Timeline: 1941



  • January 8. Jack Harkness and Toshiko Sato (both 2008) are briefly transported through a rift to Cardiff in this era. Jack meets the man whose name he will steal, Captain Jack Harkness, days before that man's death, and has a homosexual kiss with him in full view of a large crowd of his fellow pilots.1
  • January 20. During the bombing of Britain, Javic Thane arrives from the year 5102, attempting to make a con. After adopting the alias of Jack Harkness, he becomes embroiled in an adventure with the Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler, stopping a plague he inadvertently caused. After nearly sacrificing his life, the Doctor invites Jack onto his TARDIS.2
  • When James “Bucky” Barnes (13) accidentally walks in on Captain America (24) changing, thus discovering his secret identity, the super soldier allows Bucky to become his sidekick in exchange for his silence.3
  • February 3. Small-time crook Patrick "Eel" O'Brian is shot by a security guard and accidentally doused in an experimental acid. He develops super powers as a result, gaining the ability to distort and distend his body, and decides to become a hero. He dubs himself Plastic Man.4
  • Eel O'Brian inadvertently mutates his simpleton friend Woozy Winks through toxins he releases while his own mutation stabilizes.
  • March 23. A number of elephants in a traveling circus are being moved. During this tumultuous time, the female elephant Jumbo gives birth to a male calf. She names him Jumbo Jr., but his gargantuan ears result in many dubbing the infant "Dumbo".5
  • April 14. An American, Ted Shackleford (30), a man with a yellow hat, encounters the Mangani Curious George (2), and departs with the young ape to his home in the United States.6
  • May 31. While traveling in Africa, Emil Frank and his son Bob (20) run afoul of a snake. Bob is bitten, and succumbs quickly to the venom. At that moment, a mongoose totem attacks the snake in a ritualistic fashion, and kills it, but is mortally wounded in the process. The dying mongoose imparts the idea into Emil's mind that injecting its blood into Bob's body will save the boy's life as well as give him fabulous powers. Emil does so, informing Bob of his new powers, and then dies himself for some reason. Bob pledges to become a hero.7
  • June 7 (Saturday). Cab driver Charles "Doiby" Dickles (31) acts as a substitute Green Lantern during an encounter with thugs. The real Green Lantern, Alan Scott (24), is impressed by Doiby's bravery, and recruits him as a sort of sidekick.8
  • July 31 (Thursday). Young Madeline Joyce (19) is electrocuted during a thunderstorm combined with electric equipment, and is mutated into a flying powerhouse. She decides to become the heroic Miss America.9
  • August 8 (Friday). Nazi agents raid the lab of Dr. Bernard Lincoln and murder him, searching for his explosive formula. His son Roy (21) drinks the formula, which causes him to intermittently expel massive energies. He devises a containment suit, and adopts the identity of the Human Bomb.10
  • August 12 (Tuesday). Young Bob Frank (21) first uses his superspeed as the heroic Whizzer.11
  • September 16 (Tuesday). Sir Justin (24) and his winged steed Victory are discovered in suspended animation in ice. He decides to become a hero for the new era, adopting the code-name Shining Knight.12
  • The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) arrives in London, responding to a letter he received from Winston Churchill's (66) assistant Hetty Warner. He is reunited with Churchill, and helps fight off an avatar monster manifesting as a hound creature. It kills several, including its host's murderer, a member of Churchill's team. Hetty sacrifices her life to slow it down. The Doctor manifests a monster from his own mind that destroys the avatar.13
  • October 10. Charles Foster Kane (78), dying at his estate Xanadu, breathes his last after saying "Rosebud" and dropping a snow globe.14
  • October 19. In the town of Riverdale, California, young Archie "Chick" Andrews tries to impress his new neighbor Betty Cooper, by walking blindfolded atop her fence. She is impressed, but Archie fails to take into account the gate, and falls into a painting of Betty's father as a youth in full uniform. Trying to minimize the damage, he accidentally breaks a porcelain vase owned by Betty's mother. Archie feels very foolish, but the clumsy lad is unaware that he has released an ancient curse from the vase, and sets in motion a perpetual time-loop around Riverdale. Chick's best friend Jughead Jones is the only one who has any awareness of the changes in the fabric of space-time.15
  • October 23. The baby elephant "Dumbo", with the help of his mouse friend Timothy Mouse, shows off his ability to fly to a captive audience, ensuring his and his mother's freedom.16
  • Doofus teen Henry Aldrich decides to run for Central High School student body president.17
  • Uncle Sam gathers his first team of Freedom Fighters, which include Hourman (), Miss America, Neon the Unknown, Magno the Magnetic Man, Invisible Hood, and Red Torpedo.18
  • November 1 (Saturday). Greg Sanders (23), country singer recently moved to New York City, adopts the heroic identity of Vigilante.19
  • November 5. The Vigilante adopts a boy as his sidekick Stuff the Chinatown Kid.20
  • November 24. The Seven Soldiers of Victory are formed by heroic adventurers Vigilante and his sidekick Stuff, Shining Knight, the Crimson Avenger () and his sidekick Wing How, and the Star-Spangled Kid and his sidekick Stripesy.
  • December 7. The United States enters World War II as the Japanese launch a sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Uncle Sam's Freedom Fighters, save for Uncle Sam himself, are apparently all slain in the battle. This act ends the United States’ isolationism.21
  • U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt calls for a "draft" of all of the costumed American heroes of the time. This loose group becomes known as the "All-Star Squadron" and includes the full rosters of the Justice Society, Minutemen, and Seven Soldiers, as well as many others. Uncle Sam gathers a new team of Freedom Fighters. The team includes Firebrand, Doll Man (), The Ray (), Phantom Lady (), Human Bomb, Red Bee, and the Black Condor.
  • December 25 (Thursday). The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) takes Madge Arwell and her children Lily and Cyril on an adventure to the future. After they return, he also rescues Madge's husband from his recent disappearance.22


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