Timeline: 1965



  • January 5. Peace Corpsmen Elyse and Steven Keaton's first child, Alexander Proctor Keaton, is born while they are in Africa.
  • January 20. A clone of Adolf Hitler is born. He will soon be adopted and named Bobby Wheelock.1
  • January 24. Former United Kingdom Prime Minister Winston Churchill (90) dies nine days after suffering a stroke.2
  • January 25. Darrel Curtis and his wife are killed in an automobile accident. They are survived by their sons Darrel Jr., Sodapop, and Ponyboy.3
  • February 13. The Doctor, Ian Chesterton (33), Barbara Wright (31), and Vicki Pallister (17) arrive on the planet Vortis. They become embroiled in a war between the Menoptera and the evil Animus spider, that has enslaved the non-sapient Zarbi. They help kill the Animus before they leave.4
  • February 23. Comedian Stan Laurel (74) dies after suffering a heart attack.5
  • March. The Doctor, Ian Chesterton (34), Barbara Wright (31), and Vicki Pallister (17) arrive on the planet Aridius. They are soon faced with the threat of the Daleks, and flee in the TARDIS. The Daleks pursue them.6
  • Due to their Warner Bros. contract, the Warner Bros. Yakko (42), Wakko (40), and Dot (35) interrupt an encounter between Underdog (3) and his enemy Simon Bar Sinister, resulting in Underdog getting injured and Sweet Polly Purebred getting temporarily eaten by a seal.7
  • March 23. Chachi Arcola (17) and Joanie Cunningham (17) move to Chicago to pursue a career in folk music.8
  • April. Opie Taylor gets scammed at a carnival while trying to win a prize to give to his pa for his birthday. Later, Sheriff Andy Taylor figures out the scam, and makes sure Opie has a legit chance to win, which he does.9
  • May 11. Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole are hired in the Office of Secret Intelligence's Anthropomorph Division.
  • May 30. In an alternate reality bubble, criminal Roger Hayden (20) finds the Medusa Masks of his late ex-cellmate Charles Halstead. He melts them down, combining them into one item: the Medusa Mask, which allows for empathic manipulation. He adopts Halstead's former identity of the Psycho-Pirate, and soon comes into conflict with JSA members Hourman and Dr. Fate.10
  • The United Nations Intelligence Task Force (UNIT) is founded to investigate paranormal activity on Earth. Colonel11 receives a promotion to Brigadier and assumes command of the United Kingdom's branch.
  • June 23. Frances "Gidget" Lawrence (15), while enjoying the beach, meets surfer Jeff "Moondoggie" Griffin (18). She is instantly smitten, and begins a campaign of harassment until he becomes aware of her and eventually they begin to date.12
  • July 18-19. In Washington, CONTROL agent 86, Maxwell Smart, is called into a meeting with CONTROL chief Thaddeus Platt. Assigned to find the abducted scientist Professor Dante and his Inthermo device, Max takes Agent K13 (the dog Fang) as a partner, and travels to New York City. There he meets another CONTROL operative, Agent 99, who he doen't immediately recognize as a woman. In their investigation, Max is nearly killed by the Inthermo death ray. The pair reach the garbage scowl housing Dante and the weapon, and are captured by KAOS head Mr. Big. They soon escape with Dante, who reprograms the death ray to channel heat back at its source. When Mr. Big activates it, he is killed in the subsequent inferno.13
  • August 9. Singapore is expelled from the Federation of Malaysia.14 The Tan Singapore is kicked out of Malaya's house.
  • August 25. Gidget Lawrence and Jeff Griffin agree to date other people while Jeff is away at Princeton University. During the day, Gidget's sister Anne Cooper reads Gidget's diary (in actuality a prospective entry), causing conflict between Gidget and her father Russ when she believes he read it.15
  • September 10. Dally Winston (17), Johnny Cade (16), and Ponyboy Curtis (14) sneak into a drive-in movie, and befriend a pair of "Soc" girls. After, Ponyboy and Johnny fall asleep in a field.16
  • September 11. In the middle of the night, Ponyboy returns home and has a fight with his older brother. He runs out and meets up with Johnny. They are attacked by a group of "Socs". When one of them, Bob Sheldon, tries to drown Ponyboy, Johnny stabs Bob with his switchblade, killing him. Pony and Johnny run away, and meet up with Dally Winston, who gets them some money, and directs them to an abandoned church to squat in.17
  • While appearing on a live game show, Laura Petrie finds herself accidentally revealing that comedian Alan Brady is actually bald.18
  • September 16 (Thursday). Dally Winston travels to the abandoned church, and meets up with Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade. They decide to turn themselves in in hopes of the police understanding the killing of Bob Sheldon was in self-defense. They come across the church again, and find it aflame. They enter it and rescue some small children, but they are all injured, Johnny severely, by the debris and fire. The boys are lauded as heroes and taken to a hospital, where Pony is reunited with his brothers.19
  • September 17. The Tulsa greasers, including Ponyboy, Soda, and Darry Curtis, Two-Bit Mathews, and Steve Randle, have a rumble with a group of Socs. Dally Winston escapes from the hospital to join the fight, which is ultimately won by the greasers. With the fight over, Dally and Pony return to the hospital, just in time to see Johnny Cade (16) before his death. Dally runs off.20
  • September 18. In his grief, Dally Winston (17) robs a store, and is chased by police. He draws an unloaded gun on them, hoping to coax them into killing him. He dies as his friends watch.21
  • September 18. After a disastrous rocket launch, NASA astronaut Captain Tony Nelson escapes his exploding ship, and lands unharmed on a tiny island in the South Pacific. While there, he finds a bottle containing the djinn Fawzia. She immediately falls in love with him after he releases her from the bottle (and wishes her free). She also takes the name Jeannie to accede to his ignorance. She accompanies him back to Florida, and begins mischievously interfering in his life.22 On the island, Jeannie and her son T.J., time-traveled from 1985, watch these events and discuss T.J.'s potential magical nature.23
  • September 18. Gidget Lawrence, in an attempt to restore her ability to play the field after talking about how she is committed to her boyfriend, invites her brother-in-law John Cooper (25) to accompany her to a party. He creates the persona of "Panther" as part of his "research" into teenagers. His wife Anne gets jealous and sneaks into the party, and Anne and Gidget's father Russ sneaks in to see why Anne is acting crazy. Hilarity ensues.24
  • Dave Crabtree visits a used-car lot and comes across a very run-down 1928 Porter. At that moment, the soul of his mother Gladys Crabtree comes to possess the vehicle, and reveals herself to Dave. Dave buys her and brings her home, upsetting his wife and children with his outlandish story, as Gladys has gone silent. Dave changes his story. He is soon approached by an insane car collector who wants to buy his mother from him, and has to deflect the man's interest. Dave has his mother washed, repaired, and repainted. Dave and Gladys work out a scheme to convince Dave's wife not to sell the car.25
  • September 25. A manifestation of Jim Ironheart's (10) rage appears in a windmill. Its appearance frightens his grandmother Lena, who falls and breaks her neck, dying instantly.26
  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Mel Bush visit Salford, England, where they find a new beauty shop is using the Wishing Beast to steal time from vain ladies. The Doctor dresses like a woman, and flings the Wishing Box into the timestream, where it ends up on the unnamed asteroid.27
  • A robot duplicate of Race Bannon attempts to get custody of Jonny Quest (11) and Hadji Singh (11). Trans-temporal lawyer Harvey Birdman (32/2000) takes the case, revealing it all as a plot by Dr. Napoleon Zin.
  • Freddy Krueger (38) begins murdering children in Springwood, Ohio.

Laverne DeFazio (27), Shirley Feeney (26), and their closest friends all move from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Hollywood, California.

  • December 16-17. The witch Endora, after seeing her son-in-law Darrin Stephens () call her daughter Samantha (132) beautiful despite her late term pregnancy and bedraggled look, decides to challenge mortals' ability to handle the truth by purchasing a small statue that causes anyone to speak their minds within close proximity. The object complicates Darrin's day as well as that evening's dinner party with Darrin's boss Larry Tate and his wife Louise, and a client and his wife. The next day, Endora reveals her scheme, but the revelation and the trinket result in good things for all parties, much to Endora's chagrin.28
  • December 18. Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright materialize in London and return to their normal lives.29

Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright are captured by the Prometheans at the behest of the Tribe of Gum. The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) liberates them.
December 25 (Saturday). The Doctor, Steven Taylor (2251), and Sara Kingdom (4000) briefly appear in London.


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