Timeline: 1982



  • January 9. The Pacman Pepper is thrown into a maze with the ghosts Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Sue, and is chased by them. In the maze she runs across the legendary hero Pac-Man, and they marry and conceive a child that very day.1
  • January 15. Beverly Marsh marries Tom Rogan.2
  • February 4. Freelance photographer Mike Moran gets caught up in a terrorist strike at an atomic lab. While suffering from severe headaches during the incident, he woozily sees the word "atomic" in a reflection, and remembers it as a magic word: KIMOTA, which transforms him into Miracleman for the first time in nearly 20 years. Almost accidentally subduing the terrorists, Miracleman flies into the heavens. While out there, he is briefly attacked by himself from 1985, but his memories are wiped. He returns home to tell his wife Liz about what has happened, and the memories that have returned.3
  • February 5. Jonathan Bates, tech CEO and formerly Kid Miracleman, contacts Mike Moran to invite him for a reunion. During the meeting, Bates tells Mike of how he had survived powerless, but Mike accuses Bates of lying, and having become a psychopathic supervillain in the interim. This turns out to be true, as Bates attacks Mike and his wife Liz. He murders his own secretary, and beats Miracleman. After heading off to kill Liz, Miracleman returns to engage in battle anew, barely saving a child from Bates's murder. After Miracleman seems truly defeated, Bates foolishly refers to himself as Kid Miracleman, inadvertently causing him to revert to his 13-year-old powerless form. A broken Johnny Bates rejects "Kid Miracleman" as an alternate identity, and appears to be incapable of transforming back into his supervillain form.4
  • February 15. Moira MacTaggert leaves her abusive husband Joe, who refuses to release her from marriage.
  • The Orkan overlord Orson briefly transports Admiral James T. Kirk (from 2284) to the home of Mork, Mindy, and Mearth McConnell in this time period.5
  • After her husband Mike decides to move into a commune, Gloria Stivic separates from him, leaves California, and returns home to Queens with her son Joey in tow. She moves in with her widower father Archie Bunker and his wards, including Stephanie Mills. He gives her a job at his tavern. After Joey's tortoise (brought secretly to New York) gets sick and dies, Gloria gets the opportunity to work in a veterinarian's office, and moves upstate.6
  • March 4-6. In Los Angeles, credit union worker Sally Decker murders her boss and a customer, and frames the customer for the crime. Frank Drebin (56), detective lieutenant at the LAPD's "Police Squad" squad, is assigned the case. He gathers clues, eventually learning that Decker is the culprit, and discovers her long criminal career, eventually facing her in a gunfight (both shooting and throwing of guns, as well as wigs).7
  • March 22. A Concorde plane vanishes into a temporal vortex after taking off from Heathrow Airport in London. The TARDIS, carrying the grieving Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (), and Tegan Jovanka (), arrives at Heathrow, and they begin investigating the disappearance. Joining another Concorde, they similarly disappear into the vortex. Soon, the second Concorde returns with the TARDIS and both crews and passengers. The TARDIS leaves, accidentally leaving Tegan Jovanka behind.8
  • March 22. Jenny Gump (36) dies from complications due to AIDS. She is survived by her husband Forrest (37) and son Forrest Jr.9
  • Tegan Jovanka returns to work as a flight attendant.
  • April 2. The first Bomberman android becomes self-aware. He travels to the surface of Planet Bomber.
  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) meets UFO enthusiast Max Edison in Stockbridge, and together they investigate a derelict spaceship in orbit.10

May 13 (Thursday). Mork, Mindy (25), and Mearth McConnell are forced to go on the run after the evil alien Kalnik blows up their apartment and tries to kill them. Mindy manages to get him frozen in liquid nitrogen.
May 18 (Tuesday). Mork McConnell appears in a short broadcast across the United States, announcing he is an alien. Though most people do not believe him, he still becomes an overnight celebrity.
May 21 (Friday). Kalnik ambushes Mork and Mindy McConnell at their ruined home, and they are forced to flee through time via ruby red time-travel shoes. They appear moments after they left, having spent a day in 98018 BCE. With Kalnik having died in the past, the McConnell family returns to their normal life, their brief public life covered up by the Men in Black organization.
June 18 (Friday). Nicholas Burkhardt is born to Kelly and Reed Burkhardt in Rhinebeck, New York, United States.
July 11 (Sunday). The TARDIS arrives in Italy carrying the Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Charley Pollard (1930). While the celebration of a World Cup victory ensues, the pair defeat a vanguard of an Earth invasion by alien Threllips.

  • July 15. Infant gorilla Donkey Kong, Jr. rescues his father () from Mario Mario (), who has had a psychotic break and is torturing the great ape. Mario ultimately realizes the folly of his ways and lets DK go.11
  • August 4. A little girl named Nina Valerosa uses her mild telepathy to access the vast energies wielded by Madame Foster, and conjures to life the monstrous yet kindhearted Eduardo.
  • August 8. While on a long undercover mission of protection, police detective Michael Long is betrayed by one of his charges, who shoots him in the head. He survives due to a metal plate in his head, which actually destroys his face. He is found dying by wealthy recluse Wilton Knight, who has him brought to his home, and he is saved.12
  • August 12. After four days of rest, Michael Long's bandages are removed, and his facial reconstruction reveals him to have a face similar to that of young lifeguard Mitch Buchannon (28).13
  • August 16. Jason Peter Todd is born to Sheila Haywood. She immediately abandons him to his father, Willis Todd. Willis and his wife Catherine go on to raise him.
  • August 17. Lucius Fox (42) is named Chief Executive Officer of Wayne Enterprises, with the blessing of Wayne heir Bruce (20).
  • August 21. Charles Victor Szasz legally changes his name to Vic Sage in hopes of succeeding as a television star.
  • September 12. The great luchador enmascarado Santo (64) holds his last match, officially retiring.
  • September 26 (Sunday). Michael Long is introduced to the sapient car Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), and after speaking to Wilton Knight on his deathbed, agrees to adopt the heroic alias of Michael Knight and join the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG).14
  • September 30. Graduate student Diane Chambers (33) is jilted by her fiance while waiting at the Cheers bar in Boston. Bar owner Sam Malone (34) takes pity on her, and hires her as a waitress, joining his other employees, Carla Tortelli (33) and Ernie "Coach" Pantusso (58).15
  • October 4-5. When a con artist comes to Hawaii to run an auction, "Robin Masters" offers to host at his mansion, placing his security specialists Thomas Magnum and Jonathan Higgins on the case. Things are complicated when an art dealer hires Los Angeles private detective brothers Rick and A.J. Simon to recover a cursed ki'i statue. After recovering the ki'i, Higgins joins the Simons on a trip to South America to find the con woman.16
  • An alien vessel appears above Johannesburg, South Africa, filled with millions of alien refugees vaguely resembling shrimp. The South African government, already a racially segregated society due to its system of Apartheid, places the refugees in, but forces them into the a segregated zone: District 9.17
  • October 23 (Saturday). A ship from Brodo Asogi lands outside Los Angeles, California, as part of a scientific expedition. The mission is disrupted by the arrival of U.S. military operatives, and one of the explorers, Zrek, ends up isolated from the ship as it departs. Zrek ends up at the Thomas home in the suburbs, and is found by the human boy Elliott (10).18
  • October 23. Brock Samson (19) accidentally kills another player during a college football game. He is expelled from school as a result.19
  • October 23. On Gargantua-1, Jonas Venture () is killed during a confrontation with the reanimated cyborg Venturion, as a majority of the occupants are ejected into space. Team Venture finds Venture's body, and after accidentally breaking it into pieces, connects the severed head to a computer, giving him a pseudo-life.
  • October 24-25 (Sunday-Monday). Elliott Thomas has a brief second encounter with Zrek, and later uses Reese's Pieces to lure the alien into his home. Elliott and Zrek begin to get to know each other, with the alien forging a telepathic bond with the child. Elliott reveals the alien to his brother Michael and sister Gertie. They dub the alien "E.T."20
  • October 26 (Tuesday). After E.T. accidentally intoxicates Elliott Thomas, Gertie Thomas helps E.T. learn to speak English. E.T. informs the kids that he wishes to "phone home".21
  • At the aging St. Eligius Hospital in Boston, various events happen to the staff. Dr. Jack Morrison covers for colleague Peter White, and ends up trying to save the life of Henry Smith, leading to the man's supposed disappearance when Morrison forgets to file the death certificate, leading to his colleague Dr. Annie Cavanero to get in trouble, and Morrison has a breakdown.22
  • October 31 (Sunday). Elliott, Michael, and Gertie Thomas use Hallowe'en as a means of getting E.T. out into the woods in order to facilitate his communication with his people. While successful, E.T. and Elliott remain in the woods late into the night, until Elliott falls asleep.23
  • November 1 (Monday). Elliott Thomas returns home without E.T. His brother Michael finds E.T. at the local stream, near death, and brings him home. The children, desperate, reveal E.T. to their mother Mary just as U.S. Government agents invade their home. They seal the building and begin monitoring Elliott and E.T.'s vital signs.24
  • November 2 (Tuesday). E.T. severs his empathic connection with Elliott Thomas to enter a healing coma. After everyone assumes E.T. has died, Elliott learns that E.T. has revived. He and his brother and his brother's friends help E.T. escape, and they fleet the government forces, bringing E.T. to the landing site. The Brodo Asogi ship returns, and E.T. sadly leaves his beloved Elliott behind.25
  • December 23. Marik Ishtar is born to Veronica and Hank Ishtar near Giza, Egypt. Veronica dies shortly after his birth.
  • December 24. The dwarf Ziggy (51) takes a job as a Santa, inadvertently getting caught up in a strange criminal scheme.26


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