Timeline: 1951



  • February 11 (Sunday). Norma Bates and her teenage son Norman arrive in White Pine Bay, Oregon, where they move into the house attached to Norma's new business venture, the Seafairer Motel, renamed Bates Motel.1
  • February 12 (Monday). Norman Bates starts high school, and meets the girl Bradley Martin. He also tries out for the track team, which causes conflict with his mother.2
  • February 13 (Tuesday). Norman Bates sneaks out when his mom prevents him from going out. He ends up at a party. Norma Bates is attacked by the motel's previous owner Keith Summers. The man rapes her. Norman arrives at that point, hitting the man with an iron. Norma stabs him to death when he tries to get her again. She and Norman begin working on cleaning up the body, while barely avoiding discovery by the local sheriff, Alex Romero.3
  • February 14 (Wednesday). Norma and Norman Bates dispose of Keith Summers's body.4
  • February 15 (Thursday). Norma Bates's estranged son Dylan Massett turns up at her doorstep looking for a place to stay.5
  • February 27 (Saturday). Norman Bates's friend Bradley Martin, mourning her father, sleeps with Norman.
  • March 1 (Monday). After Norman Bates and his friend Emma Decody discover a secret Asian sex slave ring and rescue a girl, White Pine Bay sheriff's deputy Zack Shelby, who is sleeping with Norma Bates and helping protect her from implication in Keith Summers's murder, kills the girl. It all ends up in a violent confrontation where Shelby holds Norma, Norman, and her other son Dylan hostage. Dylan ends up killing Shelby to save them all. Sheriff Alex Romero arrives on the scene, and he conspires with the family to keep the truth under wraps.6
  • March 2 (Tuesday). Norman Bates is rejected by Bradley Martin. As he returns home, the stray dog he has grown attached to, Juno, is hit by a car and killed, traumatizing Norman.7
  • March 15 (Friday). Norman Bates and Emma Decody go to the Winter Formal Dance. There, Norman upsets Emma, and is punched by Bradley Martin's boyfriend. Norman's teacher Blair Watson takes him to her place for mending, and then seduces him. He has a full-on psychotic break, and murders her while adopting a dissociated identity he thinks of as his mother.8
  • March 15-16 (Friday-Saturday). After being threatened by Keith Summers and Zack Shelby's criminal cohort, Norma Bates seeks help from Sheriff Alex Romero and her son Dylan Massett. Dylan gets her a gun to protect herself. Romero ends up killing the criminal.9
  • March 26 (Monday). While walking home from school with his friend Jenny Curran, Forrest Gump is attacked by thuggish classmates. Heeding Jenny's command of "Run, Forrest, run!", Forrest sprints away, breaking his leg braces.10
  • May 21 (Monday). When an American teenager named Bill Monroe needs $2 to go to a dance, he somehow summons the ghost of Benjamin Franklin to teach him basics of budgeting.11
  • May 23 (Wednesday). Henry Jones (78) dies.
  • July 6 (Friday). Japanese schoolboy Tobio Tenma is killed. His grieving father, Dr. Umataro Tenma, begins construction of a robot replacement.12
  • July 10 (Monday). Bradley Martin fakes her death with the help of Norman Bates and Dylan Massett, leaving White Pine Bay.13
  • July 13 (Thursday). After having attempted to bond with his uncle, Dylan Massett learns, during a tumultuous encounter with his mother and brother, that Caleb Calhoun is actually his biological father through incestuous rape.14
  • July 16 (Monday). A flying saucer from the Galactic Federation lands in the middle of the Mall in Washington, D.C. U.S. Army forces surround the ship. The Mrnya Klaatu (78) exits the ship, and is shot by a trigger-happy soldier. An enormous humanoid robot, Gort, destroys much of the military weaponry surrounding the ship. It goes inert after Klaatu is taken to Walter Reed Hospital.15
  • July 16. Walter Kovacs (11) gets into a fight, and is sent away to live in a home for troubled children.
  • July 18 (Wednesday). Klaatu, having recovered from his wounds and unable to receive a hearing with the world's leaders, escapes from Walter Reed Hospital. Taking clothes for a Mr. Carpenter, he adopts the name as an alias, and moves into a boarding house. Among the residents are a secretary working for the Department of Commerce, Helen Benson (31), and her son Bobby (12).16
  • July 19 (Thursday). Klaatu agrees to babysit Bobby Benson so his mother can go on a date. Klaatu takes the boy around town, learning from him and getting a fondness for him. They travel to Professor Jacob Barnhardt's home, where Klaatu sneaks in and leaves a mathematical equation. Later, Barnhardt has government agents pick up Klaatu, and the alien reveals his mission to the scientist. Barnhardt agrees to gather leading scientists when Klaatu shows a true, yet non-destructive test of his power.17
  • July 20 (Friday). Bobby Benson follows Klaatu, seeing him enter the spaceship. After he returns home, he reveals the information to his mother Helen and her boyfriend Tom Stephens, the latter of whom steals a diamond from Klaatu's room.18
  • July 21 (Saturday). Klaatu confronts Helen Benson as his plan to cause all electricity worldwide (save for any whose cessation would endanger lives) to cease for half an hour. She becomes his ally as he attempts to meet up with Professor Jacob Barnhardt. Her boyfriend, going against her wishes, contacts the military, who eventually catch up to Klaatu and Helen. Another trigger-happy soldier shoots and kills Klaatu. Having been given a failsafe code phrase to stop the robot Gort from destroying humanity, Helen makes her way back to the ship, and barely gives Gort the command "Klaatu berata nikto" to halt its rampage. Gort recovers Klaatu's body, and resuscitates it. Klaatu then gives a warning to humanity: do not extend Earth's violence to the stars, or the planet will be destroyed. With that, Klaatu and the ship depart.19
  • July 23 (Monday). Norman Bates has a fight with his girlfriend Cody Brennan at her home, which causes her father to intercede and begin abusing her. Norman and he have a scuffle, and Brennan falls down stairs, and is killed.20
  • July 24-25 (Tuesday-Wednesday). Dylan Massett's and Norma Bates's drug connections result in Norman's abduction by one of the drug lords' goons, where he is kept in a box. He regains his memories of the death of Blair Watson. Dylan ends up killing that crime lord and saving Norman, and then working with Sheriff Alex Romero in a final confrontation with his own boss's psychotic brother, who dies, but ends up killing his own sister (Dylan's boss). In the aftermath, Dylan and Norma have rapprochement and begin to form true bonds.21
  • July 28 (Saturday). Norman Bates undergoes a polygraph test to exonerate him of the murder of Blair Watson. He passes the test when his "Mother" identity assures him that she is the true murderer of Watson.22
  • July 29-30 (Sunday-Monday). The time-sensitive Tharils of Letharil found the Tharil Empire, which conquers the realm of E-Space. They enslave many of the other races of the realm.
  • August 10 (Friday). The beagle Missy gives birth to a litter of eight semi-Anthro pups: Spike, Snoopy, Belle, Marbles, Olaf, Andy, Molly, and Rover at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm in Minnesota.
  • August 18 (Saturday). Sarah Jane Smith (59) and her son Luke (1) pass into this time (from 2009) by a temporal fissure. They encounter Sarah Jane's parents, Barbara and Eddie, and Sarah Jane's infant self. Sarah Jane prevents her parents' deaths in a car accident, causing a change the malevolent Trickster hoped to enact. Sarah Jane and Luke's friend Rani Chandra (16) enters this time from the reopened temporal rift, telling them of the catastrophic effect the changes have had on the timeline. Sarah Jane is unable to cause her parents' deaths, but the Smiths, who realize who Sarah Jane is and why she is there, willingly continue with their path as it was once set, and die in an accident, restoring the timeline. Sarah Jane, Luke, and Rani return to their time.23
  • August 20 (Monday). Shortly after departing Korea and his posting at MASH 4077, Colonel Henry Blake (43), en route home, is killed as his plane is shot down over the Sea of Japan.24
  • September 1 (Saturday). Dr. John "Trapper" McIntyre (29) receives papers allowing him to return home from his stint in Korea. He leaves without even leaving a note to his best friend Hawkeye Pierce. McIntyre's replacement, Dr. B.J. Hunnicutt (27), arrives.25
  • September 3 (Monday). Tony the Tiger (37) begins working as spokesman of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.
  • September 6 (Thursday). Colonel Sherman Potter (60) takes command of the MASH 4077 hospital.26
  • October 5 (Friday). Upon returning home from a long day of work as a bus driver, Ralph Kramden (35) becomes enraged when his wife Alice (29) tells him to go buy some bread for dinner. The two begin loudly arguing and end up throwing things out their window, including a can of flour, which hits a policeman. Ralph apologizes for his boorish behavior, and the two go out for pizza.27
  • October 15 (Monday). Alice Kramden gets a trial television set and invites family friends Trixie (28) and Ed Norton (32) over later. When her husband Ralph comes home, he initially is angry at the potential purchase, and they have a big fight. When the salesman returns to pick up the television, Ralph has a change of heart, and agrees to pay for it when he finds out how happy Alice is to have it.28
  • October 21 (Sunday). Georgia Goof gives birth to a boy. The child, Goofy Maxwell Goof Jr., is named after his father Goofy (51). Goofy hands out cigars to a bunch of Goofy-like Calisotans.29
  • October 26 (Friday). Winston Churchill (76) once again becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after the victory of the Conservative Party in the general elections.30
  • October 30 (Tuesday). A girl named Lila returns her puppy Snoopy to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. That day, he is adopted by the boy Charlie Brown (6).
  • November 8 (Saturday). With the murder of Divana by her uncle Vincent Talbot, Morgana Talbot secrets Divana's infant daughter Elvira away, and leaves her with at an "orphanage" to protect her.31
  • December 1 (Monday). Once again in a dissociative episode, Norman Bates, murders his ex-lover Bradley Martin, after she returns to White Pine Bay, bashing her head in. In a fugue, he is eventually found and committed to a mental institution.32
  • December 2. As Emma Decody undergoes lung transplant surgery, her mother Audrey comes to White Pine Bay in an attempt to reconcile. Audrey checks into the Bates Motel.33
  • December 3. Audrey Decody tries to get a letter to her daughter by giving it to Norman Bates, but Norman, recently released from psychiatric care and having a dissociative episode under the control of the "Mother" personality, murders her instead.34
  • December 4. Sheriff Alex Romero gets the funds to pay for Norma Bates's son's stay at expensive psychiatric facility Pineview, and agrees to marry her to allow for insurance to pay for his care. Later that day, Norman considers an act of murder-suicide for he and his mother, but Norma and Romero get him committed instead.35
  • December 5. Norma Bates and Alex Romero marry.
  • December 20. Just after Dylan Massett and Emma Decody move to Seattle, Norma Bates's (40) anger results in the sundering of her recently found love with Alex Romero. Her son Norman once again suffers a dissociative episode, and attempts murder-suicide by turning on a dangerous furnace and closing the vents, filling their home with carbon monoxide. Later, Romero returns and tries to save the two. Norman survives, but despite Romero's attempts, Norma never awakens.36
  • Norman Bates arranges his mother's funeral, causing conflict with Norma's husband Alex Romero. Alex is about to kill Norman in vengeance, but is arrested on perjury charges. With his mother buried, Norman's delusions begin to fail, but he stops taking his medication to help in his means of understanding his mother's supposed plan to return. He digs up her body and takes it home, and when she fails to return to life, he nearly shoots himself, until his delusions return and his "Mother" persona returns, causing him to believe his mother has not died.37


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