Timeline: 1971



  • January. Josephine "Jo" Grant joins the UK branch of the United Nations Intelligence Task Force's staff, and is assigned as an assistant to the Doctor (third incarnation).1
  • January 10. On their 22nd wedding anniversary, Edith and Archie Bunker return home early from church (as Archie loudly objected to the "socialist" nature of the sermon) to have their daughter Gloria and son-in-law Mike Stivic set up the apartment for a surprise anniversary brunch. Archie and Mike have a number of arguments based on their clashing world views, as Archie is a raging bigot. The kids' friend Lionel Jefferson, a young Black man, stops over to drop off a gift for Edith (supposedly from Archie), causing further strife. The gift and card make Edith quite happy, leading Archie to be appreciative in his own way.2
  • The Master (twelfth incarnation) arrives in this era, and helps the Nestene Consciousness in another attempt to invade Earth using plastic plants. They are stopped by the Doctor and UNIT.3
  • James Stevens meets Dodo Chaplet, who suffers from psychological damage, leading to the two becoming friends and falling in love.4
  • January 25. Major General Idi Amin leads a military overthrow of the Ugandan government, deposing President Milton Obote, and naming himself President.5
  • January 30. The Doctor (third incarnation) and Jo Grant investigate a new mind-altering device at a prison. They soon become embroiled in a series of prison riots, and a conspiracy by the Master to cause World War III.6
  • February 1. The British protectorate of Kahndaq, on the northern Sinai peninsula, gains independence.
  • February 2-5. Harlem private detective John Shaft gets caught up in a skirmish between a local gangster, Bumpy Jonas, and the mafia, who have kidnapped Jonas's daughter Marcy. With the reluctant help of his old friends Black Nationalist Ben Buford and police Lieutenant Vic Androzzi, he manages to lead a group in rescuing Marcy. During these events, Shaft gets laid at least twice.7
  • The DHARMA Initiative launches the Swan project. Stuart Radzinsky is assigned to it as head designer.
  • February 28. Depressed youth Harold Chasen (22) first encounters hedonist Maude Chardin (79) while attending a funeral as a diversion.8
  • March 1-5. Harold Chasen comes across Maude Chardin again, and the two begin a whirlwind friendship and romance.9
  • March 2. Louise Jefferson arrives on Hauser Street to pick up the key to number 708, coming to the Bunkers' home at 704. Archie is soon horrified to find out she and her family are moving in, as they are Black and he is a bigot. Later, he tries to use Lionel as a means of enacting a plan to get the Jeffersons out, not realizing that Lionel is Louise's son.10
  • March 6-7. After consummating their relationship, Harold Chasen decides he wants to marry Maude Chardin. In the evening of her 80th birthday, he plans on proposing marriage, but his plans are ruined when he discovers that she has swallowed pills in order to kill herself. Taking her to a hospital, she dies.11
  • March 13. When an Axos bioship lands in England, the Doctor (third incarnation) and UNIT must stop the invading menace. The Master is involved.12
  • The Doctor (third incarnation), Jo Grant, the Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (42), and Sergeant John Benton (29) face an alternate reality that runs in reverse.13
  • April 3. Archie Bunker tries to get out of eating dinner with the Jeffersons by lying about Edith having a sprained ankle. Lionel Jefferson gets his mother to agree to come over to the Bunkers' home instead. Louise brings her husband's brother, Henry Jefferson, over instead, as her husband George refuses to come over.14
  • April 10 (Saturday). The Time Lords send the Doctor (third incarnation), accompanied by Jo Grant, on a mission to 2472.15
  • Five young humans raised on Apokolips, the Forever People (Vykin the Black, Mark Moonrider, Beautiful Dreamer, Big Bear, and Serifan) arrive on Earth in hopes of helping humanity reach its potential.16
  • April 30-May 1. The Doctor (third incarnation), Jo Grant, and their UNIT allies take down a threat by the Master and an ancient Daemon from Daemos. UNIT takes the Master into custody.17
  • Ted Wiggins, a boy from Thneedville visits the Once-ler, and ends up hearing his tale of business run amok and ecological devastation. The Once-ler gives Ted the last truffula seed in hopes Ted can restore the species.18
  • June 24. Malcolm Fitzcarraldo (8) and his parents take off in a personal plane from Newark, New Jersey. The plane crashes shortly after takeoff, and Malcolm's parents are killed. The orphan boy is "adopted" by a group of monarch butterflies. The remains of Don Fitzcarraldo, Malcolm's father, are recovered by Dr. Jonas Venture, who plans to rebuild the body into a cyborg, as Don was the heroic Blue Morpho.
  • When a serial killer, "Scorpio", begins a reign of terror in San Francisco, Detective Harry Callahan, with new partner Chico Gonzalez, is placed on the case. Callahan manages to catch Scorpio (Charles Davis), but because of his unauthorized tactics, the case is thrown out. Gonzalez, injured in the fire fight with Davis, decides to retire. Davis, back on the streets, continues his plots to procure money, taking a school bus of children hostage. Callahan ambushes Davis, ultimately killing him during a stand-off.19
  • July 30. Ronald McDonald (37), clown spokesman for McDonald's restaurants, while filming a commercial, is attacked by the Grimace (8), a purple Monster that had scented the partially-gelatinous non-dairy gum-based beverages near him. The creature, not knowing its own strength, kills McDonald by crushing his windpipe. McDonald soon revives, not having realized he was an immortal. In the aftermath, the McDonald's corporation hires the Grimace as an additional mascot.20
  • September 4. Sabrina Spellman, her aunts Hilda and Zelda, and Salem the cat move to Greendale, California. She meets teenage boy Harvey Kinkle, and they strike up a friendship.
  • September 11 (Saturday). Former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev (77) dies from a heart attack.21
  • September 12 (Sunday). Teenagers George "Skip" Dolenz, April Holland, and Alvin "Augie" Augerson, along with their dog Elmo, in their dune buggy the Loony Duney, come across an abandoned building with a grandfather clock inside. Moving the hands to midnight, they release the ghosts of Jonathan Muddlemore and his cat Boo, who both died in 1775 (though "Mudsy" claims to be the spirit of 1776). The ghost joins them, and they begin solving mysteries against their rivals in Mystery Inc.22
  • The recently widowed field mouse Elizabeth Brisby (3) seeks out help from the curmudgeonly Mr. Ages as her son has fallen ill. As the season changes, Ages warns Mrs. Brisby that moving her child could prove deadly to him. When the farmer begins harvesting operations, which will cause the tractor to destroy the Brisby home. Desperate, Mrs. Brisby consults the Great Owl, who tells her to seek out the rats. She travels to the rats' home with the help of her new friend, the crow Jeremy. She comes to the rats in the midst of a debate on their own moving to disengage from their human-dependent life. The rat Nicodemus, the elderly leader, explains the rats are all brilliant due to the humans' experiments of the National Institute of Mental Health, which made them hyper-intelligent. Nicodemus gives Elizabeth a small object of mystical power. Mrs. Brisby volunteers to drug the cat Dragon (Jonathan's killer). The conflict between the factions amongst the rats, with the conservative Jenner scheming and murdering Nicodemus while they try to move the Brisby home. The rat hero Justin faces Jenner in battle. After Jenner's death, Mrs. Brisby's pure bravery allows her to access the mystical object, and telekinetically move her home to a safe area. The rats move as well.23
  • November 8. Big Bird () first meets Aloysius Snuffleupagus (4). As the snuffleupagus departs, Big Bird is unable to convince the other residents of Sesame Street of the creature's existence.24
  • Liz Shaw (28), at Cambridge University, calls upon the Doctor to assist her, and they get sucked into an alternate future 2014 for a time, aborting that timeline.25
  • December 10 (Thursday). Marcia Brady (14) successful lobbies ex-Monkee Davy Jones (25) to appear at her school.26
  • When the Archie, Gloria, and Mike all come down with the flu, Edith Bunker's cousin Maude Findlay comes to visit and help her out, despite the bad blood between her and Archie.27
  • December 23 (Wednesday). Ping pong champion and vet Forrest Gump (26) appears on The Dick Cavett Show. He meets host Dick Cavett (35) and singer John Lennon (31). Outside the studio, he reunites with his old CO, Lt. Dan Taylor (37), who invites him to stay with him for the holidays.28


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