incident. Lethbridge-Stewart's amnesia is cured. Turlough joins the crew of the TARDIS.6
  • March. After his wife Kimberly throws him out, Theodore "the Beaver" Cleaver comes to live with his widow mother June while awaiting his divorce. Meanwhile, his brother Wally has issues with his sleazy friend Eddie Haskell.7
  • March 30-31. The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Tegan Jovanka, and Vislor Turlough are caught up in a race through the Sol system by extra-temporal aliens. Ultimately, the Black and White Guardians are at the root of the issue, and Turlough finally rejects the Black Guardian.8
  • April 11. Eva Khatchadourian gives birth to her son, Kevin Khatchadourian. After giving birth, Eva feels no affection upon interacting with her child, beginning their long, unpleasant relationship.9
  • The Doctor (“eleventh” incarnation) and Clara Oswald (26/2013) wind up on a Soviet nuclear submarine during the height of the Cold War. A lone Ice Lord, Skaldak, released from being frozen in a block of ice, goes through a rampage, killing many of the crew, but is ultimately convinced to not destroy the Earth, and he leaves the submarine peacefully.10
  • June 3-5 (Friday-Sunday). Seattle teenager David Lightman, a boy computer genius, after accidentally discovering a semi-sapient computer program, finally manages to activate its contents, thinking it is a new gaming prototype. In actuality, it is a secret program placed by its creator in the WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) computer, a computer at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in Colorado. He activates a "game" called Global Thermonuclear War, and the program, Joshua, begins making its scenario actuality. The supposed attack stops when David turns off his computer, causing the NORAD officials to stand down and seek the source of the problem. FBI agents find David (who realizes he was not playing a game) and bring him to NORAD, where he is accused of being a collaborator with the Soviets. He learns Joshua is going to complete the game to its fruition. David escapes, and with the help of his friend Jennifer Mack, finds Joshua's creator, Dr. Stephen Falken. Falken eventually agrees to help them try and stop Joshua. After breaking into NORAD, the three manage to stop the United States from retaliating against a supposed attack by the Soviets, but Joshua begins breaking into the code to launch the nukes anyway. David teaches Joshua about the no win scenario by teaching it tic-tac-toe, and it stops the launch itself.11
  • June 9. Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party wins handily in the United Kingdom's general elections.12

June 9. The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa, Tegan Jovanka, and Vislor Turlough visit underground tunnels in England on Election Day, and encounter, and are forced to destroy, a race of genetically-engineered super rats.

  • July 14. The Mario Brothers Mario and Luigi Mario (both 30) found a plumbing company. Their first job sends them into the sewers of New York, where they encounter giant turtles, crabs, and flies, mutated by the mystical energies of the warp pipes leading to the Mushroom Kingdom of Shrem.13
  • July 17. Perry White (39) is promoted to editor-in-chief of the newspaper The Daily Planet.
  • July 23. Security guard John Brown (37) is caught in an explosion during an act of industrial espionage by Sanford Scolex (40). Severely injured, he agrees to accept various cybernetic parts to help him survive and augment his abilities. Unfortunately, a great deal of his brain matter is inadvertently removed, making him an imbecile.14
  • July 23. The same explosion causes the loss of Scolex's hand, necessitating its replacement with a cybernetic claw. Driven insane by the pain of the Auto-mail construction, Scolex starts calling himself Dr. George Claw, and swears revenge on Brown, and conceives of the terrorist organization M.A.D.

July 24 (Sunday). After the imbecile John Brown returns home with the help of his niece Penny Brown (12) and her genetically-spliced dog Brain (2), he starts calling himself Inspector Gadget, and begins the process of entering the police force of Riverton, Ohio. The genius girl decides she must take care of her beloved uncle to honor the man he once was. She begins legal proceedings to have herself emancipated and made "Uncle Gadget's" caretaker.
July 25 (Monday). Sadistic Riverton police chief Coleman Quimby hires Inspector Gadget as an agent, but invests in microexplosives in his attempts to murder Inspector Gadget.
The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Gus Goodman (from an alternative 1963 potentiality branch) investigate a time warp created by the Monk (second incarnation) and Ice Warrior allies, and with the help of a squad of human espers, they defeat the villains and destroy the weapon.
August 19 (Friday). Ianto Jones is born to Glenda Jones and her husband in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.

  • Sarah Jane Smith (33) and K-9 (Mark III) travel to Egypt. They enter a tomb, and encounter Silurians, and hope to begin peace talks.15
  • August 24 (Wednesday). At Empire State University, Matt Murdock (18) meets Foggy Nelson (18), his new roommate. The two are fast friends.

September. Ren Daggle leaves Durla. He comes aboard a ship with a dead crew, and travels to Colu, where he is shot down and imprisoned by the Computer Tyrants. He meets Vril Dox (Brainiac) and son (Vril Dox II). Dox tortures him.
The Doctor (fifth incarnation) brings his companions Nyssa (3530), Tegan Jovanka, and Vislor Turlough to Fordsham University, and Tegan winds up grabbing a sword once wielded by Mercian queen Æthelflæd, and is caught in the effect of a temporal displacement, winding up in the past. The Doctor, Nyssa, and Turlough travel back to the past to rescue her, bringing Ælfwynn back with them.
October 21 (Friday). Donkey Kong (12) invades the greenhouse of Stanley Bugman, but is scared away by Stanley, who repeatedly sprays him with poison.16 Donkey Kong, reeling from his poisoning, falls into a warp pipe, followed by his son Donkey Kong, Jr. (2). They arrive on the planet Mobius.

  • October 23 (Sunday). Teenager Guido Carosella (13) is hit by a school bus. The impact triggers his mutant powers, distending his upper body with enormous musculature, and putting a severe physical strain on his heart.

October 23. The boy Pinocchio (2/1885), and the infant Emma (1185), appear in a wooded area in the northeastern United States.

October 28 (Friday). Regina Mills tries to prevent two people, a man and his son, from leaving Storybrooke, in an attempt to add someone to share her experience with to her life. The man is arrested, but his son manages to escape. Mills murders him.

  • November 2. The Winchester family home in Lawrence, Kansas is attacked by the demon Azazel. Mary Winchester is slain, her body engulfed in hellfire. The home is burned down, but John Winchester manages to save his sons Dean (4) and infant Sammy.18
  • November 6. The psionic-powered girl Eleven, held in an American government lab in Hawkins, Indiana, contacts an extra-dimensional monster while spying on a Soviet operative for her masters. This leads to a rift opening between realms, and the creature having access to normal space-time. The chaos allows Eleven to escape.19
  • November 6. Will Byers, after playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends, returns home. Hunted by the extra-dimensional monster, Will slips into the parallel realm. He manages to survive by hiding.20
  • November 8. Barb Holland (16), while accompanying her best friend Nancy Wheeler to a party hosted by neighborhood jerk Steve Harrington, falls into the upside down while Nancy loses her virginity to Steve. A creature attacks her and kills her.21
  • November 25. At a UNIT ceremony, the Doctor (second incarnation) visits his old friend Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. They are abducted to the Death Zone on Gallifrey in 6701 as part of a scheme by the Time Lord President Borusa. Simultaneously, Sarah Jane Smith is also abducted, despite the precognitive warnings of K-9. As this is happening, the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Tegan Jovanka, and Vislor Turlough visit the Eye of Orion. The Doctor feels his past selves being stolen away, and the trio travel to Gallifrey in that same era.22


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