Timeline: 1969



  • January 20. Richard Nixon is sworn in as thirty-seventh President of the United States.1
  • January 20. While her parents are out of town, Gloria Bunker has a friend over, who brings a couple of guys. The hippie Mike Stivic initially severely clashes with her, but they suddenly find common ground and a new relationship begins.2
  • March 28. Former U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower (78) dies from congestive heart failure.3
  • April 10-13. The TARDIS arrives on an unnamed planet with the Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon, and Zoe Heriot. They discover zones of conflict on the planet, with humans from various eras in history battling each other, unaware they have been transported through time and space. The Doctor and friends join a resistance group of those who realize they are not on Earth, and defeat the alien abductors, the C'tiphlawv ("War Lords") and their Time Lord ally, the War Chief. In order to get the transposed humans home, the Doctor reluctantly contacts Gallifrey. He, Jamie, and Zoe attempt to flee, but are eventually captured, and taken to Gallifrey to stand trial.4
  • April 29. At New York State University, Reed Richards cautions rival Victor von Doom while he is performing a chemistry experiment, with Reed noticing some mathematical errors. Von Doom ignores Richards's warning, and ends up caught in an explosion, which causes minor damage to his face. The mad youth believes his face ruined, and leaves school.
  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation), Amy Pond, Rory Williams, and River Song arrive at the White House. Meeting President Richard Nixon and Canton Delaware, they investigate strange phone calls from a little girl. Traveling to Florida, they find strange equipment. They repeatedly encounter Silence aliens, but keep forgetting them. The astronaut appears, with the little girl inside.5
  • Team Venture's Major Tom dies in a crash of the his test aircraft into the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull returns from transcendental space-time to help train other seagulls in flight.6
  • July. The USS Enterprise, accidentally sent into to this time period from 2267, is spotted as a UFO. In attempting to prevent further detection, Captain James Kirk accidentally captures United States Air Force Captain John Christopher. Everything is magically set right again, and Enterprise returns to its proper time.7
  • July 19-20. After three months on the run, Amy Pond, River Song, and Rory Williams are supposedly killed, and Canton Delaware brings Amy and Rory's "bodies" to an imprisoned Doctor. After escaping in the TARDIS and saving River, the five split up, and come repeatedly across the Silence. The Doctor devises a way to bypass their ability to be forgotten by implanting a Silent's directive "to kill them on sight" in the video of the moon landing.8
  • July 20. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, on the Apollo XI, are the first Terrans to set foot on Earth’s moon.9 The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown are on-hand to watch.10
  • July 26. Josie McCoy (23) and Melody Valentine (23) decide to form a band, the Pussycats. They recruit Valerie Smith (17) to the band as their bassist. Alexander Cabot comes aboard as their manager, and his sister Alexandra becomes an obnoxious hanger-on. The magical music infuses itself into Valerie, causing her not to age as well.
  • August 19. Iva Snyder, a teenage girl, gives birth to identical twins. The firstborn girl appears sickly, and is given over to an orphanage. The second child is immediately taken in by wealthy couple Lucinda and Martin Guest, who name her Lily.(11)
  • August 28. The sorceress Endora (345) accidentally kills her son-in-law Darrin Stephens (40). Fearing the reaction of her daughter Samantha, Endora entreats Dr. Hubert Bombay, who creates a new body (that has little resemblance to his old one) that houses Darrin's soul, and they combine their powers to manipulate perceptions so that everyone who knows Darrin personally will not notice the new body. Darrin's personality is slightly altered by the body-transfer trauma.12
  • September 1. A military group, the Free Officers Movement, led by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (27), overthrows the Libyan King Idris and abolishes the monarchy. Gaddafi installs himself as leader of the new Libyan Arab Republic.13
  • Corporal John Benton () is promoted to Sergeant.
  • September 27. Mike Brady marries Carol Martin in a ceremony attended by various loved ones, including Mike's three kids Greg, Peter, and Bobby, and Carol's three kids Marcia, Jan, and Cindy, and Mike's housekeeper Alice Nelson. The Brady boys' dog Tiger chases the Martins' cat Fluffy, causing a ruckus at the reception. The newlyweds set out for a honeymoon, but they find themselves missing their children, and the kids, Alice, and the pets come to the inn that night.14

The Living Tribunal appears before Birdman (32), and recruits him as a cross-temporal lawyer. He brings Birdboy (14) and Avenger (7), as well as his handler, Falcon Seven, with him to the year 2000.

  • October 16. Sam (136) and Darrin Stephens's (41) second child, Adam Stephens, is born.15
  • After decades of service to the Time Lords, they capture the Doctor (still in his second incarnation) and effectively execute him, forcing him to regenerate into his third incarnation.16


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