Timeline: 1955



  • January 9. On Kathy Anderson's 9th birthday, her family is forced to entertain a lonely stranger in Lyle Hiebert. They suffer through his annoying behavior for most of the evening, but when they discover they have failed to get tickets to the circus, Lyle shows up and gives them front row seats.1
  • January 9. Hollywood photographer Bob Collins hires Charmaine "Schultzy" Schultz on as a receptionist and all around girl-Friday.2
  • April 7. Winston Churchill (80) retires as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.3
  • April 18. Albert Einstein (76) dies.4
  • April 24. Max Eisenhardt (27) manifests his mutant powers in a conflict with a man who refuses to pay him for work he completed, and the man flees, paying him in full. Later that day, Max's home is lit on fire, with his daughter Anya inside. Townsfolk grab him, trying to hold him for "robbing" the man from earlier. Anya dies as a result as no one comes to her rescue. The grief-stricken man lashes out with his powers, killing dozens of villagers. Magda Eisenhardt, Max's wife and Anya's mother, flees at the horror.5
  • May 25 (Wednesday). Jonathan Crane is born to Karen Keeny in Arlen, Georgia. His father, Gerald Crane, had abandoned his mother before his birth.
  • June 19 (Sunday). Stop motion animator Art Clokey unwittingly brings several miniature golems to life using enchanted clay from Prague. Among the creations are the green humanoid Gumby and the red pony Pokey.
  • August 11 (Thursday). Magda Eisenhardt gives birth to fraternal twins (a boy and a girl) with the aid of the humanoid cow Bova Ayrshire (22) on Wundagore Mountain in Poland. A distraught Magda, fearing her husband, abandons the children and disappears into the night.6
  • August 15 (Monday). While traveling near Wundagore Mountain, Bob Frank (35) brings his pregnant wife Madeline (33) to the midwife Bova Ayrshire. Madeline dies in childbirth, as do the twin children. Bova presents Magda Eisenhardt's infants to Bob, but the grief-stricken man flees into the night. Bova decides to place the children in suspended animation.7
  • September. Ma'alefa'ak J'Onzz unleashes a telepathic virus on the Green population of Mars; J'Onn J'Onzz () is the only one capable of defending himself from it, his wife and daughter dying in the attack as well. In a belated attempt to help, Dr. Saul Erdel of Metropolis activates his communication beam, inadvertently teleporting J'Onn to Earth. Erdel dies immediately from a heart attack.8
  • September 17. A group of Mexican stereotype mice enlist the aid of Speedy Gonzales (21) in procuring cheese guarded by Sylvester Pussycat (16).9
  • September 30. Martha Clark marries Jonathan Kent.
  • October 4. The merchant vessel Joyita, en route from Singapore to Tokelau, is attacked by dragon demons released during a mystically charged game of mah jongg. Isadora Rigby (85) is one of two survivors who manage to get off in a life raft. However, the dragon demons begin to take her as a host.10
  • November 5. Doctor Emmett Brown (41) conceives of the flux capacitor after falling off his toilet while changing a light bulb.11
  • November 5-11. Marty McFly (17/1985) arrives in this time in the DeLorean time machine, and inadvertently undoes his parents' initial meeting. He meets up with Doc Brown, who comes to believe he is from the future. They spend the next week working to restore George McFly (17) and Lorraine Baines's (17) courtship. Marty runs afoul of local bully Biff Tannen (18).12
  • November 10. The derelict vessel Joyita is found north of Vanua Levu, Fiji.13
  • November 12. Biff Tannen (78/2015) travels back in a stolen DeLorean and gives his younger self an almanac predicting the future. He is shortly after followed by Marty McFly and Doc Brown () from a later point in 1985, who manage to recover the almanac and prevent a divergent reality.14 Marty desperately attempts to restore his parents' relationship, but George proves his love for Lorraine when he stops Biff from raping her. Marty, with the help of Doc, returns to 1985 by channeling lightning hitting the Clock Tower.15 The older DeLorean and Doc Brown are struck by lightning and transported back to 1885. The further future Marty seeks the help of Doc Brown of this time, who had just sent Marty back to the future, causing him to faint.16
  • November 16. Marty McFly travels back to 1885 using the DeLorean Doc Brown had buried then, with the help of the native Doc of this era.17
  • November 22. Shemp Howard (60) dies from a heart attack.18


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