Timeline: 1954



  • Bud Abbott and Lou Costello visit the Universal Studios props office. While there, Costello runs into Frankenstein's monster, who faints from fright. Lou himself faints after encountering the murderous Gill-Man, who opts not to kill the unconscious comedian.1
  • English orphan Micky Moran, abducted by agents of Project: Zarathustra, is cloned and placed in a near constant unconscious state and programmed with juvenile fantasy scenarios that allow him to be used as a potential weapon of mass destruction. His mind shifts between his normal teenage body, and a super-powered one through a dimensional transfer. Within Micky's dream scenario, he is the superhero "Miracleman".2
  • February 28. Blanche Hollingsworth and George Devereaux wed.
  • March 11. Soldier of fortune Ken Hale travels to Africa in search of a gorilla said to be immortal and impart immortality upon whoever kills it. Hale finds the gorilla, but decides against killing it due to sudden compassion. The gorilla attacks him, and forces Hale's hand, plunging the knife into its heart. Immediately, the gorilla transforms back into a man, who dies happily, and Ken transforms into an immortal gorilla himself, now cursed.3
  • March 16. An egg left behind with the dog Snoopy (2) hatches. Snoopy names the slow bird Woodstock.
  • Rob Petrie, recently moved from Danville, Illinois to New York City, finds himself hired onto The Alan Brady Show by producer Mel Cooley, as not only a writer but head writer. He meets his new colleagues, Sally Rogers and Buddy Sorrell, who are initially resentful. When Rob gives Sally and Buddy credit on an idea he came up with himself, he earns their trust.4
  • April. William Burnside, living as "Steve Rogers", decides to face off against the Communist Red Skull impostor, and becomes a new Captain America, utilizing his tainted Super-Soldier formula. His friend Jack Monroe joins him as Bucky, receiving the serum as well.
  • When the Justice Society of America is brought before the House Un-American Activities Committee, the team quietly disbands. This is considered by historians as the end of the "M-1" era.
  • Dicky Dauntless, another orphan boy augmented like Micky Moran, is added to Micky's "superhero" scenario. Taking up the moniker of "Young Miracleman", he becomes a sort of junior partner to Micky's Miracleman.
  • May 11. A scientist working for the Atlas Foundation brings his M-series robot, M-11, online. He fears for its use as a weapon of murder, so he decides to impart it with life force to activate a conscience and free will. He has the robot issue an electric surge that kills the scientist instantly, but transfers a portion of the man's life force into it. M-11, distraught over its actions, walks into the ocean and remains there.5
  • May 14. A Great Dane gives birth to a litter of puppies. One of them is adopted by the Winslow family, and named Marmaduke.
  • May 17 (Monday). Radical Kryptonian scientist Jax-Ur (48) performs an experiment resulting in the accidental destruction of one of Krypton's moons. He is arrested and sentenced to incarceration in the Phantom Zone for 1000 years.
  • June 4 (Friday). Janice (30) and Quincy Berenstain's first child, Small Berenstain, is born. As is the custom of the town, they legally change their given names to Mama and Papa, and adopt their original given names as their middle names.
  • June 19 (Saturday). Theodore "Taz" Tasmanian (3) goes on a rampage and meets Bugs Bunny (43). Bugs outsmarts him repeatedly, until he gets Taz married off to a She-Devil, sending them on a honeymoon.6
  • July 10. An empty pitcher reacts to water, ice, sugar, and Kool-Aid mix, and comes to life, its surface growing a face resembling the wipings from condensation on glass. The makers of Kool-Aid immediately hire it as a spokesman for Kool-Aid. It takes the name Pitcher Man.7
  • July 13 (Tuesday). Frida Kahlo (47) dies after a long illness.8
  • The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) takes Martha Jones (22/2008) to see a rare captured image of Gallifrey in Hollywood, and discovers a plot by the Dominators to try and use movies to enslave humanity. He defeats them and their Quarks. A version of Adam Mitchell suddenly appears and attacks the Doctor, abducting Martha. The Doctor goes into his TARDIS to leave a message for his former companion Frobisher.
  • M'Gann M'Orzz and her family leave Mars for Vega.
  • September. The United States Army brings a hydrogen bomb, "Jughead", to the Island.
  • October. Richard Alpert and a group of "Others" attack the U.S. Army group and slaughter them, taking control of Jughead.
  • Pannakin Crybaby's (8) owner, Skroob's father, sells him to Sithee Outlet Maul. That same day, the Schwartz master Yogurt (800) meets Pannakin while buying a bra, and wants to teach him the ways of the Schwartz. Pannakin wagers for his freedom with Maul. If Pannakin can beat Maul in a Naspod race, he can go with Yogurt. By using his mother's tax forms as fuel, Pannakin is successful.9
  • November 12. Fearing a deadly winter, Vinny the chipmunk leaves her boys Alvin, Simon, and Theodore on the doorstep of David Seville, who adopts them as his own children.
  • November 13. Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor's mother, seeing what Vinny did, gleefully leaves her daughters on the doorstep of Beatrice Miller.

December. The fourth time flash occurs on the Island, and many of the residents of the Island from 2004 appear. Some of them encounter the Others (including Charles Widmore, Richard Alpert, and Eloise Hawking). The majority of the Oceanic 815 survivors are slain by the Others in a flaming arrow barrage. The survivors disappear in another time flash.


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