Timeline: 1958



  • January 6 (Monday). After staying late at school, Derry Elementary School student Ben Hanscom (11) walks home alone in the cold and dark. While passing the canal, he encounters the creature in Its Pennywise guise. Distracted by a sudden whistle, Its disguise briefly slips, letting Ben see through its illusion, and he sees it as a Mummy, which gives him enough time to escape.1
  • After a battle with the superhuman Destiny, an Atlantis is seemingly destroyed and Namor (37) is rendered amnesiac.
  • January 26 (Sunday). Eleanor and Franklin Sherman adopt a newborn infant, and name him Jay Prescott Sherman.2
  • Juan Valdez (36) begins working as a spokesman for the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia.
  • February 16 (Sunday). Morticia (127) and Gomez Addams's (27) first child, Wednesday Friday Addams, is born.
  • March 2-3 (Sunday-Monday). The Yellow Claw (157) abducts United States President Dwight Eisenhower (67). FBI agent Jimmy Woo (27) gathers the "G-Men" for the rescue mission, recruiting heroes Marvel Boy (15) and Venus (3832). Namora (37) directs them to the derelict M-11 the Human Robot (3), and with the help of Jann of the Jungle, they recruit Ken Hale (37), the Gorilla-Man. The President is rescued, and the G-Men stay together.3
  • March 8 (Saturday). Hogarth Hughes (9) receives (from the United States Army) a box containing a screw that is believed to be the only recoverable part of the Iron Giant. That night, the screw departs Hogarth's home to come together with the rest of the Giant.4
  • March 14 (Friday). Richie Tozier (11) is chased by Henry Bowers (11), Butch Huggins, and Victor Criss all the way to downtown Derry. He manages to escape his pursuers, and then, resting in front of the giant Paul Bunyan statue, he is attacked by the creature beneath the town, manifesting as the statue itself. Richie manages to escape, and rejects the encounter as simply a dream.5
  • April 3 (Thursday). Colleen Donaghy's son John Francis Donaghy is born.
  • April 5 (Saturday). Stan Uris (10), while bird watching in Memorial Park, investigates an ajar door at the Derry Standpipe. This is his first encounter with the creature beneath Derry, which manifests as drowned boys. Stan manages to escape by shouting the names of birds, disrupting Its power.6
  • May 2 (Friday). Mike Hanlon (11) follows his father's instructions to explore the remains of the Kitchener Iron Works. There the creature appears as a giant bird, and attacks. Mike escapes into a fallen smokestack, and pelts the bird with tiles, damaging Its eye, until It eventually gives up.7
  • May 10 (Saturday). Eddie Kaspbrak (11) returns to the house at 29 Neibolt Street, compelled by an unknown need. He has an encounter with the creature, who manifests as a rotting hobo offering him a blowjob. Eddie manages to escape.8
  • Insectoid aliens attempt to a conquest of Earth by taking humans as hosts and food stuff at the home of Winston Churchill (83). Churchill and his undercover nurse Lily Arwell manage to stop them with the help of the "eleventh" Doctor.9
  • June 18 (Wednesday). On the last day of school at Derry Elementary School, young Ben Hanscom is attacked by bully Henry Bowers (12) and his minions Butch Huggins and Victor Criss. Henry carves an H into Ben's belly. Ben struggles against them. A short fight ends with Ben kicking Henry in the balls. Ben escapes into the Barrens. After evading the bullies, who harass boys Bill Denbrough (11) and Eddie Kaspbrak there. Bill takes his bike Silver and gets Eddie asthma medicine after Eddie has an attack. Eddie and Bill and Ben are fast friends, and agree to meet the next day. After, Bill goes home and has an encounter with the creature as It briefly manifests in a harassing manner in the photo album of Bill's dead younger brother George.10
  • June 18. Another Derry boy, abuse victim Eddie Corcoran (10), hiding from his stepfather in the park, is found by It. It murders him, beheading him, and drags his body to the sewers.11
  • June 19 (Thursday). Mike Hanlon comes across the murder scene of Eddie Corcoran, and escapes a near encounter with the creature.12
  • June 19. Ben Hanscom, Bill Denbrough, and Eddie Kaspbrak meet up in the Barrens to build a dam. They are successful, and are soon joined by Richie Tozier and Stan Uris (11), who make it even more successful. After a while, Bill tells the others about his encounter with It. Ben and Eddie tell their stories as well. Stan almost does when Officer Aloysius Nell arrives and makes the boys dismantle their dam, as it has caused a sewage backup. After, Richie goes to Bill's house, and they have another photograph encounter with It.13
  • June 21 (Saturday). Richie Tozier invites Ben Hanscom and Bev Marsh (11) to the movies. After, they encounter and defeat and flee Henry Bowers and his gang. Richie dubs them the Losers' Club. Bill Denbrough meets up with them later in the Barrens, approving of Bev's joining their group. Bev immediately gets a crush on Bill.14
  • June 21. In an alternate timeline pocket, a litter of kittens is born in Midvale, Illinois. One of them is orange, with a white streak on its side resembling a lightning bolt.
  • June 26 (Thursday). Pamela Voorhees (27) murders two counselors at Camp Crystal Lake in vengeance for their negligence that led to her son's death.15
  • June 27 (Friday). Richie Tozier and Bill Denbrough go to the house at 29 Neibolt Street to confront the creature. They are successful, and it manifests as a werewolf to Richie. Though they get some good shots off, the creature chases them, and nearly kills them. Bill and Richie escape on the bike Silver.16
  • June 27. The creature in the sewers of Derry, Maine manifests to Beverly Marsh for the first time, as voices and blood from the bathroom sink.17
  • June 28 (Saturday). Beverly Marsh runs into Eddie Kaspbrak, Ben Hanscom, and Stan Uris, and tells them of the blood. They help her clean it, and then they tell their own stories, including Stan telling of his encounter at the Standpipe. Later that night, Beverly has another brief encounter with It.18
  • June 29 (Sunday). Canadian scientist Andre Delambre (31) shows off his amazing teleportation device to his wife Helene. He teleports an ashtray, and it appears successful, until he realizes the "MADE IN JAPAN" writing is reversed.19
  • July 3 (Thursday). Henry Bowers, Butch Huggins, Victor Criss, Moose Sadler, and Peter Gordon come upon Mike Hanlon and begin to chase him. He escapes into a gravel pit near the Barrens, where he runs into the six members of the Losers' Club. The Losers pelt the bullies with rocks, and there is some return fire. Bill Denbrough demands Henry and his goons withdraw, and after several painful battles, they do. The Losers wholeheartedly accept Mike into their group.20
  • July 5 (Saturday). After successfully transporting a newspaper with no issues, Andre Delambre, on a whim, uses the device on the family cat Dandelo. The cat is disintegrated, but doesn't reintegrate. Andre does not tell his wife Helene or his son Philippe of the apparent death of Dandelo.21
  • July 6 (Sunday). Mike Hanlon returns to the Barrens, and is fully inducted into his new group, as he learns of their encounters with It. He tells them of his own encounters, including seeing the clown in the Independence Day parade. The Losers begin the digging for their underground clubhouse.22
  • July 10 (Thursday). Andre Delambre shows his wife Helene a successful test of his matter transmitter on a guinea pig. He tells her of the loss of their cat Dandelo.23
  • July 13 (Sunday). Mike Hanlon brings his father's photo album to the Barrens. The whole group sees It manifest in another photograph. Stan Uris almost has a nervous breakdown.24
  • July 17 (Thursday). The Losers' Club holds a Native American-like smoke hole ceremony. Mike Hanlon and Richie Tozier manage to hold out the longest, and are transported through time for a bit, to see the arrival of It on Earth a hundred million years ago.25
  • Herbert Greenleaf meets young budding con artist Tom Ripley (23). Believing Tom to be a schoolmate of his son Dickie, he hires Tom to travel to Italy to get him to come home.26
  • July 20 (Sunday). After being told by the pharmacist Norbert Keene that his asthma is psychosomatic and induced by his mother, Eddie Kaspbrak is caught alone by Henry Bowers and his goons. Henry breaks Eddie's arm.27
  • July 22 (Tuesday). The creature called It kills the insane youth Patrick Hockstetter (12). Beverly Marsh hears it happen.28
  • July 25 (Friday). The Losers Club goes to the house at 29 Neibolt Street. They survive its warped maze, and confront It in a bathroom. It manifests as the werewolf again. Beverly Marsh hits It with a silver slug, wounding It. It flees.29
  • July 31 (Thursday). Tom Ripley, now in the town of Mongibello, first approaches Dickie Greenleaf as part of his plans. He meets Dickie, as well as Dickie's girlfriend Marge Sherwood, and pretends to have been an old acquaintance.30
  • August 1 (Friday). Tom Ripley comes to Dickie Greenleaf's home, and makes a minimal impression until he reveals to Dickie the story behind Dickie's father's request.31
  • August 4 (Monday). Before Tom Ripley leaves Mongibello, he "accidentally" exposes his faux love of jazz to Dickie Greenleaf, resulting in Dickie's becoming interested in Tom, and a friendship begins to develop.32
  • August 10 (Sunday). Al Marsh attacks his daughter Beverly, partially possessed by the creature It. Beverly escapes and flees, and is attacked by Henry Bowers, Victor Criss, and Belch Huggins. Henry, having killed his father Butch earlier that day, attempts to kill her. She escapes, kicking Henry in the balls. Reaching the Barrens, she and Ben Hanscom hide for a while, and then meet up with the rest of their club: Eddie Kaspbrak, Richie Tozier, Stan Uris, Mike Hanlon, and Bill Denbrough. They realize it is time to face It again, and head into the sewers, followed by Henry and his friends. As they pass through the darkness, they are attacked twice by It before they reach Its lair. It first manifests as a giant eye that Eddie defeats with his aspirator, and then it manifests as the giant bird, and Stan's rejection of such a creature causes it to flee. It manifests as Frankenstein's monster to Henry's group, and kills Victor and Belch, while Henry escapes to be later caught by the police. The Losers reach Its lair, and Bill begins the Ritual of Chüd. Bill manages to defeat It, sending It fleeing. As Its lair begins to collapse, the Losers flee, hoping they have mortally wounded It. Lost in the sewers, Beverly somehow realizes that sex is how they will get out of the sewers, so she has sex with the six boys in turn. Once they are out, they cut their palms and take an oath: they promise to return if It is not dead.33
  • August. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) takes Chris Cwej (25) to London to recover from their recent trauma, and they are pulled into the machinations of the Krontep first king Moriah's attempts to recreate his dead wife via creation of humanoid homunculi. These homunculi, called "Toys", depend on others for their very existence, and Moriah is systematically killing them. While Chris is seduced by a widowed Toy, the Doctor meets a young gay lad, Jack Bartlett, after his own lover Eddy Stone, unbeknownst to Jack a Toy as well, is murdered. The Doctor works to defeat Moriah, who is eventually taken by failed versions of his wife-duplicate. The Toys' leader comes to find that she can impart that reliance for the Toys, and they are able to gain a sense of community and independence. The action against Moriah incidentally start the Notting Hill riots. During the adventure, Queen Gilliam (Peri Brown [50]) uses a time corridor to come to 1958 Earth after 25 years in a loveless marriage with Yrcanos, and has a terse interaction with the Doctor. The Doctor drops Peri and Jack off in 1996.34
  • August 27 (Wednesday). After successfully teleporting himself, Andre Delambre makes a second attempt. This time, a common housefly gets into the transmat booth with him. Upon reassembly, the two beings are physically spliced, with the fly having a human-like head and arm, and Andre having a fly-like head and forelimb. Andre maintains his intelligence, but finds his mind deteriorating. The fly escapes Andre's basement laboratory. That night, Helene Delambre tries to see her husband, but finds him hiding his face and not talking. Asked to find a white-headed fly, she recalls having their son Philippe release one he had caught earlier that day. He reacts by accidentally exposing his fly pincer, horrifying Helene.35
  • August 28 (Thursday). Helene Delambre learns the truth about what happened to her husband Andre, and she, the housekeeper Emma, and Philippe attempt to catch the white-headed fly. They are nearly successful, but it escapes the house. Helene brings Andre the bad news, and reveals to her he is losing his ability to think. He lets her know he wants to destroy himself to prevent it from happening again. He accedes to using the machine again for Helene's sake, but it ends in failure, and Andre's face is exposed, causing Helene to faint in horror. Andre angrily smashes the teleporter, and burns his notes. He asks Helene after she has awoken to help him kill himself. She reluctantly agrees, and goes with him to an industrial press. She activates it when he puts his head in it, killing him. She uses it again on his arm. She is discovered by a worker, and she heads home, where she calls her brother-in-law Francois, and reveals she has killed Andre. Inspector Michel Charas comes to evaluate her.36
  • September 3-4 (Wednesday-Thursday). Francois Delambre convinces Helene Delambre to tell the tale of her husband's death, revealing the teleportation accident and the fly combination. Inspector Michel Charas believes she is insane, and arranges for an arrest warrant. Just before they take her to a sanitarium, Philippe Delambre finds the white-headed fly in a spider web. Francois and Charas see it just as it is to be devoured by a spider, as its human head (with the face of Andre) cries out for help. Charas kills the fly and the spider with a stone. The two men agree to declare Andre's death a suicide.37
  • September 10 (Wednesday). "The Chipmunk Song" is released by musician David Seville (39) and his chipmunk sons Alvin, Simon, and Theodore (all three 4). Most listeners do not believe they are actual chipmunks.
  • September 22 (Monday). A litter of Anthro rabbits is born in Calisota. One of them is taken by the cereal company General Mills. They name it Tricks, and begin conditioning it to be their advertising spokesperson and severely addicted to the "fruit" cereal Trix.
  • September 22. Bud Anderson (17), having inadvertently cost his older sister Betty () a scholarship due to his suspicious nature, follows a German college professor into a steam bath and gym. While getting his first ever rubdown by a masseuse, Bud manages to get the professor to reconsider his rejecting her outright, and the professor holds an impromptu interview with her.38
  • November 7 (Monday). In San Remo, Tom Ripley (24) and Dickie Greenleaf go out into distant waters, where they have a discussion that turns into a confrontation, as Dickie has grown tired of Tom and Tom tries to convince Dickie that they are in love. When Tom injures Dickie with an oar during their scuffle, Dickie tries to kill Tom, and Tom ends up killing Dickie with the broken oar. In the aftermath, Tom gets rid of Dickie's body and sinks the boat, and begins a new plan of posing as his dead friend.39
  • November 7. Peter Brady is born to Jean and Mike Brady (26) and his wife in the United States.
  • November 9. Tom Ripley returns to Mongibello, and informs Marge Sherwood that her fiance, Dickie Greenleaf, has decided to leave her, as part of his plan to hide Dickie's death and use his money.40
  • November 11 (Friday). The Fonz (17) brings his buddy Richie Cunningham (15) with him on a double date, with older women Laverne DeFazio () and Shirley Feeney ().41
  • December 15 (Monday). In Tampa, Florida, a woman dies in childbirth, and the child's father father flees after seeing the baby boy's deformed, reptile-like skin. The child is taken in by his aunt, who names him Waylon Jones.
  • Other births: Georges Batroc (January 26), Beauregard Duke (April 8)42, Shannon O'Donnell (April 29), James MacDonald Hudson (May 9), David Harris (May 23), Leonard Snart (June 2), Jonathan Livingston Seagull (June 23), Maureen Tomlinson (June 25)43, Steven Bartholomew Rhoades (June 30), Marcy Bearse (August 9), Carey Mahoney (August 24), Larvell Jones (September 9), Harold Hogan (October 19), Fenton Crackshell (October 30), Megan Russert (December 11), Lilith Sternin (December 31)



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