Timeline: 1977



  • January. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela arrive in an English village, and meet a young woman named Charlotte Willis. They run afoul of time-travelers hoping to escape their ruined future year 4000, which turns out to be a scheme by giant grasshopper-like beings from the Vortex to consume humanity. The potential future is erased.1
  • January 14. The enigmatic Mr. Roarke opens his Fantasy Island tourist trap where he uses his mystical powers to teach rich people lessons. He is joined by his major domo Tattoo.2
  • January 20. Jimmy Carter is sworn in as thirty-ninth President of the United States.3
  • The martial artist Gouken begins training Ken Masters, the son of his friend, in his martial arts/mysticism skills. Ken meets Gouken's adoptive son, Hoshi Ryu, and the two are fast friends.
  • The new owner of WJN in Minneapolis fires the news team of Mary Richards, Lou Grant, Murray Slaughter, and Sue Ann Nivens, while leaving incompetent anchor Ted Baxter employed. Lou arranges for Rhoda Morgenstern and Phyllis Lindstrom to visit Mary to help cheer her up. On the final night of broadcast for the team, they, Ted, and Ted's wife Georgette have a tearful farewell.4
  • April 10. Jenny Curran gives birth to a son she names Forrest Gump Jr. after his father, who is unaware of his existence.
  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela join an expedition to the Amazon to discover the fate of explorers in 1873. They become involved in the alien Lurons' conspiracy to take over the Earth, and are trapped in a time-compressed zone for two years.5
  • May 8. Roland Deschain enters the mind of Jack Mort (54). He eventually takes control of Mort, has him run around getting bullets and medication, and then jumps in front of the Subway A Train, killing Mort just after Roland jumps back to his own world.6
  • May 9. As Jake Chambers fails to be pushed into traffic, and does not die, his mind becomes split with one half believing he's died and been resurrected in another world, and the other accepting his continued existence. His sanity begins to wear down.7
  • May 28. Ward Cleaver (67) dies. He is survived by his wife June and sons Wally and the Beaver.8
  • May 30. Jake Chambers skips school. Stopping at a book store, he picks up a riddle book and the children's book Charlie the Choo-Choo. He subsequently finds a key, and encounters a nexus rose.9
  • May 31. Jake Chambers runs away from home. He travels to Brooklyn, and follows Eddie and Henry Dean to a derelict mansion. Sneaking in, he is nearly consumed by the mansion's occupying entity before he can get through a doorway to All-World, but Roland Deschain briefly appears and throws a sexual demon into the creature's maw. Roland and Jake escape through the doorway marked The Boy, and the house explodes.10
  • June 1. Henry Dean receives a bizarre draft notice ordering him to enlist in the United States Army.11
  • Con-artist Anthony Cooper, under the alias Tom Sawyer, seduces Mary Ford, having sex with her and stealing her family's money.
  • June 4. Warren Ford murders his wife Mary after learning of her affair, and then kills himself after, not having found his son James, who is hiding under a bed, and witnesses the whole thing.12
  • The Island Guardian Jacob visits James Ford at his parents' funeral and gives him a pen to write a letter to "Tom Sawyer".13
  • June 7 (Tuesday). The Doctor's TARDIS, carrying Nyssa (40) and Tegan Jovanka (23/1983) accidentally materializes at the Brendon School. The mysterious alien Mawdryn comes aboard, as well as Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (52). They travel to 1983. After an adventure, the Doctor (fifth incarnation) drops a partially amnesiac Brigadier back in this time.14
  • June 14-16 (Tuesday-Thursday). Scrooge McDuck hires Launchpad McQuack (15) as a pilot on an expedition to find the "Lost City of Diamonds". Launchpad's bravery and ingenuity lead to Scrooge's hiring him on as his permanent pilot, despite a number of serious errors, including Launchpad's propensity to crash his plane.15
  • July. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (28) run across an attempted invasion by the Fendahl, spurred by the ill-advised actions of anthropologists. The Doctor and Leela manage to destroy them.16
  • July 17 (Sunday). On the mystical Island, the displaced Dr. Juliet Burke (37) helps deliver newborn Ethan Goodspeed.17
  • July 18 (Monday). The newly temporally-displaced Jack Shephard (38), Kate Austen (30), and Hurley Reyes (28) (all 2007) arrive on the Island. Reunited with fellow timelost Kwon Jin (30), who brings them to DHARMA headquarters. They are reunited with "Jim LeFleur" (James Ford [31]) and Juliet Burke, who get them integrated as new DHARMA employees. Jin soon discovers a similarly displaced Sayid Jarrah (40), and is forced to treat him as an imprisoned "Other". The young Ben Linus (12) meets the imprisoned Sayid.18
  • July 19 (Tuesday). DHARMA agents learn Sayid Jarrah's origin and plan to execute him. Ben Linus helps him escape, and Sayid shoots the boy.19
  • July 20 (Wednesday). Juliet Burke and Kate Austen take Ben Linus to the "Others", who heal him via their temple.20
  • July 21 (Thursday). After returning to the Island, Daniel Faraday (30) warns Pierre Chang about the imminent "Incident", and he orders an evacuation of the Island after learning the truth of the time-travel claims. Daniel travels with Jack Shephard and Kate Austen to find the Jughead H-Bomb. After confronting Richard Alpert (144) with a gun, he is shot and killed by Eloise Hawking (39), and, as he dies, informs her that he is her son from the future.21
  • July 21. Jack Shephard and Sayid Jarrah get to Jughead, and dismantle it, removing its core. They return to the site of Swan station to blow it up and prevent the Incident, in an attempt to rewrite history. There is a major gunfight at the site between the timelost and the DHARMA personnel, but Jack manages to drop the bomb core into the drill pit. At that moment, the drill pierces the electromagnetic heart of the Island, and a magnetic storm ensues. Juliet Burke is sucked down into the pit, and severely injured. She hits the bomb core until it detonates. The Incident occurs. All the surviving timelost (Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, James Ford, Juliet Burke, Hurley Reyes, Kwon Jin, Miles Straume [30], Bernard [60] and Rose Nadler [53], and Vincent the dog) are transported through time to 2007.22
  • Former Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Sam Malone (29) buys the bar Cheers in Boston. He hires his former coach, Ernie Pantusso (53), on as a bartender.
  • August 16. The "King" Elvis Presley (42) dies from complications due to drug abuse and several physical maladies.23
  • Dee Dee Sykes, Brenda Chance, and Taffy Dare discover the Ittoid Captain Caveman (50) encased in anti-time ice. They thaw him out and he becomes their mystery-solving friend.24
  • The washed up comedian Snagglepuss launches his new television venture, a blatant rip-off of the Battle of the Network Stars show: the Laff-a-Lympics. Three teams are assembled for the reality show, where other "comedians" compete. The Yogi Yahooeys, led by Yogi Bear, include Boo-Boo Bear, Cindy Bear, Yakky Doodle, Hokey Wolf, Wally Gator, Grape Ape, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Augie Doggie, Doggie Daddy, Pixie, Dixie, Mr. Jinks, Super Snooper, and Blabber Mouse. The Scooby Doobies, led by Scooby-Doo, include Shaggy Rogers, Scooby-Dum, Hong Kong Phooey, Phil Tinker, Speed Buggy, Blue Falcon, Dynomutt, Captain Caveman, Dee Dee Sykes, Brenda Chance, Taffy Dare, and the djinn Babu. The final team is the Really Rottens, a group of Anthro ne'er-do-wells.25
  • Reckless California Highway Patrol officer Frank Poncherello (28) is assigned a partner in Jon Baker (30).26
  • September 8. The demon Trigon rapes human woman Angela Roth.
  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (28) visit St. Matilda's, a convent/annex of Oxford University. There he is reunited with Dame Emily Shaw, new dean of the school. They find a thousand-year tradition of young women sacrificing themselves to prevent Earth's destruction by a damaged engine of an alien spacecraft, now recruiting them without their consent. The Doctor devises a means of limiting the damage, and the head nun sacrifices her own life to atone for her sins. Emily briefly takes a trip in the TARDIS. The school itself is completely destroyed in the conflagration.27
  • Kind teacher Violet Nelson (26) finds her second grade class to be highly disobedient and difficult. She "disappears" for a time, actually going to class under the guise of "Miss Viola Swamp", and she acts as a cruel taskmaster to the children. The children soon realize they did not appreciate Miss Nelson when she was around. Miss Nelson returns as her true self, and the children change their rowdy behavior.28
  • When his favorite bar goes up for sale, Archie Bunker seeks a loan to buy it. Needing his wife Edith's signature to get a mortgage on their home, he ends up forging her signature on the loan document. He buys the bar, but Edith ends up learning the truth. At first angry and hurt, she comes around to the idea, though declares herself a partner in the business.29
  • October 8. Daniel Faraday is born. His parents, Eloise Hawking (39) and Charles Widmore (40), are aware that Hawking herself had killed his future self only months earlier.
  • October 8. Edith and Archie Bunker attend her cousin Liz's funeral. There Edith discovers that Liz's roommate Veronica Cartwright was actually her lesbian partner. Edith accepts Veronica as Liz's next of kin and gives her the silver tea set Liz left behind. Her husband Archie is initially horrible, but ultimately acts compassionately.30
  • October 10. Lobo releases a virus of his own creation that destroys all life on his homeworld Czarnia save for himself.
  • October 26. On her 50th birthday, Edith Bunker's husband Archie decides to hold a surprise party for her at their daughter Gloria's house. Edith learns of the surprise, and sets to baking a cake. A man comes into Edith's home pretending to be a police detective, warning of a rapist on a spree, then reveals he is said rapist. He attempts to rape Edith, and threatens her with death. She manages to shove the hot cake into his face and escape to Gloria's, where her family learns what happened. Edith is severely traumatized.31
  • November 27. In Namhae, South Korea, a prostitute gives birth to a boy. She gives him over to his supposed biological father, who names him Kwon Jin-Soo.
  • Archie Bunker inadvertently finds himself a potential recruit for the Ku Klux Klan. Although Archie still holds many bigoted views, he holds no hatred, and rejects the KKK, but risks its ire when he tries to dissuade the KKK from putting a flaming cross in front of his son-in-law Mike Stivic's house in response to a letter he wrote.32
  • Gender fluid "female impersonator" Beverly LaSalle is murdered just before Christmastime in a hate crime. Her good friend Edith Bunker is devastated by the loss, having a crisis of faith in God because she does not understand how a wonderful person like Beverly can be killed for being who she is.33


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