Timeline: 1959



  • January 1. On his 14th birthday, Wally Cleaver plans to have a night out with best friend Eddie Haskell, and lets it be known to his parents June and Ward and little brother Beaver. Beaver goes out to buy his brother a nice present alongside a friend, who convinces him to instead buy a bow and arrow set for himself, since Wally had rejected him. Breaking it before even getting home, Beaver finds out Wally had changed his mind and wanted to spend it with his family, leading Beaver to feel very bad.1
  • January 3. The Alaska Territory is admitted to the United States as the state of Alaska, the forty-ninth state of the Union.2
  • January 3. Dickie Greenleaf's friend Freddie Miles comes looking for him in Rome, and finds Tom Ripley there instead. He comes close to figuring out what has actually happened, and Tom murders him to keep his secrets. Tom disposes of Freddie's car and body.3
  • January 6. With the police zeroing in on "Dickie Greenleaf" for the murder of Freddie Miles, as well as Marge Sherwood's continued presence, Tom Ripley, posing as Dickie, fakes a suicide note so as to throw the police off the trail. Ripley leaves Rome with a good deal of Herbert Greenleaf's money, traveling to Venice.4
  • January 9. Laverne DeFazio, Shirley Feeney, and Arthur Fonzarelli go to a high society party thrown by the nephew of the head of the Shotz Brewery. Things go poorly.5
  • January 17. The Anderson family's patriarch, Jim, celebrates his 50th birthday. His children, Betty, Bud, and Kathy, forget their dad's birthday, and are extremely self-centered and demanding of their father. This infuriates their mother Margaret. The children realize they've forgotten the birthday later in the day, and try to make up for it.6
  • A trio of criminally-minded Anthros founds the Fiendish Organization for World Larceny.
  • March 3. Comedian Lou Costello (52) dies from complications due to a heart attack.7
  • The mice Bianca and Bernard, members of the United Nations Rescue Aid Society, rescue an orphan girl.8
  • May 1. Experimental doctor Bill Cortner travels to his secluded house and lab with his fiancee Jan Compton. En route, his erratic driving results in their car crashing, and Jan's getting killed by decapitation. Bill takes her severed head and makes it to his lab, where he performs an emergency procedure. Replacing her blood with a special serum, her head is resuscitated. Despite lacking the necessary vital internal organs, she regains consciousness and even the ability to speak. She also develops psionic abilities, immortality, and a desire to die. She begins communicating with a Frankenstein's monster-like homunculus kept in the basement with her. Bill begins searching for a woman to murder to give Jan a replacement body.9
  • May 2 (Saturday). As Bill Cortner seeks a murder victim, Jan Compton manipulates the homunculus to kill Bill's lab assistant Kurt by pulling off his arm. Bill finds an old acquaintance, Doris Powell, whose facial scarring has caused her unhappiness, though she maintains a modeling career. He chooses to murder her, and convinces her to come home with him, where he drugs her. He prepares to perform the surgery, but a horrified Jan refuses to let him do it, and has her homunculus friend attack Bill, fatally wounding him and starting a fire. The homunculus escapes with Doris, as the fire consumes the lab. Jan in the pan, despite her wishes, survives, but develops telekinetic powers allowing her to move around.10
  • After being cleared in the murder of Freddie Miles, and given money by Herbert Greenleaf to keep quiet about his son Dickie's indiscretions, Tom Ripley goes on a boat with his new love, Peter Smith-Kingsley. On the ship he encounters Meredith Logue, a woman who knows him as Dickie Greenleaf, and a friend of Peter's. When Peter spies Tom kissing Meredith, Ripley strangles Peter to protect himself from discovery.11
  • Mr. Peabody (8) adopts a human boy, Sherman Hardrock (7), as his son after getting a signed release from President Dwight Eisenhower (68).
  • June. Jimmy Woo's (28) G-Men (Gorilla-Man [38], Marvel Boy [16], M-11 the Human Robot [5], Venus [3834]) stop an alien incursion in Cuba, where mind-control parasites have taken control of Fidel Castro (32) and Che Guevara (30). They encounter the mutant mercenary Logan (88).12
  • June 10-11 (Wednesday-Thursday). T'naija aliens arrive on Earth, seeking herding grounds for their homarine food animals. A junior crewmember, Derek (16), turns against the crew when his fellow Thor kills a small dog and he realizes the gargon creatures will wipe out the native life. He runs away after learning that the gargons die in the atmosphere, not seeing it recover. Thor goes after Derek to retrieve him, as the crew learns Derek is the son of the ruler of the T'naija. Derek meets a young woman named Betty Morgan, and he learns of friendship and romance, before Thor goes on a killing spree hunting for him. When he learns that his fellows are returning with a fleet to drop the gargon off on Earth, after killing the one gigantic gargon, Derek takes control of his ship to draw the fleet into crashing into the landing site. He and his people, including his father, are apparently slain in the impact.13
  • July 7 (Saturday). In Coolsville, Ohio, Mumsy Doo gives birth to a litter of pups, including Scoobert-Doo, Ruby-Doo, Yabba-Doo, Skippy-Doo, and Howdy-Doo.14
  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Mel Bush (27) go to dinner with a pair of Lampreys, who have a battle and hyper-age the restaurant.15
  • August 19 (Wednesday). Jack Mort (36) pushes Odetta Holmes (21) in front of the A Train in the New York Subway system. The train cuts off her legs just above the knee. She barely survives the physical trauma and blood loss, and the shock causes the rarely appearing Detta Walker personality to begin gaining dominance.16
  • August 21 (Friday). The Territory of Hawaii is admitted to the United States as the state of Hawaii, the fiftieth state of the Union.17
  • August 31 (Monday). Donald Blake is born. His birth is arranged by the god Odin, who places the essence of his insubordinate son Thor (1956) within.
  • In an alternate reality bubble, Supergirl experiments on a tiny Kryptonite meteorite, trying to nullify its effects. It fails, and she foolishly tosses it out a window. She adopts a stray cat, naming it Streaky (1). The cat comes across the disposed "X-Kryptonite", and gains erratic powers as well as a semi-sapience. Streaky starts having adventures as a Super-Cat.18
  • Nora Devon (2) is abandoned by her mother in the care of her miserable aunt Violet.19
  • September. Dobie Gillis, a teenager in Central City, Minnesota, is seeking a girlfriend who is "dreamy" and "creamy". Getting some money from his mother, Dobie goes to the Bijou Theater, and speaks to the pretty yet money-grubbing Thalia Menninger. She thinks he's a weirdo, but hopes to win a cash prize drawing by sharing their chances. Later, at Chong's malt shoppe, Thalia's fear of getting involved with a poor man leads to Dobie offering to take her to the junior prom. Refusing to work, Dobie and his buddy, beatnik Maynard Krebs, devise a plan to cheat and win the drawing at the next event. A week later, Dobie gets cold feet after seeing criminals die in the film he and Thalia are watching, and refused to claim the prize when his number is called. Thalia leaves him, thinking him mentally ill. Maynard shows up, revealing that Dobie had won the prize legitimately.20
  • October 2. Air Force officer and potential astronaut Mike Ferris completes a long endurance test for surviving isolation in a confined space and suffers severe hallucinations.21
  • Pannakin Crybaby (13) returns to Planet Moron in order to find his mother. Shortly after arriving there, he is reunited with her as she is fleeing tax collectors. She is injured in the chase (though the taxmen are trying to issue her a refund), and blames it on the fact she wasn't wearing a helmet. Pannakin goes crazy, and accesses the Down Side of the Schwartz, and kills the taxmen. He declares himself Dark Helmet.22
  • Confusion leads Maynard Krebs to believe he's been drafted into the army. When his friends give him a warm goodbye, he decides to enlist after he discovers the error.23
  • November 19 (Thursday). Genius inventor Mr. Peabody presents a time machine, the WABAC, to his adoptive son Sherman as a birthday present.
  • December 11 (Friday). Seattle resident Marion Crane (32), a secretary at a real estate business, steals forty thousand dollars she is supposed to be placing in a safety deposit box, taking off to her boyfriend's home with the money. Driving into the night, she pulls over and sleeps by the road.24
  • December 12 (Saturday). After changing cars, Marion Crane continues to drive to her boyfriend Sam Loomis's town. She stops off at the Bates Motel late at night and rents a room, unfortunately meeting proprietor Norman Bates (26). Norman's "Mother" personality takes over, and stabs Marion to death while she showers.25
  • December 16-17. Beaver Cleaver gives his mother a gaudy blouse for her 44th birthday. She agrees to wear it to a gathering, but when Beaver's class performs a mediocre song for the group, Beaver sees she is not wearing it, and he is hurt. The two ultimately reconcile.26
  • December 19. The day after he declares he doesn't want any celebration for his 17th birthday, Dobie Gillis finds himself upset that his parents do not acknowledge it at all. His parents plan and host a surprise party, but a disgruntled Dobie refuses to come home after his best friend Maynard Krebs tries to keep him out of the house. Upon returning late, with the party having already ended, Dobie is very happy to know his parents did care.27


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