Timeline: 1956



  • January 17. The sheep-like Muppet Lamb Chop is born. She is adopted by human American entertainer Shari Lewis.
  • February. The TARDIS lands in London. The Doctor gets very sick, and Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom are forced to take refuge with the Newmans, a Jamaican immigrant family. The Doctor disappears, taken by oceanic life forms who are trying to replace humanity. Steven and Sara take on lives in the era, but eventually face the encroachment of the monsters, who abduct Steven and the Newman family. Sara rescues the Doctor and Michael Newman, who forces the lifeforms to retreat and release their hostages. Most of the victims forget the time they were abducted. The travelers depart.1
  • February 5. After a silly set of circumstances, Laura Petrie is brought to the hospital via a laundry truck at the behest of her husband Rob. She subsequently gives birth to a son, Richard Petrie.2
  • April 3. Sapient lab mice Pinky and the Brain (both 1995) are temporally displaced to this time, where the Brain comes up with the plan to use a Japanese laboratory's shrink ray in reverse to pose as Brainodo and stop "Gojira" (Pinky in disguise) during a rampage on Tokyo. The plan is derailed when the real Gojira shows up. Gojira begins to destroy Tokyo and pummel the giant Brain and Pinky, until a stray shot from the size-changing ray transforms reporter Steve Martin into a giant, and he beats up Gojira. The monster activates the ray, and it resizes everything else on Earth (save for Gojira) to proportionately large size. Martin is disproportionately small, about the size of Gojira. Eventually the effect wears off and Pinky and the Brain return to their own time.3
  • April 3. After the brainwashed Winter Soldier kills Logan's wife Itsu, the mysterious Romulus finds the woman's pregnant body, and carves the unborn son out of her. Taking him to a wealthy couple, the Nakamuras, they adopt him and name him Akihiro.
  • April 6. The entity Mr. B Natural appears in the bedroom of Bruce "Buzz" Turner (12), and gets him interested in pursuing music.4
  • May 9. The clay creature Gumby meets the clay horse Pokey, rescuing him from railroad tracks. The pair are fast friends.5
  • May 30. In Tustin, California, Emily Locke is hit by a car after running into the street. The accident induces labor. Her son, whom she names John, is born three months premature. The child's father, Anthony Cooper, refuses to acknowledge him.
  • June 2-3. Dorian Gray comes to Singapore to be reunited with his younger sister, Isadora (86). Finding a less than warm welcome, he soon discovers that Dora has become host to malevolent dragon demons that want to take control of Dorian's body. Dorian kills his sister at her behest in order to prevent the monsters emerging and causing havoc.6
  • June 29. In attempting to recreate Ben Franklin's kite experiment, young Chuck Brown, while wearing a metal face harness and standing in a bucket of water, is electrocuted by lightning strike. Though he recovers, it leaves him severely mentally imbalanced, and obsessed with kites.
  • July 8. Emily Locke abandons her baby son John. Richard Alpert is on-hand on the day she abandons him.
  • August. The Doctor brings the TARDIS to what he thinks is 1963 London, and Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright disembark. The TARDIS disappears, and Ian and Barbara must traverse the bogs of the island of Hoy in the Orkney Islands. They are rescued by a woman who believes the swamps are haunted, and she brings them to her "god", who turns out to be the Doctor! He and the TARDIS had been pulled back a few years, and he sat out the time waiting for them. They are attacked by psionic entities trapped in the peat bog, but the Doctor conceives of a plan to free them from their trap. Ian and Barbara decide to continue traveling with the Doctor rather than sit out the next seven years.7
  • Flash Gordon, his wife Dale, and son Rick (15) learn that Mongo's tyrannical ruler Ming the Merciless is planning an invasion of the Earth. He manages to escape in a space vessel, while Dale and Rick are captured. Chased by ice robots, Flash manages to make it back to Earth, arriving at the home of Mandrake the Magician and his partner Lothar. They, along with Lothar's son L.J. and Mandrake's ward Kshin, agree to help Flash after Mandrake deflects the robots. The three heroes travel to Mongo, where they rescue Rick, but Dale seemingly dies under the stress of a mind-sifting device Ming uses on her. Rick, having befriended a stupid-looking Mongo animal thing, also brings with him a crystal containing his mother's memory engrams. Upon returning to Earth, Flash's group travels to Bangalla, and recruits the Phantom and his daughter Jedda Walker into their group. After a battle with Ming, the four heroes and four youths join together as the Defenders of the Earth.8
  • September 13-16. Dr. Sam Beckett Quantum Leaps into the body of pilot Tom Brennan. Almost fully amnesiac, he slowly regains his memories with the help of a telepathic holographic interface of user Al Calavicci. After surviving an attempt at passing Mach-3, he also ensures the birth of Brennan's child by ending Brennan's wife Peg's premature labor.9
  • September 14. Bud Anderson is faced with a dilemma, as this day is his mother Margaret's 42nd birthday party, as well as a day he's promised his girlfriend Georgia Amaldi a visit to the planetarium. Ultimately, when Georgia's father shows up at the Anderson house, Georgia joins Bud and his family, accepting her own family.10
  • September 17. A Parisian boy, Pascal Lamorisse, encounters a helium-filled red balloon. He subconsciously animates it with his life force, and it begins to follow him around.11
  • September 19. Pascal Lamorisse's balloon is captured by a bunch of neighborhood boys. They eventually "kill" it. Pascal subconsciously animates dozens of balloons around the city, and he grabs onto their tails, and is carried into the air.12
  • September 20. A male child, dubbed "Jack Nynand", is birthed in the underwater city of Rapture in the North Atlantic. The child's genetic makeup causes him to begin aging rapidly.
  • October. Harvey Elder discovers Subterranea and adopts the Mole Man identity while genetically engineering monsters and subjugating the docile Moloid race.
  • October 26. Betty Anderson returns home for her 18th birthday, and rejects the idea of receiving gifts. It deeply upsets her family, who guilt her intensely. Her sister Kathy and brother Bud are especially upset, because they want to give her a special locket she won, and a sweater he worked hard to pay for. Their father Jim, who "knows best", drags the affair out, causing Betty to weep and eventually give in, though the family is ultimately pleased with the day.13
  • November 6. U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower is reelected to the presidency, once again defeating Adlai Stevenson.14
  • The United States government apprehends the increasingly unstable Captain America and Bucky, whose Super-Soldier serum has become unstable due to lack of Vita-Ray exposure, and has caused them to become paranoiacs. The government places them in cryogenic suspension.15
  • December 1. Mama and Papa Berenstain's second child is born. Their son, Small, is allowed to choose his sister's name, and he stupidly names her Sister. They decide to legally change his name to Brother.
  • December 17. A newborn infant is left at a monastery in the Galactic Federation. The child, later named Lone Starr, is left with a medallion necklace telling of his status as a prince.16


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