Timeline: 1950-1926 BCE


1950 BCE

1949 BCE

1948 BCE

  • December 8-24. Discovering ancient traces of Vok interference, the Silver Millennium Matriarchy sets up a presence in the Sol system in order to forestall their expansion. The Silver Millennium Empress places General Serenity (303) as Regent ("Queen"), and assigns a large delegation of representatives to the star system. Serenity establishes her capital on Earth's single large moon, and assigns each of nine of the representatives (Guardian Girls) a base at each of the seven other planets of the system and a ninth on a Kuiper belt planetoid. The Guardian Girls are Ami (148) (stationed on Mercury), Minako (144) (on Venus), Rei (134) (on Mars), Makoto (145) (on Jupiter's moon Io), Hotaru (97) (on Saturn's moon Titan), Haruka (198) (on Uranus's moon Titania), Michiru (181) (on Neptune's moon Triton), and Setsuna (52) (on the Kuiper Belt planetoid Pluto).1
  • In order to foment good relations with Earth's natives (despite most of the humans being unaware of the Occupation), several human youths are named an honor guard for Serenity's daughter Serenity II (140). They include Endymion (17), and Jodu (15), Nofal (16), Zasi (19), and Kunz (18). Endymion subsequently falls in love with Princess Serenity.

1947 BCE

  • September 17. Serenity (304) takes two Mau, Airot (16) and Lainar (15), and makes them part of her court, as attendants to her daughter Princess Serenity (141), and the Guardian Girl Minako (144) of Venus. The two servants are given the names "Artemis" and "Luna" after Earth moon goddesses.

1946 BCE

  • May 30. The twins Esau and Jacob are born to Rebekah and Isaac (60) in Canaan. For some reason, Jacob is grasping Esau's ankle when the two children are somehow simultaneously birthed.

1945 BCE

  • May 2. The rebel Beryl (356) uses her powers to take mental possession of four of the Earth guard's five top generals, and she renames them Jadeite (17), Nephrite (18), Zoisite (21), and Kunzite (20). They lower the defensive shield surrounding the lunar base, slaughtering the royal court. As she dies, Queen Serenity (305) uses her powers to banish Beryl's forces into the Dark Kingdom, a pocket dimension, where Beryl's master Metaria dwells. She also takes the souls of her daughter, betrothed, royal guard, and servants, and sends them into the future, where they will be reincarnated.

1937 BCE

  • The Silver Millennium Matriarchy dissolves from internecine warfare, economic depression, and Vok interference. Each world in turn declares its independence, and Mylenyal Empress Tranquility goes into hiding. Mylenya's government becomes a democratic one called the Silver Millennium Republic.

1931 BCE

1929 BCE

  • Esau (17), an idiot like his father, sells his birthright to his twin brother Jacob (17) for some soup.

1928 BCE

  • Jacob (18) tricks his father Isaac (78) into conferring the blessing (from Yahweh) he intended for Esau (18) onto him. Esau swears revenge.
  • Jacob, fleeing from his brother Esau, lays his head upon the Stone of Destiny (a powerful mystical being taking a strange form), using it as a makeshift pillow. He has dreams of a ladder.
  • Jacob arrives at his uncle Laban's home, and begins working for him in hopes of marrying his cousin Rachel.


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