Timeline: 1975



  • January 10. Hamato Yoshi leaves Japan and travels to New York City with his pregnant wife Tang Shen and his pet rat Splinter.1
  • After Louise Jefferson has a warm and melancholy goodbye with her good friend Edith Bunker, she and her husband George and son Lionel depart their Queens home and take up residence in a swanky high rise apartment in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Shortly after arrival, they meet greedy doorman Ralph and their English neighbor Harry Bentley. Bentley asks for and gets George to walk on his back. Lionel's fiancé Jenny Willis's parents, Helen and Tom, arrive as well, and reveal that they already happened to live in the building, causing George to have a bigoted tantrum due to Tom being white. George's mother Olivia comes by for a visit as well. George, who threatens to move the family out, has a change of heart when he learns of business opportunities living in the building will bring.2
  • January 24. Larry Fine (72) dies after suffering several strokes.3
  • January 24. The Being eventually called Technical Boy comes into existence.
  • With Mike Stivic having recently graduated from college and getting a job as a teacher, he and his wife Gloria look for a new apartment. After much frustration, George Jefferson gives them an amazing deal on his old home next door to the Bunkers, mostly to annoy Gloria's father Archie.4
  • Nell Naugatuck and her fiancé Bert Beesley's wedding is briefly canceled when the issue of Nell's changing her name becomes an issue. Ultimately, Bert decides her loves Nell too much to care.5
  • Gabe Kotter returns to his old neighborhood and takes up at his old high school as a teacher. He meets the latest incarnation of his old gang the Sweathogs, which are his students, including Vinnie Barbarino.6
  • March 7. The Marshall family discovers a secret cave in the Land of the Lost. With the help of the Sleestak rebel Enik (in one of his moral phases), they discover a means to get home by closing a time loop. Rick, Will, and Holly escape the Land of the Lost, while quantum duplicates arrive in their place.7 At the same time, Jack Marshall, Rick's brother, is caught in an aftershock of the temporal earthquake that first displaced the Marshalls, and is transported to the Land of the Lost in 1976.8
  • March 16. Steve Austin's lover Jaime Sommers (26)9 is severely injured in a skydiving accident. In order to save her life, Steve contacts OSI scientist Oscar Goldman, who fits her with bionic implants.10
  • April. American soldier Chris Scott goes to a bar in Saigon, where he meets the orphaned Sài Thị Kim (17). Going to a room with her, he takes her virginity. He soon falls in love with her and they marry, with Chris promising to take her home to the United States with her.11
  • Late April. Vinh Van Tran's family makes moves to escape Saigon with the Americans as the Vietcong invasion approaches. Making it to a beach, Vinh's parents and best friend Thai Kieu are killed during an ambush. Vinh makes it to a boat to be rescued by U.S. ships.12
  • April 30. North Vietnamese forces rapidly invade the South Vietnamese capital of Saigon, leading to the South Vietnamese government to surrender.13 Kim Scott, pregnant newlywed, is kept from entering the American embassy by evacuating forces, and her husband Chris is knocked out by his friend to prevent him from trying to find her.14
  • May 4. Moe Howard (77) dies from lung cancer.
  • May 30. Lord Robert Plunder, hiding in the Savage Land with his son Kevin (9), is killed by Maa-Gor of the Man-Apes. Before they can kill the boy, a kindly semi-telepathic sabretooth cat, Zabu (2), saves his life. They forge a bond as Zabu fights to keep Kevin alive.
  • Harry McShane finds his wife in bed with one of his mates. He takes their baby son Liam and leaves. He fails to get his daughter Dorothy ().15
  • June 8. The gateway to the "Nether World", a realm on the planet Pacm wherein dead Pacmen revive as ghosts, opens. Young Pacman Pac (15), along with his friends Cylindria and Spiral, work to stop the incursions. Pac adopts the "heroic" nickname of Pac-Man.
  • June 24 (Tuesday). A great white shark of above average intelligence finds itself in the waters near Amity Island, Massachusetts. A drunk young woman, Chrissie Watkins, skinny dipping in the water, is attacked and partially eaten by the shark.16
  • June 28 (Saturday). The shark near Amity Island kills and eats a boy, Alex Kintner, on a crowded beach day. The boy's death causes a panic, and Police Chief Martin Brody (42) has the beach shut down until the waters can be made safe. He immediately faces pushback from Amity mayor Larry Vaughn.17
  • July 3 (Thursday). Manfred von Karma () begins his career as a prosecutor in the Los Angeles legal system.
  • July 4 (Friday). After a fourth person is killed and eaten by the shark, Amity Mayor Larry Vaughn agrees to close the beaches, and hire a man to kill the shark.18
  • July 7. Autistic boy David Kane, held in Arkham Asylum, kills a doctor that has been experimenting on him. He escapes.
  • July 7-8. Fishing boat captain Bruce Quint (51) takes off in his ship, the Orca, with Martin Brody and Oceanographer Matt Hooper, in search of the great white shark terrorizing Amity Island's beaches. They lure it out to sea with chum. After latching three barrels to the shark, the shark gets aggressive, and coupled with ridiculous moves by Quint, Orca is severely damaged. Hooper attempts to kill the shark in a shark cage, but it destroys the cage, nearly eating him. Hooper hides at the ocean floor. The shark jumps aboard the edge of the sinking ship, and kills and eats Quint after the man falls into its maw. An oxygen tank gets caught in the shark's mouth as it tries to eat Brody, who, hanging on to the remnants of the boat, kills the shark by firing a bullet into the oxygen tank, blowing it up. Brody reunites with Hooper, and the two use a makeshift device to paddle back to shore.19
  • July 8. The Greek god Poseidon, finding the remains of the man-eating shark, in a moment of grief, places a curse on the one who killed it and all those he loves: that they will always be hunted by killer sharks.20
  • July 26. Tang Shen and Hamato Yoshi are murdered by Oroku Saki (). After surviving a sword strike by Saki, the rat Splinter escapes into the New York City sewer system.21
  • August 6 (Wednesday). Brilliant young engineer Matt Trakker (24) saves the life of a young pregnant woman, who gives birth. She leaves the baby in Matt's care. Unable to locate the woman, he begins the process of adoption, naming the boy Scott.22
  • August 7 (Thursday). The girl known only as Tessa is born in the Balkan peninsula.
  • August 11 (Monday). At Wundagore Mountain, Bova Ayrshire (42) gives the baby twins born in 1955 to Marya and Django Maximoff, who name them Wanda and Pietro.23
  • August 21-23 (Thursday-Saturday). The TARDIS returns to this era at the behest of Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (46), using a signal device. Bringing the Doctor (fourth incarnation), Sarah Jane Smith (), and Harry Sullivan (30), they and UNIT investigate the destruction of several oil rigs. They eventually defeat a conspiracy of stranded Zygon soldiers who have taken control of a plesiosaur living in Loch Ness (a Loch Ness monster). The monster returns to its home, and the Zygons are all killed. The Doctor departs in the TARDIS with Sarah Jane, as Harry has decided to stay in his own time.24
  • August 26. Five turtles hatch in a pet shop in Manhattan.
  • September 6. Matt Murdock, pushing an old blind man out of the way of a truck carrying TCRI mutagen, is blinded when his eyes are dowsed in radioactive chemicals. He gains heightened other senses, as well as a radar sense.25 Another boy drops his bowl carrying five baby turtles in the same radioactive ooze that blinds Matt. The bowl falls into the sewers, where four of them are found by the rat Splinter. The turtles and Splinter begin mutating.26 The fifth turtle is found by the magician Chung I. He names it Mei Pieh Chi.27 A young alligator also comes across the ooze. It begins mutating, but is recovered by the Utroms at TCRI, who take it in and name it Leatherhead.
  • September 16. Sally Gump (61) dies from cancer. Her son, Forrest (31), buys her a hat with flowers on it.28
  • September 19-20. At the Fawlty Towers hotel in the town of Torquay, the co-owner of the hotel, Basil Fawlty, falls for a con man's scheme. The con man claims to be a "Lord Melbury" and Basil goes out of the way to serve him. Throughout, Basil's wife Sybil wants him to hang a picture. Polly Sherman, a waitress at the hotel, learns of Melbury's pursuit by the police. The scenario is complicated by Basil's new hire of Manuel Español, a Spaniard who knows little English. When Basil learns the truth about Melbury, he physically assaults the man.29
  • November 1. David Xanatos receives a valuable coin, which he uses to start his business career and become wealthy, not knowing a time-traveling future version of him had sent it to himself in 975.30
  • November 4. The TARDIS arrives on Oseidon carrying the Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith (). They run afoul of an attempt by the native Kraals to create android duplicates of humanity in order to depopulate Earth, as their own world is dying. The conspiracy is stopped when the Doctor and Sarah Jane reach UNIT headquarters on Earth (reuniting with John Benton [33] and Harry Sullivan [31]).31
  • November 9. While having lunch with Mary Richards, Georgette Franklin reaches her breaking point with her boyfriend Ted Baxter. He agrees to marry her that very day. Lou Grant, Murray Slaughter, Sue-Ann Nivens, and a minister quickly appear and the awkward wedding proceeds.32
  • November 18-19. The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and companions Rose Tyler (20) and Jack Harkness (38) come to this era in search of a human-turned-gargoyle. They meet up with UNIT, and a field station led by Dr. Harry Sullivan. Harry, Sergeant John Benton, and Nurse Tara Mishra (25) help the Doctor, who in turn helps them with their issue of giant monsters appearing. Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart arrives on the scene, meeting this incarnation of the Doctor for the first time, and all involved discover the genetic engineering of a human man, Alex Yaxley, to create massive hallucinations, and that Yaxley's son has inherited the powers. Tara Mishra appears on television, discrediting Albion, the secret organization behind the events. Tara sneaks aboard the TARDIS as the travelers depart with the gargoyle.33
  • November 27. Rocky Balboa (30), a young amateur Philadelphia boxer and reluctant enforcer for a loan shark, takes out mousy Adrian Pennino (25) on a date. They go ice skating, and eventually hit it off as Rocky overcomes her shyness.34
  • November 28. Boxing World Champion Apollo Creed (33) challenges Philadelphian Rocky Balboa to a bout on January 1. Rocky reluctantly accepts.35
  • November 29 (Saturday). After an angry confrontation, Rocky Balboa accepts Mickey Goldmill (70) as his manager for his upcoming fight.36
  • December 15. Overdue by two weeks, Gloria Stivic, alongside her husband Mike, gives birth to a baby boy soon to be named Joseph Michael Stivic.37
  • December 19. Nathaniel Essex deposits his newborn clone near the estate of Jean-Luc LeBeau in New Orleans. Despite his disturbing red eyes, Jean-Luc adopts the boy as his own, naming him Remy Etienne LeBeau.


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