Timeline: 1973



  • January 22. Former U.S. President Lyndon Johnson (64) dies from a heart attack.1
  • Peter Brady accidentally hits his stepsister Marcia in the face with a football. Marcia's nose swells up, complicating her romantic entanglements. A boy named Doug Simpson, whom she had chosen over her original date to a dance, rejects her. The original date, Charley Stuart, agrees to go with her after all. He gets in a fight after Doug impugns Marcia after her nose heals.2
  • Due to strange contractual obligations, the Warner Bros. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are forced to visit the North Philadelphia headquarters of Fat Albert Robertson's Junkyard Gang. They cause mild disruption.3
  • In Queens, New York, a hate group spray paints a swastika onto the home of Edith and Archie Bunker. The culprits had mistaken the Bunkers for their neighbors the Blooms, a Jewish family. Paul Benjamin, leader of a militant Jewish group, comes to the Bunkers' to convince them of the danger they are in. Realizing the mistake, he departs, but is shortly after killed in an explosion from a bomb set in his car.4
  • February 13. Florida Evans comes to work at Maude Findlay's house in a bad mood, as her husband James has demanded she quit her job. Florida gets him to back down.5
  • March 17. The tiny undersea nation of weirdos in "Seatopia" incites the giant monster Megalon into attacking Japan. Dr. Ibuki Goro sends his new humanoid robot Jet Jaguar out to lure Megalon away, but fails. Jet Jaguar seeks out Gojira, who induces sapience and gargantuan size into the robot. Gojira and Jet Jaguar defeat Megalon and its ally Gigan.6
  • April 14. DHARMA employee Roger Linus and his son Ben arrive on the Island.
  • Richard Alpert attempts to get John Locke into a summer science program. The boy refuses.
  • Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and Jo Jones (from 2010) storm UNIT headquarters and have a confrontation/reunion with the Doctor.7
  • Erica Kane decides to have an abortion, not informing her husband. While undergoing the procedure, her insane surgeon, Greg Madden, using experimental technology, successfully removes the fetus, and keeps it viable long enough to implant it into his own wife.
  • May 19-21. Jo Grant goes to visit the Doctor (third incarnation) on holiday, when Iris Wildthyme (third incarnation) and her new companion Tom Vergil also decide to come by. They get caught up in a strange future cult for psionic youths, who turn UNIT into supermarket employees and Mike Yates into a piece of paper, and the automaton called Verdigris, working for the Master (twelfth incarnation) and trying to help the Doctor escape his exile, reveals he is following the forgotten drunken orders of Iris herself.8
  • Visiting a submarine, the Doctor (fourth incarnation) finds it under attack by Zewb Silurians. He helps the crew, while simultaneously deflecting his third incarnation's inquiries over the radio.9
  • May 27. Kenneth Ellen Parcell is born. The child immediately becomes host to an angelic force.10
  • May 30. Phil Tinker (17) completes his souped-up dune buggy, unwittingly giving it sapience. He names it Speed Buggy, and he and his friends Mark Bell and Debbie Golonka decide to join him on a cross-country trek to solve mysteries, a la their heroes Mystery Inc.11
  • June 3. The ancient Time Lord Omega attacks Gallifrey in 6605 and the Doctor (third incarnation) on Earth. The Time Lords see the Doctor as their only hope, and pull the Doctor from his second incarnation into this era to assist the third in stopping Omega. They also attempt to recruit the Doctor near the end of his initial incarnation, but he becomes stuck in a temporal eddy. Eventually Omega is defeated, and the Doctor's past selves are returned to their own times. The Time Lords reward the Doctor with the end of his exile, and the return of his TARDIS's ability to travel through time.12
  • Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and Panda investigate the appearance of the White Rabbit and Mock Turtle from Wonderland, and discover the real Wonderland. Using the essence of Wonderland, they are able to escape Iris's exile, as well as defeat a conspiracy by a renegade agent of MIAOW.13
  • Mishima Kazumi, activating her "devil gene", attempts to kill her husband Heihachi. Heihachi reluctantly ends of killing her instead. Heihachi goes on to attempt to kill his father Jinpachi, leaving him for dead, sealing him inside a monument, and then confronts his son Kazuya, who is only five. He easily defeats the child, and then throws him off a cliff to prevent the devil gene from activating within him. Upon impact with the ground, Kazuya dies, but is immediately resurrected by the partial activation of his devil gene.14
  • A popular children's program featuring puppets called Scorchies turns out to actually be a race of evil aliens who exist as televisual transmissions. They attempt to kill the Doctor (third incarnation), and keep Jo Grant hostage, but ultimately fail as their creator, the Scorchie Mr. Baffles, sides with Jo and the Doctor and they are banished into space.15
  • June 26. The Doctor and Jo Grant, on their first trip free from the Time Lords' control, arrive shrunken in a miniature zoo on the planet Inter Minor. Eventually recovering their true size, they rescue sapients trapped in the ant farm-like device, while simultaneously inadvertently stopping a coup attempt.16 During this adventure, Professor River Song helps out, and briefly encounters her future husband the Doctor.17
  • June 30. After taking a shot from a weapon aimed at the Doctor, Jo Grant is subjected to repeated telepathic scenarios so an alien Xoanthrax soldier can understand the idea of self-sacrifice for one you care for. She is rescued by the Doctor, who submits himself to the same process to save her.18
  • July 10. The Commonwealth of the Bahamas becomes independent of the United Kingdom.19 The Tan Bahamas moves out of England's house.
  • One night, Michael Jordan, already showing amazing basketball skills at age 10, tells his father his dreams: to play basketball professionally, starting in college at North Carolina, and eventually retiring to pursue a career in baseball.20

The seventh Doctor appears in the third Doctor's place at UNIT HQ. He and a confused Jo are soon taken captive by mysterious government agents, who turn out to be mind-controlled by Europan aliens, who want nothing but to get home. Jo and the Doctor clash when helping the Europans escape the Earth will result in the destruction of a small island and those the aliens had possessed, and she interferes with their escape. The Europans mostly die, and the rest are wiped out by Mike Yates and UNIT. The seventh Doctor disappears, and the third Doctor returns, with no one remembering the replacement.

  • August 10-12. Jo Grant and Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart travel to Wales to the Global Chemicals plant. Soon joined by the Doctor (after a trip to Metebelis III where he procures a Metebelis crystal), they meet young ecologist Professor Cliff Jones. They discover that Global Chemicals is controlled by a sapient computer called BOSS (Biomorphic Organizational Systems Supervisor) bent on world domination and defeat it while simultaneously facing giant mutated maggots, which are destroyed. During the adventure, Captain Mike Yates is placed under BOSS's hypnotic thrall, and Jo falls in love with Cliff.21

August 15 (Wednesday). The DHARMA Initiative population, led by Horace Godspeed, signs a truce pact with the "Others", represented by Richard Alpert, on the Island.

  • August 18. Jo Grant resigns from UNIT and marries Cliff Jones. They depart the UK to the Amazon.
  • The Doctor (third incarnation) and the Brigadier assign Sergeant John Benton to go undercover to investigate mysterious happenings in the city council of the town of Kettering. There he meets Councilwoman Margery Phipps, a new activist councilwoman. They are abducted by aliens from the future, but eventually return to the present via the Doctor.22
  • August 26. The day Harvey Kinkle leaves for college, Sabrina Spellman uses her full mystical power to enhance the temporal distortion affecting nearby Riverdale to extend to Greendale, causing the prior year to repeat itself. Her power effect is so great, it even wipes the memories of Hilda and Zelda Spellman.
  • August 26. Vanessa Marianna (30) and Wilson Fisk (36) marry.
  • August 31. The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Tegan Jovanka, and Vislor Turlough visit England for a holiday just in time for an invasion by the Xaranti, who transform other species into themselves. The Xaranti decimate a beach town, and UNIT comes to the rescue, with the Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough meeting up with the Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, Sergeant John Benton, and Captain Mike Yates. All save Turlough and Mike are infected for a time, causing some to have amnesia of the events. The Doctor manages to drive the Xaranti away from Earth.23
  • As part of an elaborate scheme by the strange djinn Babu, another djinn, Jeannie, winds up amnesiac and trapped in a bottle again. Found by American teenager Corey Anders, she becomes attached to him for a time, and also finds herself "training" Babu. After a few years of this silly adventure, Jeannie returns to this point, having regained her memories, and reunites with her old life.24
  • September 9. Peter Hatcher wins a turtle at his friend Jimmy Fargo's 9th birthday party. He names it Dribble.25
  • After a crazy night drinking, Walter Findlay finds himself confronted with the possibility he's an alcoholic. In denial, he takes a bet with his wife Maude and best friend Arthur Harmon that he can go a month without drinking. Walter is unable to get through lunch without spiking his own drink, losing the bet. He goes home drunk, and starts drinking alongside Maude as they are preparing their grandson Phillip's birthday cake for the next day. Their drunken antics nearly ruin the cake, and Maude's response enrages Walter, who smacks her. Horrified at his own actions, Walter admits to having a "problem" and swears off drinking.26
  • The next day, Maude has a black eye from the force of the slap. Walter is still upset at his actions, but then gets bad news regarding his business. He goes off and gets drunk, and when he returns home he is enraged by Maude having gotten a recovering alcoholic to come and try and help him with his problem while also trying to rid the house of alcohol. When his stepdaughter Carol tells him that she can't live with him anymore and is taking her son Phillip with her, Walter, realizing he is losing his family, finally accepts his alcoholism as well as accepting he needs help, discarding the last booze in the house.27
  • At a party, Lars Lindstrom goes off with fellow guest Sue-Ann Nivens, and begins an affair. Lars's wife, Phyllis Lindstrom, eventually finds out. Her friend and Sue-Ann's colleague Mary Richards threatens Sue-Ann with the cancellation of her show to get her to stop fooling around with Lars.28
  • October. Henry Jefferson moves out of his brother's home to open his own business. The Jeffersons, including Louise and Lionel, want to hold a party for him, and end up doing so in the Bunker home. George Jefferson is willing to sacrifice and appears at the Bunkers' home, despite his disdain for white people, to give his brother a toast, and thus finally meets his nemesis Archie Bunker.29
  • November 7. Biological scientist Alec Holland is murdered by agents of the evil Mr. E, his body dumped in the nearby swamp. His chemically-infused body interacts with the mystical energies left from the previous Swamp Thing, bringing a new Swamp Thing to life. The Swamp Thing absorbs the lingering memories of Holland, coming to believe itself to be Alec Holland.30
  • November 16. Mary Richards learns today is her boss Lou Grant's 48th birthday. She plans a surprise party for him for later that night, and he gets upset when he finds out about it. He reluctantly accepts the party guests into Mary's apartment, which include friends and colleagues including Rhoda Morgenstern (31), Murray Slaughter, Gordy Howard, Ted Baxter, and Sue Ann Nivens.31
  • November 27. Alien agents abduct eight-year-old Samantha Mulder, while keeping her brother Fox in suspended animation to prevent his interference.
  • November 30. Jim Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, Selina Kyle (10), and Oswald Cobblepot (31), as well as various police and mobsters, storm the headquarters of a cult sect of the Order of St. Dumas in Gotham (led by newly elected mayor Theo Galavan), and rescue Bruce Wayne (11) before he is sacrificed.32
  • December 3. Journalist Sarah Jane Smith (22) visits a UNIT event while posing as her scientist aunt. She meets the Doctor (third incarnation), and ends up stowing away on the TARDIS to the year 1234.33

December 19 (Wednesday). The girl Annie gives Ben Linus a pair of dolls for his birthday, the male of which she keeps as a sign of their bond. After, Ben sees a vision of his mother.
December 20 (Thursday). Ben Linus encounters Richard Alpert in the jungle.


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