Timeline: 1966



  • January 13. Samantha and Darrin Stephens's first child, Tabitha Stephens, is born.1
  • January 14. The time mistress Glorith deposits her creation, the Hero Dial, in a cave near Littleville, Colorado. Robby Reed (13) discovers it, and first begins to use it in heroic deeds.2
  • January 29. The evil scientist Dr. James Ratton brings his android Hymie to life. Hired by KAOS, Ratton sends Hymie after a target currently guarded by CONTROL's Maxwell Smart and Agent 99. Hymie goes undercover as a CONTROL agent, and betrays Smart and 99, but Max treats Hymie as a person even after he learns Hymie's a robot. Having found a friend, Hymie betrays Dr. Ratton and KAOS, and eventually decides to join CONTROL.3
  • January 30. The Doctor, Steven Taylor (27), and Sara Kingdom (31/4000) appear on the planet Tigus. They have a run-in with the Monk (second incarnation), who attempts to strand them. The Doctor easily overcomes the Monk's handiwork, and leave in the TARDIS. The Monk follows in his own TARDIS.4
  • January 30. Ian Chesterton (35) and Barbara Wright (32) marry. The Doctor (in his "eleventh" incarnation) serves as Ian's best man at the wedding.5
  • An adventure leads to Race Bannon (31) meeting his heretofore unknown daughter, Jessie Bannon (11).6
  • February 10 (Thursday). The Doctor and Steven Taylor arrive in London, and meet young trader Oliver Harper (26). They help defeat a conspiracy by aliens selling humans. Oliver, on the run from the police for homosexual acts, joins them on the TARDIS.7
  • February 26 (Saturday). The TARDIS (carrying the Doctor and Steven Taylor) arrives in London. Student Dorothea "Dodo" Chaplet () accidentally enters the ship and ends up traveling with them.8
  • February 28-March 1 (Monday-Tuesday). The Noswal refugee "Martin O'Hara" (434) and his human friend/"nephew" Tim O'Hara (32) rescue Martin's nephew Andromeda from another spaceship crash. With the boy stranded as well, Tim and Martin try to get Andromeda to integrate himself into human society, and go by the name Andy. Andy feigns agreeing, but plans to go to his first day of school in his space suit. After Andy's actions cause the United States military to attack them, Martin uses a time machine to reset that day's events. Andy agrees to integrate after all.9 However, Andy disappears into a time warp immediately after.
  • Mona Simpson (36) joins university students in setting off an antibiotic bomb that destroys all the germ warfare specimens kept there. The fog from the bomb somehow cures student Clancy Wiggum's () asthma as well. As Mona and her friends escape, they trample Montgomery Burns (), who tries to have her arrested. She runs away, giving a tearful goodbye to her sleeping son Homer (9).10
  • May. When Darrin Stephens is forced to cancel his and Sam's vacation plans due to work, Endora () uses her powers to split him into two aspects, his "fun side" and his "work side". The fun side goes on vacation with Sam, but is extremely irresponsible and annoying to her. The work side completes the job, but makes his boss Larry Tate and the client miserable with his extreme tightassery. Samantha brings the work side to Miami and the two recombine.11
  • May 20 (Friday). Ellen Manheim gives birth to a baby girl, and immediately gives her up for adoption. Evelyn and Sy Green adopt the baby, naming her Natasha Letisha Sage Green.
  • May 21 (Saturday). Agents of the Crimson King attempt to kill young Eddie Dean (2), but kill his older sister Gloria in a car "accident" instead.12
  • The Doctor, Ian Chesterton (), Barbara Wright (), and Vicki Pallister () briefly appear, via TARDIS, at the top of the Empire State Building in New York City. They depart quickly, followed by a ship full of Daleks.13
  • May 27-28 (Friday-Saturday). After a party, an older couple, Martha and George Taylor14, invite a younger couple over to continue drinking. The night is full of mind games between the participants, leading to an early morning revelation that George and Martha's son is in fact a fictitious construct, and he is "killed" in an accident.15
  • Rob Petrie completes the manuscript for his book. When he presents it to publishers, they reject it, but his boss, Alan Brady, loves it and decides to option it as a series. Rob, his wife Laura, his son Richie, fellow writers Sally Rogers and Buddy Sorrell, producer Mel Cooley, close friends and neighbors Jerry and Millie Helper, and Alan himself gather to celebrate.16
  • June 11 (Saturday). Forrest Gump (22) graduates from the University of Alabama. He immediately is convinced by a recruiter to enlist in the United States Army.17
  • July 12 (Tuesday). Near the end of his life, Jonathan Livingston Seagull (8) meets a pair of transcendental seagulls. They take him beyond normal space-time.18
  • July 19-20 (Tuesday-Wednesday). The Doctor and Dodo Chaplet (22) return to London. They meet Polly Wright (23), a secretary to a brilliant computer scientist, and Polly and Dodo go out for a night on the town. They meet Ben Jackson (23), a sailor. The intelligent computer WOTAN (Will Operating Thought Analogue) takes control of Dodo in order to capture the Doctor. The Doctor deprograms Dodo, while WOTAN takes control of Polly. Ben tries to help her, but is captured after discovering the presence of deadly war machines. He escapes to inform the Doctor, and the military begins to engage the devices. The Doctor reprograms one, then orders it to destroy WOTAN. Dodo elects to remain in London, while Ben and Polly inadvertently join the Doctor on his next adventure in the TARDIS.19
  • July 20 (Wednesday). The TARDIS arrives at Gatwick Airport in London, England, carrying the Doctor (second incarnation), Polly Wright (25), Ben Jackson (24), and Jamie McCrimmon (23). They uncover a conspiracy of Chameloid aliens abducting people in order to absorb their identities. Polly, Ben, and Jamie each are abducted and replaced. Eventually the Doctor saves all of the captured humans, and the Chameloids return to their homeworld of Arc. Finding themselves on the same day they left the present, Polly and Ben return to their normal lives.20
  • July 20. The Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon seek out the TARDIS, and find it has been taken. Edward Waterfield (1866) abducts the Doctor and Jamie to the past.21
  • Corporal John Benton transfers to the command of Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT.
  • July 30 (Sunday). Forrest Gump boards a bus to begin his basic training in the U.S. Army. The only person willing to give a seat to him is a similarly mentally deficient man, Benjamin Buford "Bubba" Blue (23), who proceeds to tell Forrest about the shrimp business.22
  • August 12 (Saturday). George and Lorraine McFly welcome their second child Linda.
  • August 12. Peri Brown () and Erimem () are dropped off at Monte Carlo. Similarly, Ace McShane () and Hex Schofield () are dropped off. Separately, the two pairs work to protect the Veiled Leopard diamond.23
  • Young children Dylan Breen and Leah Autry encounter a strange mushroom on a "magical day". Leah then moves away.24
  • September 4. Freddy Krueger (39) murders his wife Loretta in front of his daughter Kathryn.25
  • September 10. Springwood police arrest Freddy Krueger for the murder of twenty children.26
  • September 12 (Monday). A primetime reality television show, The Monkees, starring the eponymous band, with members Peter Tork, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, and Mike Nesmith, debuts on NBC in the United States.27
  • Shirley Feeney (28) marries Walter Meany, leaving her friend Laverne DeFazio (28) behind.28
  • September 30. The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (19/2006) visit London in this era, and discover a group of good Samaritans are part of a conspiracy by a time-traveling alien manipulator to change the course of human history. The Doctor and Rose stop them.29
  • October 1. "Springwood Slasher" Freddy Krueger (39) is released from custody due to an improperly signed arrest warrant. Returning to his home, he is chased by a mob of citizens, who take him to his place of employment, and burn him alive in his own boiler room, the location of most of his murders. Just before his death, Krueger is approached by a trio of demons, who promise him eternal vengeance.30
  • October 11. Saotome Genma and Tendo Soun attempt to kill their master Happosai (), but merely succeed in incapacitating and entombing him.
  • November 5-6. Mike, Margaret, and Debbie Warren, and their dog Peppy, while driving near El Paso, Texas, searching for a place called the Valley Lodge, encounter the home of the mysterious Master, a man who worships the minor god Manos, god of hands. The Master's manservant, the giant-thighed Roger Torgo (25), warns the family away, but Mike pressures Torgo until he concedes. The stay is cut short by Torgo's poor attempts at seducing Margaret, and the awakening of the Master and his six wives, who fight each other extensively to determine whether to spare Debbie. Ultimately, the Master injures Torgo, burning off his left hand, has one of his wives sacrificed to Manos, and enslaves the Warren family, turning Michael into a new Torgo, and Margaret and Debbie into another pair of wives.31
  • November 12. Jacob Reiss dies in an accident. He is survived by his wife and his daughter Alicia.
  • November 14. The Fey Titania, in her guise as Anastasia Renard, gives birth to a daughter, Janine Renard. The girl's father is Anastasia's human husband Halcyon Renard.
  • November 17-18. Sam and Darrin Stephens (38) have a fight over an ugly sports jacket Sam gave away. While trying to make up for it, they end up having a bigger fight due to their attempts to reconcile. Endora brings Dr. Sigmund Freud (42/1898) from the past to help Sam, leading to Freud almost getting into a fight with another psychiatrist. Sam and Darrin make up.32
  • December. Sam Stephens's Aunt Clara () accidentally brings Benjamin Franklin (80/1786) to this era while trying to help Sam fix a lamp. Franklin enjoys discovering the modern era, and inadvertently drives an antique fire engine, and is accused of theft. He is brought to trial, and manages to exonerate himself. During the lead up to the trial, Clara also briefly brings Franklin Pierce (51/1856) to this period.33


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