Timeline: 1952



  • January 1. Marcus Brody (73) dies.
  • March 20-22. After Frank Burns goes AWOL, Dr. Charles Winchester III takes a temporary assignment to the MASH 4077. It becomes permanent after Burns is found and returned to the United States for psychiatric evaluation.1
  • March 30. Abner Yokum and Daisy Mae Scragg are married.
  • April 7. Dr. Tenma Umataro brings his robot boy, a duplicate of his deceased son Tobio, to consciousness. The robot quickly rejects the idea of being Tenma Tobio reborn, and renames himself "Astro Boy".
  • Lucy Ricardo, despite her husband Ricky's wishes, tries out for a commercial for a product to be advertised on his show: Vitameatavegamin. Use of the product repeatedly, with its high alcohol content, results in her getting extremely drunk, and she wanders onto the show proper (broadcast live), making a fool of Ricky and herself.2
  • July 4. Daffy Duck attempts to sell an insurance policy to Porky Pig. Porky initially declines, but after Daffy is repeatedly injured trying to injure him, Porky agrees, and signs up for the policy. The policy has very strict conditions, which coincidentally occur (Porky gets a black eye by a rampaging herd of elephants in his home with a baby zebra, on the 4th of July, between 3:55 and 4:00pm, during a hail storm), earning Porky a million dollars.3
  • July 25. Argentinian First Lady Eva Peron (33) dies from cervical cancer.
  • August 22-25. Christopher Robin, at his job as Efficiency Manager at Winslow Luggage, is forced to consider cutting the company's costs by 20% to forestall shutting down, requiring him to choose who to fire. He lets his wife Evelyn and daughter Madeline know he can't join them for the weekend in Sussex, and they go without him. Shortly after his family departs, his childhood friend, whom he had forgotten was real, the animated stuffed bear Winnie the Pooh, appears. Pooh had found his way to London while searching for his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood. Christopher Robin brings Pooh to Suffolk, and reluctantly enters the wood. There he falls out with Pooh, but finds the rest of his old friends (Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit, Roo, Kanga, and Owl), and allows his imagination to thrive to gain their trust. They find Pooh, and Christopher Robin returns to Suffolk, where he runs into his family before heading back to London. Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore meet Madeline while hoping to return important papers to Christopher, and she joins them on a madcap adventure to get to London. Evelyn goes after her. Christopher joins Evelyn in looking for Madeline, running into Pooh and the others. Christopher gets an idea about how to make the company profitable (giving people paid holidays), and no one loses their job. The Robins and their friends return to Suffolk and meet the rest of the gang in the Hundred Acre Wood.4
  • September 7 (Sunday). The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe arrive from 2197 aboard a train crossing England, due to the influence of a malevolent erased race trying to eradicate human history. The Doctor eventually figures it out and returns to 2197, allowing history to remain intact.5
  • Sam Dracula gives his son-in-law Herman Munster a potion that allows him to create the necessary gametes to impregnate Lily.6
  • September 20 (Saturday). Alice Kramden (30) arrives home later than usual after having to go far to procure a special bowling ball for her husband Ralph (36). She buys frozen food to prepare for him for dinner. Upon his arrival, he becomes irate for having to wait for dinner, and injures his hand, and gets a thumb stuck in the bowling ball. His friend and neighbor Ed Norton (33) helps Alice free Ralph from the ball. Ralph apologizes to Alice after he realizes what a jerk he is.7
  • After mutant twins Andrea and Andreas von Strucker (both 14) go on a rampage, killing many, their father, awoken from one of his periods of suspended animation, orders their being placed in suspended animation. Andreas is unaware, during a tryst in the midst of his rampage, he has left a woman pregnant.8
  • November 4. Republican General Dwight Eisenhower (62) is elected President of the United States, defeating Democratic candidate Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson.9
  • November 16 (Sunday). Mario Jumpman Mario and Luigi Leguizamo Mario, a pair of human infants, are born on the planet Shrem. As is the law, the parents, Pepe and Mia Mario, return to their home in the Mushroom Kingdom, and arrange for a stork to deliver the babies to the house. The stork is attacked en route by the Magikoopa Kamek. Kamek, having foreseen the future defeats of Bowser Koopa by the brothers, manages to capture Baby Luigi. Baby Mario lands on the back of a Yoshi named Yoshi (5).10
  • November 17-25. The Yoshi Yoshi takes Baby Mario on an adventure, reaching and defeating Kamek Magikoopa and Prince Bowser Koopa, and rescues the infant's twin Luigi. The stork delivers the babies to the wrong home.11
  • November 21 (Friday). Walter "Radar" O'Reilly (29) is discharged from the Army and departs MASH 4077 in Korea.12

November 26 (Wednesday). The stork picks up the Mario brothers from the incorrect home, and is once again attacked by Kamek. He captures the stork and Luigi again. Mario is rescued by Yoshi the Yoshi.
November 27-December 5. Yoshi the Yoshi takes Baby Mario and sets out again to rescue Baby Luigi. Yoshi defeats Kamek and Baby Bowser again. After the defeat, a time-traveling Bowser from 2014 appears, and tries to kill Yoshi and Mario, but he fails as well, and disappears back into a time portal. The stork delivers the babies to the Marios.


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