Timeline: 1980



  • January 9. On the same day Phillip Drummond begins a long-shot run for city council, he hires feisty Adelaide Brubaker on as housekeeper, to replace Mrs. Edna Garrett, who has opted to stay at Eastland full time.1
  • January 16. The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) travels to this point alongside a pair of 22nd century scientists (Alice O'Donnell and Mason Bennett) to stop the advent of marauding ghosts in that era. O'Donnell is murdered by the alien "Fisher King". The Doctor ultimately uses a flood to destroy the Fisher King by submerging a British-created false Soviet town.2
  • On a visit to Northern Ireland, Maeve Rourke is killed in a terrorist bombing of a bus she was aboard. In the aftermath, Tom Cassidy, her husband's cousin (who had long been in love with Maeve), becomes guardian of Maeve's infant daughter Theresa. When her widower Sean Cassidy returns from a long-term undercover mission and learns Maeve has died, Tom does not inform him of the existence of his daughter.
  • February 3. The Wrarth Warriors defeat the Meeps, but the tyrant Beep escapes.
  • February 20. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and K-9 Mark II arrive on a Wrarth Warrior spaceship, and are attacked by the Warriors, who plant a bomb inside the Doctor to try and kill the tyrannical Beep the Meep. On Earth, young teens Sharon Davies and Fudge Higgins find the Meep's crashed ship, and take Beep in. The Doctor arrives on Earth investigating, and tries to help the Meep. After escaping the Warriors again, the Doctor learns of the Meep's true nature, and teams up with the Wrarth Warriors. Beep takes over a group of humans and tries to kill Sharon and destroy the Earth, but the Doctor saves all. Sharon turns against the Meep, and he is arrested by the Warriors. Sharon continues traveling on the TARDIS.3
  • February 26. At some sort of way station, Scooby-Doo (19) awaits a package from his sister. A train passes, tossing a small box at Scooby. After being frightened by it, Scooby's nephew Scrappy-Doo emerges from the box. Scrappy and Scooby head toward the hospital where the rest of the Mystery Inc. gang is hanging out. En route they are attacked by various eldritch horrors, causing Scooby to pass out.4
  • March 9. Charles Xavier (29) meets Erik Lehnsherr (51) in Israel when he begins working in a hospice. He also meets Gabrielle Haller (26), a young woman traumatized by her experiences in captivity of the terrorist organization Hydra.5
  • March 14. When their father goes out on a date, Willis Jackson (14) and Kimberly Drummond (14) try to both have sleepovers with their friends, but they both want to use the living room. The two groups of kids (Kimberly's include her friends from school Natalie Green, Tootie Ramsey, Cindy Webster, and Molly Parker) argue and have a pillow fight, and interrupt Phil Drummond's date.6
  • April 3-5. In London, after the mysterious Dr. Kobras takes hold of a mind control mask and young archaeologist Jane Dobson, he seeks out the person who may upset his plans: the inheritor of the Pumaman legacy. At the same time, the Aztec high priest Vadinho seeks the Pumaman himself, and paleontologist Tony Farms (38) fits the bill after Vadinho defenestrates him. Tony reluctantly takes on the Pumaman identity, and, with the more competent help of Vadinho, faces murder while trying to learn how to fly and use his puma powers. After faking his death, Tony has a final confrontation with Kobras, and Tony uses the mind control mask against him. Kobras escapes, but dies in a helicopter crash. In the aftermath, Vadinho, Tony, and Jane take the mask to Stonehenge, and Vadinho's mysterious alien benefactors take the mask and Vadinho with them, away from Earth. Tony and Jane have sex in mid-air to celebrate.7
  • April 26. A baby girl comes into existence in the middle of a house fire. She is rescued by the Titan Rhea, who names her Donna Troy and drops her off on Themyscira. Queen Hippolyta adopts her.
  • April 28. The two-dimensional creature "Mr. Game & Watch" comes into existence.
  • May 1. Jennifer "Cam" Jansen (10) solves a mystery involving stolen diamonds.8
  • May 7-8. Trans-American Flight 209 departs Los Angeles International Airport toward Chicago. Among the crew is pilot Captain Clarence Oveur, co-pilot Roger Murdock (secretly L.A. Lakers basketball team center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), and flight attendant Elaine Dickinson (29). Elaine's boyfriend, Ted Striker (32), comes aboard to try and convince her to take him back. The fish served to half the crew and passengers leads to severe food poisoning, and the debilitation of the entire cockpit crew. Ted, after much cajoling, agrees to try and fly and land the plane. They successfully land in Chicago, and, with Ted having overcome his fears, Elaine accepts him again. The Autopilot ("Otto"), an inflatable human-shaped balloon, somehow launches the plane again, despite its lack of fuel or wheels.9
  • Guerrilla soldiers raid a village in Nigeria. The try to force Yemi Tunde to kill an old man, but his older brother Eko takes his brother's place, committing the murder for him. The guerrillas depart with Eko.10
  • May 11. Eddie Kaspbrak (33) marries Myra Webb.11
  • May 12-18. United States Marine Corps Colonel Martin "Jiggs" Casey (47) discovers a conspiracy by his superior, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff James Scott to overthrow the President in response to a recent treaty with the Soviet Union. Casey informs the President, and the President forms a small group of advisors to investigate. On the day that Scott hoped to capture the President, the President calls a press conference and demands the resignation of the heads of the conspiracy, foiling the plot.12
  • May 18 (Sunday). Mt. St. Helens, a volcano in Washington State, United States, erupts.13 The energy surge causes the dormant Autobot ship, the Ark, located within the volcano, to slowly reactivate.
  • May 30. Pac-Man, due to the machinations of mysterious agents, is trapped in a maze, and his former associates, now malevolent ghosts Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde, chase him around it.14
  • June 21 (Saturday). Cartoonist Jon Arbuckle (23) adopts an orange tabby he names Garfield (2). The cat has some telepathic abilities.
  • June 22-23 (Sunday-Monday). Mystery Inc. visits New York City, and drops off Scooby and Scrappy-Doo and Shaggy Rogers (30) so Scrappy can have some time in his "old neighborhood". After an incredibly stupid adventure, Fred Jones (30), Daphne Blake (30), and Velma Dinkley (29) return, and Scrappy severely damages the Mystery Machine with a powerful whistle.15 In the aftermath, the gang starts bickering, mostly about the chaos agent and all-around annoyance, Scrappy. Fred, Daphne, and Velma quit, and the gang goes their separate ways.16
  • June 30 (Monday). The Ad Council hires the Anthro dog McGruff the Crime Dog as part of their anti-crime awareness campaign.
  • July 19 (Saturday). A powerful storm hits the town of Bridgton, Maine. It knocks over several trees. Additionally, power is briefly shut down to a containment field in a nearby military base, headquarters of the Arrowhead Project. This results in a space/time rupture, and a mist begins spreading outward despite containment efforts.17
  • July 20-23 (Sunday-Wednesday). The mysterious mist overruns Bridgton, Maine, bringing alien monstrosities with it. A number of people, including a man named David Drayton (38) and his son Billy, end up trapped in a supermarket. The monsters begin killing people, and the tension builds among those penned in. One of them, a Christian fundamentalist named Carmody, begins turning the majority of the survivors into a zealous mob. Drayton, his son, and a handful of others manage to escape the supermarket and get to his car, after a deadly encounter where Carmody is killed, and some of them are picked off by the monsters. Driving through the mist until the car runs out of gasoline, Drayton and the others agree to use the four bullets in the gun they have to kill themselves as all seems hopeless, with Drayton agreeing to be the last one standing, as there are five of them. He does so, killing his son Billy alongside the others. Attempting to give himself over to the monsters, he is greeted by military forces as they clear the mist and destroy the monsters.18
  • July 28. While on a space walk during her first space mission, cosmonaut Adrianna Tereshkova encounters an "Orb of Power" which merges with her, creating the being Void.

July 31 (Thursday). Harry James Potter is born to Lily and James Potter in Godric's Hollow, England, United Kingdom.

  • August 1. Confused as to their apparent lack of aging, the members of Mystery Inc. consult Dr. Stephen Strange. He reveals to them that they have been made eternal teenagers due to exposure to various mystical energies.19
  • August 12. Lyman Breyer moves in with Jon Arbuckle. He brings along his dog Odie.

August 23 (Saturday). The TARDIS appears in a TARDIS-shaped hole at the site of Pompeii. Within are The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Mel Bush.
September 1 (Monday). The M'Kraan Crystal deposits the extra-temporal Dark Beast and Sugar Man in Haifa, Israel.

  • September 2. Blair Warner, Natalie Green, and Tootie Ramsey return to Eastland Academy for the new school year. Edna Garrett introduces the new student, street smarts girl Joanna "Jo" Polniaczek, who arrives on a motorcycle. Jo and Blair immediately clash, but Mrs. Garrett gets them to talk. They reach a detente, and decide to go out to the local bar with Jo providing fake IDs. Natalie and Tootie join them. Arnold Jackson, Tootie's annoying admirer, tells Mrs. Garrett, who follows the girls after they steal the school van. At the bar, the girls get caught and are soon arrested. Mrs. Garrett gets them released, but under the condition they work off their crimes by working in Mrs. Garrett's kitchen while also staying in a single room under her direct supervision. The girls reluctantly agree.20
  • Molly Parker is forced to suddenly transfer from Eastland Academy.21
  • September 8-12. Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr reveal their mutant natures to each other after agents of Hydra abduct Gabrielle Haller. They rescue her and defeat Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. Lehnsherr leaves with a ton of Nazi gold, despite Xavier's attempt to dissuade him from his anti-baseline human stance.22
  • September 28. The immortal Gargoyle Demona steals the Praying Gargoyle Statue from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. The Hunter Charles Canmore confronts her, and is killed. His three children Jason, Robyn, and Jon are witness to the event.
  • September 29. Edith Bunker (52) dies in her sleep from a stroke. Her husband Archie tries to wake her up in the morning, not immediately realizing she has passed away. She is also survived by her daughter Gloria and ward Stephanie.23
  • October 10. Billie "Buckwheat" Thomas (49) dies.
  • October 25. The first Bomberman android is activated on Planet Bomber, a munitions station for the Sto Union.
  • October 31. Lyman Breyer moves out of Jon Arbuckle's house in order to become a roving photographer. He gives Jon his dog Odie.
  • A little over a month since the death of his wife Edith, Archie Bunker has had trouble accepting his grief, and is forced to face his ward Stephanie's own grief. He eventually breaks down after finding one of Edith's slippers left behind after all her things are taken away.24
  • November 4. Former California governor and Republican candidate Ronald Reagan () is elected President of the United States, defeating incumbent President Jimmy Carter ().25
  • November 15. When the Drummond family and Tootie Ramsey go to a bank before heading to an amusement park, Phil Drummond and sons Arnold () and Willis Jackson become hostages in a robbery. Ultimately, through Arnold's bravery, everyone escapes and the criminal are caught.26
  • Just as the Doctor (fourth incarnation) pilots the TARDIS to Earth to drop Sharon Davies off, they are teleported to a ship in orbit, whose machine intelligence was taking beings and things from Earth for displays for its sole occupant. When the Doctor tries to free the occupant, it results in the man's death due to industrial pollution, as well as the destruction of K-9. The Doctor manipulates the time fields so as to allow the TARDIS to jump back a few minutes, saving the occupant and K-9 by punching his past self.27
  • December 8. Crazed fan Mark David Chapman murders former Beatle John Lennon (40) by shooting him as he and his wife Yoko Ono return to their hotel from a recording session.28


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