Timeline: 1949



  • January 10. Archie Bunker and Edith Baines wed.1
  • January 27. The All-Winners' Squad disbands. The members (Captain America, Bucky, the Human Torch, Toro, Sub-Mariner [28], Miss America [27], the Whizzer [27], and the Blonde Phantom [26]) go their separate ways.
  • February 1-2. Quincy Magoo (69) and his great nephew Waldo visit the Hodge Podge Lodge. Waldo ends up falling in a pit, and a bear takes his place, playing his banjo. Magoo cannot tell the difference due to his legally blind status. Magoo takes the banjo away, much to the bear's chagrin. Magoo ends up trying to murder his returned nephew due to irritation at the bear's banjo playing.2
  • February 16. The child that will one day be known as Vykin is stillborn. His body is taken from Earth to New Genesis, resuscitated, and augmented with New God DNA.
  • March 31. Newfoundland confederates with Canada, becoming its tenth province.3
  • May 16. Hippolyta Trevor is born to Diana (199) and Steve Trevor (35). Diana decides to retire from the Justice Society to raise their daughter, and the family departs for Themyscira.
  • Within the British enclave "Airstrip One", ruled over by the English Socialist Party ("IngSoc"), a homegrown fascist movement headed by World War II hero Harold Wharton (), Wharton's lieutenant, Gerald O'Brien, begins a program of massive mental conditioning upon the lower ranked IngSoc members. The plan requires eventually fooling people into believing that the year is 1984, and Airstrip One, as part of a superstate called Oceania, is at perpetual war with two other super states. A character called "Big Brother" acts as a leader and threat. The plan involves the breaking down of the concept of truth entirely, as part of a plan of world domination. Among the IngSoc lower ranks tossed into this enterprise is Winston Smith (36).4
  • August 1. Linus van Pelt (2) receives a blue blanket. He immediately gets overly attached to it.
  • August 11 (Thursday). The Minutemen superhero team officially disbands.
  • August 23. Gladys Crabtree passes away. She is survived by her son David.5
  • September 30 (Friday). The Anthro Wile E. Coyote (37) first attempts to catch the superspeed Road Runner (2).
  • November 10 (Thursday). When Wilson Fisk (12) watches his father Bill beat his mother Marlene, he snaps, and bludgeons his father to death with a hammer.
  • November 18 (Friday). Pepé le Pew (11) first meets Penelope Pussycat (10), and begins stalking her. At the end of this first adventure, she stalks him for a time.6
  • November 24 (Thursday). Herman the Mouse (8) has his first encounter with Katnip the Cat (4). It ends with Katnip's being severely injured and getting plugged into an electric socket, somehow functioning as a Christmas tree.7
  • December 1 (Thursday). Daisy Duck (28) throws her boyfriend Donald Duck (29) out after a fight. She gives him a pile of love letters he supposedly wrote for her. Donald takes them home, and his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie (all three 9) pick them up and accidentally bring them to Gladstone Gander's (31) house. Donald schemes to try and recover them before he can be humiliated by their schmaltzy content, but Daisy and Gladstone reveal that the letters are actually from Gladstone himself. Donald is now aware of his cousin as a rival for Daisy's affection.8
  • December 17 (Saturday). Holden Caulfield (16), a boy who has flunked out of Pencey Preparatory Academy, returns to school to have confrontations with some of his classmates. After a physical altercation with his roommate over Jane Gallagher (a girl he cares for), and feeling severely depressed, he runs away from school, boarding a train to New York City, his hometown.9
  • December 17-18 (Saturday-Sunday). Holden Caulfield spends the overnight hours traveling around New York City, seeking companionship. He meets several people in various dives around town, and stays in a hotel, where he has an encounter with a pimp and prostitute, who rob him (even though he doesn't have sex with her). Holden travels around New York during the day, and has a date with an old friend, Sally Hayes, which ultimately goes badly. Late Sunday night, Holden sneaks into his home, and reunites with his little sister, Phoebe. Holden sneaks back out after.10
  • December 19. Holden Caulfield goes to his former teacher's, Mr. Antolini's, home to crash, and gets some advice. After sleeping a bit, a drunk Antolini makes Holden run away after he touches the boy on the head. Holden wanders around more, and arranges to meet his sister Phoebe at a museum. His note having said he was going out west prompts Phoebe to pack a bag and try to join him. Upset by this, Holden tells her off, and they have a tense interaction. Holden takes her to a carousel, and she forgives him, and, weeping, he decides he will return home with her.11


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