Timeline: 1950



  • March 24 (Friday). Israeli boy Uri Geller (3) is hit by a powerful light that knocks him unconscious. Alien computers program into his mind the belief that he must herald their conquest by committing fraud.1
  • May 12 (Friday). Sally Jupiter (29) gives birth to a daughter she names Laurel Jane Juspeczyk. The girl's biological father is the rapist Eddie Blake (26).
  • May 15 (Monday). Sally Gump (36) goes to the Greenbow School System to discuss admission of her son Forrest (5) to school in the fall. As Forrest only has an IQ of 75, Sally agrees to provide sexual favors to the official so as to get an exception for her son to attend regular school.2
  • June 6 (Tuesday). A jackal gives birth to a human/angel hybrid outside of Rome, Italy. The mother dies in childbirth.3
  • June 6. Katherine and Robert Thorn's son is born in Rome. Satanic priests murder the infant, and claim he's stillborn. Robert Thorn is offered another child to raise in his place, a child Thorn is unaware is an Antichrist. The Thorns name the boy Damien.4
  • June 25 (Sunday). Forces from North Korea begin an invasion of South Korea.5

August 4 (Friday). Elvis Presley (15) plays guitar for Forrest Gump (6) while staying at Forrest's mother's boarding house. Forrest's gyrations inspire Elvis.[4]
August 6 (Sunday). Gillian Taylor is born in San Diego, California, United States.
August 24 (Thursday). The stillborn infant that will be known as Serifan is brought to New Genesis, resuscitated, and genetically re-engineered.
September 1 (Friday). U.S. Army Captain and Doctor Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce arrives at the 4077 Mobile Army Surgical Hospital under the command of Dr. Henry Blake. He meets the various other doctors and soldiers, including "Trapper" John McIntyre (28).[5]
September 5 (Tuesday). School starts for elementary school children in Greenbow, Alabama. Forrest Gump gets on the school bus, but is shunned by the other children, save for the girl Jenny Curran (5).[6]
September 8 (Friday). Escargoon hatches in Dream Land on the planet Popstar.
September 9 (Saturday). Theodore Tasmanian Devil is born to Jean and Hugh Tasmanian Devil in Tazmania, Calisota.
September 18 (Monday). Norman Bates (17) comes upon his father, Sam, beating up on his mother Norma (39). The boy reacts violently, hitting his father with a blunt object, killing him instantly. Norman enters a fugue state, and Norma, hoping to save Norman, arranges Sam's body to appear like he died in an accident. Norman comes out of his fugue, and reacts with no memory of the event.[7]

  • September 30 (Saturday). In Harveytown, Calisota, a female Anthro duck swallows a bottle of vitamins, resulting in her laying a large egg. The egg hatches almost immediately, with the youth born from it enormous and already capable of speech. She names it Baby Huey.6

October 1 (Sunday). The Master (thirteenth incarnation)'s TARDIS appears on Traken, and is disguised as a calcified evildoer. The Trakenite Kassia begins tending the "Melkur", and begins to come under its (the Master's) influence.


4^ Events of film Forrest Gump (1994). The song Elvis plays for Forrest, "Hound Dog", was not written by Elvis, and would not be published until 1953. The scene could not have taken place in 1953 or later as Forrest was wearing his braces in the scene. This timeline's version of the events must have had Elvis singing a different song.
5^ Events of film MASH (1970).
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7^ Flashback events of Bates Motel episode "The Truth" (2013).

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