Timeline: 1946



  • January 14. Teenage bride Pamela Voorhees murders her abusive husband Elias with an axe. Cutting up the body, she buries it around the wooded area beyond her home in Crystal Lake. The body parts begin to move slowly toward each other, eventually resulting in Elias's resurrection.1
  • February 14. The Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator (ENIAC), constructed at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, is announced to the world.2 Its full activation brings about an exponential growth rate for the fledgling digital realm.
  • March 22. Captain America (Bill Nasland) (38) is slain in battle with the android Adam II and his robot army. The All-Winners' Squad destroys the robots with the help of Jeff Mace (formerly the Patriot), who becomes the new Captain America, and joins the Squad.3
  • June 13. Pamela Voorhees gives birth to her son, Jason Voorhees, who has a large, misshapen head.
  • July 18 (Thursday). Allie Caulfield (11) dies from leukemia. His brother Holden (13), in a rage from his grief, breaks all the windows in his family garage and ends up hospitalized from his hand injuries.4
  • August 2. The infant that will one day be called Big Bear is born stillborn. The corpse is taken by the Highfather Izaya to New Genesis, where it is taken, genetically altered, and restored to life.
  • August 13. Writer H.G. Wells dies.5
  • August 31 (Saturday). Henery Hawk (1), a chicken hawk, tries to find a chicken to kill and eat, and first gets caught up in the feud between Foghorn Leghorn (35) and Barnyard Dawg (36).6
  • September 14 (Saturday). Louise Grant (24) debuts as the mysterious Blonde Phantom. She teams up with Mark Mason, her employer in her civilian identity. They take down a spy plot.7
  • October 19 (Saturday). The Blonde Phantom joins the All-Winners' Squad.
  • November 5. Founder Andrew Ryan opens the underwater city of Rapture in the North Atlantic Ocean.8
  • November 19. The nations of Afghanistan, Iceland, and Sweden (with their Tans) are admitted to the United Nations.
  • December 16. Thailand is admitted to the United Nations, along with its Tan.


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