Timeline: 1944



  • January 29. American army officer Abraham Simpson meets Edwina Leeds in London. They have a brief romantic fling, which results in Leeds becoming pregnant.
  • January 29. U.S. soldier Robert Benson is killed in action at the Battle of Anzio in Italy. He is survived by his wife Helen (24) and son Bobby (5).1
  • February. The Doctor (second incarnation), Polly Wright (25), Ben Jackson (24), and Jamie McCrimmon (23) appear in Nazi-occupied France. Ben and Jamie are swiftly captured, and the Doctor and Polly are forced to ally with the French Resistance and try to make it to Spain. Polly meets a man who is apparently her uncle Randolph Wright, who had died during the War, and Polly separates from the Doctor to try and save him. She later discovers that "Randolph" was actually a Nazi infiltrator having killed and replaced her uncle. Just before hitting the Spanish border, the Doctor, Ben, and Jamie arrive, and take Polly away.2
  • March 19. Former Chicago Mayor Bill Thompson (74) dies.3
  • With the death of the last Truffula tree, the Lorax departs. The Once-ler realizes that burning through your resources without considering their depletion is ruinous.4
  • July 9. In an alternate timeline bubble, Roger Hayden is born.
  • August 9. Smokey Bear (11) begins working as a spokesbear for the United States Forest Service.
  • October. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane (20) arrive at Colditz Castle POW camp in Germany, where they are captured by the Nazis. The British Nazi from a divergent reality's 1965, Elizabeth Klein (29), attempts to learn the secrets of the Doctor and the TARDIS, but fails.5
  • October 9 (Monday). The remains of Cyrus Gold rise as a hulking humanoid. This creature is named "Solomon Grundy" and becomes an enemy of the Green Lantern (28).
  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation), stranded at Bletchley Park for several months, is forced to engage the British military when he is faced with a radio wave life-form bent on conquering Earth, it having been the cause of the TARDIS's disability. Ultimately it is destroyed in the ocean. WREN Constance Clarke (36), stationed at Bletchley and needing a quick getaway, goes AWOL, and joins the Doctor on his TARDIS.6
  • November 2 (Thursday). Nariyoshi Miyagi's (19) wife dies in childbirth, along with her baby son, at the Manzanar Internment Camp in California. Miyagi later receives a letter informing him of this as he serves in the United States Armed Forces in Europe.7
  • November 7 (Tuesday). Franklin Roosevelt () wins reelection to a fourth term as United States president, defeating Republican candidate New York Governor Thomas Dewey.8
  • November 9 (Thursday). Edwina Leeds gives birth to a daughter she names for the child's father: Abigail Simpson.
  • December 23. Grigori Rasputin summons the half-demon Anung Un Rama. The child is immediately seized by Allied forces. His primary caretaker will soon dub him "Hellboy".


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