Timeline: 1962



  • March 3. Mama and Papa Berenstain's third cub is born. They allow their other daughter, Sister, to name her. She eschews role-based naming, and names the baby Honey.1
  • March 31 (Saturday). John and Gillian McShane-Krinn arrive in London, England, and warp reality to create identities for themselves in preparation for the Doctor and Susan's arrival one year hence. They sublimate their identities, becoming John Brent and Gillian Roberts, so as to fully enjoy the experience.
  • April 2. Sonny the Cuckoo Bird is hired to work as a spokesman for General Mills' Cocoa Puffs.
  • April 4. As part of their contract with Warner Bros. floundering animation studios, the Warner Bros. Yakko (39), Wakko (37), and Dot (34) are released temporarily to meet Yogi Bear (36), who works for Hannah Barbera. Yogi's adventures prove to be too two-dimensional for the Warners' style.2
  • May 12. Brainiac manufactures the Coluan identity of Vril Dox as part of a long-term plan to conquer and destroy Colu.
  • August 5. Marilyn Monroe (36) dies.3
  • August 11. The Time Lords Doctor and Susan visit Bridgetown, Quinnis, and face a malevolent bird creature.4
  • September 1. Toucan Sam (66) begins working as spokesman for the Kellogg's Froot Loops.
  • An oil company buys the swamp lands on Jed Clampett's property for 25 million dollars. Clampett's cousin Pearl Bodine convinces Jed to move to Beverly Hills, California. Pearl's son Jethro drives Jed, his daughter Elly May and mother-in-law Daisy May "Granny" Moses to their new upscale home. Shenanigans ensue.5
  • September 16 (Sunday). While on vacation at a rural campsite, Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney help Arthur Fonzarelli (22) and Richie Cunningham (19) by posing as the men's fiances. They then fight a group of locals in a square dance battle, and are victorious.6
  • September 20 (Thursday). Chachi Arcola (14) sells his soul to a demon, and the low ranking Anunnaki guardian angel Random helps him out of the jam.7
  • October 11 (Thursday). Legendary luchador hero El Santo (45) destroys a coven of vampires that are attempting to turn a young woman into the bride of their king.8
  • October 22 (Monday). The United States begins a blockade of Cuba with the demand that the Soviet Union remove missiles stationed there. President John Kennedy (45) announces the act to the American public.9
  • October 23 (Tuesday). Through trans-temporal meditation, an alternate bubble's version of Tagomi Nobusuke (65) briefly appears in the primary timeline in San Francisco, California.10
  • October 28 (Sunday). The Cuban Missile Crisis ends with the agreement of the Soviet Union to remove the missiles, and the United States agree to never invade Cuba, while also dismantling their own missiles in Italy and Turkey.11
  • November 10 (Saturday). Laverne DeFazio (24) and Shirley Feeney enlist in the United States Army. Their commanding officer is an Anthro pig, Sergeant Squealy, one of the few Toons allowed in active military service.12
  • November 23 (Friday). The Doctor (fifth incarnation) visits Bob Dovie, and shows him the interior of the TARDIS.13
  • December 12 (Wednesday). Josie McCoy (17) and friends, including Melody Valentine (17), and twins Alexandra (17) and Alexander Cabot (17), visit Riverdale, California, and, due to magical musical destiny, are infused with the town's temporal loop energies.14
  • December 27 (Thursday). The first naturally born child in generations, Kal-El, is born to Lara Lor-Van (33) and Jor-El (33) on the planet Krypton.


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