Timeline: 1979



  • January 20-24. The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana, and K-9 Mark II arrive on Atrios, seeking the final segment of the Key to Time. While there they are confronted by agents of the Black Guardian, and the Doctor's old associate, fellow Time Lord Drax (second incarnation). They help end the war between Atrios and its neighbor Zeos. The final segment is the Atriosan sovereign, Princess Astra, who volunteers to merge with the Key to save the worlds. In the aftermath, the Doctor splinters the Key rather than let it fall into the Black Guardian's hands, and Astra is restored.1
  • January 22. BuzzBee is hired by General Mills as the spokesbee for their new cereal, Honey Nut Cheerios.
  • January 25. A passing black star transforms the Meeps from peaceful creatures to a mad, warmongering civilization. Beep the Meep ascends to power.
  • January 26-February 1. The Duke boys Bo and Luke interfere in Boss Hogg's illegal slot machine operation, stealing the machines from a fertilizer truck. Eventually, Sheriff Rosco Coltrane discovers that they have sold the machines (under duress from their Uncle Jesse) to various locations as a means of providing much-needed funds to a group home for children. Coltrane arrests Daisy Duke for helping in the theft, but the Dukes break her out of jail with only one assault of a female police officer. After a silly chase, Rosco reaches the destination the Dukes were aiming for: the orphanage, where he is given credit for funding its continued survival. The positive press for this action of mistaken charity helps ensure Rosco's reelection to Sheriff.2
  • January 28. James Arthur Madrox is born, and his mother's doctor inadvertently activates his mutant power of self-duplication by slapping his bottom.
  • February 24. On the planet Mobius, the Great War erupts between the Kingdom of Acorn and the Overland.
  • March 6. Television "Telly" Monster (4) moves to Sesame Street in New York City.3
  • April 11. When Tanzanian and rebel forces capture Kampala, Ugandan dictator Idi Amin (54) is forced into exile.4
  • April 12 (Thursday). The Soviet government, unable to fully control its weapon Omega Red (46), places him in suspended animation.5
  • May 4 (Friday). Conservative Party leader Margaret Thatcher (53) becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after her party wins a majority in national elections.6
  • May 4. Carrie White (16), while showering after gym class, experiences menarche. The other girls ridicule and laugh at her, throwing sanitary napkins at her. Carrie's total ignorance of menstruation causes her to panic. Her classmate Sue Snell, after participating in the cruelty, feels intense guilt.7
  • May 4-5. Edna Garrett (53) visits Eastland Academy, an all-girls' school, at the behest of Kimberly Drummond (13), to help with sewing for a school play. She meets Kimberly's classmates, including Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey (12), Sue Ann Weaver, Molly Parker, Cindy Webster, Nancy Olsen, and the rebellious rich girl Blair Warner (14). Mrs. Garrett finds herself drawn into the girls' problems, especially Nancy's, who has learned she is no longer able to afford to attend the expensive private school. Mrs. Garrett uses her employer's connections to get Nancy a dramatic arts scholarship.8
  • In the aftermath of the menstruation incident in Chamberlain, the ringleader of the attack on Carrie White, Chris Hargensen, defies the detention punishment, and is denied attendance to the the prom. When her lawyer father's threats fail, she swears revenge. Sue Snell feels so much guilt, she asks her boyfriend Tommy Ross to ask Carrie to the prom. Tommy does so, and he begins to fall in love with Carrie. Carrie's insane mother is horrified by the idea of Carrie going to a dance.9
  • May 21 (Monday). Jack Shephard () stands up to a bully in defense of Jewish boy Mark Silverman, and gets beat up as a result.10
  • May 25-26 (Friday-Saturday). The Chamberlain High School senior prom commences. Tommy Ross brings Carrie White, and things go well for a time. Chris Hargensen and her insane sociopathic boyfriend Billy Nolan set up their revenge plot. As Tommy and Carrie are voted prom king and queen (somewhat through the machinations of Chris), Billy drops two buckets of pig's blood onto the couple. One of the buckets falls onto Tommy's head, knocking him unconscious, resulting in his eventual death, as Carrie runs out humiliated. She returns, her telekinetic powers fully awakened, and murders many of the prom goers by sealing them in and starting electrical fires complicated by the sprinklers. Carrie then walks home, and causes massive destruction as she passes through the town, resulting in dozens more deaths. Upon reaching home, she meets her mother Margaret White, who stabs her in the shoulder. Carrie then kills her mother by force-stopping her heart, and heads out again. She comes across Chris and Billy, and kills them as they try to ram her with their car. Sue Snell comes to Carrie, and remains telepathically linked with Carrie as she dies from her previous injuries.11
  • May 30 (Wednesday). While flying over the Himalaya Mountains, a small plane carrying Amelia and Lara Croft (9) crashes. Though they both survive, Amelia Croft vanishes into a space-time rift. Lara begins walking to Kathmandu.
  • May 31 (Thursday). After emerging from compressed time, the Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (27) stop a Luron attempt to take over the world. The surviving Lurons are freed from madness caused by their portable sun, and find another world to inhabit.12
  • June 1 (Friday). A very frustrated Ruby Bunny (7) attempts to teach her little brother Max (3) any sort of word beyond "BANG".13
  • June 11. Legendary "man's man" actor John Wayne (72) dies from stomach cancer.14
  • June 28. Clayton Forrester's () daughter, Kinga Forrester, is born.
  • July 12-13 (Thursday-Friday). The charismatic leader Cyrus holds a gathering of nine high-ranking members of most of the street gangs of New York City. The Warriors, a Coney Island gang, brings a delegation comprised of War Lord Cleon Dorsey (25), War Chief Michael Swan (27), Joseph "Vermin" Michos (25), Thomas Fox (24), Brian Snow (26), David "Cochise" Harris (21), John "Ajax" Remar (25), Kurt "Cowboy" McKitterick (22), and Marcelino "Rembrandt" Sanchez (19). At the rally, where guns are prohibited, Luther, the leader of the Rogues gang, shoots Cyrus dead. Luther claims the Warriors were responsible, and the hundreds of gang members turn on them. Warlord Cleon is beaten to death, and the rest of the Warriors escape as the police break up the gathering. The Warriors become the target of all of the other gangs, and have several confrontations with them along the way. Fox is killed when wrestling a cop on the subway platform, and the cop tosses Fox into the path of an oncoming train. Ajax is caught by the police and arrested for an attempted rape of an undercover police woman. The six remaining Warriors make it back to Coney Island, having picked up a woman named Mercy along the way, and have a confrontation with Luther and the Rogues. New Warlord Swan defeats Luther in a duel of sorts, and the agents of Cyrus's associated gang, the Riffs, now having learned the true culprits, do away with the Rogues.15
  • July 13 (Friday). Pamela Voorhees (48) goes on a killing spree at Camp Crystal Lake, killing owner Steve Christy and six counselors. The only survivor, Alice Hardy, manages to decapitate Voorhees.16
  • July 31 (Tuesday). Randal Graves (6), running a lemonade stand and discovering pornographic magazines for the first time, meets Dante Hicks (6).17
  • August 29. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (26) visit Derbyshire, England, and get involved in the hunt for the Great White Worm. Eventually they meet the Worm, who happens to be a time-space warp creating worm, and learn she is being hunted by the Master (thirteenth incarnation). The Master reveals his allies are the Kraals, and he manipulates many with robot duplicates of himself. One of the duplicates, learning he is just a pawn, takes his revenge on the Master, who is thus defeated.18
  • September 1. Eastland Academy for Young Women holds its annual harvest festival. "Temporary" house mother Edna Garrett and student Kimberly Drummond host Phillip Drummond (47), Arnold Jackson (8), and Willis Jackson (14). Many of the girls, including recently admitted student Natalie Green (13), find Arnold adorable. The Harvest Queen elections cause Blair Warner to act cruelly toward her classmate Cindy Webster, giving her an identity crisis as she wonders if she's a lesbian. Mrs. Garrett cheers Cindy up, and Blair eventually apologizes. Blair wins the Harvest Queen crown in the end.19
  • September. The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana (second incarnation), and K-9 Mark II, arrives in Paris. The Doctor and Romana, along with Interpol inspector Noah Duggan (), are pulled into a conspiracy by the last Jagaroth Scaroth into changing history to save his people and causing the eradication of all life on Earth. They are successful. Scaroth is killed by one of his human employees.20
  • September 15 (Saturday). It's Patsy debuts as a semi-scripted show about the life of preteen Patsy Walker (12). Her friend Buzz Baxter (12) also appears on the show.21
  • September 19 (Wednesday). While running through Utah, Forrest Gump (35), after three years, two months, fourteen days, and sixteen hours, decides to stop and return home.22
  • September 23 (Sunday). After a building fire brings many wounded and injured to San Francisco Memorial Hospital, Dr. John McIntyre (57) (Trapper to his friends), chief of surgery, inadvertently calls upon the services of a Dr. George Alonzo "Gonzo" Gates, who is a doctor who plays by his own rules. McIntyre is angered by Gates acting as if he already works at the Hospital. Ultimately, McIntyre hires him anyway.23
  • October 12 (Friday). Sandra and Les Sinclair adopt a newborn baby and name her Isabelle Sinclair.
  • October 17 (Wednesday). The Time Lord Borusa (thirteenth incarnation) attempts to abduct the Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Romana (second incarnation) from Cambridge. The Doctor and Romana are caught in a temporal loop for several hours.24
  • October 17. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) visits Gallifrey, realizing that an adventure that he had intended to have in his fourth incarnation had been disrupted. He reunites with Romana (second incarnation), and K-9 Mark II, and they meet up with the Time Lord Chronotis, and become targets of the evil Skagra, who goes after a book.25
  • October 24 (Wednesday). When Arnold Jackson learns he is going to meet Muhammad Ali (37), he tells a bunch of people, including The Gooch. When he learns he isn't going to get to meet Ali, he fears The Gooch's revenge for not getting an autograph. His siblings Willis Jackson and Kimberly Drummond trick the champ into coming to see him by claiming Arnold is deathly ill. Ali figures out the ruse, but is not too angry.26
  • November 5-10. John Stevenson, a Jack the Ripper, arrives in this time period, in San Francisco, in H.G. Wells's time machine. Soon after arriving, he begins murdering prostitutes. Shortly after, Stevenson's friend arrives in this period as well, with his time machine. Herbert meets a bank officer, Amy Robbins, who is immediately smitten with him. H.G. tracks Stevenson down, and he seems to be slain, but in reality escapes. Herbert reunites with Amy, and they have a passionate day, both falling in love. Herbert discovers the murders, and realizes Stevenson is still alive. He eventually tells Amy the truth, and she comes to believe him when they time-travel three days forward, learning Amy is to be murdered. After traveling back, things continue to go wrong as the actual murder victim is Amy's friend, and Stevenson takes Amy hostage. The two have a final confrontation at the time machine, where Herbert removes the temporal safety protections from the machine, causing Stevenson to be temporally disintegrated. When Herbert decides to return home to 1893, Amy decides to return with him.27
  • November 7 (Wednesday). Phillip Drummond formally adopts Willis and Arnold Jackson. They begin calling him "Dad".28
  • November 22. Gloria, Mike, and Joey Stivic return to Queens to have Thanksgiving dinner with Gloria's parents Edith and Archie Bunker and their ward Stephanie Mills. Tension rises when Archie learns that Mike recently lost his teaching job for attending a demonstration against nuclear energy in the nude alongside Gloria.29
  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana (second incarnation), and K-9 (Mark II) arrive on Chloris and are threatened by the evil queen of industry Adrasta. The Doctor ends up jumping in a pit, where he meets the threat of Erato, who turns out to be an ambassador trapped there for 15 years. After Erato kills Adrasta, the Doctor, Romana, and K-9 stop a neutron star from hitting the planet, and the Doctor's astrologist pal Organon begins working on a trade agreement between Chloris and Erato's homeworld, Tythonus.30
  • December 20 (Thursday). Ruby-Dee gives birth to a single puppy, Scrappy Cornelius Doo. Ruby immediately tries to give custody of her annoying pup to her brother Scooby (20).31
  • December 23. The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana (second incarnation), and K-9 Mark II land via TARDIS on a ship carrying "tributes" of Athenan teens to be sacrificed to the Nimon, who are manipulating the Skonnan government. They help prevent the Nimon race from taking over Skonnos.32
  • December 25 (Tuesday). Soviet forces begin an invasion of Afghanistan.33


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