Timeline: 1978



  • February 6. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) visits UNIT headquarters. He meets his replacement as scientific advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Klein.1
  • February 17-18. Wealthy creep David Shelby invites his ex-wife Caroline Brace to his ski resort. He has trees torn down, despite warnings from a photographer. An avalanche ensues, and dozens are killed, including Shelby's mother.2
  • Seven goblins on a bizarre planet enter the Valley of Rainbows in search of a mystic Rainbow to consume using lassos and buckets. Their plan falls prey to the machinations of plants, who drown them in colorful fluid.3
  • After a tense last few days, Gloria, Mike, and Joey Stivic leave New York for California, leaving Gloria's parents Edith and Archie heartbroken.4
  • On a simulated Earth, Englishman Arthur Dent protests the bulldozing of his house when his friend Ford Prefect comes to him and lets him know this Earth is about the be destroyed. Alien Vogons announce the planet's imminent destruction, terrifying the population. Ford teleports himself and Arthur to the Vogon ship as the billions of inhabitants of the planet below die.5
  • March 27. While in this time period, Katana and Brooklyn's egg hatches. They name the newborn Nashville.
  • April 16-17. Coney Island gang the Destroyers members Cleon Dorsey and Joseph "Vermin" Michos are set up by their leader Virgil to be killed by the rival gang Satan's Mothers. They survive the encounter, and confront Virgil, who reveals his paranoia that Cleon is plotting against him. The two leave the gang and decide to form their own: The Warriors.6
  • April 22. Saotome Genma agrees to take Kuonji Ukyo off her father's hands, betrothing her to his son Ranma, along with an okonomiyaki cart. He then runs out on the girl, taking Ranma and the cart with him.
  • April 25. The Phillie Phanatic, newly contracted mascot for the Philadelphia Phillies, makes his public debut on the children's show Captain Noah and His Magical Ark.7
  • Kim Scott and her son Tam manage to escape Vietnam to Bangkok, Thailand. Her husband, Chris, discovers her survival and comes to Bangkok to reunite with her and meet his son. When Kim learns Chris has remarried, she decides to give Tam over to him so he can have a happy life. Kim kills herself just as Chris comes to see her.8
  • May 4. Angela Roth, pregnant via rape by the demon Trigon, gives birth to a daughter she names Rachel Roth. The girl's grandmother Azar gives her the second name of "Raven".
  • May 6-7. Former Coney Island Destroyers members Michael Swan (26) and Kurt "Cowboy" McKetterick (21) win a "King of the Hill" competition. They impress Cleon Dorsey and Vermin Michos, and are invited to join the Warriors. They subsequently take over a Destroyers' flophouse.9
  • June 15 (Thursday). John "Ajax" Remar and Brian Snow successfully join the Warriors gang in Coney Island. That same night, they are jumped by members of the Destroyers gang, and their member vests stolen. The two take down a number of Destroyers and retrieve their vests.10
  • July 4. Twelve-year-old David Freeman of Fort Lauderdale is taken from the planet and brought to an alien ship's home on the planet Phaelon. The ship drops David off immediately after its departure after David had spent days in an alternate 1986.11
  • July 7 (Friday). Sarcee shaman Michael Twoyoungmen helps a human/Inua hybrid embryo come to term in a mystic ceremony near Resolute Bay in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The baby is the biological child of the demigoddess Nelvana and the human Richard Easton. He names the baby Narya, and begins to raise her.
  • July 22-23 (Saturday-Sunday). Thomas Fox (23) joins the Warriors gang in Coney Island. As part of his initiation rite, he (accompanied by co-founder Vermin) travels to Chinatown, and uses his stealth skills to menace the Savage Huns gang.12
  • August 18-19. David "Cochise" Harris joins the Warriors gang after he goes through an initiation. Returning to his native Harlem (alongside fellow Warrior Brian Snow), he harasses the Boppers gang until he manages to steal a size 9 hat from the Bopper Big Moe.13
  • September 14 (Thursday). The Orkan Mork returns to Earth, landing outside Boulder, Colorado. He meets local woman Mindy McConnell (21). After discovering he's an alien, Mindy allows him to move in with her.14
  • Edith Bunker's distant stepcousin comes for a visit to the Bunker home, bringing his nine-year-old daughter Stephanie Mills with him. He tries to get the Bunkers to take her in for a few weeks, but Archie refuses. He then abandons her there, and the Bunkers take her in after all.15
  • September 30. The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana, and K-9 (Mark II) arrives on the planet Zanak, which has teleported around and destroyed the planet Calufrax. The Doctor and Romana, with the help of Zanaki natives including Kimus, help overthrow the tyrannical Queen Xanxia before she can teleport her world once again and destroy more worlds. They collect the second piece of the Key to Time.16
  • October 5. Josef Mengele (67) travels to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He murders Henry Wheelock, a local dog breeder. Nazi-hunter Ezra Lieberman, having figured out the massive Hitler cloning conspiracy, attacks Mengele, but is shot. Lieberman manages to get the Dobermans there to corner Mengele, whereupon Bobby Wheelock (13), the Hitler clone, is told of his true origin. Bobby ultimately sics the dogs on Mengele, who kill him. The boy helps Ezra Lieberman get medical attention.17
  • October 28-29. The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana, and K-9 (Mark II) arrive in England seeking the third piece of the Key to Time. They run afoul of the ancient sorceress Cessair, but manage to defeat her with the help of archaeologist Professor Amelia Rumford. They find the third piece.18
  • November 2. Phillip Drummond (46) hires Edna Garrett (52) on as his housekeeper.19
  • November 3. Phillip Drummond brings the recently orphaned Arnold (7) and Willis Jackson (13) to his Park Avenue penthouse apartment to live. He introduces them to his new housekeeper Mrs. Edna Garrett, and his daughter, Kimberly (13). Willis is sour the whole time, while Arnold looks forward to a new life.20
  • November 4. After spending some time soaking in a hot tub, Willis Jackson changes his mind, and decides to give living with the Drummonds a shot.21
  • December 24-25. The Bunkers and Stephanie travel to Santa Barbara, California to spend Christmas with the Stivics. They soon discover that Gloria and Mike have separated after emotional flare-ups. Despite Gloria's near infidelity, she and Mike consider reconciling.22


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