Timeline: 1970



  • January 3-5. The Doctor, recently regenerated into his third incarnation, and his TARDIS are deposited on Earth in England, as his exile begins. After recovering from the stress of regeneration and a gunshot wound, he becomes the United Nations Intelligence Task Force's scientific advisor while reuniting with his old ally Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. Together with new assistant Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Shaw (recently of Cambridge University), he successfully fends off an invasion by the Nestene consciousness's Autons.1
  • UNIT provides the Doctor with an automobile that he dubs "Bessie".
  • January 10-11. After their sapient dog Scooby-Doo learns of an inheritance he is to receive for saving an eccentric millionaire's life, the youths of Mystery Inc. (Fred Jones [19], Daphne Blake [20], Velma Dinkley [19], and Shaggy Rogers [19]) prepare to travel to the millionaire's home to hear the reading of the will. Along the way they meet the occult-battling Winchester brothers Sam (34) and Dean (39), who have been transported to this time through a television in 2018. The mystery soon involves real murders by a malevolent ghost, a dead child enslaved by an evil man in the Winchesters' time. The angel Castiel joins the Winchesters in this era, and the ghost is captured. Sam, Dean, and Castiel agree to help the boy ghost in their time, and, after convincing the teens that the murders were faked and it was the disguised executor behind it all, they return to their own time.2
  • January 21. A starving Melody Pond undergoes her first regeneration.3
  • January 24 (Saturday). The DHARMA Initiative is founded by scientists after discovery of a mysterious island in the South Pacific.
  • January 31-February 5 (Saturday-Thursday). The Doctor and his UNIT allies (including Liz Shaw [27]) investigate a nuclear power station, and discover that it has awoken a clan of D'ryze Silurians. The Doctor manages to stop a plague spread by a rebellious Silurian, who murders the group's leader. UNIT destroys the Silurian base after they return to hibernation. This brings about a cooling of the relationship between Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and the Doctor.4
  • Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart travels to UNIT's West Germany base, where he encounters an old friend who has gone mad. The base is soon attacked by what appear to be ghosts, and the Doctor (third incarnation) comes to investigate. Discovering a secret super-soldier program had influenced the Brigadier's old friend and a psionic field, they realize the ghosts are the essences of dead soldiers from generations past subconsciously puppeted by the colonel. The colonel dies helping to stop the "ghosts", when the base is bombed.5
  • February 9-11 (Monday-Wednesday). Mary Richards (30) arrives in Minneapolis after leaving her longtime fiance. She begins renting a large apartment from Phyllis Lindstrom (), meeting Phyllis's daughter Bess. Getting the apartment puts her in conflict with neighbor Rhoda Morgenstern (28), who wanted the apartment for herself. She applies for a secretarial position at television station WJN-TV, but instead gets the position of associate producer when she impresses news director Lou Grant (44). Her ex-fiance comes to Minneapolis in an attempt to woo Mary back, but she rejects him.6
  • March 25-26 (Wednesday-Thursday). The Doctor (third incarnation), Liz Shaw, and UNIT are pulled into a conspiracy by British Space Agency General Charles Carrington, who captures alien ambassadors and uses them to kill his enemies and those investigating, all in an attempt at revenge against the aliens, which would result in Earth's destruction. The Doctor and allies manage to stop Carrington, and return the aliens to their people, while getting their own astronauts back.7
  • The Doctor (third incarnation) and Liz Shaw investigate a series of mysterious deaths, and the attempted murder of Liz's mother, Emily Shaw (). They stop the creator of the Apocalypse Clock.8
  • April 25. Below the Great Thaur Desert in Rajasthan state, India, Dr. Sarina Kaur, head of the secret Chrysalis Project, gives birth to her genetically-engineered son, Khan Noonien Singh.9
  • The Doctor and UNIT investigate the disappearance of a pilot, which leads them to the discovery of an attempt by a bitter species to eradicate humanity. Recruited for the mission is Army Lieutenant Mike Yates (29). His actions impress the Doctor and Brigadier, so they invite him to permanently join UNIT, with a promotion to Captain.10
  • Liz Shaw and UNIT, including the Doctor (third incarnation), face a crisis where a Mim attempts to start an invasion of Earth. The Mim is eventually destroyed, with many casualties, including young Sergeant Robin Marshall.11
  • May. The Doctor (third incarnation) faces a crisis when a digging project at UNIT headquarters brings about a mutation effect on certain people, causing the director of the project to try and bring about the destruction of the Earth. The Doctor briefly transports to an alternate quantum reality bubble, whose Earth is destroyed due to parallel circumstances. The Doctor returns and the drilling is stopped.12
  • May 30 (Saturday). The immortal Ra's al Ghul's (751) daughter Talia is born.
  • May 30. Liz Shaw is called in to handle a rogue alien computer, and gets shrunken and teleported inside it. Two "men" she encounters turn out to be the computer's sapience and self-destruct programs personified. She decides to help the computer live rather than assume it is evil. She is returned to normal.13
  • May 31 (Sunday). DHARMA Initiative personnel land on the Island. They begin construction of facilities.
  • June 3 (Wednesday). Retired Golden Age heroes Johnny Quick () and Liberty Belle's () daughter, Jesse Belle Chambers, is born.
  • June 10 (Wednesday). Gamma-powered lightning strikes a passenger plane flying over the Amazon rain forest. It crashes, with most of the crew and passengers dying. The only survivor is Jaime Blanka (4), who is turned green and mutated.14
  • July 8 (Wednesday). Diane (23) and Peter Maza's (27) second child, Derek Maza, is born in New York City.
  • The Doctor (second incarnation) and his companions Polly Wright (24), Ben Jackson (24), and Jamie McCrimmon (23) land on a mysterious island and are taken below ground, to discover they are on the lost continent of Atlantis. Allying with shipwrecked slaves, they manage to stop the mad Dr. Hermann Zaroff from draining the ocean and causing the Earth's destruction.15
  • July 28 (Tuesday). The minuscule evil lech Happosai (), in a rare moment of compassion, comes across a woman giving birth near the Jusenkyo springs, and decides to help her. He midwifes the child, and bathes the newborn boy in a nearby cursed spring, the Spring of the Drowned Yeti Holding an Eel and Crane While Riding an Ox. As is custom of the townsfolk, they give Happosai the right to name the child, and he chooses the name Pantyhose Taro.16
  • July 29 (Wednesday). General Mills and Mys-Tech's collaboration results in the births of several clones of mystical monsters that are also associated with sugary flavoring: Count Chocula (a clone of the vampire Dracula), Frankenberry (a patchwork clone of Frankenstein's monster), Boo Berry (an ectoplasmic creature based on the essence of Casper McFadden), Fruit Brute (a humanoid/lupine creature), and the Fruity Yummy Mummy, a desiccated zombie).17
  • Gloria Bunker brings her boyfriend, Mike Stivic, over to her parents' home for dinner, hoping he will get along with her mother Edith and father Archie. Mike's obvious hippy appearance, objections to Archie's political views, and overt bigotry against Mike's Polish ancestry, cause the two to clash and have repeated fights. The evening ends with the revelation that Gloria and Mike are actually engaged, and they plan to live with her parents until Mike finishes college.18
  • September 4 (Thursday). Corporate sorcerers create the creatures "Mayor McCheese" and "Chief Big Mac" to serve as spokesmen for McDonald's Corporation.
  • Captain Michael Yates is named Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart's second-in-command.
  • September 18. Musician Jimi Hendrix (27) dies of a drug overdose.19
  • October 12 (Monday). Oscar the Grouch (19) returns from vacation, his bright orange fur having turned green from his heavy exposure to moss.
  • October. Gloria Bunker and Mike Stivic marry in a small civil ceremony at Gloria's parents' home. In the days leading up, conflict between the faiths of the Bunkers and Mike's uncle Casimir, who raised him. Mike also meets Lionel Jefferson at this time, and the two are fast friends.20
  • Ida Morgenstern comes to Minneapolis to visit her daughter Rhoda. She ends up staying with Mary Richards for several days before Rhoda eventually sees her.21
  • The Doctor (third incarnation), Liz Shaw, and UNIT encounter a batch of home-grown Cybermen. Among their victims is Liz's close friend Jean Baisemore.22
  • November 13. Fastidious photographer Felix Ungar (48) is thrown out of his home by his wife, Gloria, who wants a divorce. After attempting suicide, he moves in with his friend Oscar Madison (47).23
  • Charlie Nylund dies from a heart attack. He is survived by his wife Rose (39) and children Bridget, Gunilla, Kirsten, Adam, and Charlie Jr.
  • December 5. Dr. Liz Shaw takes a leave of absence from UNIT to resume her research at Cambridge University.24
  • An alien woman, Ikiria, attempts an invasion of Earth by passing mind control rings out to UNIT and the government. Mike Yates believes he is the only one free, and has to go on the lam. The Doctor, who he thought deceased, shows up, and together with Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (who feigns being under Ikiria's control) helps defeat Ikiria and free the victims.25
  • Ronald McDonald (36) becomes a target of the Anthro thief Hamilton B. Urglar (80), who is desperate to consume the hamburgers of the McDonald's Corporation. The "Hamburglar" tries to kill McDonald, but he is instead offered a contract after Big Mac subdues the aged man.


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