Timeline: 1947



  • January 25. Gangster Al Capone (48) dies from complications due to a stroke.1
  • May 3. Sylvester Pussycat first encounters the obnoxious canary Tweety Pie.2
  • May 7. The Highfather Izaya brings a stillborn human infant to New Genesis, reviving it, to eventually become Mark Moonrider.
  • American criminals massacre an Atlantean outpost, with Aquaria Neptunia the only survivor. Namor comes upon the site, and he joins Aquaria in order to exact justice. Aquaria formally adopts her nickname Namora as her true name. They capture the killers, and Namora moves in with Namor's associate Betty Dean.3
  • May 26. Sally Jupiter retires as the Silk Spectre to marry her manager Laurence Shexnayder.
  • June 16 (Monday). Bronislaw Huberman (64) dies.4
  • July 5 (Saturday). Quark, Rom, Nog, and Odo accidentally arrive here in this time from 2372, and crash near Roswell, New Mexico. They manage to return to the future after an encounter with the United States military. The U.S. military covers up the incident.5
  • July 6. The Tan America visits Roswell, New Mexico, and meets the Tan "alien" Tony, created from the same energy as the Tans themselves.
  • August 14 (Thursday). Animation studio head R.K. Maroon hires private detective Eddie Valiant (45) to get photos of Jessica Rabbit (34) cheating on her husband Roger (26). Valiant finds Jessica doing just that with Toon Town owner Marvin Acme. Jessica herself only plays patty cake with Acme due to Maroon's blackmail. After Valiant presents Roger with the photos, he flees into the night.6
  • August 15. India and Pakistan gain independence from the United Kingdom.7 The Tans India, Pakistan, and Bengal move out of England's (1020) house.
  • August 15. Judge Doom (69) murders Marvin Acme, but is unable to find Acme's will. He frames Roger Rabbit for the murder. Roger goes on the run, hiding out in Eddie Valiant's office.8
  • August 15. Eddie Valiant meets Judge Doom and discovers Marvin Acme's murder. After a brief confrontation with Roger's co-star Baby Herman (36), he returns to his office, finding Roger Rabbit there. He is convinced of Roger's innocence. He hides Roger in his lover Delores's place of employment, and continues his investigations.9
  • August 16 (Saturday). With a race against time for the fate of Toon Town, Eddie Valiant uncovers a conspiracy by Judge Doom and his organization Cloverleaf to demolish Toon Town. A series of chases involving Doom, his weasel goons, Valiant, Roger and Jessica Rabbit (), Benny the Cab (37), Droopy McPoodle (41), Tweety Pie (5), Bugs Bunny (37), Mickey Mouse (45), and Lena Hyena, transpires, with Doom murdering R.K. Maroon, and on the verge of victory. Valiant gives up drinking, and is able to defeat Doom by using Toon-like antics. Doom is revealed to be Toon himself, and Eddie's brother Teddy's killer. Doom (69) dies in his own dip.10
  • August 16 (Saturday). Roger Rabbit finds he's had Marvin Acme's will in his possession all along, and Toon Town's ownership passes to its citizens.11
  • September 1. Herman and Lily Munster take in Lily's niece Marilyn Hyde. They adopt her as their own, changing her surname to Munster.
  • October 17. The Jupiter-2 (1999) arrives via accidental slingshot in this era. Approaching Earth, the crew lands the ship in the small town of Manatou Junction, Michigan. Their arrival causes a panic amongst the population, and the belief they are being invaded by aliens. The crew (the Robinson family John [42], Maureen [41], Judy [21], Penny [14], and Will [12], the Robot [5], Don West [31], and Zachary Smith [54]) are immediately besieged by the locals. They decide to try and return to their own time, but Smith decides to try and conquer the time period instead. Smith comes into conflict with the others, holding them hostage, until Will agrees to stay behind with him. The locals try to blow up Jupiter 2, but their canon fails, and they escape with Will. Rather than be left alone in this time, Smith rejoins the crew as they depart back to 1999.12
  • December. The mysterious Seele organization steals portions of the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls, learning that they are the key to Instrumentality.

December 24 (Wednesday). Dorian Gray (85), visiting New York City for Christmas, meets Mina Harker, and she briefly incapacitates him with a kiss.


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