Timeline: 1961



  • January 5-6. Newlyweds Wilbur and Carol Post move into their new rural home. They find a horse in the barn, which they soon learn has been left behind by the previous owner. After the horse schemes to prevent his sale to a rancher, the horse, Mr. Ed, reveals to Wilbur that he can speak. This causes Wilbur to begin to be seen as possibly mad, and at the very least eccentric. Mr. Ed, a manipulative jerk, refuses to reveal himself to anyone else, including Carol, but helps get Wilbur out of his immediate problems by helping Wilbur's apparent madness seem to be part of a scheme to lower the sell price for the new home.1
  • January 20. John F. Kennedy is sworn in as thirty-fifth President of the United States.2
  • London couple Anita and Roger Radcliffe rescue their own 15 Dalmatian puppies and 84 more (along with the parents Pongo and Perdita, making 101 Dalmatians) from wealthy weirdo Cruella de Vil, who wants to make a coat out of their skins.3
  • February 3. Dancer Liz Powell checks herself into a hospital for exhaustion. That night, she suffers from a nightmare where she shatters a glass, comes to a morgue marked Room 22, and is told by a mysterious nurse "Room for one more, honey." The nightmare soon becomes recurrent.4
  • February 10. After a week at the hospital, each night having her nightmares, Liz Powell signs out, intending to take a plane to Miami to resume her career. At the airport, she has a frightening encounter where a vase shatters, and she learns her flight is #22. Just before she boards, the flight attendant says "Room for one more, honey", and appears to be the nurse from her dream. Liz has a nervous breakdown, and is taken from the side of the plane back into the airport. The plane takes off, and explodes almost immediately.5
  • February 11. Mork from the planet Ork visits Earth. He visits Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and plans on abducting Richie Cunningham (17). Richie is defended by Arthur Fonzarelli (20), who engages the alien in a fight. Mork decides to take the Fonz back to Ork with him, but ultimately changes his mind, wiping the memories of all he encounters.6
  • February 12. Mork, via time travel from 1978, returns to Milwaukee, and asks Arthur Fonzarelli for some help in experiencing romance. The Fonz gets his friend/sometimes lover Laverne DeFazio (22) to go on a pseudo-date with Mork at the Cunningham house. It does not go well.7
  • The remains of a kaiju monster are found in the Lapland during a dig. A tail of the reptilian creature is brought to an aquarium in Denmark. The tail thaws out due to a scientist's idiocy, and it begins growing a full body. The head scientist at the aquarium names it Reptilicus at the suggestion of a reporter. Reptilicus eventually escapes, and goes on a rampage through Copenhagen, killing people with its acidic discharge. The Danish military engages the creature repeatedly. Fear of the creature's severed parts regenerating into whole monsters, the military succeeds in subduing it by firing a concoction into its mouth, causing it to lose consciousness. The creature is disposed of, though one of its severed limbs is left in the ocean.8
  • February 24. Global Airlines Flight 33, en route from London to New York City, under command of Captain John Farver, enters a temporal phenomenon, and disappears from this era.9
  • February 28. The Gorn Hegemony is founded upon the unification of the many tribes of Gornar.
  • April 12. The Soviet Union launches Vostok, which carries the first human, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, into space.10
  • April 18. On her 16th birthday, Sabrina Spellman learns that she has inherited mystical powers from her father, and she is moving in with her wacky aunts Hilda and Zelda. In her new home, she is joined by a familiar, the cat-like being Salem.
  • Newborn Thomas Christopher Hughes becomes the first child diagnosed with Sudden Onset Rapid Aging Syndrome. The disease causes its host to undergo rapid rates of physical and psychological development, inducing a strange hypnotic effect in others around the child causing them to experience a sense of familiarity that can lead to false memories of that time.
  • June 30. Richard Alpert (128) visits the foster home of John Locke (5), and gives him a special test. The boy fails, and Alpert departs angrily.
  • July 2. Writer Ernest Hemingway (61) commits suicide by shotgun.11
  • August 4. Barack Hussein Obama II is born in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States.12 Malevolent time-travelers try to abduct his mother and take her to Kenya, but they fail, thanks to the help of Booster Gold, the Doctor (third incarnation), and Iron Lad.13
  • September 12. Dudley Wright (30) legally changes his name to Dudley Do-Right, and enlists in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  • September 14. Dudley Do-Right first rescues Nell Fenwick from Snidely Whiplash, after the latter ties her to train tracks.
  • September 15. Forrest Gump (17) is once again chased by classmate thugs, this time in their pickup truck. Forrest runs into a football field, outrunning players currently in a game. He catches the eye of University of Alabama coach Paul "Bear" Bryant (48), who sees great promise in him.14
  • September 23. A plant-like alien deposits one of its offspring onto a street in the Skid Row neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Local florist's assistant Seymour Krelborn discovers it and buys it, taking it to his home below his place of employment, Mushnik's Skid Row Flower Shop. He finds it bizarre and beautiful, and names it Audrey II after his coworker and secret love, Audrey Fulquard.15
  • September 30. Seymour Krelborn presents his plant Audrey II to his boss Gravis Mushnik, and briefly places it in the store window. The alien uses its low-level telepathy to cause random wealthy people to purchase flowers there after seeing it. Later that evening, the ailing plant reacts positively to the consumption of Seymour's blood.16
  • October 2. The alien plant monster Audrey II convinces Seymour Krelborn to murder Audrey Fulquard's abusive boyfriend and sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello. He visits Scrivello's office, intending to shoot the man, but Scrivelo dies from suffocating on nitrous oxide. Seymour takes Scrivello's body home, and chops it up, feeding it to Audrey II. Gravis Mushnik sees the dismemberment, believing Seymour to have killed Scrivelo.17
  • October 3. With the disappearance of her boyfriend, Audrey Fulquard allows herself to become romantically involved with Seymour. After a day together, Seymour comes home, and is confronted by Gravis Mushnik. Seymour ends up allowing Audrey II to eat the man who was like a father to him.18
  • Rob Petrie, head writer on the variety television show The Alan Brady, is invited to Alan Brady's home along with fellow writers Sally Rogers and Buddy Sorrell. He has to work extra hard to coerce his wife Laura into coming along, as she is worried about their 5 1/2 year-old-son Richie might be getting sick.19
  • October 12. A guilt-stricken Seymour Krelborn attempts to leave Audrey II behind after becoming engaged to Audrey Fulquard. It tricks Audrey into coming to the shop, and tries to eat her. Seymour rescues Audrey, but then, after realizing Audrey II's plans to conquer the world, returns and confronts it. Audrey II collapses the shop, and Seymour manages to electrocute it with an exposed cable, and it explodes.20
  • October 13. In Middlesex, New Jersey, a woman gives birth to a child, and upon seeing their genitals, decides to name them Pat O'Neil Riley.21
  • October 21. On Beaver Cleaver's 11th birthday, he receives money ultimately totaling $32. After being advised to deposit the cash in the bank, he ends up buying a radio controlled-race car, and lying to hide his purchase, pulling his brother Wally into the scheme. His parents June and Ward are disappointed when they find out, and Beaver decides to punish himself for his bad behavior.22
  • November 25. The American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, CVN-65, is launched.23
  • December 9. Tanganyika gains independence from the United Kingdom.24 The Tan Tanganyika moves out of Britain's house.


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