Timeline: 1967



  • January 2 (Monday). Privates Forrest Gump and Benjamin Buford "Bubba" Blue arrive in South Vietnam as part of the war effort. They meet their CO, Lieutenant Dan Taylor.1
  • February 16 (Thursday). Twins Phoebe and Ursula Buffay are born to Phoebe Abbott, who is part of a polyamorous relationship alongside Lily and Frank Buffay (their biological father). Phoebe Abbott abandons the girls, and the Buffays adopt them.
  • February 26 (Sunday). Phillip Masters (38) marries Marcia Reiss and adopts her daughter Alicia (5), who becomes Alicia Masters.
  • March 9 (Thursday). Samantha Stephens's (133) Aunt Clara (583) accidentally pulls Queen Victoria (78/1897) into this era. Victoria's presence complicates Darrin's (38) having a client over. Things turn out all right, and Clara returns Victoria to her own time.2
  • April 3 (Monday). After his father Daisuke "Pops" Mifune (50) quits his job after being mildly insulted by a board member at his company, Go "Speed" Mifune (18) participates in a dangerous race to get some money to help fund the development of Pops's more advanced engine. The blueprints to said engine are invisible and unwittingly placed on Speed's Mach 5 car by Wilson "Sparky" Sparkolomew (17). During the race, malevolent agents of the board member, led by Ace Deucy, murder several of the other competitors, and nearly Speed and his rival Genzo "Skull" Duggery. With the help of Speed's girlfriend Michi "Trixie" Shimura (18), who drops bombs and performs martial arts, and stowaways Speed's little brother Kurio "Spritle" Mifune (7) and his chimpanzee Chim-Chim (6), they stop the bad guys. The race ends with Speed victorious, though he is forced to crack Mach 5's windshield. However, Pops considers it an acceptable loss, as he believes he holds the plans in his head.3
  • April 16-17 (Sunday-Monday). Speed Mifune has a run-in with the mysterious Masked Racer, Racer X (secretly Speed's long-lost older brother Rex) (26), whose race appearances are plagued by mysterious accidents. Speed, desperate to prove to his father that he is capable, goes onto the roads in the Mach 5, and runs into Racer X. Speed is knocked unconscious, and Racer X takes the boy to his own home. Corporate goons abduct Speed, thinking he is Racer X. He later escapes with the help of his family and friends. The race ensues, and Racer X and Speed survive the corporate murderers, and Racer X allows Speed to win the race. Pops agrees to let Speed be a professional racer.4
  • Mid-April. In Collinsport, Maine, young criminal Willie Loomis, hearing of supposed Collins family jewels sealed in a family mausoleum, breaks in. Finding a chained coffin, he opens it, unknowingly releasing the long-imprisoned vampire Barnabas Collins (197). Barnabas partially drains Willie of blood, feeding on him repeatedly to build up his strength, and transforming him into a drudge. Barnabas comes to visit his ancestral home, meeting his family's descendants, and claiming to be a long-lost cousin from England. Willie escapes at points to return to the Collins family, who distrust him, even as he has become humbled. Compelled to return to Barnabas, who moves into old unused lodgings on the estate.5
  • May. Italian master thief Diabolik (38) and his partner Eva Kant (35-36) commit a series of high profile crimes, including stealing 10 million in United States dollars, using laughing gas on a press conference, stealing special jewels from British diplomats in a castle, and capturing a train tanker full of gold. Detective Michel Ginko (41) attempts to capture Diabolik and Kant repeatedly, but continuously fails. The crimeboss Ralph Valmont makes a deal with Ginko to capture Diabolik himself, but ends up getting killed. Diabolik fakes his death repeatedly, including when the tanker of gold, liquefied, explodes and coats him in solid gold.6
  • When Darrin Stephens gets a bad cold preventing Samantha from going out with her mother, Endora calls upon Dr. Hubert Bombay (419), an eminent witch doctor. Bombay gives Darrin a pill that instantly cures his cold. Darrin gives the pill to his boss, and later a pharmaceutical client, leading to an attempt to market the pill as a wonder drug. Bombay agrees, but strange side effects eventually cause the scheme to be dropped.7
  • June 7. As an American platoon walks through the jungles of South Vietnam, it is attacked by a squad of Viet Cong as soon as the rain stops. Private Forrest Gump is ordered to leave, and runs away until he finds himself the only person to make his way out. He then returns to the scene, searching for his best friend Bubba Blue (24). He rescues several of his comrades, taking them to safety. He also rescues his CO, Lt. Dan Taylor, who has been grievously wounded (necessitating the amputation of his legs below the knees). He eventually finds Bubba, who has been shot in the chest. Though he manages to get Bubba to safety before the area is carpet bombed by American planes, Bubba dies in Forrest's arms.8
  • June 7. Poet Dorothy Parker (73) dies of a heart attack.9
  • New nun Sister Bertrille arrives at the Convent San Tanco in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She soon discovers that she can fly in high winds through use of her large winged headpiece and due to her hollow bones and light weight. This causes quite a stir.
  • June 24. Diane Parks () and Peter Maza wed.
  • June 28. Nancy (15) and Chuck Waldo (15), while spelunking in eastern Maine, discover a strange set of rings, that together make a disk with the word "Shazzan" carved into it. When they combine the rings, they are transported back in time to the year 863.10
  • Sal Petrillo dies. He is survived by his wife Sophia (61) and children Dorothy (37), Phil, and Gloria.
  • July. The timeship Aeon (2849) crashes to Earth. Captain Rorbach Braxton (2849) abandons ship. It is found by hippie Henry Starling. Starling raids the technology within Aeon to gain wealth.11
  • July 26. Kira Nerys () and Miles O’Brien () (both 2371) briefly materialize in this era in New York City.12
  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (), Wilton Tillington (2158), Mulberry (1320), and Floyd (1864) arrive in Vietnam, and encounter downed helicopter pilot Alice Hunniford, who escapes alongside them in the TARDIS.13
  • Edward Travers joins his daughter Anne in the United States.
  • September 9 (Saturday). The sun god Ra chooses a new champion: middling attorney Ray Randall (30), who becomes the heroic Birdman. Ra gives him the highly intelligent eagle Avenger (5) as his partner.
  • Slade Wilson () volunteers for experiments by the U.S. Military, which render him a super-soldier. In the aftermath, he is dismissed from the military, and becomes depressed. He decides to become a mercenary and assassin, and eventually becomes known as Deathstroke the Terminator.
  • September 16. The martial artist Gouken takes in orphan Hoshi Ryu (3). He begins training the boy in mystical martial arts.
  • September 27. Felix Yusupov (80) dies.14
  • October 9. Revolutionary Che Guevara (39) is executed by Bolivian soldiers.15
  • October 21. Private Forrest Gump comes to Washington, D.C. to accept the Medal of Honor from U.S. President Lyndon Johnson (59). He shows Johnson the bullet wound on his butt. After, while sightseeing, Forrest wanders to the Lincoln Memorial, and is pulled into a giant protest against the war. He briefly speaks to the crowd, though a military saboteur unplugs the loudspeakers while he speaks. Forrest's longtime friend and love interest Jenny Curran (22) calls out to him, and they are reunited in the reflecting pool.16
  • October 21-22. Jenny Curran takes Forrest Gump to a Black Panther meeting, where Forrest attacks Jenny's boyfriend for striking her. They are kicked out. They walk around Washington all night, but Jenny departs with her foul boyfriend anyway. Before she leaves, Forrest gives her his Congressional Medal of Honor.17
  • November 7. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane (19) arrive in Moscow in the Soviet Union, and are on hand as an ancient Ice Lord is reborn within Russian woman Raina Kerenskaya. After she gives birth to her daughter Raine Creevy, she becomes tyrannical, and the Ice Lord Hhessh, a friend of Ace's, is killed. The Doctor manages to rid Raina of the possessor. Throughout, Ace learns the Doctor has tried to enroll her in the Prydonian Academy, and feels betrayed. Ultimately, he asks for forgiveness, after her apparent rejection by the Time Lords, and they continue their travels together.18
  • After a long day of facing supervillains (including Reducto, Vulturo, Mentok, and X the Eliminator), Birdman speaks to his handler Falcon Seven about giving up superhero business.19
  • December 4 (Monday). Wendell "Smitty" Smith (20) is remanded to the custody of the Canadian prison system and incarcerated for six months after being convicted of marijuana possession. He meets his cellmates Rocky Hall, Queenie Greer, and Jan Freedman ("Mona Lisa").20
  • December 7 (Thursday). After avoiding getting gang raped, Wendell Smith finds himself raped by his supposed friend at the prison, Rocky Hall, who claims Smitty as his sexual servant.21
  • December 20 (Wednesday). Given cover by Queenie Greer, Wendell Smith ambushes Rocky Hall when the man tries to rape him again. Smitty defeats Rocky, ending the rape cycle.22
  • December 25 (Monday). Dale Cooper (13) receives a tape recorder as a Christmas gift. He begins an audio journal he will continue for the rest of his life.23
  • December 26 (Tuesday). After Wendell Smith bullies cellmate/rapist Rocky Hall, Rocky flips out and brandishes a shiv. Rocky is taken to a separate cell, where he promptly commits suicide.24
  • December 31 (Monday). Wendell Smith nearly succumbs to becoming a rapist with his friend (who is in love with him) Jan Freedman. Queenie Greer returns to their room, assaults them, and Smitty is stripped naked and thrown into solitary confinement by the guards.25


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