Timeline: 1948



  • January 10. The mystic Fiddler (Isaac Bowin) arrives in Keystone City and challenges the Flash. The Flash eventually defeats him.1
  • January 30. Mahatma Gandhi (78) is assassinated.2
  • March 10. Briton Lynn Belvedere, curmudgeon and self-proclaimed genius, takes a position with the King family of the suburban American town of Hummingbird Hill, agreeing to take care of their three boys.3
  • April 10. Dorothy Petrillo (18) and Stanley Zbornak marry, as Dorothy is pregnant.
  • April 20. Sylvester Pussycat (8) first encounters the kangaroo joey Hippety Hopper (1), and mistakes him for a giant mouse.4
  • May 28. University students and lovers Brandon Shaw and Phillip Morgan murder their classmate David Kentley as a thrill killing. They hide his corpse in a chest and hold a dinner party over the chest. After most of the guests (all connected to the victim) leave, the final guest, Rupert Cadell, discovers the truth, and notifies the authorities.5
  • June 7. When Stripesy (31) is laid up with an injury, Syl Pemberton's (20) adopted sister Merry (18) adopts the identity of Merry, the Girl of 1000 Gimmicks and joins him as a temporary partner.6
  • July 4. The Kryptonian tyrants of the Pocket Universe finds themselves tired of dealing with the Earth Resistance. They bore to the center of the Earth, causing the oceans to pour into it and boil away the atmosphere. All life on Earth is extinguished save for a small portion of Smallville, Kansas, which is protected by Lex Luthor's force-field. There remain Resistance members Luthor, Supergirl, Pete Ross, Bruce Wayne, Ollie Queen, and Hal Jordan.
  • July 5. In the Pocket Universe, Luthor sends Supergirl sideways in time, transporting her to the year 1798 on the main Earth.
  • July 5. Supergirl returns to the Pocket Earth with Superman. They take a final stand against the Kryptonians, and all of the survivors save Supergirl are slain. Superman learns Supergirl is not truly Lana Lang. Superman manages to defeat the villains with gold Kryptonite, then executes them using green Kryptonite. He returns with the injured Supergirl to his reality's 1998.
  • July 24. Calisotan nonsenscientists create an experimental rocket, and send Bugs Bunny (37) to the Moon. He encounters the Helmares madman, Marvin, who currently lives on the planet Mars. Bugs manages to stop Marvin from destroying the Earth, but he nearly destroys the Moon in the process.7
  • August 10. The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (25), and Zoe Heriot (19/2079) arrive on the planet Dulkis. Meeting some of the native pacifist Dulcians, they manage to destroy a pair of Dominators of Tengala and their robotic Quark minions, who are attempting to destroy the planet so as to use it as a fuel source. After escaping Dulkis, the travelers spend an indeterminate amount of time in the Land of Fiction extra-dimensional realm.8
  • September 14. An infant girl dies immediately after birth. Her body is stolen by the Highfather Izaya, who brings it to New Genesis and resuscitates her. She eventually becomes Beautiful Dreamer.
  • September 26. The Seven Soldiers of Victory (including the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy, Crimson Avenger, Shining Knight, and Vigilante) are temporally displaced to 1998.
  • Late October. A doctor and his wife take in an injured Max Mercury. Max has an affair with her.
  • November 2. Incumbent President Harry Truman defeats Republican New York Governor Thomas Dewey, as well as Dixiecrat South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond in the United States presidential election. The Chicago Daily Tribune prematurely prints newspapers with the headline announcing Dewey's victory over Truman.
  • November 7. Rose Lindstrom marries Charlie Nylund in St. Olaf, Minnesota.
  • December 31. Max Mercury jumps forward in time.


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