Timeline: 1974



  • January 3. Martial artist Hamato Yoshi takes in a newborn rat and names it Splinter. The powerful chi Yoshi harnesses begins imprinting upon Splinter, elevating the rat's intelligence and imbuing martial arts knowledge.
  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller encounter musicians facing monsters heralding an alien invasion.1
  • Feline Anthropomorph Kitty White takes a position as mascot for the Sanrio company of Japan as part of its "Hello Kitty" line.
  • The Doctor (third incarnation) and Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart investigate the opening of the Space World amusement park at the same time as Sarah Jane Smith and her pathetic "photographer" Jeremy Fitzoliver. Sarah Jane gets abducted to the planet Parakon, followed by the Doctor, Brigadier, and (accidentally) Jeremy in the TARDIS. Reunited, the four help overthrow the decadent class society of Parakon.2
  • February 8. Florida Evans leaves the employ of Maude Findlay after her husband James gets a raise, allowing her to retire. Maude is very resistant, but ultimately says goodbye.3 A space-time warp in the immediate aftermath causes reality to realign, with the Evanses suddenly living in the South Side of Chicago.
  • Louise Jefferson hosts a party for her son Lionel who has gotten engaged after a whirlwind courtship with Jenny Willis, whom he had only met two months ago. Louise invites her good friend Edith Bunker, Edith's daughter Gloria, and Gloria's husband Mike. Edith's largely racist husband, Archie, assumes he's invited, and actually wants to go, as he cares for Lionel. Louise reluctantly ends up giving Archie an invitation, to the objections of her equally bull-headed husband George. At the party, Archie gets in trouble with George's mother Olivia after calling her "mammy". When Jenny presents her parents, Helen and Tom Willis, George is horrified with the fact Tom is white.
  • February 12. Dorian Gray, while visiting Sweden, encounters the goddess Freya, and faces a troll.4
  • After winning a Teddy award for his work as a news anchor, Ted Baxter has a run-in with legendary newsman Walter Cronkite, who is visiting his friend Lou Grant.5
  • March 2. Frank Castle takes his wife Maria and children Lisa and Frank Jr. to Central Park for a day out. They are inadvertent witnesses to a mob hit, and are shot at by mobsters as a result. Maria and the children are killed, but Frank is barely injured. He suffers a psychotic break, and swears vengeance.6
  • March 7. The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon, and Victoria Waterfield, arrives at a natural gas complex off the coast of England. The travelers get caught up in a battle against a subterranean plant-like parasite which begins taking over the installation. After its defeat with the use of Victoria's screaming skills, Victoria decides to stay behind, tired of the constant danger. She is shortly adopted by refinery scientist Frank Harris and his wife Maggie.7
  • Lauren Hudson gets a random call from the Doctor (sixth incarnation), whose advice saves her life. She keeps incidentally getting in contact with him via phone, learning of an alien virus spread by phone calls, and his successfully destroying the virus results in the end of their contact.8
  • April 24. Legendary straight man comedian Bud Abbott (76) dies from cancer.
  • The Doctor (third incarnation) is briefly abducted to 6801 on Gallifrey.9
  • May 1. Royal Navy Doctor Harry Sullivan transfers to the command of Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart of the United Nations Intelligence Task Force.
  • Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and the Doctor, and Sarah Jane Smith and Jeremy Fitzoliver end up in Italy. After an encounter with a self-styled sorcerer, Maximilian, the Doctor and Sarah Jane travel back in time to two separate past eras, encountering this immortal villain, and seeing him get to his current state. The Brigadier and Jeremy face off against him in the present, but he wins out, and only the Doctor's chicanery results in his defeat.10
  • May 10-12. Horrible brat Fudge Hatcher eats his older brother Peter's turtle Dribble, killing it. Fudge is taken to the hospital to get it removed. Peter is upset, and his parents bribe him by getting him a puppy, that he names Turtle in honor of his fallen friend.11
  • May 18. Aegis agents Gary Seven, Roberta Lincoln, and Isis infiltrate the Chrysalis Project in India. The mission goes somewhat awry after they set the base to explode. There are only two fatalities, one of which is Dr. Sarina Kaur. The genetically engineered children housed there are relocated and dispersed by Seven, who begins to monitor their activities, especially those of Khan Singh.12
  • May 23. Espionage agent Malory Archer escapes to the Tunisian tavern of elderly solder Arthur Woodhouse. While under fire, Woodhouse helps midwife her infant son, whom she names Sterling Malory Archer.
  • A DNA monster escapes from the Collector's ship. It lands on Earth, near the town of Smallville, Kansas. It abducts the children Lana Lang, Pete Ross, Chloe Sullivan, and Kenny Braverman in order to heal itself. They are eventually rescued by Clark Kent. Clark throws the creature into space.13
  • June 2. The final time flash occurs on the Island, depositing James "Sawyer" Ford, Juliet Burke, Jin Kwan, Daniel Faraday, and Miles Straume (all from 2004) in this time. They happen upon a couple from the DHARMA Initiative who are being attacked by the "Others", and witness the murder of the man. Sawyer and Juliet kill the Others there. They travel to the Initiative Barracks with Amy Aylesworth. Sawyer adopts the alias Jim LaFleur, and when Richard Alpert appears, explains the situation regarding the dead Others. Horace Goodspeed allows LaFleur and his friends, supposedly shipwrecked, to remain on the island until their rescue.14
  • June 2. Separate from their fellow time-displaced survivors, Rose and Bernard Nadler (both 2004) begin settling into life on the Island.
  • The Doctor (third incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith return to UNIT at the behest of Liz Shaw, as the Brigadier has been possessed. Realizing it's a Remoraxian controlling the Brig's mind, the Doctor frees him, and he and the Brig investigate, nearly getting killed by the Remoraxians. They are rescued by Liz and Sarah Jane. When the U.S. government threatens to nuke the U.K., the Remoraxians depart. Suddenly, Liz, Sarah Jane, and the Brigadier are abducted by Adam Mitchell of an alternate future.15
  • June 21. Bill Denbrough (26) and Audra Phillips marry.16

June 26 (Wednesday). Daniel Faraday, now a member of the DHARMA Initiative, travels off the island to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to continue his studies of space-time.

  • Astronaut Steve Austin is severely injured in the crash of his vessel, and is reconstructed with cybernetic parts (which costs six million dollars to complete). He is then recruited into the Office of Scientific Intelligence, where he acts as a secret agent.

Anthro dog Penry Pooch (14), after receiving a martial arts book, decides to suit up as a crime-fighter in Hong Kong Phooey. Through sheer luck, he survives his first encounter with criminals, quickly gaining prestige with the public, despite his gross incompetence.

  • August 8-11. Former UNIT officer Mike Yates seeks solace at a Tibetan monastery. When he discovers a strange conspiracy, he contacts his friend Sarah Jane Smith. The Doctor (third incarnation) becomes involved in the mystery, and he and Sarah Jane take a trip to Metebelis III. After dropping off Sarah Jane here, the Doctor leaves for Metebelis again to face his fears and the Great One of the Metebelian spiders.17
  • August 9. Richard Nixon (61) resigns as President of the United States. Vice President Gerald Ford (61) is sworn in as thirty-eighth President of the United States.18
  • August 9. Forrest Gump (30) receives his army discharge papers.19
  • August 10 (Saturday). The Doctor (“tenth” incarnation) and Martha Jones (22/2008) visit London, where they encounter people transformed into sand sculptures. The villains behind it briefly turn Martha to sand. The Doctor meets the creature Bubastion, and all those afflicted return to normal.20
  • August 12 (Monday). After returning home to Alabama and reuniting with his mother, Forrest Gump buys a shrimping boat to try and fulfill his promise to his late friend Bubba. He eventually names it Jenny.21
  • August 19 (Monday). Forrest Gump's former CO, Lieutenant Dan Taylor (40), comes to Bayou La Batre to join Forrest's crew as first mate to fulfill a promise he made to Forrest in 1971.22
  • September 6-7 (Friday-Saturday). Rick Marshall and his children Will (15) and Holly (12), while rafting on a camping trip, are caught in a powerful but highly localized earthquake, caused by a dimensional rift opening. They are transported through space-time to another world, populated by dinosaurs, simian humanoids (Pakuni), and reptilian humanoids (Sleestak). The family hides from a tyrannosaur-like dinosaur in a cave that they subsequently make their shelter. They also befriend a Pakuni named Cha-Ka (10).23
  • September 7 (Saturday). Forrest Gump and Dan Taylor, on Jenny, are caught in Hurricane Carmen. Their ship ultimately comes through as the only shrimping ship in the area to emerge unscathed, resulting in shrimping success.24
  • September 9. Rhoda Morgenstern (32) arrives in New York City to visit her sister and parents. Her sister Brenda's babysitting client Joe Gerard comes by, and Rhoda and he find themselves very attracted to each other. Rhoda asks him out.25
  • Right wing bigot and actor John Wayne comes to Tuckahoe, New York, and pays a visit to a fan, Arthur Harmon. Wayne ends up visiting the home of outspoken feminist Maude Findlay, who ends up not challenging him on his regressive views.26
  • September 20. An immortal child comes into existence.
  • Maude Findlay hires on a new housekeeper sight unseen, Nell Naugatuck, who turns out to be a raunchy, drunken low-class Englishwoman. After she wows some guests, Maude reluctantly allows her to stay on.27
  • September 22. The Doctor (third incarnation) reappears at UNIT headquarters in the TARDIS. On hand are Sarah Jane Smith and Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. The Doctor succumbs to his severe radiation burns, and dies. The Time Lord Hermit appears and somehow pushes the Doctor's regeneration into his fourth incarnation. The Doctor is completely confused, and is placed under the care of UNIT doctor Harry Sullivan.28
  • September 23 (Monday). New York City police officer Martin Brody (41), his wife Helen, and sons Mike and Sean move to Amity Island, where Martin takes over the duties of chief of police.29
  • September 23. Rhoda Morgenstern decides to remain in New York.30
  • September 28-30. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) assists UNIT in the investigation into a conspiracy concerning murders and a giant Robot and a conspiracy to overthrow the Earth's governments and impose a dictatorship based on supposed intellectual superiority by the group the Scientific Reform Society. The conspiracy is defeated and the Robot sadly goes insane and must be destroyed. The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith set off in the TARDIS, bringing along Harry Sullivan.31
  • Four men perform an elaborate scheme, commandeering a subway car in New York City; the men take 18 passengers and crew hostage, and negotiate a million dollar ransom. They murder the train's conductor. They escape the car while sending it plummeting away, but the transit police figure out their scheme. Three of the criminals die before they can flee the underground: one is killed by his fellows for being unhinged; one is shot by one of the passengers who was in plainclothes; the leader of the operation kills himself with the third rail when he faces certain defeat. The transit police track down the final culprit, correctly presuming him to be a disgruntled former subway operator.32

October 11 (Friday). Manuel Diego Armand Vicente is born in Queens, New York, United States.

  • October 26 (Saturday). Rhoda Morgenstern marries Joe Walsh in a ceremony at her parents' apartment in the Bronx. The wedding is attended by much of her family and friends, including her best friend Mary Richards (35) and others from Minneapolis, including Lou Grant (48), Murray Slaughter, Phyllis Lindstrom (), and Georgette Franklin. Rhoda is forced to run across the city and takes the Subway due to Phyllis's failure to give her a ride as promised.33
  • October 31 (Thursday). The young Monster Grover (10) wears a "Super Grover" costume for Halloween. His beloved mommy unwittingly made it magical, allowing Grover to become Super Grover whenever he puts the costume on.34
  • November 25. The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) and Clara Oswald visit a haunted house. They help the "ghost", a chrononaut trapped in a pocket realm, return to reality while also getting a ghost hunter and his psychic assistant together.35
  • November 26 (Tuesday). Grover first appears in public as the heroic Super Grover!36


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