Timeline: 1960



  • January. The British rock band featuring guitarists John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison first adopts the name The Beatles.1
  • While driving through Mayberry, North Carolina, comedian Danny Williams runs afoul of Sheriff Andy Taylor, and ends up spending three days in jail.2
  • February 29. Cartoonist Bil Keane (37) realizes his family (including his wife Thel, and children Billy, Dolly, and Jeffy) is somewhat like a circus!
  • July 19. A reaper of Death, appearing as a bureaucrat, meets pitchman Lou Bookman (69) to collect him. The deathbringer pretends to be fooled into giving Bookman an out, but manipulates him into both accepting death and succeeding in his greatest pitch, "one for the angels", to save the life of a little girl.3
  • While visiting a set of caves on a tour, Davey Hansen gets lost. His dog Goliath, who speaks to him telepathically, finds him, and eventually the tour guide does as well, helping the injured boy out of the caves.4
  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller chase a temporal criminal, and find him having settled down and set up a small temporal loop so that his dying wife can live forever. After the loop is closed, Lucie is attacked by the Headhunter and abducted.5
  • August 12. After the Contrarian, a large yellow Monster, rejects an offer of green eggs and ham by his fellow Monster Sam-I-Am (31), Sam pursues the Contrarian throughout the Monster realm in trying to convince him to consume the odd-colored food. Sam's offers are not particularly enticing, as they mostly involved changes in scenery or company. After a long pursuit, the Contrarian accedes to Sam's badgering, and finds he enjoys green eggs and ham after all.6
  • August 16. Cyprus gains its independence from the United Kingdom. The Tan Cyprus (82) moves out of England's house.
  • Jack Nynand, under code-word controls, takes a flight over the North Atlantic, then hijacks and commandeers it, causing it to crash over the underwater city of Rapture. Jack meets the combatants of the previous civil war that had ravaged the libertarian "paradise": Frank Fontaine, "Atlas", who controls him, and the founder, Andrew Ryan, who turns out to be Jack's biological father. He uses technology on the island to augment himself, including donning a "Big Daddy" outfit to fight off the insane Splicers, augmented and insane survivors of the conflict. He begins saving the children called "Little Sisters". He learns of his origin, helps Ryan kill himself, and kills Fontaine after he turns into a giant Splicer.7
  • September 7. Arthur Fonzarelli (19) jumps a shark.8
  • The seagull Jonathan Livingston Seagull (2) discovers for himself new ways to fly. His behavior results in his exile from his Flock.9
  • October 1. Hokey Wolf and Ding-A-Ling Wolf (36) begin employing schemes.
  • November 8. Massachusetts Senator and Democratic candidate John F. Kennedy defeats Republican Vice President Richard Nixon in the United States presidential election.10


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