Timeline: 1943



  • January 5. George Washington Carver (83) dies from injuries due to a fall.1
  • January 7. Nikola Tesla (86) dies.2
  • March 5. In the Pocket Universe, Lex Luthor brings the protomatter being called Matrix to life, infusing it with the memory engrams of Lana Lang. Believing herself to be Lang, she joins their resistance against the Kryptonian despots, calling herself Supergirl and adopting a costume patterned after that of their world's lost champion, Superboy.
  • April. Doofus teenager Henry Aldrich wins a trip to Hollywood and a date with a movie star. For whatever reason, the town of Centreville considers him some sort of hero as a result.3
  • May. The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane (), arrives in England. The Doctor ends up confronting his ancient enemy Fenric, and the Doctor reveals he had been manipulating Ace all along. Ace unwittingly befriends her grandmother, and saves the life of her infant mother.4
  • May 23. Josef Mengele (32) takes a genetic sample from Adolf Hitler.
  • June 11. In the Atlantic Ocean, an American merchant marine vessel carrying civilians is attacked by a German U-Boat. The ship is sunk, but the U-Boat is sunk as well. American photojournalist Constance Porter makes it onto a lifeboat, and is soon joined by several others: African American George "Joe" Spencer; wealthy American businessman Charles "Ritt" Rittenhouse, Jr.; U.S. Army nurse Alice MacKenzie; American merchant marines John Kovac and Gus Smith (nee Schmidt); and British merchant marine Stanley "Sparks" Garrett. A young British woman whose baby has drowned is also rescued, as well as a German officer, who feigns not knowing English and initially denies he's the U-Boat's captain.5
  • June 12. The woman aboard the American lifeboat in the Atlantic ocean drowns herself in her grief and hysteria.6
  • June 15. The German aboard the American lifeboat performs an emergency amputation on Gus Smith's gangrene right leg.7
  • June 23. The German captain aboard the American lifeboat murders Gus Smith by knocking him off into the water and letting him drown, as Gus, though delirious, has spotted the German's supply of water. The rest of the survivors find Gus gone, discover the hidden water, and all but Joe Spencer mob the German, knocking him into the water and letting him drown.8
  • June 24. The survivors on the American lifeboat in the Atlantic are nearly rescued by a German supply vessel, but then it is attacked by an American warship. The survivors rescue a young German soldier from the water, and decline killing him. They are subsequently rescued by the American ship.
  • August 20. Mickey Mouse's dog Pluto receives an honorary rank of "private" in the United States Army. He has his first run-in with naughty chipmunks Chip (1) and Dale (1).9
  • September 13. Dr. Otto Scratchansniff (32) begins working as a staff psychiatrist for the Warner Bros. company.10
  • October 3. Psychopath Jack Mort (20), visiting Elizabeth, New Jersey, drops a brick on Odetta Holmes (5), knocking her into a coma that causes her to eventually develop a dissociative identity disorder.11
  • October 10. Debutante Priscilla Rich (28) undergoes a dissociative identity episode, and first dresses up as the Cheetah. She has a run-in with Wonder Woman (193).

October 28 (Thursday). The USS Eldridge disappears from the Naval Ship Yards in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as part of the disastrous attempt to make the ship invisible. It teleports to various locations around the world, and returns with some of the crew fused with the structure of the ship. The U.S. military covers up the story.


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