Timeline: 1945



  • January. Veteran Dr. John Ballantine, amnesiac, reacts to the murder of his psychoanalyst Dr. Anthony Edwards by entering a fugue state, and taking his place. He travels to Green Manor Hospital and tries to take over for Edwards. He meets Dr. Constance Petersen, and they fall instantly in love. Petersen realizes he is having a problem, and the two set out to discover who "J.B." really is. Their travels lead to the recovery of his memory, but he is arrested for Edwards's murder. After John is railroaded by the legal system, Constance discovers the true killer, who commits suicide, and John is released from prison. They promptly marry.1
  • January 6. Pepé le Pew first encounters a cat painted to resemble a skunk. Openly polyamorous, he doesn't care that the cat is male in his attempts to woo him.2
  • While in France, American sergeant Nick Fury is severely injured in the explosion of a land mine. Fury is brought to an unscrupulous physician, who saves his life, but uses an experimental formula on him without his knowledge. This "infinity formula" alters Fury's biology so as to severely slow the aging process.
  • March 2. An experimental gun created by the Sandman explodes, transforming his sidekick, Sandy the Golden Boy, into a silicon creature. Dodds places the boy in suspended animation until a cure can be discovered.
  • March 30. A child, cloned from the DNA of Nazi scientists Elizabeth Volkenrath and Kurt Schalk, is born.
  • April 1. Stalag 13 POW camp is "liberated" by Allied forces, in that the prisoners themselves, led by Colonel Robert Hogan, take control of the site. Colonel Wilhelm Klink, commandant, and Sergeant of the Guard Hans Schultz (58) surrender with no bloodshed.3
  • April 6. In a battle with Captain America and his forces, the Red Skull (46) is exposed to his own experimental suspended animation gas, and remains buried in a bunker believed slain by Allied bombardment.
  • April 12. United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (63) dies from a cerebral hemorrhage. Vice President Harry Truman is sworn in as thirty-third President of the United States.4
  • April 15. Captain America and Bucky Barnes (17), chasing Baron Heinrich Zemo (44), are caught in an explosion on an airplane, apparently killing Bucky. Captain America is knocked into the Atlantic Ocean, where a bizarre set of circumstances causes him to be cryogenically frozen in a block of ice.5

April 16 (Sunday). Bucky Barnes's frozen body is recovered by Soviet forces, and repaired. He is brainwashed into becoming their operative, and is kept in suspended animation. They re-dub him “Winter Soldier".

  • April 25. A squad of superheroes joins Allied forces assaulting Berlin. Eleven heroes (Black Widow, Blue Blade, Captain Wonder, Dynamic Man, Fiery Mask, Laughing Mask, Master Mind Excello, Mr. E, Phantom Reporter, Rockman, and The Witness) are ambushed by Nazi scientists, and placed in suspended animation, while the remote-controlled robot Electro shuts down due to disconnection from its master Dr. Philo Zog. Electro's rudimentary consciousness attempts to reconnect its consciousness, but fails.
  • April 30. Adolf Hitler commits suicide in a bunker while fleeing the Human Torch. Due to a failsafe created by Dr. Arnim Zola, his mind is downloaded into a computer.
  • April 30. Elizabeth Klein arrives in the TARDIS. She helps Ralf Klein, a double-agent working for the Allies, take into his custody an infant girl clone, thus ensuring her own future. He names her Elizabeth and later, along with his wife Mutter, adopts her. Klein helps her biological mother, Elizabeth Volkenrath, to take the TARDIS to the future. Klein herself is soon captured by Soviet soldiers.6
  • May 3. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Will Arrowsmith break Elizabeth Klein out of Soviet detention.

May 5 (Saturday). Bugs Bunny (34) has his first run-in with outlaw Yosemite Sam Schultz (101). Bugs outsmarts him, of course.

  • May 8. Germany unconditionally surrenders to the Allies.7

May 8. The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane (31), and Hex Schofield (24/2021) visit London. Tracking a psionic signature, they find that Ace's great uncle has been stealing alien tech from The Forge, and there is a confrontation. Ace is reunited with her three-year-old mother.
May 9 (Wednesday). With the disappearance of Captain America and Bucky, President Harry Truman names William Nasland (Spirit of '76) and Fred Davis as the new Captain America and Bucky. They replace their predecessors on the Invaders, and the heroes Miss America (Madeline Joyce) and Whizzer (Robert Frank) are recruited as well.

  • May 10. The Doctor (seventh incarnation), and UNIT's Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Will Arrowsmith trace a Nazi scientist to the Greek island of Minos, where they have a confrontation with god-like aliens from an alternate universe.8
  • June 22. Daniel Sempere's father brings him to a secret place where obscure books are kept, the "Cemetery of Forgotten Books". Daniel picks out the book The Shadow of the Wind as a book he pledges to cherish and keep alive, and promises to never tell anyone where he got it.9
  • June 24. While visiting book expert Gustavo Barcelo's home, Daniel Sempere meets the man's beautiful blind niece Clara.10
  • July 26. Upon the tallying of the vote in the United Kingdom's general election, the Labour Party wins a majority in Parliament, and thus Winston Churchill's Conservative Party suffers a defeat. The position of prime minister passes to Clement Attlee.11
  • July 30-August 2. The Imperial Japanese Navy torpedoes and sinks the USS Indianapolis. Many of the crew die in the initial sinking, while hundreds more die from various causes after, including shark attacks. Among the survivors is sailor Bruce Quint (21).12
  • August 6. The United States drops an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Thousands of civilians are killed.13
  • August 9. The United States drops an atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan. Thousands more civilians are killed.14
  • August 13. The radioactive fallout from the atomic detonations mutates a number of lizards, merging them into the monster Gojira.
  • August 15. Japanese Emperor Hirohito announces the surrender of the Empire of Japan to the Allies.15
  • October 10. With the end of the War, the Invaders decide to stay together, but adopt the new name of All-Winners' Squad.
  • October 24. The United Nations is officially founded with the ratification of its charter by all five members of the Security Council (China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States) and the majority of the rest of the founding members (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, and the non-sovereign states of India, the Philippines, the Byelorussian SSR, and the Ukrainian SSR), with the rest of the founding states ratifying it within the year. The nations' Tans all attend the ratification as well.
  • December 24. After a series of spectacular failures, a despondent George Bailey (39) contemplates suicide. The ghost Clarence Odbody, hoping to transform into an angel, accepts an assignment to prevent Bailey's suicide. Clarence, after jumping in the river and being rescued by George, briefly transports Bailey to an alternate reality where he was never born. The much worse reality forces Bailey to realize his true value, and subsequently things dramatically turn around. Clarence is changed into an angel as a reward.16


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