Timeline: 1976



  • January 1. Rocky Balboa fights Heavyweight Boxing Champion Apollo Creed in a championship match in his hometown of Philadelphia. The bout is long and difficult, and ends after the full 15 rounds. Creed wins by split decision, but Rocky feels accomplished for having gone the distance, and embraces his love Adrian Pennino.1
  • Erik Lehnsherr has an affair with a married baseline human woman named Susanna Dane.2
  • January 12. Novelist Agatha Christie (85) dies.3
  • January 24. Wealthy art dealer Radley Crown finds a techno-magical robot dog (one created by Mys-Tech and abandoned). He turns it on, and it shows its amazing shape-shifting ability and high-level intelligence. Crown decides to use the dog as a means of adopting a vigilante career, adopting the identity of Blue Falcon, and naming the dog Dynomutt the Dog Wonder.4
  • January 27. After a protracted and difficult labor, Raven Darkhölme loses control of her powers, revealing her blue-skinned nature upon her newborn son's appearance as a blue demon-like child. Darkhölme is forced to flee with the infant. Chased and cornered, in order to save her own life, she takes on the form of a villager and tosses the child over a cliff. The baby is rescued by circus woman Margali Szardos, who names him Kurt Wagner after the Wagner castle nearby, assuming it's the nobleman's son.5
  • February 4-12. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith take an assignment from UNIT in investigating an alien seed pod. Traveling to Antarctica and back to the U.K., they eventually manage to stop the Krynoid monster and a human collaborator from destroying all animal life on Earth.6
  • February 23. An earthquake hits the Land of the Lost, sending Rick Marshall through a time-space rift, sending him back to 1974 Earth, where he merges with his counterpart. His brother Jack, also from 1974, is transported to the Land of the Lost, where he joins the temporal anomaly Will and Holly Marshall in their attempts to survive.7
  • March 7. SPECTRE brings their clone of James Bond to term.8
  • March 23. Jenny Curran returns to Greenbow, Alabama, and reunites with Forrest Gump. She begins staying at his home.9
  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Sam Jones (17/1997) visit San Francisco, and encounter a vampire, saving Carolyn McConnell.10
  • May 17. While Kitty and Red Forman throw a party, their son Eric, who has friends Donna Pinciotti, Steven Hyde, and Michael Kelso in the basement, sneaks beer to them. He also sees his father potentially giving him his old car.11
  • June 1. Boxer Battlin' Jack Murdock fails to throw a fight despite pressure from organized crime agents, and is murdered. His son Matt (10) is orphaned.
  • July 4. Forrest Gump asks Jenny Curran to marry him, but she declines. Rejected, Forrest eventually goes to bed. As he lies there, Jenny comes to him and admits she loves him, and they make love. Unknown to either at the time, the act leaves Jenny pregnant.12
  • July 5. Jenny Curran leaves Forrest Gump's home in the early morning. Forrest finds her gone, having left his Medal of Honor behind. Later that day, Forrest begins running with no particular end in sight.13
  • July 9. Orphan Matt Murdock (11) meets the mysterious Stick, who begins training him in the use of his enhanced senses.
  • July 12 (Tuesday). The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Fenella Wibbsey (71/2010), and Mike Yates (68/2010) travel to New York City. They meet a young couple, Buddy Hudson and Alice Trefusis. Alice develops superpowers and becomes the heroic Miss Starfall. They eventually confront The Demon, disguised as an older female silent film star. When The Demon reveals herself, she abducts Mrs. Wibbsey and disappears. Alice's powers fade away, while Buddy decides to write about Miss Starfall's further adventures.14
  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and his companions Ace McShane (24) and Bernice Summerfield (31) visit London, and Benny infiltrates a punk band. A listless Ace is nearly seduced by the Monk (second incarnation) into joining him. The Doctor is reunited with Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (45) and UNIT, and they help stop Vardan forces from taking over Earth. They are aided by Mike Yates (35), who has infiltrated Black Star, an anti-establishment group that the Vardans use as a cover through its more violent members, while their ally the Monk infiltrates the British government. Ace feigns betraying the Doctor so as to get into the Monk's inner sanctum, and with a good Vardan posing as an American UNIT soldier, they free a Chronovore, which resurrects the Brigadier and takes the Monk away for punishment. In the aftermath, the Vardan Alex Pike heads toward Varda to try and change its government, and the Doctor promises Benny and Ace he'll less manipulative. He also uses telepathy to muddle the Brigadier's memories of their encounter.15
  • July 19 (Monday). Geoffrey Butler (28) wins a bronze metal for running in the Summer Olympic Games in Montreal, Quebec. He is stripped of it shortly after, when it is discovered he used a cab to cut out part of the race.
  • August 11 (Wednesday). The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith () return to modern day London just in time for an invasion by the Pescaton race, who are searching for a new home, as their world is dying. When their leader, Zor, is subjected to high-pitched sound, the entire species dies.16
  • September 11 (Saturday). Middling vigilante Blue Falcon and his robot dog sidekick Dynomutt encounter Mystery Inc. (Fred Jones [], Daphne Blake [], Velma Dinkley [], Shaggy Rogers [], and Scooby-Doo [17]) while pursuing a villain with a gas that turns people into Mr. Hyde-like beings.17
  • September 17 (Friday). The Enterprise, OV-101, the first space shuttle, is commissioned.18
  • September 20 (Monday). Robert Beakman has his beak surgically replaced with a metal prosthetic in hopes of catching the attention of the Fiendish Organization for World Larceny. He adopts the alias "Steelbeak".19
  • September 25. Mystery Inc. arrives in a swamp at the behest of an elderly couple, whose soda customers are being driven away by a ghost alligator. Scooby-Doo is reunited with his cousin, a fellow sort-of talking dog, Scooby-Dum (17). The gang and Scooby-Dum discover that a disgruntled employee is behind the fraud.20
  • September 25. While at a dinner party at Mary Richards's home, Georgette Baxter goes into labor. While her husband Ted breaks down, Lou Grant and Mary Richards successfully midwife the couple's new daughter, whom they name Mary Lou in their honor.21
  • When Edith Bunker starts spending a lot of time at her new job at a nursing home, her husband Archie starts to feel neglected, and starts chatting up a waitress. Archie and the waitress share a kiss, but a close call with an acquaintance makes Archie rethink his actions, and he ends things with her. When he sees Edith again, he lies to her, but she sees through it, and he admits his actions. They spend several days parted but Edith comes to forgive him.22
  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela arrive in Geneva, and meet with UNIT's Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. They together uncover alien refugees stealing memories after having their histories erased. The Doctor agrees to let the aliens copy his memories in exchange for returning all the previously stolen memories.23
  • October 5-6 (Tuesday-Wednesday). The TARDIS arrives with the Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith () in England. Sarah Jane becomes possessed by the consciousness of the exiled Kastrian Eldrad. Restoring Eldrad's body, the Doctor and Sarah Jane help Eldrad return to Kastria. There they learn the Kastrians have been wiped out. The Doctor knocks Eldrad into a pit to prevent him from attempting to take over Earth.24
  • October 6 (Wednesday). The Doctor drops Sarah Jane Smith off as he is returning to Gallifrey, where humans are currently forbidden.25
  • October 15 (Friday). Fisherman Tom Smallwood falls off a boat in the waters off Newfoundland in Canada. While submerged, he finds a glowing Plodex egg. He takes it home, where his wife Gladys manages to hatch it. A Plodex infant is born, which imprints itself upon the humans. They name the female child Marrina and adopt her into their family.
  • Archie Bunker goes into the hospital to get his gallbladder removed. He ends up getting a transfusion of blood from one of his surgeons, a West Indian woman. At first put out by getting "colored blood", he ends up sanguine about it.26
  • October 30. Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart formally retires from the United Nations Intelligence Task Forcetaking a position as a maths teacher at the Brendon Public School.27
  • November 2. Former Georgia governor and Democratic candidate Jimmy Carter is elected president of the United States, defeating incumbent President Gerald Ford.
  • November 5. Adrian Balboa (26) goes into premature labor and gives birth to a baby boy, eventually to be named Robert Balboa Jr. Adrian slips into a coma during the physically traumatic event. She spends days in the coma, but eventually recovers completely.28
  • November 10 (Wednesday). In the Middle East, International Operations' covert strike team, Team 7 (John Lynch [], Michael Cray [], Jackson Dane [], Cole Cash [], and Philip Chang []), has a run-in with the unnamed Canadian covert ops group ("Team X") consisting of Logan (106), Victor Creed (108), and Christoph Nord (24).29
  • November 25 (Thursday). In Philadelphia, Rocky Balboa (31) rematches Heavyweight Boxing Champion Apollo Creed (34), and this time defeats him, winning the championship himself.[14]
  • December. The now fully humanoid rat Splinter names his turtle wards: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael.


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