Timeline: 1957



  • February 12. The Cunningham family of Milwaukee gets a television set. Parents Marion and Howard host a gathering to show off. Son Richie (13), besides inviting best friend Potsie Weber, uses it as an excuse to get a girl he is attracted to to come over. Joanie (9), to limited controversy, invites an older Black man over.1
  • February 13. The Mitchell family, including son Dennis (5), moves into 2251 Pine Street in Wichita, Kansas, next to the home of the Wilsons, George (50) and Martha. George Wilson immediately finds Dennis to be a pest and chaos-bringer.
  • Bob Grayson returns from Uranus and, using his telepathic headband and Quantum Bands, becomes the heroic Marvel Boy.
  • March 25. The Treaty of Rome is signed by the nations of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, and West Germany, founding the European Economic Community.2 The six Tans of the respective nations also sign the treaty. The treaty allows for the creation of a supranational police force. This force includes mystic immortal Dr. Mist (6987).
  • May 3. Relations between Manhattan youth gangs the Jets (whites of various ethnic origins) and the Sharks (los tiburones; Puerto Ricans) break down after a scuffle. That night, at a local dance, tensions rise again as the two groups and their hangers-on clash. An ex-Jet, Tony Wyzek (18), and the Sharks' leader Bernardo's sister, Maria Nuñez (16), fall instantly in love upon first sight. Bernardo and Jets' leader Riff Lorton agree to a war council at midnight.3
  • May 4. At midnight, the Jets and Sharks hold their war council, and agree to a duel between their chosen champions. Maria Nuñez and Tony Wyzek meet up again and declare their love for each other. Tony declares his intent to stop the rumble. Tony interrupts the fight, leading to Riff Lorton getting stabbed and killed by Bernardo Nuñez. Tony angrily takes Riff's knife and stabs Bernardo, killing him as well. Tony flees to Maria's side shortly after she learns of the deaths. They make love, but then Tony flees when Maria's friend, Anita Moreno, Bernardo's fiance, arrives. They agree to meet up later. Anita reluctantly agrees to help send a message to Tony when the police start questioning her. The Jets hide Tony in the basement of Doc's pharmacy/shop, and nearly rape Anita when she comes to warn Tony, causing her to declare that Maria was killed. After learning this, Tony runs into the night, hoping to get Maria's supposed killer, Chino Martin, to kill him as well. Tony finds Maria, and just as they are reunited, Chino arrives and shoots Tony. Tony dies in Maria's arms. Maria takes Chino's gun, and threatens all, but collapses with despair. The gangs dissipate after members of both take Tony's body away.4
  • May 11. On a rainy day in Anville, Calisota, after their mother leaves them alone, siblings Sally and Conrad Walden find themselves bored. A giant cat Anthropomorph, known only as The Cat in the Hat (52), appears, and causes utter chaos, nearly destroying the Walden home with the aid of the demons Thing 1 and Thing 2. The children and their nagging fish Carlos K. Krinklebein (294) admonish the Cat, until he uses a machine to restore the house to its original state. The Cat departs, and the Walden children's mother returns.5
  • May 16. Retired law enforcement officer Eliot Ness (54) dies after a massive heart attack.6
  • June 22. United States Navy Ensign Al Calavicci (23), whose essence from three days hence has been stuck in 1999, Quantum Leaps into his own body and prevents his friend Chip Ferguson from accidentally killing a woman, thus preventing Al from being accused of her rape and murder.7
  • July 5. An amorphous creature crashes to Earth via meteor in the city of Downingtown, Pennsylvania. It goes on a rampage, eating dozens of people until it is flash frozen.8
  • July 7. The "Blob" creature is flown to the Arctic so as to prevent its thawing.9
  • August 7. Comedian Oliver Hardy dies after a massive stroke.10
  • August 13. Jason Voorhees (11) falls into the lake at Camp Crystal Lake, where his mother, Pamela (26), works. He drowns, as the counselors are too busy having sex to mind the children.11

August 14 (Wednesday). Camp Crystal Lake closes after the investigation into the drowning of Jason Voorhees.
August 16 (Friday). Pamela Voorhees, using her dead husband's copy of the Necronomicon, resurrects her son Jason with it. An evil taint infuses the boy. Pamela, thoroughly insane with grief, continues to raise him in the woods, but also believes her son remains dead.
September 18 (Wednesday). The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Martha Jones (22/2008) are transported to Cumbria. Martha is grazed with a bullet. They fail to prevent the theft of a sonic weapon.

  • September 21-23. Defense attorney Perry Mason (40) successfully defends his client Evelyn Bagby, when she is framed for murder, by tricking the true culprit, Louis Knowles, into confessing.12
  • October 4 (Friday). Sputnik I, Earth’s first artificial space satellite, is launched from the Soviet Union.13
  • October 5 (Saturday). George Denbrough (6) is killed by the monster living below Derry, Maine, using Its disguise of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. It rips his arm off, and the boy dies from blood loss. This begins Its latest cycle of killing.14
  • October 8-12. A giant humanoid robot crashes to Earth off the coast of Rockwell, Maine. Its landing causes it to lose its memories. It is spotted on a few occasions as it scours the area for metallic foodstuffs. Hogarth Hughes (9) encounters the robot, and saves it after it gets caught in an electrical overload while trying to eat a power station. The next day, Hogarth looks for the robot and begins communicating with it. The Iron Giant, as it will eventually come to be called, follows him home, and things get awkward as a U.S. military man, Kent Manley, begins sneaking around, searching for evidence. Hogarth takes the Giant to a scrap yard run by Hogarth's friend and local beatnik Dean McCobbin, who eventually comes to accept the robot as well. Eventually, the robot's automated defense systems endanger Hogarth, leading to the Giant being exposed to the populace, though it does so saving a pair of children. Manley gets his military boss to order a strike against the robot. The Giant allows its defense systems to take over once it comes to believe that Hogarth has been killed. Hogarth is found by Dean and his mother Annie, who bring the boy to the Giant. The Giant stops its assault. Manley, thoroughly humiliated, overrides his commanding officer and orders a nuclear strike on the robot, who is now in the middle of Rockwell. The Giant says goodbye, and heroically flies into the air, intercepting the nuclear missile, and is destroyed. Manley is taken into custody for high treason.15
  • When Theodore "The Beaver" Cleaver gets a note to take home to his parents from his new teacher, Miss Diane Canfield, he becomes afraid of the ramifications he hears that will come as a result of gossip: that he will be expelled. The Beaver goes to his older brother Wally, who helps him forge a response to the unread note. When Canfield reads the response, that Beaver has been whipped, she is alarmed, and arranges with the principal a meeting with the boy's mother June Cleaver. When the Beaver finds out about this, he runs away, leading Wally, June, and her husband Ward to search the neighborhood for him. They find him hiding in a tree, and he eventually comes down, and all is cleared up.16
  • A Vulcan observation ship crashes to Earth near Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania. The three survivors, including T’Mir and Mestral, spend several months there awaiting rescue. Mestral opts to remain behind on Earth.17
  • November 2. New neighbors move in next to the Cleaver family in Mayfield, California. Wally Cleaver's best friend, the sleazy Eddie Haskell, convinces the Beaver that Harry Donaldson will kill him once he finds out that his wife Betty Donaldson, has given Beaver a kiss on the cheek. This causes a lot of awkwardness around the Cleavers' interaction with the Donaldsons as they try to arrange a play date with the Beaver and their niece.18
  • Indiana Jones teams up with his son Henry "Mutt" Williams and rescues Marion Ravenwood, the boy's mother, while defeating an alien menace in Nazca ruins.19
  • The hydrogen bomb Jughead is buried on the Island.
  • December 25 (Wednesday). A sour The Grinch (38) steals the Christmas gifts from the Whos of Whoville. This does not dampen the spirits of the Whos, and The Grinch is moved and changes his ways, returning the gifts.20
  • December 26 (Thursday). The incompetent Time Lady Cupcake appears outside Arnold's in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Arthur Fonzarelli (16) and friends Richie Cunningham (14), and Ralph Malph (14), along with a trickster demon called Mr. Cool (who resembles a dog/weasel creature, and poses as Fonz's pet), join her on inadvertent temporal adventures, returning after a year of travels.21 Their return, and Mr. Cool's manipulations, results in the space/time displacement of Chuck Cunningham (19), whose temporal opacity goes down to zero.22


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